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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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but they said they can't comment on that because it's part of an ongoing investigation. in nn i'm dl 10 on your side. no arrests yet as police in hampton investigate what they're calling a suspicioius substance in a trash can. police got called out to cynthia drive near todds substance outside the house. police say the hazmat is running tests to determine what the substance is. we'll update you on air, and on wavy dot com. developments in the aftermath of that devastating fire in the west ocean view section of norfolk. this the view from chopper 10 on sunday. as out of a home. today, the city is working with residents to offer access to some of the homes that were not destroyed. 10 on your side andy fox andy? norfolk, va. (wavy) - jeffrey wise addressed the media monday morning to discuss
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fires that crews have fought over the past three days. at the top of the news conference, norfolk fire chief jeffery wise noted that there were no deaths in any of the fires, and no serious injuries to firefighters. he addressed the ocean view community, which is looking to recover from the devastating fire that happened saturday night. (4:38 21) ((they were knocking on doors you got five move eyour things)) runs"06 (5:22 22) ((door opens here we are going to all so much smoke is the
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far as your clothes and youre belogings)) (6:58 23) (9what wee are looking at is where they went into the ceiling )) runs:05 (23 7:25) (9they are looking for burning embers in the ceiling bruning now what is insurance saying they will be ehre in the morning they will be hee in the morning. we are going to rehab everythign is in pretty good shape kitchen is in good shape )) runs:19 is in pretty good shape kitchen is in good shape
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virginia beach investigators ruled a townhouse fire-- an accident. we brought you this story as breaking news last night at 11. we now know it was electrical-- and it began in a panel box. the american red cross is stepping in to help the 16 people impacted by the fire. the fire department sent us these new pictures from scene on atterbury drive. that's in the lake edward neighborhood. fire spread to two homes. two others have smoke damage. the residents made it out safely -- but a firefighter suffered minor injuries. for the past couple of weeks, we've been telling you about layoffs at shipyards around the area. but the navy signed a
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shipyards that could bring hundreds of jobs back. 10 on your side's jason marks is here with the latest. jason the navy awarded a contract to three norfolk shipyards. it could be worth 2.5 billion dollars and runs through 2021. one of those years is bae systems. you may remember, 10 on your side told you last month that bae is laying off 530 employees in mid march. unfortunately the contract won't stop the scheduled layoff but in many cases those workers could be hired back down the road. the two other yards involved in this contract are marine hydraulics international and gereral dynamics. we're told the navy is asking the ship yards to do maintenance and modernize amphibious warships, destroyers and cruisers. jason marks wavy tv both suspects in a double murder in newport news are behind bars. we told you yesterday-- police were looking for 26-year-old stephen hayes. he turned himself 33-year-old laratio dantzler is also in
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detectives say the men shot and killed two people last month, on 14th street near wickham avenue. officers shot dantzler at the scene-- after they say he refused to cooperate. he's out of the hospital and locked up. norfolk police have a man they say tried to rob a bank. james crowder is charged with attempted robbery and threatening to bomb the suntrust bank on west little creek road near granby street yesterday. police say crowder gave the drive through teller a note demanding money. the note also said there was a bomb in the bank. police closed off west little creek road for awhile so the bomb squad could make sure there wasn't a bomb in the bank. a bomb was never found. but they later. virginia beach police are investigating shots fired at a car. a viewer sent us this photo. you can see what appears to be a bullet hole in the door. police then an unknown man approached--nd fired several rounds. no one was hurt. investigation.
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norfolk -- where police are trying to track down the person who shot at a car-- with four men inside. it happened around 8-30 last night on piccadilly street. after the gunfire ---- one of the men drove to the norview recreation center, and called 9-1-1. when the shots were fired --- glass shattered from the driver's side window-- injuries weren't serious. bullets never hit anyone. a 23-year-old man walked into the hospital after someone stabbed him news. the victim told detectives the stabbing happened several blocks away from riverside regional medical center on jefferson avenue near oyster point road. police say the man was drunk, so they didn't get any information about a suspect. virginia beach police say two yogurt shop robberies could be connected. (3 pics in news graphics: skinny dip 2-13-16) these are surveillance pictures from the most recent one saturday night at the skinny dip in pembroke, in virginia beach boulevard. detectives say the suspect bought frozen yogurt-- then from a similar robbery last month at the skinny dip
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shopping center. on january 25th, detectives say a man walked in and asked the cashier to make change for him. police say when the employee opened the register --- the suspect implied he had a weapon- and demanded money. more details continue move on light rail. the state transportation board says virginia beach has until april 30th to commit to the tide coming to the resort city. for weeks, we've reported secretary aubrey layne pushing the city to use 155 million dollars from the state for light rail, or lose it. layne says he cannot hold the money from other projects much longer.. more discussion on light rail at a h-r-t open house tonight. our liz palka will have report at 5:30. coming up on wavy news 10 at 5:30- presidential campaign - things to talk about. why autism advocates want their needs added to the list. student (51)41:56 instead of using a book all the time i think it'll be faster 41:59 it's a big day for portsmouth students!
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to help in the classroom. looking for a job? a needs to fill hundreds of positions. details, coming up. my full forecast is
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get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. if you're looking for work -- the target distribution center in suffolk is looking for help. we found out today this facility on manning bridge road is adding 600 new jobs. target is adding new equipment and product lines in an effort to get products to customers faster. the new jobs involve equipment operations, packaging and shipping. if you're interested, there's a link under this story on wavy dot com. we're on your side with a
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avenue in virginia beach will be closed at the 20th street intersection for utility work. the department of public utilities is installing a gravity sewer main. baltic avenue is scheduled to re-open in two weeks, on march fourth. coming up on wavy news 10 - changes are coming for one police force and the way they release body cam video. we'll tell you the new rules. teacherclip (47) 34:57 it's what the kids know it's what we do 34:59 bringing education into the 21st century. some local high school students now have new tools to take
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some much anticipated new technology has arrived in portsmouth public schools. and we were there today, for the introduction of chromebooks to the classroom. 10 on your side's anita blanton is here with details and reaction to the newest device in high school students hands.
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kind of like christmas in february. you may remember this is one of the pictures we showed yesterday of the shipment of chromebooks being delivered to each school. thanks to the money they received from a grant and the school board all total there are 4200 chromebooks going to high schools. and the new learning started at woodrow wilson today. the day started a little different for high school students in portsmouth. and because of these chromebooks they'll never be the same. (48)39:32 it's about opening up a world for these kids so they can take advantage of the information that's out there 39:39 we were right there as orientation began. (51)41:26 it's basically like a book full of information but on the internet 41:29 which means teaching techniques have to change. (47)34:22 today what we're working on what's called gizmos from explorer learning dot com and it's an interactive web page thing 34:28 it has its perks. (51)41:43 now we aint gotta share the computer
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my grades anytime i want having to travel down there and use that time we can use that with instruction 33:39 (48)35:46 the chromebooks were a great fit for us we had the luxury of researching what other school divisions are doing we always take advantage of our sister school divisions 35:54 some hampton high schools began using chromebooks in january. isle of wight county schools have been using ipads since 2011, distributing about 17 to 18 hundred each year, only having 39 lost or damaged beyond repair since the start. (48)37:26 we made sure that #1 the devices themselves go in really good carrying cases the other thing is having insurance 37:36 they also have an internet filter that's "always on" for content and to block harmful sites. (48)39:50 this is an excellent day for portsmouth makes you proud to be a part of the division 39:56 i.c.norcom students receive their chromebooks tomorrow and churchland is next on
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district not only upgraded the network infrastructure for the high schools. they also enhanced it for the middle schools so that if this project works they can expand. anita blanton, 10 on your side. now you can go online and track the progress of the chesapeake bay restoration. the website "chesapeakeprogress " gives an overview of the multi-state effort to clean up the bay-- after decades of neglect. it includes goals and outcomes of the chesapeake bay watershed agreement-- involving six states and d-c. the goal is to clean up the bay in hopes of restoring marine life including oysters, blue crabs, and more. the bay has been contaminated with so much urban and rural pollution that some areas have become "dead zones" without marine life.
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tonight: mainly clear. lows: low-30s. winds: light north. thursday: mostly sunny. slightly cooler. highs: low-40s. winds: n 10-15 mph. friday: mix of sun and clouds. highs: near 50. winds: s 5-10 mph. finally - a quiet day in the weather department! we have been tracking
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through the afternoon with highs in the seasonable low-50s! this evening, expect mainly clear skies with temperatures dropping back into the low-40s by 9 pm. overnight, the mercury will drop into low-30s, so it'll be a much cooler start to your day. it'll remain on the cool side through your thursday - even though there will be abundant sunshine, a north breeze will hold highs near 40. temperatures will start to rebound on friday with highs back near 50. a big warm up on the way for the weekend - the mercury will top out in the mid-60s saturday and sunday! it'll stay mild through the start of next
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wednesday..for now..we know things could change between now and then! tonight: mainly clear. lows: low-30s. winds: light north. thursday: mostly sunny. slightly cooler. highs: low-40s. winds: n 10-15 mph. friday: mix of sun and clouds. highs: near 50. winds: s 5-10 mph. finally - a quiet day in the weather department! we have been tracking quite a bit of sunshine expect mainly clear skies with temperatures dropping back into the low-40s by 9 pm.
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will drop into low-30s, so it'll be a much cooler start to your day. it'll remain on the cool side through your thursday - even though there will be abundant sunshine, a north breeze will hold highs near 40. temperatures will start to rebound on friday with highs back near 50. a big warm up on the way for the weekend - the mercury will top out in the mid-60s saturday and sunday! it'll stay mild through the start of next between now and then! coming up on wavy news 10 - it took chicago police more than a year to release video of a shooting involving an officer. now new rules may prevent that type of delay in the future. then at five-thirty - the
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calls for major cuts to federal funding to help fight terrorism. just how much one of the nation's biggest targets stands to
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breaking news. a portsmouth murder suspect is now in custody. police say raykwuan short turned himself in
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short is charged in the shooting death of jazavia hill. the 17-year-old was killed last may on deep creek boulevard. two other people survived the triple shooting. charges in the case were orginally withdrawn but the suspects were recently indicted on first degree murder charges . samking beale is also in trotter, and roderick britt. new rules mean video and other evidence in police-involved shootings will be released more quickly now, in chicago. this video prompted the plan to release others within 60 to 90 days. it shows a chicago officer shooting a teen 16 times, as he appeared to walk away from police in october of 20-14. this city did not release this video until more than a year later. this incident sparked protests and calls for the mayor's resignation. officer jason van dyke is charged with murder. coming up on wavy news 10 - a new therapy trend is helping you take gravity out of the equation-- and float your problems away. see
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a treatment from the 19-60's is making a comeback. the growing trend called "float therapy" could help reduce stress. combine 11-hundred pounds of salt in 200 gallons of water-- and you will float effortlessly. the water is the same temperature as your skin-- so you barely feel the water. soakers are advised to clear their minds, focus on their breathing, and simply relax. many report entering a meditative state, but each person has an experience unique to them. floating is said to drop stress hormone levels-- and clarity of mind contributes to overall well-being. editor: sot is 1:31-1:39 and is covered by broll (sot: morgan cunnyngham, luna float spa) "it can takes you to allow you to work on whatever you want to work on." "floating" has practical applications-- especially for athletes-- because salt is good for muscle recovery. stay with us. wavy news
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now! hundreds of violations. thousands of dollars. how a bill currently making its way through the state legislature could impact the way you pay tolls. "its a big deal for us, what are the candidates going to do to bring us into the conversation, why autism advocates are calling for the presidential candidtes to talk more about people living with special needs. 28-33 the safety of our city and our country is too important to leave any stone unturned. cuts to funding that would help fight terrorism. just how much some of our nation's most vulnerable cities stand to lose? we continue to follow developing news out of virginia beach. where city leaders now have a deadline looming over their heads regarding light rail. the commonwealth transportation board said today - it needs virginia beach to show committment to light rail by the end of april. 10 on your side's liz
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center with more on the developments and a meeting going on tonight - liz? stephanie and anita - april 30th is the deadline for the city. the board saying the city must submit an application to buy the light rail cars. and agree to a memorandum of understanding. all of this came out in a resolution released by the commonwealth transportation board today. transportation secretary aubrey layne adding, the m-o-u does not fully commit virginia beach to extending light rail to town center. but if they can't come to an the line. the discussion came about after word the city may have a referendum on this november's ballot related to light rail. this after the state had already committed money. layne said today - the city can go ahead and virginia beach stays on schedule with the
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as these talks happen between the state and the city - hampton roads transit has been planning an open house on the light rail extension. that is happening tonight from 6 to 7:30 at the westin in town center. we will be there - look for our report tonight on wavy news 10 at 11. liz palka, 10 on your side. now at 5:30 there is a now at 5:30 there is a bill making its way through the virginia legislature that could dramatically change the way you get billed for tolls. house bill 10-69 passed the house yesterday and now goes to the senate for a decision. the change would be welcomed for people like the ones who faced a judge in gloucester today. 62 people were on the docket for unpaid tolls. 10 on your side's brandi cummings is live in gloucester with the story. the people in court today had fines that ranged from the hundreds to the thousands...all for crossing the coleman brdge and not paying the $2 toll. if this bill passes there would be a


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