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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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sad and conflicted definitely for sure so i'm really hoping the child survives and does well." this is early in the investigation -- no word on whether anyone will face charges. but it was an accident. we hope to speak with neighbors soon and bring you more on wavy news 10 at 11. live in suffolk lk 10 on your sde. first, an important stop-- on the road to light rail in virginia beach. city leaders are now facing a deadline to show commitment towards extending "the tide" from norfolk. this week, the state threatened to pull 155-million dollars. transportation officials told the city to sign-- or risk losing that money. 10 on your side's liz palka went to an open house tonight. so, liz what are residents saying. tom and nicole - most i
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of light rail and the city moving forward with the memorandum of understanding. while there were some here who are passionately against it. c5 8:19:29 - i'd love to be able to pck up up the tide and get into norfolk from here. hampton roads transit holds a light rail open house in town center. coincidentally, the same day the commonwealth transportation board sent this resolution to the city of virginia beach. calling for the city to agree to a memorandum of understanding - or mou. and submit an application to buy light rail cars. all by april 30th. virginia beach city manager dave hansen... c31 8:34:17- committing to the purchase of the light rail vehicles at 50/50 and following through on the mou just seems logical for our city council to consider. most residents at the open house seemed to be tracking the latest conversation between the transportation board and city leaders. noting: the board and transportation secretary
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funding will be on the line without the mou. c5 8:20:21 - i can understand the city's perspective and not wanting to committ before they know how much it's going to cost. but i hope they can do that quickly. because i'd be really sad to see the money go somewhere else. c30 8:31:58 - i think that they should use the 155 million dollars that the government has given them because if they don't then they're going to have to stand in line and wait their turn again. resident dane bly(the) calls the idea of extending the tide from norfolk to virginia a "financial time bomb." c32 8:41:13 - of course, locally id like for us to spend that 155 million dollars on road projects that are badly needed. and we have a back log right now any way.:20 many city leaders still pushing forward with the project. some suggesting there could be a light rail referendum on the november ballot seeking more input from residents. hansen saying - that's already been done. c31 8:36:45 - this is a decision that the council
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councilman john moss told me at the open house he understands a referendum will be proposed next month. mayor will sessoms said, if there is a referendum, state funding won't be affected because of that memorandum of understanding. i'm liz palka, 10 on you side. toll patrol goes to the legislature. a bill on the way to the virginia senate would give you more time to pay you toll bill, reduce penalties charged to you, and v-dot would make sure you know what you owe. dozens went before a gloucester judge today. they all had backed bills from crossing the coleman bridge, and as the fines and fees added up, so did the frustration. sot - kenneth king, gloucester- clip 29 14:49 to pay hundreds, thousands of dollars in fines is outrageous.
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doenst feel moral at all. 20:58 for people who showed up today, the judge dismissed some violations and settled others. newport news police now have three people in custody for a meth investigation. they are still connecting the dots between two separate locations -- and all the suspects. autumn wells, michael adkins, and dana chandonnet are in jail-- facing charges. between sunday and last night, police have made two busts on middlesex road -- right across the street from each other. neighbors tell us they had questions about what went on in one home, for 00:30 there's always a lot of junk in the front yard and them sitting out front and all that kind of stuff. (butt) ballard: 01;00 it's kind of odd because we don't usually have that kind of stuff happen around here, and it was just different from the norm. 01:09 we have asked police whether the suspects were working together-- and what was in the house that lead them to
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they said they're not ready to share that information yet. virginia beach police are looking for the man they tonight. dispatchers say the attack happened on holland road in the chimney hill area around seven. they say the man hit someone on the head, but didn't have a weapon. medics took that person to the hospital. they say police were using helicopters to look for the suspect, but they haven't found him. they did not have a good description to share. all new tonight. deputies in gloucester county robber. they sent us these pictures from the langley federal credit union on george washington highway. around four this afternoon, they say this man gave the teller a note demanding cash. deputies say he ran into the farm fresh parking lot and drove off. if you recognize him -- call the sheriff's office. virginia beach police are trying to freeze out robberies at frozen yogurt stores. they have linked saturday night's heist at the virginia beach boulevard skinny dip with an earlier robbery. the first one was at the providence square skinny dip, last month.
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suspect -- call the crime line. some neighbors in norfolk returned to the scene of a huge weekend fire. together, the ocean view residents picked through the remains of what used to be their homes. 10 on your side's andy them today. (15 nat sd of hot watere heater) runs:03 a hot water heater tossed aside as investigaotors, one from atf, fire marshals all our here sholder to sholder trying to get a cause of the west ocean staples) runs: lucky home owners who still have their home putting up blue tarp. (5) it looks like a war zone and it looks better than it did (one shot with nat) runs:03 next door at the beach house apartments tenants able to get belonings. property manager debbie hall showed us around (7:50 24 ) (they were looking for fire when they wer coming acros the ceilign they ahd to cimb up there they had to climb and fcurse olook at ths ceiiling completely these were the
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panleft) to climb and fcurse olook at ths ceiiling completely these were the we got very lucky panleft) runs:34 andy fox toys if you want to learn more about how you can help these people recover -- look for our coverage of the ocean contract with local shipyards -- which may help workers in need of jobs. the contract could be and-a-half-billion dollars, through 20- 21. that money could go to three norfolk shipyards including b-a-e systems, which plans to layoff 530 employees in march.
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hydraulics and general dynamics. the award won't be enough to stop the layoffs -- but it could help workers get jobs in the future. target is looking for six-hundred people to help fill positions at its facility in suffolk. that's on manning bridge road. target says it's adding new equipment customers get their orders faster. equipment operations, packaging, and shipping. find out more about how you can apply -- posted with this story on wavy dot com. a democratic presidential candidate has just set up shop in norfolk. hillary clinton now has a campaign office on west 21 street. organizers say supporters of the democrat can gather there to make calls and host meetings before the march 1st primary. the campaign says it has support from congressman bobby scott, norfolk mayor paul fraim and hampton mayor george wallace. and apparently -- clinton has the support of virginia voters. a new poll from christopher newport university has the former secretary of state leading two weeks out. pollsters say virginia
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hesitant about her, but she is holding a solid lead over vermont senator bernie sanders. on the republican side, that same poll has donald trump leading florida senator marco rubio followed by texas senator ted cruz. those predictions differ from voters nationwide. in a new n-b-c news/wall street journal poll, ted cruz has taken the lead with 28 per cent of republican primary voters to donald trump's 26 per cent. marco rubio has 17 per cent, with ohio governor john kasich at 11 per cent. it's been nine months since police found a family and their housekeeper murdered inside a d-c mansion. today, federal prosecutors indicted a man on 20 counts -- including first degree murder and kidnapping. police believe 35-year-old daron wint killed the savopoulos family in may. they identified him by d-n-a from a pizza box. investigators found the bodies -- while responding to a house fire. if he's found guilty -- wint could
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rest of his life in prison. thousands of law enforcement officers came together -- to honor and remember one of their fallen brothers. they were paying respects ot one of two sheriff's deputies, shot and killed at a restaurant in maryland last week. harford county sheriff deputy patrick dailey's body arrived by fire truck. daily was a volunteer with the local fire company for nearly 40 years. a murder suspect shares his side of the story with 10 on your side. hear the exclusive update. a local school is warming to the wonders of solar energy. see why students were basking in a "solarbration."
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new tonight -- we're hearing from one of the men portsmouth police believe killed a teenager. five people are facing charges after three people were shot in may. police say 19-year-old raykwuan short killed a
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boulevard. he shared his side of the story only with 10 on your side. short says he turned himself in because he did not kill 17 year old jayzavia hill and has nothing to hide. short admits he was by the scene on may 9th - when police found hill shot to death on deep creek boulevard. he says he and friend andre keel - who's also charged in the murder - were just driving by, when a bullet came through the keel. short says the pair didn't have a gun. tonight, he tells us the murder charges against him are an "injustice." "04:14 "any other reason why you believe police have charged you in connection with this?" "'cause my friend got shot and it's word on the street, whatever they're saying, that's all portsmouth police go by, is word on the street." proseuctors originally withdrew charges in this case, but recently indicted five people for the crime. samking beale is also in custody.
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for andre keel, jalon trotter, and roderick britt. short says keel plans to turn himself in, too, but on his own time. as always -- if you can help find them call 1- 888-lock-u-up. you never have to give your name, and you may even earn a reward. one day after we told you about the search for a murder suspect-- newport news police say he turned himself in. 26-year-old stephen hayes is behind bars, along with 33-year-old laratio dantzler. officers say they shot and killed two people last month, on 14th street near wickham avenue. officers shot dantzler at the scene, after they say he shot at them. they took him to jail from the hospital. rest of today: partly to mostly cloudy. highs will be in the upper 40s. winds ne 5-10mph. tonight: partly cloudy...a stray evening shower is possible. colder. lows near 30. winds north 5- 10mph. thursday: mostly sunny but chilly. highs will be near 40. winds north 10-20mph. rest of today: partly to mostly cloudy. highs will be in the upper 40s. winds ne 5-10mph. tonight: partly cloudy...a stray evening shower is
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near 30. winds north 5- 10mph. thursday: mostly sunny but chilly. highs will be 10-20mph. rest of today: partly to mostly cloudy. highs will be in the upper 40s. colder. lows near 30. winds north 5- 10mph. thursday: mostly sunny but chilly. highs will be near 40. winds north
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students are basking in the glow of renewable energy. see who's taking steps and traffic as you get ready to head out the door every morning. tune into wavy news 10 today - beginning at 4:30. and we're on the air
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here in vineland, new jersey where progresso light soups are made,
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and especially our bacon. so we figured out a way to add rich ingredients like this into 22 light soups, all with 100 calories or less per serving. so if you want to eat light and not give up rich flavor,
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we have just learned the cause of a massive oil spill from last year. federal investigators are blaming corrosion on a pipeline. in may, 140-thousand gallons of crude oil seeped out in santa barbara, california. it fouled up miles of
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of oil washed up nearly 100 miles away. landstown high school in virginia beach is one of four schools in the state-- paving the way to the future-- using renewable energy. dominion power and the dominion foundation selected them for the "solar for schools" program. today, they held a "solarbration". nats solar car driving that's video of the solar-powered car demonstrating the versatility of this renewable resource. the school has a one-kilowatt system that converts sunlight into electric power. how much electricity is that? it can power 15 desktop computers, 33 ten-gallon aquariums, or four flat screen televisions. racing over 200 miles an hour, they were racing and wrecking at daytona today. and after beating virginia on saturday, could duke do it again at north carolina.
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20th ranked duke, looking to make a february run, with a buzzer beater win over 7th ranked virginia on saturday--could the blue devils do it again tonight on the road at 5th ranked north carolina. i'm bruce rader, with just a few weeks left before tournament action--this is where we really find out who the contenders are. north carolina, in white the top team in the acc, duke trailed most of the
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beset by foul trouble and injuries but take the lead with under three minutes to go in the game. carolina keeping its cool, kennedy meeks inside would put the tar heels back on top. duke takes the lead again at the foul line, and with time running out--carolina has a chance for the win. "oc=duke is going to win the game!!!!!!!" down four points at halftime, the blue devils come up with their second last second win in a row, beating number 7 virginia and tonight number 5 unc as the acc gets very interesting here on february 17th. nascar drivers were back on the track tonight taking practice laps for
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boys are these cars fast. i'm bruce rader, michael mcdowell, one of 8 drivers trying to qualify for the final four spots in the daytona 500 field, set a fast lap of over 200 miles an hour at practice today. and while chase elliott has already won the pole and matt kenseth has nailed down the outside starting spot, tomorrow night's twin qualifying races will determine starting posistions 3-through 40 for the 500. the first big daytona 500 crash occurred after ty dillon's car began spewing oil. behind dillon, reed sorenson checked up. michael waltrip ran into the back of ryan newman, who was behind sorenson and three other cars were involved. the admirals were home at scope tonight, game one of a seven game homestand, taking on the florida everblades. norfolk, next to last in the eastern conference standings. florida, in first place. first period and the admirals wasted little time getting on
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allen, the unassisted goal....admirals take an early one to nothing lead. moments later, another unassisted goal. off the turnover, it's greg chase, right over the shoulder and into the net. admirals now up 2 to nothing. they go on to win it 4 to 2 over first place florida and those same teams meet again on friday night at scope. a basketball dunk from portsmouth that has now the sound of the wind. the warmth of the sun. the smell of the earth. even the rumble of a tractor. we'd love to put all this inside every can of progresso soup.
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you the entire farm, the least we can do is bring you the best, tastiest vegetables.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood, in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jennifer lopez.
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musical guest zayn. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 419 toledo! woo! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, hey, welcome! [ screams and applause ] thank you! thank you, los angeles! hey, looking good. looking good! welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show," everybody. this is it. you made it.


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