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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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am. highs around 60 degrees. wind: ssw 15-25mph. wednesday: isolated am showers possible. otherwise, cooler with highs in the upper 40s. wind: ne, light. tonight: periodic rain showers. warmer... lows in the upper 40s. wind:sse 10-20mph tuesday: warm with rain before 2pm. heavy downpours possible in the am. highs around 60 degrees. wind: ssw 15-25mph. wednesday: isolated am showers possible. otherwise, cooler with highs in the wind:sse 10-20mph tuesday: warm with rain 15-25mph. wednesday:
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it didn't last long -- but snow covered parts of the area. plows cleared roads on the peninsula this morning, before the flakes turned to rain and created a slushy mess. conditions one neighbor says she's tired of seeing. sot- chanel smith, driver - clip 59 29:14 i am has taken it away and hopefully the kids wont be out of school tomorrow . the winter storm was less forgiving in roanoke. it dealt the southwest virginia city a bitter blast of cold -- along with a blanket of snow. strong storms hit central loiusiana -- leaving a trail of damage behind. they took down trees,
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ripped the roof off a a car wash. local reporters say people were hurt, but we haven't heard any reports of deaths. a breaking story -- you'll only see here on wavy-tv 10. hillary clinton's campaign has just told us they plan to open an office in norfolk. organizers say it will be on west 21st street. there they say local supporters can come together, make calls and host meeting before the march 1st primary. supporters plan to meet wednesday night at six. they'll discuss economic opportunities for families and veteran care. the campaign says they have the support of congressman bobby scott, as well as mayors paul fraim and george wallace. clinton will not be there for the opening. newport news police plan to have more officers patrolling denbigh high school. school officials say they received a bomb threat for tomorrow. now they're increasing security. 10 on your side's liz palka is there now. liz, parents received an automated message about this? nicole - i just spoke to
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is not sending her son to school tomorrow because of this threat. a school spokeswoman says they do not think it's credible. that mother telling me she would rather keep her son home and have nothing happen at the school. here's what we know: - spokewoman michelle price said school officials learned about the threat last week. - police and school resource officers plan to do a sweep of the school tomorrow morning. - and they will be patrolling. - price said the school also did security checks on friday, like making sure doors and locks were working properly. - price told us an automated message went out to parents tonight. - the mother i spoke to said she got it around 6 among students. - much of it spread through social media. - price told me she could not release how the threat was initially made. - that is part of the police investigation.
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be open at the regular updates as we get them in. live in newport news, liz palka, 10 on your side. investigators are searching for the cause to yet another house fire in our area tonight -- since saturday -- crews have investigated more than half a dozen. police dispatchers say the latest one happened in virginia beach. we found crews on brigadoon drive around seven. that's off of pleasure house road in the cheseapeake beach area. closer to the oceanfront --firefighters put out burning apartments on treetop drive this morning. that's in the linkhorn bay area. they say one person was hurt, and they think it may have started by accident. it could be weeks before we know what caused a devastating weekend inferno in norfolk that left nearly 40 people homeless. chopper 10 flew over the smoking remains -- in the willoughby area of ocean view, saturday. today -- chief jeffery wise told us the fire destroyed eight buildings and damaged six. everyone made it out safely -- thanks in part
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door to door -- and to the firefighters who braved bitter cold and high winds. marianne mcgovern/ocean view resident (1) 48:17 please believe me, to anybody, to any of the firefighters, we are so proud of you, and i thank every single one from every engine company that responded to stand out here in the freezing rain and be covered in ice, they're heroes. (butted to) (1) 48:46 what can we say but thank you? we appreciate you. the chief also tells us the ocean view fire may be weather related -- crews found themselves fighting another fire in norfolk, saturday. it ripped through the loan max building on north military highway. fire officials say they're not ready to release a cause, but no one was hurt. norfolk's chief says some of the same firefighters-- who battled that huge ocean view blaze in the bitter cold saturday -- were back at it this morning on cambridge crescent in the larchmont area. fire officials say a man and his dog made it out safely, but the home was
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they were not ready to state a cause. six people lost their home in moyock last night -- it too, fell victim to flames -- this time off backwoods road. fire officials say one person was burned, but everyone else made it out. they say it was difficult to attack because of the freezing cold and lack of fire hydrants. rescue officials in virginia beach say a child nearly drowned, and he's in the hospital tonight. they say the three-year-old fell into an icy fish pond. it happened off bay breeze cove -- in the broad bay area, on saturday. first responders say the child was only missing for a few minutes-- before his family went looking for him. medics cared for the child and took him to the hospital. we're still working to get an update on his condition. virginia beach police are looking for the man they say robbed a gas station -- they hope you can help into the citgo on diamond springs road with a shotgun. they say he demanded cash before taking off toward the driftwood apartments. investigators say this is the third robbery incident there since the start
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police arrested a man they say stabbed an employee when he tried to rob the same store last month. that employee was expected to recover. incident, neighbors tell us they're concerned to hear the criminal ran into their neighborhood. police say someone else hit the store new year's day. c0042 anthony kiah 23;25;15 it's really getting crazy over there. easy opportunity for guys who come through jump the fence. they never see it coming. (butt) c0042 anthony kiah 23;36;30 they're doing back to back once a month it seems like (butt) c0032 23;31;21 as a resident it's always concerning there's a lot they're here and blending in -- for the residents in general i would be concerned. if you can help find the suspect - call the crime line at 1-888-lock-u-up.
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your name and you may a virginia beach man, in the lake edward community. tonight -- his mother is asking for your help. police say someone killed 29-year-old cyle strahl at his home on red horse lane, in 20- 14. they have not said how strahl died -- but his family says he was shot in the head. we talked to his mother, via skype, from pennsylvania. she's desperate for information. of virginia, if there's an anonymous way that you can give a tip, somebody's got to know something. 3506 police say this is an open case. if you have any information, call the crime line. the effort to extend light rail from norfolk to virginia beach-- may have hit another road block. state leaders are threatening to take away their fundng, if city council can't decide what to do. the transportation board set aside 155 million dollars for the project. but last week -- city leaders got notice they could lose it by taking the issue to referendum. transportation secretary
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lane says he wants the resort city to make the right decision, in a timely manner. 17=3:09:12 "if they are not ready to go forward then we have limited resources in the commonwealth and we put that money to work else where but when they are ready if they decide to go forward we will be just as supportive as we were before." 54=4:25:38 'it is incumbent upon the virginia beach council to do what is right and practical and don't think we should be backed into making a decision prematurely" if virginia beach does lose the state funding they can re-apply, but there's no guarantee they'd get it again. it's been nearly three months since a gunman attacked a planned parenthood clinic in colorado. the building partially though repairs aren't finished. locals say the outside still bears the marks of bullets, and the main
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in plywood. robert dear faces murder charges for the shooting that killed three people and injured nine. the president of the regional planned parenthood says she's looking for a way to honor the victims. in the days since justice antonin scalia died, republican presidential candidates have been discussing his replacement on the campaign trail. ted cruz: i intend to make 2016 a referendum on the supreme court rubio: we're not moving forward on a nominee until after the election trump: republicans should not let allow it to happen." senate leader mitch mcconnell played to the g-o-p -- and suggested blocking anyone president obama nominates. he wants to leave the nomination up to the next president -- a battle that could last a year. obama: i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time. (butt) sot cruz from debate "we're not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation by allowing barack obama to make one more liberal appointee." democrats say there is no
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gridlocked for a year. senator pat leahy says lawmakers need to consider the constitution-- and vote on the president's pick. still ahead, a woman says the pharmacy gave her the wrong medicine for her son. hear what else she shared only with 10 on your
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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10. imagine -- giving your loved one the wrong medicine -- because of a mistake at the pharmacy. a hampton woman says-- that's exactly what happened to her. she reached out to us -- worried it could happen to someone else. 10 on your side's liz kilmer has been working on the story. liz -- how did she discover the medicine mix-up? amanda mccoy feared she poisoned her 5- year-old son after giving him a medication that was prescribed to her --- but had his name printed on it. she realized the mix up minutes later. while her son is okay - she wants to warn other parents - carefully check your medications. c3 05:18:27 "i thought i killed my kid with giving him the wrong medicine, it flashed in my head that i just poisoned my kid and i thought i was going to have to rush him to the
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5-year-old son, shaun, this medication. while the bottle has his name on it --- the drug, she says, wasn't for him. c3 05:16:50 "i didn't think they would put a wrong label on a medication - not when it came to children." the hampton mother and son had both been sick last tuesday - she with bronchitis, he with pink eye. they went to the md express on west mercury blvd - which wrote these prescriptions. the prednisone -- a corticosteroid - is seen here with her name on it. but when she picked up the drugs from this rite aid on east pembroke avenue - the bottle of 10 mg prednisone tablets had shaun's name on it. she gave him two. c3 05:16:06 "and then it clicked - normally they don't give 5 year olds pills, they give them liquid." c7 05:30:02 "you trust a pharmacist with your health, with your life!" amanda and her husband quickly called their doctor - who reportedly advised them to carefully watch shaun. shaun is ok, but amanda wanted 10 on your side's help to warn others. c3 05:21:17 "i want other
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could happen to their kids, too, i mean what happens if it was somebody's heart medication or something that your kids were allergic to that they took that was in that bottle because it had their name on it? that could kill somebody's child." 10 on your side reached out to rite aid for comment. a statement reads, in part "we take all customer matters, including this one very seriously... as soon as we became aware of this incident, we immediately reached out to the customer and began an investigation, which is still underway." now amanda says, in fact, no one reached out to her -- she spoke with managers, but she says - only after she sought them out. the statement from rite aid says once the investigation is complete - appropriate actions will be taken, perhaps re-training the pharmacy team. liz kilmer, 10 on your side. tonight: periodic rain showers. warmer... lows
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wind:sse 10-20mph tuesday: warm with rain before 2pm. heavy downpours possible in the am. highs around 60 degrees. wind: ssw 15-25mph. wednesday: isolated am showers possible. otherwise, cooler with highs in the upper 40s. wind: ne, light. tonight: periodic rain showers. warmer... lows in the upper 40s.
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tuesday: warm with rain before 2pm. heavy downpours possible in the am. highs around 60 degrees. wind: ssw 15-25mph. wednesday: isolated am showers possible. otherwise, cooler with highs in the upper 40s. wind: ne, light. tonight: periodic rain showers. warmer... lows in the upper 40s.
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tuesday: warm with rain before 2pm. heavy downpours possible in the am. highs around 60 degrees. wind: ssw 15-25mph. wednesday: isolated am showers possible. otherwise, cooler with highs in the upper 40s.
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what it takes to earn the meal in massachusetts. every wonder what nature valley is made of? that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners. nature valley granola bars.
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there is such a thing as free lunch -- if you're willing to brave the elements. a massachusetts restaurant says it will give food away -- to table -- was full of customers today. there was a winter weather advisory in effect and temperatures
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teens! the restaurant says it is donating money from the challenge to charity. the new nascar season begins on sunday, i'll have the latest from daytona. and would virginia be able to rebound from it's loss to duke tonight against nc state? highlights next
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looking to keep pace in the final weeks of the acc race, the virginia basketball
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the court tonight, hoping to shake off their devistating loss to duke. an impressive win tonight against n.c. state would surely take away the sting. and the hoo's did just that. seventh ranked virginia at home taking on nc state and their star guard from hampton cat barber. uva wearing white at home tonight, facing barber, the leading scorer in the acc who showed his stuff early, nailing the three, cat hitting his first six shots, but virginia's defense limited the junior guard to only 14 points, 10 points below his average. another hampton roads product---virginia's devon hall---from cape henry collegiate in virginia beach------right at barber for the layin--he had 6---and the game tied at 31 by halftime--- but hungry virginia pulls away in the second half, malcolm brogdon the steal---the miss---anthony gill with the clean up jam, the cavaliers up by 8. brogdeon---corner 3 goes---he had 22, and london parrantes added another 19--he had five
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a row at one point--after a heartbreaking loss at the buzzer to duke, the hoo's rebound nicely beating nc state by 20--and now have a week off before heading to number 11 miami "next" monday. , hampton university looking to take over the meac lead from norfolk state against morgan state tonight. hampton trailed by six in the first half, but jervon pressley helps spark the pirates comeback with the one-handed slam to help get things moving-- hampton took a 1-point lead into halftime, and in the second half, reginald johnson for three from the corner--he had 20 points as the pirates pull away for the 87-79 win allowing them to stand alone in first place atop the meac. after completing a major overhaul, the daytona international speedway opened its gates this weekend as the action began to kick off speedweeks. the project known as "daytona rising" included installing bigger seats, the elimination of the stands
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the real 500 action began yesterday with the qualifying sessions--rookie chase elliott won the pole for next sunday's race putting jeff gordon's 24 chevy in the top starting spot in nascar's biggest race for the second year in a row. "this is the same car (jeff gordon) had a lot of success with last year on qualifying and had a lot of success in the race too. we were really fast both of those days, but didn't get going like i needed to. still didn't get it going like i felt like i needed to that second roudn, but fortunately it was enough. just tried not to do anything dumb and mess up. the daytona 500 sunday on
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