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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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needless to say-- a lot more is still to happen with this story. check wavy dot com often for the latest updates between newscasts. also tonight-- a dangerous ride on interstate 64 in newport news. 2 men got shot-- after a car pulled up to them on the highway-- and someone started firing. there are still a lot of unanswered questions. 10 on your side's erin kelly joins us with what she's learned so far. erin? we have a lot of questions tonight about what took place early this morning. what led up to this shooting and were the victims targeted? virginia state police say two men were in a car headed west on i-64 near harpersville road, when something went wrong. police say another vehicle pulled up next to them around 2 am and someone started shooting. it's not clear where the suspect's car went. troopers shut down two lanes on the highway as they checked out this car -- it appears the be the victims' vehicle. both men went to riverside
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for treatment. police have not released any information on the suspect vehicle. we don't know how many people they're looking for tonight. live in newport news, erin kelly, 10 on your side. to suffolk now-- and a bit of new information on the shooting of a child we reported first last night at 10. it happened on jonathans way in the applewood farms neighborhood. the 3 year old is at c-h-k-d. 10 on your side's joe fisher has been on this story all day getting new information. joe tom, nicole -- police say that toddler somehow got a hold of a gun and shot himself in the upper airlifted here to c-h-k-d -- where i'm told he is being treated for injuries he should recover from. ((c1 54:22)) "there was just police cars up and down lining our street." a gun in the hands of a child inside this home on jonathans way in suffolk -- has landed the three-
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children's hospital in norfolk. ((c1 53:55)) "it could have been so much more tragic than what it was." the call to police wednesday night came in around 7:30 putting neighbors on alert. ((c1 51:18)) "it was alarming to see that many cops in our neighborhood." the investigation so far, according to detectives, reveals the toddler found the handun and accidently gun was in the home for protection. christina carter lives just a few doors down with two kids of her own. super = christina carter/neighbor ((c1 55:22)) "it's so sad, it really is sad." i would hate for was in the home, along with a two-year-old child at the time the shot was fired, according to police. it's unclear where the family kept the gun and where the boy found it. the police department and neighbors hoping this incident will get other gun-owning parent's to think safety first. ((c1 52:23)) "you should definitely make sure your guns are different place, always
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suffolk police say the investigation into this shooting is still ongoing. i'm told the child's mother could possibly face charges. the suffolk sheriff's office has free gun safety locks as part of located at the godwin courts building, 150 north main street. live in norfolk, i'm joe fisher, 10 on your side. emotions are still running high after an officer-involved shooting in virginia beach last year. one family is planning to protest. another is speaking out-- in defense of police. sot from fb video - gina out-- i wont stop fighting for roman, i wont stop fighting for evan. and
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due process of law." that is india kager's video to facebook killed by police in september. virginia beach police connected perry to several other crimes-- including the murder of guy cuffee. ao after kager's mom posted her video, cuffee's daughter posted one saying the shooting was justified. a group, led by kager's mother, has planned several demonstrations in virginia beach tomorrow. we are working to find station robbery. it happened this morning at a shell on hampton highway in yorktown. the york-poquoson's sheriff's office is investigating. if you have information on this heist-- call the crime line. a construction worker is hurt during an accident when he was hit by construction material. it happened at the corner of washington and county streets. the worker is expected to recover. investigators are working to find out what sparked a mid morning fire at a norfolk home. someone spotted smoke and called 9-1-1 to come to the home on
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the fire department sent 10 on your side this picture of the damage inside the bedroom. no one was home when the fire started. the residents will have to stay somewhere else tonight because of the damage from the smoke and flames. and a follow-up to that huge fire in the ocean view section of norfolk-- investigators are getting help from another hampton roads community. an arson dog from hampton has been brought in to help figure out the cause of the fire. "taylor" and her handler spent the day going through the remains. that fire destroyed eight buildings and damaged six others-- leaving dozens homeless. still to come on wavy news 10 at 6-- the case of a stolen dog heads to court-- but you'll see how it took a bizarre turn right in the middle. plus.. donna crockett media 2 clip 0017 1020-23 i wouldn't trade anything for this place, but they may have to-- because of erosion and rising seas. ahead-- i take you to an island on the brink of extinction. tonight: mostly clear. cold. lows will be in the upper 20s. winds north
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my full forecast is ahead. and it's the off-season-- but there's a lot of movement going on with o-d-u's football program. coach bobby wilder talks live with bruce rader-- as we continue this
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a bizarre twist in the case of a stolen dog in accomack county. just hours after trial for one of the suspects started-- the judge decided to delay the case for another month. witnesses say bettina rodriguez and two others took the dog from in front of a home last year. she doesn't deny it-- but says she intended to rescue the pit bull that wasn't properly cared for. the case was moving along, but the alleged owner of the dog disappeared right before he was needed to testify. 04=2:40 "it's been 13 months now and i just feel like my life has been in limbo i was ready for some closure today" the case will pick back up on march 25th. next at 6-- what are called the first victims of climate change-- in our own back yard. the troubles facing a small fishing community-- and can something be done to stop it? and on wavy dot com-- donald trump takes on the pope. read about the battle brewing-- just two days before the south carolina
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a way of life is going under-- because of climate change. mother nature is waging a war against a small fishing community surrounded by the chesapeake bay. experts say tangier island has lost close to 70 per cent of its land in just over 165
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fishing islands in the bay, 14 miles west of virginia's eastern shore, it's been called one of the first casualties of climate change. (open with sunset shot, maybe some bird nats :02) media2 clip 0075 tc 4343 it's a special place. it is. (water lapping :01) denny crockett media 2 clip 0074 3903-07 what makes tangier tangier is the watermen) media2 clip 0075 tc 4327 and it's a great i wouldn't trade anything for this place, media3 clip 0030 1213-1219 they are the last fishing community on an island in the virginia portion of the chesapeake bay all the others are already gone. media 1 clip 0118 5626-35 "you can't find it anywhere else. what we do here. we don't want to lose it" (more nats :02 ) but that's precisely what's happening to tangier island, a one square mile stage for a showdown between the chesapeake bay, (nats :01) and a way of life. media2 clip 0075 4456 our descendents come from cornwall, england captain john smith came here in 1608. the british used the island
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the war of 1812. (nats) and the voices you hear reflect a distant culture from a different time. media2 clip 0075 4644-48 you can get four or five men wound up to talk and you wouldn't understand a word we're sayin.' media 1 clip 0065 2327-32 tangier english (group conversation) media 1 clip 0060 what did he say? its the language of work and survival. tom media2 standup and the life's blood of tangier island--the water of the chesapeake land it helped sustain for centuries. (fade mayor boat nats under last part of standup) mayor james eskridge shows us the effects of erosion and what the army corps of engineers calls relative sea level rise. media 1 clip 0035 938-42 when it gets to your doorstep you pay more attention to it. media 1 clip 0114 5012-5018 tom: and where we're
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all land to begin with. this was all land where we are now in the boat. than a century ago. (use old photographs under shot) media 1 clip 0097 4029-36 the gravesite is actually in the water, when you get a storm, the bones will actually wash up on here. (brick) media 1 clip 0087 think it says baltimore on it, in december, december 2nd, 1901 media (clip 0107) a walk along the jagged shore reveals archeological nuggets left from a war with the bay. media 1 clip 0107 4723-32 you can picture it. the kids up here playing. especially in the summertime and the crabbing and fishing up here and it's all gone. the corps of engineers predicts tangier island could suffer a similar fate in 50 years. (01 nats chopper) but this aerial view from chopper 10 may reveal a solution: at one time, the western side of the island was losing about 25 feet a year, then in 1990, the army corps of engineers stopped the erosion with this seawall. in 2018, the corps of engineers wants to build
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navigation channel to protect the island. but it also wants series of dunes, and additional seawalls. media 3 clip 0030 1352-59 of land. everything's getting a little bit lower. media 1 clip 0106 4601-14 tom: do you feel like you are a forgotten communtiy? mayor: yes at times we do. we feel forgotten, and it's frustrating because the government has the money to protect us. (nats) and although the water is closing, the people of tangier island believe the sun will rise tomorrow. media 1 clip 0118 5526-32 we don't want to leave. this is our way of life. this is what we've been doing for a couple hundred years. but islanders and scientists agree time is running out. oceanographer david schulte co-authored a report on tangier island which was published in december. it warns if steps aren't taken to
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and seawalls that would cost about 30 million dolllars, its residents may become among the first climate change refugees in north america see that report, and a series of photos under this story on forecast with chief meterologist don slater. don: and we're looking toward the setting sun just because it's beautiful out there, but it gives us an idea of what is going on with our weather as well. clouds were a little bit more numerous and showing up a little bit better in the setting sun a while ago, the sun is well below the horizon. basically what we got going on are clouds running from north northwest to south southeast. it just means that part of the jet stream is dropping on do you throughout our part of the world right on into here. that just shows us the general wind flow and the upper atmosphere and the jet stream
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the warm air will be instantaneous as it moves on through. it will move on through for the day tomorrow. the upper wind is going to change just a bit as conditions improve in terms of the temperature. here is where things are tomorrow morning, still a northerly wind if any wind at all to start the day. we see more of a southerly wind for the noon hour. it will warm things up to 50 dress. that's as warm as we got we take you on into the rest of the day and show you the evening hours. southerly wind continues. a stray shower could happen, but there is not much of a rainfall in the area on saturday morning, 10 to 15-mile-an-hour winds by the noon hour on saturday. we're around 64 dress and it warms up in a big, big way coming up for saturday and continue into sunday as well. here is where we are on saturday evening at 7:00. saturday evening into sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday,
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no rainfall is likely all the way from now on into the weekend. once we hit monday, we start seeing some action. in fact, it begins really by sunday night. we'll start to see a few showers into the area. monday morning and by the end of the day, there could be a little bit of a break. this is awfully far into the future to really, really get a handle on exactly the timing of things, but it gives us a general idea. we'll see rain for the first part of next week starting sunday night into monday, tuesday, into wednesday, should come to an end on wednesday night. so that's we'll want to watch carefully. beautiful sunset with all of these clouds. one thing that was out there, a little bit earlier on, you see that spot right on into here. it is rainbow-colored. it's called a sun dog. that's a light refracted, not reflected, refracted by ice crystals in the upper
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it's a common affect especially in the wintertime. you see the setting sun, some of the thin clouds over the top of our area and we take you live to what's going on out there right now. beautiful sunset out there for tonight and the stars are coming out already. temperatures upper 30's and into the low 40's, 36 in hampton. the temperatures are especially cool along the eastern shore. remember that north northwesterly flow of air, you can see it in maryland toward the northern neck and the eastern shore where things are cooler right now. overnight, 31 degrees by 4:00, 28 by 7:00. rising pretty rapidly during the day tomorrow, light southerly breeze. we'll be close, 64 on saturday, sunday, 65 degrees. there is that chance of rain sunday evening and it will be off and on for monday, tuesday and a good slug of rain on
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we have ups and downs in the weather, but mainly up coming up for the next seven days. bruce: i'm brice live in virginia beach. bobby has rerecruited new players and added some exciting teams to the old dominion football schedule.
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the "sports wrap." bruce: the college football season is still six months away, but bobby wilder has been a very, very busy man. hi, everybody, i'm bruce rader live in virginia beach and we finally got to catch up with the coach and we have only got a couple of minutes. i'm getting right to it. first of all, you hired two new assistant coaches to help you with your offensive line and your special teams. bobby: really excited about the hires. it's difficult to make a change on staff.
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him from his days as virginia tech started 47 consecutive games in the offensive line and charles who spent the last five years at vanderbilt is their special teams coordinator, very excited about those two hires. bruce: those were a couple of problem spots last year? bobby: it's not all on the coach, it's everybody involves. the players know that, too. two areas we have to improve it. bruce: a couple of exciting topics, first of all, you have added some new a.c.c. teams to your schedule. coach, what are you doing to yourself? bobby: i don't know, we're taking a big leap right here. we need to do it. our fans are still trying to identify with conference u.s.a., we have regional schools here in the a.c.c., when you talk about north carolina and north carolina state, wake forest, 10 years we're going to be playing virginia tech and virginia. we just recently added virginia, seven years with tech, three years with
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all of the regional a.c.c. schools that will be coming to old dominion unfortunate. that's the schedule we want it play and that gives us a shot to get into a better bowl game. bruce: of course, coach, the elephant in the room and that is the new stadium. i know you wish you had that three years ago. what can you tell us about the future of a new stadium for old dominion football. bobby: the president wants to be sure about this, he is working with all of the folks on campus, and whether we rebuild and reorganize or get a brand-new stadium, whatever is best long term for old dominion unfortunate. that's -- university. that's the decision we need to make. bruce: any question in your mind that this stadium could not happen? bobby: no question it's going to happen. john is committed to doing this. our fans deserve better.
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patient. they deserve better and they're getting better. bruce: when are you back on the practice field? >> we had a workout earlier, where were you at 6:00? bruce: i was asleep. >> we'll start after spring break, april 16, part of the great day we have over at the stadium with the five k and the charity bowl, awesome day. bruce: seconds to go, i got to ask you this, who is your starting quarterback going to be heading into the regular season? >> it could be you. there is a competition. david washington has to get back from the a.c.l., blake, local player and we have some talent coming in, a good situation. bruce: coach bobby wilder telling you everything you want to know. i'm bruce rader for "the sportswrap." don: cold overnight and the warm-up begins tomorrow.
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always at developin news tonight. the pope versus trump. shock waves as pope francis weighs into the race for president. why he said donald trump is not a christian. donald firing back. it's getting ugly as rubio and cruz have accusations. sudden impact. a terrifying chopper crash caught on tape near pearl harbor. breaking news from hawaii. a hospital hacked. its computers frozen, forced to pay ransom to gain back control. and a warning it could happen to you. and hidden risk. when even exercise won't lower the stubbornly high cholesterol. what doctors say you need to get rid of to bring it down. "nightly news" begins right now.
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world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. it's virtually unheard of, a pope admonishing a u.s. presidential candidate, in this case [ bleep ]donald trump over his immigration plan. pope francis returning home took the reporter's question about trump's pledge to build a border wall. in his answer, implied that trump is not a christian. it was a high-level rebuke to say the least. but true to form, trump is not turning the other cheek. nbc's katy tur has the details. >> mr. trump, the pope made a statement about you. >> reporter: donald trump proving there is no thing or one too sacred for his political ire. >> he actually said i'm not a good christian or something. >> reporter: the last presbyterian lashing out at the church. talking about the border wall between the u.s. and mexico.


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