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as these talks happen between the state and the city - hampton roads transit has been planning an open house on the light rail extension. that is happening tonight from 6 to 7:30 at the westin in town center. we will be there - look for our report tonight on wavy news 10 at 11. liz palka, 10 on your side. now at 5:30 there is a now at 5:30 there is a bill making its way through the virginia legislature that could dramatically change the way you get billed for tolls. house bill 10-69 passed the house yesterday and now goes to the senate for a decision. the change would be welcomed for people like the ones who faced a judge in gloucester today. 62 people were on the docket for unpaid tolls. 10 on your side's brandi cummings is live in gloucester with the story. the people in court today had fines that ranged from the hundreds to the thousands...all for crossing the coleman brdge and not paying the $2 toll. if this bill passes there would be a
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have to pay for toll bills, you'd have more time to pay it and vdot would have to do more to make sure you know how much you owe. pkg sot - kenneth king, gloucester- clip 29 14:49 to pay hundreds, thousands of dollars in like im being taken from.. like somebody's taking stuff from me it doenst feel moral at all. 20:58 all 62 people were on the docket. some settled, others asked for continuances. all of them in the system for one reason - not paying the toll when they crossed the coleman bridge. sot - kevin baines, gloucester 19:21 it added up to like $60 and they tacked on about $400 in fines at the toll place (((take this out>and i told htem i couldn't pay that back when it happen.))) they take me to court and now it accumulates to $1200. then if i dispute it it fees can sometimes total thousands of dollars in fines. of the 12 toll facilities in the state
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handles violations for four of them...the only one in hampton roads is at the coleman bridge. virginia law says a driver can be taken to court for a single violation. but a vdot spokesperson says they only take people to court there are three or more violations. sot - kevin baines, gloucester 19:55 it doesnt seem right at all. 19;58 some state lawmakers are working to change things. house bill 1069 does several things including: extends the time you have to pay your bill, reduces the penalites, puts a cap on how much you can be fined and requires toll operators state senators to decide what happens next. the men we spoke to say even though they have to differently from now on. sot - kevin baines, gloucester 21:36 im just going to try to keep better track of it. i spoke to virginia's secreatry of transportation aubrey layne today.
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recognizes there is an issue with the tolls and its unfortunate. he's encouraging you to contact your senator if you want the bill passed. we will put a link to the bill on our website. live in gloucester brandi cummings 10 on your side. virginia attorney general mark herring is offering free legal help for qualifying veterans and their families. attorney general mark herring/virginia 00:50 we in virginia are so proud of our veterans and our military families, we are home to 750 thousand veterans to the pentagon and the world's largest naval base 1;00 so we're very proud of them what they've done for us and protecting our freedoms and we in teh attorney generals office are in a realy good position to partner up with the virginia state bar and offer these pro bono legal services 1:13 the clinic in hampton roads will take place at tidewter community college in chesapeake on march first. veterans can get help preparing basic estate documents like wills, powers of attorney and advanced medical
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register online or at a department of veteran's service center. they will not take walks ins. we put all the information on how to register on our website. you can find it on wavy dot com. republican presidential candidate marco rubio -- won a big endorsement today. south carolina governor nikki haley is backing the florida senator. she made the announcement just a few hours ago. and just three days before the state's republican presidential primary. rubio is campaigning in south carolina. at a rally in mount pleasant earlier today he talked about his committment to veterans military "i'm not cutting defense spending when i'm president. it's the most important thing the federal government does. when i'm president, we're rebuilding the u.s. trailing donald trump and ted cruz in south carolina. he is a few points ahead of former florida governor jeb bush john kasich. on the democratic side --it looks like hillary clinton and bernie sanders will have another tight race
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there are basically split over the two candidates. 48-percent say they support clinton. 47-percent support sanders. the democratic caucus is saturday. all new at five-thirty - autism -- it's a disorder the government estimates impacts three million americans. but it's a topic you rarely hear about on the presidential campaign trail. some autism advocates and experts say that needs to change. ten on your side's national correspondent mark meredith has more. 00:00-00:06 - autism advocates call for campaigns to focus on special needs 00:29-00:36 - john robison / living with autism, neurodiversity expert of clinton shaking hands"front part" club/speakers but one issue you don't hear often about is one that easy to under-estimate us when looking at autistic children," event living with autism john - is standing up for the autistic community and encouraging candidates on both sides to reach out to a voting block unlike any other in the country. 10:49:32-10: 49:43in 1652i4 "i think it's the duty of the candidates, to seek us out, to suggest that
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uploaded the c-d-c estimates one in sixty eight children are born with some form and behavioral challenges. video of authors sititing down but its because the disorder can impact people in very differnet ways - authors john donvan and caren zucker say its hard to get candidates to talk about austism. 10:37:52-10: 38:00in 1646q4 "i think we will, once the race gets tighter, when there's just two candidates because hillary has put it out there on the table" video of clinton website from screenshot on hillary clinton's campaign website - the former secretary of state urges more studies, some republicans though - like donald trump - the debate shifts to the causes of autism and whether certain vaccines play any role. nat break of robinson talking as for voters like john - its not ennough to have about autism ....instead its about keeping special 10:39:34-10:39:40i n 1646q4 "its a big deal for us, what are the candidates going to do to bring us into
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that's done by bringing in austic leaders" [take: on cam] on cam it's not just about disability groups continue to hold more and more candidates accountable to their issues because they do influence. for instance in south carolina - the next state to vote - its estimated more than 600 thousand people live with some form of a disability. reporting in washignton, im mark meredith. coming up on wavy news ten at five- thirty - cuts to funding that would help fight terrorism. just how much some cities stand to lose. plus - leaders in michigan have plans to fix lead-contaminated pipes in flint. the problem now -- they are very different plans. my full forecast is coming up in just a few
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turning now to the water crisis in flint michigan. the mayor of flint announced this afternoon a plan to start training people how to remove the lead pipes. michigan's governor - rick snyder - wants to coat the pipes with a protective film -- instead of removing them. the mayor says she's moving forward with her plan. this comes as a new study reveals residents in flint paid the highest rates in the nation -- for undrinkable - toxic water. a public interest group-- food and water watch-- looked at the 500-largest water systems in the country. it found flint residents paid about 8-hundred-64 dollars a year for water service - nearly double the national average. a teenager charged with impersonating a doctor -- walked out of a florida jail today. the 18 year old was arrested tuesday - after performing an exam on an
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charged with practicing medicine without a license - fraud and grand theft. the teen was released on hospital - wearing a lab coat and stethoscope. family members say he's only claimed to be a "holisitc doctor" and has never seen patients. coming up on wavy news ten at five- thirty - major cuts to federal funding to help fight terrorism. why one of the nation's biggest targets stands to lose millions. plus - pope francis wrapping up his visit to mexico. the message he is delivering from its
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there could be a battle brewing between the federal government -- and apple. the tech giant says it cannot help investigators break into the i-phone of one of the
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on tuesday - a judge in california ordered the company to help the f-b-i get into syed farook's phone. in a statement posted on apple's website today - apple c-e-o tim cook said "we believe their intentions are good" -- but they are asking for something "we simply do not have." farook and his wife, tashfeen malik, killed 14-people in december, before dying in a shootout with police. n-y-p-d police commissioner bill bratton supports the judges order in the san bernardino case. this comes as new york city announces it could see a major cut to some of its anti-terror programs. president obama's latest budget proposal includes funding cuts for the urban areas security initiative - which gives federal money to help local governments fight terror. these cuts will not stand i will do everything i can in my power i will work with democrats and republicans it couldn't occur at a worse time and i think my colleagues in the house and senate will understand and i think we
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get these cuts reversed. to give you an example -- new york city stands to lose 90 million dollars. and according to the commissioner - that means the n-y-p-d wouldn't be able to conduct some large-scale drills - pay overtime for training - and extra security. pope francis is wrapping up his five- day trip to mexico with a visit to ciudad juarez -- near the u-s - mexico boarder. catholic pilgrims started arriving early this morning to hear the pontiff speak later today. he's expected to talk about immigration. a topic he also addressed during his visit to the u-s last fall -- when he encouraged lawmakers here to be more compassionate. before mass begins -- pope francis will walk to the border fence- where he'll offer a prayer for migrants -- and for those who died trying to get to the u-s. several hundred people - including migrants and refugees will be
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tonight: mainly clear. lows: low-30s. winds: light north. thursday: mostly sunny. slightly cooler. highs: low-40s. winds: n 10-15 mph. friday: mix of sun and clouds. highs: near 50. winds: s 5-10 mph. finally - a quiet day in the weather department! we have been tracking quite a bit of sunshine through the afternoon with highs in the seasonable low-50s! this evening, expect mainly clear skies with temperatures dropping back into the low-40s by 9 pm. overnight, the mercury will drop into low-30s, so it'll be a much
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it'll remain on the cool side through your thursday - even though there will be abundant sunshine, a north breeze will hold highs near 40. temperatures will start to rebound on friday with highs back near 50. a big warm up on the way for the weekend - the mercury will top out in the mid-60s saturday and sunday! it'll stay mild through the start of next week, but expect rain tuesday and wednesday..for now..we know things could change between now and then! tonight: mainly clear. lows: low-30s. winds: light north. thursday: mostly sunny. slightly cooler. highs: low-40s.
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friday: mix of sun and clouds. highs: near 50. winds: s 5-10 mph. finally - a quiet day in the weather department! we have been tracking quite a bit of sunshine expect mainly clear skies with temperatures dropping back into the low-40s by 9 pm. overnight, the mercury will drop into low-30s, so it'll be a much cooler start to your day. it'll remain on the cool side through your thursday - even though start to rebound on friday with highs back near 50. a big warm up on the way through the start of next week, but expect rain tuesday and know things could change between now and
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coming up on wavy news ten at five- thirty - driving means making decisions - quickly. so what happens when we get older and our reflexes so down? signs it may be time to hang up your keys
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and i'm tom schaad. next on wavy news 10 at 6-- a neighborhood asking a lot of questions about a pair of meth lab investigations-- yes, on the same street. deanna leblanc has reaction and the latest information. plus-- "c0043 - 2217 what happens to families who were living in this hotel? it's going to be demolished. i'll explain how the city is stepping in. 2222" that and more when nicole and i see you at 6-- keep
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many of us get behind the wheel without giving it a second thought. for most people, driving represents independence and control. but as we get older our reflexes may start to slow down. statistics show that most older adults are safe drivers because they limit when they drive -- how far and where they drive. fatalities in crashes involving older drivers actually declined by 13 percent from 2003 to 2012. so - how do you know when it's time for you -- or someone you love -- to turn over the keys? here's some things to look for -- do other drivers often honk at me? have i had some accidents? do i get lost? even on roads i know? do i have trouble staying in my lane? experts say age-related declines involving physical and mental abilities are a given -- for all of us! it's important to remember it happens in different ways and at different times. coming up on wavy news
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lost at sea. what divers discovered off the coast of italy that has been buried under water for decades. then at 6-- it's been a few days since a massive fire roared through a norfolk neighborhood. see what andy fox found-- as people try to recover
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know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape. thanks to virtual wallet by pnc. italian divers found a world war two plane that
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they found the plane in the sea of sciacca in sicily. it's a savoia marchetti from world war two at a depth of more than 124-feet. the plane was shot down by the british army on august 14, 19-42. stay with us... wavy news crime background at 01: pull video a dual scare for a newport news neighborhood. not one-- but two meth investigations-- on the same street. title at 07: connecting the dots police now have the task of connecting the dots in this potentially-explosive situation-- that came about in a very bizarre way. they'll be able to start with the three people they have in custody. two of those arrests came following the discovery at the second location. autumn wells, michael adkins, and dana chandonnet are in jail-- charged in connection with the pair of cases. both busts happened on middlesex avenue in newport news-- right across the street from each other.
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police say children got caught in the middle. 10 on your side's deanna leblanc is in newport news with the latest developments. deanna? neighbors tell me they're glad to see the arrest. it's a mostly quiet street - with mostly longtime homeowners. and they say the home where police responded sunday has been an eyesore for some time. this home on middlesex road - created confusion for police sunday afternoon. first - a call for a home invasion and shooting. police say - the shooting, was unfounded. but - what they did find inside - meth making materials they say belong to this woman: 28 year old autumn wells. kevin ballard/neighbor 00:30 there's always a lot of junk in the front yard and them sitting out front and all that kind of stuff. many neighbors have lived on the street for decades. they say they questioned what went on in this home for some time. on the street for decades. they say the question of what
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went on. >> it was just different from the norm. reporter: but then last night, a second shock for the quiet street. police responded to another home for another meth investigation, this time an apartment. what's more, they appear to be connected. >> through the investigation on sunday, they received information and developed more information. reporter: officers arrested a 42-year-old and 31-year-old. they say their 13-year-old son and daughter lived in a unit with a possible meth lab. >> chemicals will mess you up the matter where you are at. reporter: we did ask police for more information about the
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theywe asked what evidence let them there but they can't comment. anchor: two on the same street, thank you. you can track all developments have follow-ups between newscasts and anytime on a portsmouth murder suspect is now in custody, charged in the shooting death of a 17-year-old who was killed last may. two other people were shot in that same incident. charges in the case are withdrawn but the suspect recently indicted on first-degree murder charges is also in custody. police are still looking for three others. anchor: new information in a double murder and police involved shooting. 24 hours after we told you about the search for suspect, police now have him in custody. stephen hayes turned himself in last night. the 33-year-old was already in


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