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-- these are the traits pimps - like street's - use to prey on victims. many are young - sometimes runaways, or addicted to drugs. c71 01:32:40 "there are just so many variables as to what makes you vulnerable to being exploited." c10 01:16:50 "a lot of times, it's not by force, born and raised right here. newport news police lt. michael hudgins says our region is a hot spot for human trafficking crimes from 2014 through to september of 2015. it's seen in online advertisements - at motels -- massage parlors - and on the streets. and police are cracking down. c10 01:19:43 "we're bringing on non profits and advocates and service providers to try to help these ladies get out of this situation and better themselves." c71 01:33:12 "today, law enforcement are becoming more aware, being trained on what human trafficking, looks like, understanding it,
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involved." roughly two decades ago --- street was ultimately rescued by a police officer. a story officers want people to hear. they say too many victims fear law enforcement. c10 01:20:23 "the biggest issue is trying to get the victims to trust the police, that we want to really help them." tonight's event was the third of it's kind held in churches across the city -- officials hope this type of awareness will prompt people to recognize and report cases of human trafficking. live in newport news, liz kilmer, 10 on your side we have investigated human trafficking-- and attempts to stop the crime before. according to the polaris project--- which tracks the trend-- hampton roads and virginia are both hotspots in the u-s. police tell us, the cases are hard to prosecute because investigators need full cooperation from the victims. in portsmouth, officers carry cards that can help them start conversations with
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c ports pd sound 21:09 sgt robert mcdaniel hey, i see you're hanging out where do you stay, where do you eat, how are you living? 21:20 in december, attorney general mark herring said his office would be putting up these ads at rest stops in virginia. they target victims of human trafficking-- and those who exploit them. find all our previous coverage of human trafficking on wavy dot com. we also posted the number for the national resource center. norfolk police say a serial burglar has struck again. they say he's now responsible for three additional burglaries, bringing the grand total to eight. police want you to take another good look at this man. they say he hit the golden china restaurant on east little creek road, on valentine's day. they say he also broke into united refrigeration on progress road, and golden city on azalea garden road, last month. this is video of an attempted break-in at ole bay seafood. if you recognize him --
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new information about a suspected drug ring in portsmouth. we now know it operated close to an elementary school. in december --- portsmouth police, the fbi and other agents arrested suspects associated with the so-called "corna sto boys". that corner is close to brighton elementary. police say the group sold thousands of dollars worth of drugs across the street, at elm avenue and fillmore. court documents say the gang also paid people to watch for police. one man has pleaded guilty. several others are due back in court later this month. we're learning more about the accidental shooting of a three-year-old in suffolk. tonight, police say-- the child's mother could face charges. we brought you this story as breaking news last night at 10. the shooting happened on jonathans way in the applewood farms neighborhood. the boy was airlifted to c-h-k-d in norfolk. a preliminary investigation shows-- he found his parents' handgun, and shot himself in the shoulder. editor: all video in "p6 really is sad." i would hate for something like that to happen to my
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really guilty." it's unclear where the family kept the gun-- or where the boy found it. the suffolk sheriff's office says-- all residents qualify for free gun safety locks. we can tell you more about how newport news police identified a double murder suspect. police say someone picked 26-year-old stephen hayes out of a photo spread. he turned himself in, on tuesday. police think hayes and 33-year-old laratio dantzler shot and killed two people near 14th street and wickham avenue in january. court documents says they tried to rob the victims. on the day of the murders, police say an officer shot dantzler after he shot at two officers. police arrested him after he was released from the hospital. one family is planning to protest virginia beach police tomorrow. another is defending the department, in an officer-involved shooting. sot from fb video - gina best, india kager's mother "2:05 i wont stop fighting for india. i wont stop fighting for mr perry because he did not have due process of law."
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mother. she posted a video online, accusing police of wrongdoing. officers shot and killed her daughter and angelo perry, in september. investigators connected perry to several crimes -- including the murder of guy cuffee. after kager's mom posted her video, cuffee's daughter posted a response. it says the shooting was justified. kager's mother has organized a group to protest the shootings. happens. norfolk police officer exposed himself to her in the time. she asked us not to show her face, but says-- it happened saturday afternoon. she told only 10 on your side-- she took a picture of his vehicle, and picked the officer out of a line-up. (30:29 1) ((i asked why i picked out in the lineup was a norfolk police officer that i had
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to me)) runs: 13 norfolk police say they are aware of the allegations-- and they are investigating. tonight, virginia state police are trying to figure out who shot two harpersville road in newport news, around 2 this morning. they say another vehicle pulled up-- and someone started shooting. medics took both men to the hospital-- and expect them to survive. they could not give us a description of the suspect's vehicle. a woman faces charges tonight because police say she caused an accident in newport news. if you got caught in traffic on jefferson avenue this evening-- that's why. police had to close the road for the crash at the intersection with bland boulevard. traffic backed up onto i-64. they say caelen mccaffrey ran a red light and hit another car. police say neither driver was seriously hurt. a quick traffic alert: officials at the jordan bridge say they've closed the ramp from i-464 to poindexter street in chesapeake. it will stay closed for a few hours overnight,
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the case against a suspected dog thief started-- and then stopped again-- on the eastern shore today. bettina rodriguez faces charges for the theft. accomack county deputies say she and two others took the dog from a yard near parksley last year. in court today, the commonwealth's attorney says the dog's owner left before testifying. that's why the judge pushed the case back until next month. it's a bizarre twist for those involved-- 04=2:32 "i've been doing this 30 years and this is the first time that this been in limbo i was ready for some closure today" rodriguez says she hopes he shows up next month, so this case can wrap up. charlene boyajian and gordon shell also face charges. we expect boyajian's trial to start in march, and shell's to start in may. senator mark warner will visit hampton tommorrow. he plans to tour the zel technologies cybersecurity facility-- and meet with local experts in the field. he says he wants to
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and ensure hampton roads leads the way in cyber technology. community leaders and educators plan to be there. suffolk police say they've made it easier to get rid of expired medication. they put up two drug boxes; one, at headquarters on henley place, and the other at the precinct on bridge road. police say expired meds could be dangerous for children-- or even a target for burglars. a local family is hanging onto hope their loved one will recover -- days after a house fire. they're sharing their story only with 10 on your side. new information about why a tent may have collapsed -- killing two people at
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tonight we're hearing from family members -- days after a fire left two people seriously hurt. flames raced through the home on victoria drive in virginia beach, saturday. two dogs died, but the couple inside survived. the man is still in the hospital tonight. 10 on your side's liz palka spoke to their children tonight. liz, they are well known in the community? nicole - both marsha and darnell blount worked for the city of virginia beach for decades. they were looking forward to enjoying retirement. and then this fire happened. and they lost everything. another day spent sentara norfolk general hospital. krystal and kandace blount, and their sister, have not left their parents' sides. c1 19:17:00 - we are also very thankful for the fire department who actually came out. because had my dad stayed in there any longer, this may be something else. flames devoured the back side of the blount's victoria drive home early saturday morning in virginia beach. krystal blount says her
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faithful dogs, king and killa, barking. c1 19:08:27 - the heat and the smoke came into their bedroom. and from that point on my mom tried to escape through the window. which she did get out. firefighters would later rescue darnell, who was unconscious. killa died in the fire. king survived - but the family had to put him down on wednesday. krystal tells us marsha has since been released from the hospital. c1 19:10:32 - just trying to get her to rest. the couple spent years as city employees. marsha - had just retired after 36 years as an administrative assistant. c1 19:12:22 - the plan was for her and my dad to finally get to take a vacation together. and just enjoy each other. and then the fire. :33 krystal says the fire has destroyed the house. c1 19:15:18 - knowing they had plans to do different things together and now they can't go back home. i drove by the house the other day. and i just, they don't have anything. they have
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:36 the blounts say they are taking this day by day. and for now - they're focused on their dad. c1 19:16:19 - he has a long ways to go. and i'm just very hopeful that everything will continue to work out for the best. virginia beach fire officials have not yet said how this fire started. they do believe it was accidental. i've spoken to several people in the community who have started collecting money and donations for this family. go to and look for this story on the homepage. we have all the ways you can help there. i'm liz palka, 10 on your side. another local department is trying to help norfolk firefighters uncover the cause of that huge fire in ocean view. today, the fire department sent us these pictures of taylor, an arson dog from hampton-- and her handler-- going through the rubble. on saturday, fire destroyed eight buildings and damaged six. fire officials say
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find out where it started-- and how. norfolk firefighters are also trying to figure out what caused a fire this morning. they sent us this picture of a damaged home on chesapeake boulevard-- near tait terrace. no one was home. the building is too badly damaged for anyone to live in it right now. new information about a deadly circus tent collapse. inspectors found more a dozen serious violations at the site in new hampshire-- including that the circus did not use the correct stakes- and didn't take the tent down in high winds. osha cited the company, and suggested fines of more than 30- thousand-dollars. two people died when the big top collapsed inaugust. tonight: mainly clear. cold. lows: upper-20s. winds: n 5-10 mph. friday: mostly sunny. seasonable! highs: near 50. winds: s 5-10 mph. saturday: plenty of sunshine. nice and warm! highs: mid-60s. winds: tonight: mainly clear.
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winds: n 5-10 mph. friday: mostly sunny. seasonable! highs: near 50. winds: s 5-10 mph. saturday: plenty of highs: mid-60s. winds: sw 10-15 mph. tonight: mainly clear. cold. lows: upper-20s. winds: n 5-10 mph. friday: mostly sunny. seasonable! highs: near 50. winds: s 5-10 mph. saturday: plenty of sunshine. nice and warm! highs: mid-60s. winds: sw 10-15 mph. tonight: mainly clear. cold. lows: upper-20s. winds: n 5-10 mph. friday: mostly sunny. seasonable! highs: near 50. winds: s 5-10 mph. saturday: plenty of sunshine. nice and warm! highs: mid-60s. winds: sw 10-15 mph. tonight: mainly clear. cold. lows: upper-20s. winds: n 5-10 mph. friday: mostly sunny.
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50. winds: s 5-10 mph. saturday: plenty of sunshine. nice and warm! highs: mid-60s. winds: sw 10-15 mph. tonight: mainly clear. cold. lows: upper-20s. winds: n 5-10 mph. friday: mostly sunny. seasonable! highs: near 50. winds: s 5-10 mph. saturday: plenty of sunshine. nice and warm! highs: mid-60s. winds:
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helicopter crash -- caught on camera. hear how five people who tonight. we're on your side with the latest news, weather, morning. tune into wavy news 10 today - beginning at 4:30. and if you're not up that early-- we're on the air
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investigators are trying to figure out how a helicopter crashed in hawaii. the video may be difficult to watch, as we show you the moments it went down. helo crash into water
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went to the hospital. a 16-year-old boy is in critical condition. it happened near the u-s-s arizona memorial this morning. civilians even jumped in to help, when they saw the crash. s/ max burner/ good samaritan editor 0:20 " people in the water. there was a woman in the water... got her to shore." the navy says a tour company owns the helicopter. federal investigators are now on the case. william and mary and old dominion with big games on the hardwood tonight. and things were going so smooth at the qualifying races at daytona, until they weren't. the sportswrap
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i'm brian parsons. in for bruce. the field is set for sunday's daytona 500. tonight, two qualifying races to round out the field. these races now known as the can am duels. chase elliott will start on the front row with matt kenseth, that was determined sunday. the rest of the field's spots determined tonight in the two 150 mile races. dale earnhardt junior wins the first qualifier, meaning he'll start on row two. his 17th career win at daytona. ryan blaney who drives for virginia based wood brothers, races his way into the the 500. here's junior "another win at daytona for the earnhardt's keep adding to the legacy,
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was a fun race. " duel race number 2. 2 to go, a trash heap. jamie mcmurray can't clear jimmie johnson. matt kenseth, gets involved. danica patrick involved, martin truex invloved. when the smoke cleared, it was kyle busch that takes the checkered flag. he earns a spot on row two sunday. but kensesth probably going to a back up car and the back of the pack after his car gets trashed in the crash. the daytona 500. sunday on fox 43. college basketball. old dominion back on the court after suffering an upset loss at home against rice. monarchs on the road against western kentucky. in the game. trey freeman, odu's senior guard, scored his 2000th career point, that includes his two years at campbell. at this moment we only have first half highlughts. freeman hit the go ahead bucket with less than 30 seconds to play. monarchs win it 59 to 56. freeman had 26 points. 16 points 13 rebounds for brandan stith. in williamsburg. unc wilmington, first place
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against william and mary. wilmington, an 11 game win streak heading into the game. the tribe, a two game losing streak. at one point, william and mary was down 12. tribe pushing it up court. david cohn, big game, feeds daniel dixon, one of cohn's 6 assits. dixon had 19 points. more from the tribe. this time it's dixon with the assist, finds terry tarpey with the big dunk down low. 16 points for tarpey. william and mary, a 24-0 run. tribe wins 87 to 69, snapping wilmington's 11 game winning streak. they host drexel on saturday at kaplan arena. lady monarchs home against western kentucky. odu trying to rebound from last weeks loss at rice. lady monarchs wearing the pink uniforms tonight and they go down low to annika holopanin, nice moves in the post....she muscles in for the tough bucket. holopanin, she's from finland and she can pass, too. keyana brown, gets wide open and she gets the lay up. big time play here by
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first, game clock winding down, and nice and then western kentucky that prevails, hilltoppers win it 85 yo 74. back to it's never too early to start talking college football. earlier on wavy news ten at 6, bruce opponents, the quarterback situation. if you would like to see the entire interview, we
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[ cheersnd applause ] >> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood, in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- vince vaughn. ryan seacrest. musical guest, dead & company. and featuring the legendary
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>> questlove: 420 saint garcia. >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, i feel the love! los angeles! [ cheers and applause ] i feel the love. welcome. welcome to "the tonight show." this is it. [ cheers and applause ] you made it. you're here. what a crowd. what a crowd. thank you so much. welcome. thank you for having me here in your city.


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