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tv   Today  NBC  February 20, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EST

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this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. congratulations. you made it to try day friday, february 19. >> that's one of my jams. "cake by the ocean" by dnce. >> la, la, la. >> it's -- cake by the ocean >> go, lori. who invited lori laughlin? you both have the musical taste of a 17-year-old girl. great kickoff to the weekend. if you grew up in the 70 -- 80s and 90s or you have small children at home you know about "full house." it's no secret that lori is back in the highly anticipated reboot. she'll tell us about that and then we'll put her to the test. >> it will be fun. >> look how good she looks. >> i've known you since you were
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16. >> she was at gma. she hadn't even started. >> we can reminisce later. that's exactly right. forever. the same. the guys from flipping boston value of your home with incredible before and after photos. >> they're always fun. >> and our friend squire has another unbelievable story that can only be described as a god wink. it will give you chills. >> miss lori, you're excited? >> i'm excited. >> going to be fun. >> looking forward to sitting down and hearing about it. and the hallmark thing, too. >> i do. third season. >> can't turn on tv without you on it lately. the trailer, reunion, all of it. >> apparently there is big news. alert. we have found out there is a street named hoda drive in
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yes. hoda drive. >> you sure it's not rhoda and missing a letter? >> it's ho. hoda puts the ho in hoda. we know hoda -- >> lori, you don't get to laugh so loudly, okay? >> yeah. so thanks to our facebook fan, holly treat. now it's starting to not sound real. and bobby pim killed it in. is this a big joke? >> she drove by the street with her husband bing crosby who didn't want to stop so she sent a google map. we want to thank her for that. >> have you ever been to a theater or a movie and the people around you are hacking. they have colds or sneeze or whatever. [ coughing ] >> it happens. [ sneeze ] >> it does happen. i worry about myself coughing and sneezing. i don't notice when others are doing it unless it is consistent and next to me. i give the stink-eye. >> she's got a stink-eye. >> i do. >> what do you think? >> here's the thing.
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it matters what the writer from the telegraph in the uk says. >> no it doesn't. >> i think life happens and oftentimes if you are sick, no, don't go anywhere. don't infect anybody. that's what i call selfish. >> yeah. >> don't infect anybody else. but sometimes somebody walks by and i get a smell of their perfume or something and i start to sneeze. that i didn't cause. don't give me the snake eye -- [ sneeze ] >> if you have a cold, this happened to me in church. i was at rich -- rich -- wilkerson's church in miami. i had a cold the week before. i felt so much better. all of a sudden, you get the tickle. i was fine for hours and -- >> then you couldn't stop and you need a cough drop. >> thank goodness it happened at church, because i had people giving me -- i had more stuff immediately because they care about people. if you're in the theater and they have paid money to see a play, they don't like you.
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went to a show and was so upset that so many people were coughing. here's what she had to say. not that this human volcano of phlegm was alone. far from it. he had comrades in the fourth row behind and directly to my right. it was a coughing conspiracy from start to finish. yeah. she says they need to start making announcements like, please could the audience stifle any coughs. >> stifle this. life happens. people cough. people sneeze. nobody wants to upset -- you know -- >> you can see when there is an actor or actress on stage. it is a critical line and a big cough or sneeze. >> the worst is when you're in the middle of a line, and then you get distracted. if you can't get out and people are upset because you are not only coughing and sneezing and hacking, you're trying to get through, stumbling all over them
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can't find a cough drop, that's the worst feeling in the world. >> they also hate that in theaters. >> everyone stop whining. we have a way to help if you sneeze a lot or your kids do. they have been teaching people to sneeze into your arm. >> the elbow. this is called the sneeve. it's a sneeze guard. it must be for children. >> is it? >> yeah. >> any way, you put it up on your arm -- >> i get that, joanne. >> this is supposed to be so the kid walks around with this on all day, hacking and sneezing into this blue thing. >> which must be attractive at the end of the day. >> then wipe your nose on it and then you -- ew. then you take it off and you throw it away. it's $10 for a pack of seven. >> i think it's a good idea. >> i think it's terrible. the kids at school, you can picture it? it will be a thing. >> were you a mean girl?
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mean girls. >> if you were a dog which breed would you look like? last friday we showed meredith vieira, what dog she looks like. >> here is meredith and her dog look alike. she was a cocker spaniel. >> adorable. >> they matched me up to an afghan hound. what's wrong with lori? [ laughter ] >> i was offended because i don't look like that. >> you kind of do. we wanted to try another picture of hoda. >> you know what? first of all, what's with the mohawk? oh, it's also funny. you know what? [ laughter ] >> all right. okay. i'm a poodle. >> a very cute poodle. and here i am. i'm not a highland white
2:14 am
>> that's not fair. let's look at matt lauer, matt lauer would be a german shepherd. >> okay. >> kind of. >> we tried regis and he's a brittany. >> that doesn't look like rej. >> no, no, it doesn't. >> it's fun to look at him again. >> what was it? >> you want us to do you? >> it will be like the perfect dog. like we want to see that. >> why does my poodle get braided hair? why didn't you just get a regular poodle? >> wouldn't have been as funny. now, they're changing the s.a.t. remember that thing? >> i dreaded the s.a.t.s. >> have you heard about the new version? it starts next month. >> there is no vocabulary section. that's the big headline. it's dead. you will be quizzed in math and then evidence-based reading and writing. >> i already hate it.
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words are embedded into the reading and writing segment, that means you know how to use the word not just memorize it with flash cards, like i did, and forget every one. >> this is a game to show how stupid we are. >> i already know. >> we have hard s.a.t. words found on to try to guess what it means. >> here's the sentence. where is the one most likely to hear a -- >> where is one most likely. >> that's what i said. >> you said "the one". >> let's get picky. that's not the word. >> the word is panegyric. >> this is definitely at the gym. >> it's obvious. >> pan means -- >> just say one. be wrong. >> baseball game. i don't know. >> awards ceremony because it is a tribute which is what i said.
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>> number two. which of the following would be described as terpsichorean? >> novel, criminal trial, waltz or a souffle? >> let me break it down. >> i will go with novel. [ buzzer ] >> what's the answer? >> a waltz. >> i was going to say waltz. >> describes things having to do with dancing. >> is there one more? i hope not. >> good. >> the last one. which of the following could be described as -- let's see if you're as smart as we are, lori. >> sybaritic. pasta, fancy hotel, siblings or a good night's sleep. >> i thought it had to do something with lesbianism. >> good night sleep. >> pasta. [ buzzer ] >> what do you think it is? >> fancy hotel. >> oh! >> she cheated. >> no.
2:17 am
>> the resort has endless sybaritic amenities. >> that was depressing. >> i was right. >> thank you for that. >> it's time for our -- >> friday funny! [ laughter ] >> lori, you answer with hoda. it was so cold -- >> how cold was it? >> instead of yelling freeze, the cops just yelled go outside! >> that was good. >> it was so cold -- >> how cold was it? >> -- hitchhikers were holding up pictures of thumbs. with their gloves. >> no. that wasn't -- >> i don't write these. it was so cold -- >> how cold was it? >> -- grandpa's teeth were chattering, in the glass. >> one out of three. >> two. two out of three. >> all right. we have a full house today. it's even fuller because look who's here -- lori. we'll catch up with the beautiful actress and find out what she's been up to that very few women have or so
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let your eyes decide.
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she was only supposed to be in six episodes but the fans loved lori loughlin so much she became a series regular on "full house" in which they played aunt becky for seven seasons. >> now lori is starring in hallmark's dramatic steereries "calls the heart." and she'll be back in the reboot of "full house" called "fuller house". >> and she and uncle jesse still got it, even after all these years. take a look.
2:22 am
[ cheers and applause ] man, oh, man, i'm exhausted. >> oh, yeah ? from last night? >> no. from walking up and down the stairs to the attic. we made that climb every day for seven years? >> mm-hmm. no wonder your butt was so firm. >> what do you mean "was"? >> let me -- did i say was? i meant is. kiss me. >> oh! >> there always was a lot of loving going on, wasn't there? >> were you both single back in the day? >> no. i was married. >> even back then. >> yeah. i was married to someone else back then. >> weren't we all? >> it happens. >> i discovered it's a really big club. you learn. you have been married to this gorgeous italian man for how long?
2:23 am
his name is massimo. he's a southern california boy. we have been married 18 year, together almost 22 or something. >> so you lived and learned. >> there you go. >> how was it getting back with everyone? did you guys stay in constant touch? >> we were always in touch with each other. so it wasn't like, oh, we were seeing each other for the first time. the most emotional moment was walking on the sound stage, seeing the set. it was seeing the house. >> was it exactly the same? >> exactly the same. we were arguing that the couch was different. no. we had a bigger couch back then. this is smaller now. that was the most emotional. standing there with your script and being on set with everybody was surreal. then it was like we fell back into our old rhythm like we never left. >> those were happy years, too. >> those were the best. one of the best if not the best job i have ever had was "full house". >> is it unusual you guys stayed in touch? usually people are on a show for a while -- >> best intentions. >> you can't. >> we did come together as a family. we really do love each other.
2:24 am
never worked on a show where i have seen a cast truly bond like you guys have bonded and love each other in the way that you guys do. >> even bob saget. >> we love bob! the new show "one calls the heart" on sunday night, i have that kind of bond now with this cast. with aaron and daniel, and the cast of wonderful canadian actors up in vancouver. we have the same rapport. that's why i love this new show. >> i can't believe it's season 3. >> wow. >> you talked about it here before. >> that's a beautiful series. >> it is. >> hallmark does great work. >> heart, great morals. everyone can watch it. i'm really proud of it. >> did you think "full house" would be so iconic. >> no, none of us have known it would be as iconic as it is today. first of all, syndication is we have generations of fans that weren't born when we were on. >> you're not kidding. i would like two to come over
2:25 am
little reilly and her best friend reese. >> hi! >> they came to see you. we'll cut to commercial in a second. this is reilly and reese. >> hi. your american girl dolls. >> we'll take a commercial break. it's fun to see you, kids. >> when we come back, a fun game of tv trivia and we'll find out which breed of dog lori is. don't go anywhere. >> a beautiful one. plus the guys from "flipping boston" with before and after room upgrades after this. check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more.
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game. first, which breed of dog is lori? >> let it be a good one! >> same as you! yay. >> i suddenly like my breed. >> there you go. >> you ladies ready? >> what are we doing? >> just answer the question. >> get ready! >> tv family trivia. >> what tv family was based on the cowgills, a family band that gained popularity in the 1960s. >> the partridge family. >> what? [ bell ringing ] >> it's an audio question. name the family comedy that featured the following song as the theme song. love and marriage love and marriage >> yeah. ooh, al bundy, "married with children." >> yes. >> name the show that featured the family with the following three children -- d.j., becky and darlene. >> oh! >> "roseanne"!
2:30 am
>> i like it better when i play on. >> what you talking about, willis? >> what's the question? >> you hit the buzzer. >> name gary coleman's character. his name is willis. the other one. >> hey, willis. arnold! >> oh, you got one. if you can't answer it. >> i didn't know you yelled out a line. it made no sense. >> based in springfield, what is the family featured in the longest sit-com. >> happy days. >> leave it to beaver? >> no. the simpsons! >> oh, i don't -- >> what else? >> i have never watched it. >> one more. >> famous screen grab. tell us what family show it's from. >> the brady bunch! >> lori! the prizes are always terrible. >> look what i get.
2:31 am
>> "fuller house" available february 26 and "one calls the heart" this sunday on hallmark. we'll be right back after your local news, everybody. you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right man (sternly): where do you think you're going? mr. mucus: to work, with you. it's taco tuesday. man: you're not coming. i took mucinex to help get rid of my mucusy congestion. i'm good all day. [announcer:] mucinex keeps working. not 4, not 6, but 12 hours. let's end this
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if you are thinking of sprucing up your home, we have two guys who can help out. peter and j.t., real estate buddies and the stars of "flipping boston." they have ideas they say will add bragging rights to any home. i can't believe they are here. >> somebody's sleeping with somebody. just saying. somebody is friends with somebody up high.
2:35 am
what are we getting started with? molding? >> first. do you see that? >> do it again. come on, fancy. >> swishy. there we go. >> fantastic. >> this is a before. basically we add columns when we can. this is screaming for it. there is the before and the after. this is simple. simple. there is a column right there. >> nice. >> crown moldings. there is a split before and after. it's simple. just add a column in there. it makes a big difference. >> ornate, too. >> yes. right here before. push the wall back a little bit. we crown this off a little bit. that's what we did with it. >> gee, i wish i could see it. >> you would love this. >> wait.
2:36 am
>> it looks crazy cool up there on the wall. look. it's just three pieces of wood put together. >> i know. >> you knew that. >> i have it all the time. >> then that goes up like that. >> one piece at a time. >> back first. molding. then that piece. goes like that. doesn't it look good? >> you have been dipping into my stuff. >> here we go. >> going back. here is the before. >> what's wrong with the before? >> before, basically we added this in here. you've got to have style. you have to put a little crown molding on. it's too plain. the materials, $500 and labor. not expensive. >> plus your "laybah." it has an r. >> this is at the big box store. you're not going anywhere fancy.
2:37 am
easy up. easy down. >> what's that british accent? >> i'm from london, love. >> all right. >> since when are you from london? >> honest, i am. >> it comes out. now you brought it out of me. >> is this a joke? >> i'm confused. >> this is another bragging right. we are showing you how simple it is. we are framing out the wall here. now we put the wall up. >> this is a faux fireplace. big bang for your buck without breaking the bank. put in an electric fireplace. this is plaster. it looks like concrete when finished. there is the dye. home depot, $6. put it on like this. >> and the finished thing? >> finished product. like that. >> the right thing is on tv. >> electric fireplace, mantel. we'll get there.
2:38 am
this is actually an old barn. this was from here. my buddy carved that out. he does it all the time. repurposed the lumber. this is a hundred years old and it's amazing. >> you know what you could do in there and there and there? put a beautiful vase of flowers. >> vase, not vase. a vahz of flowers. >> wait, is that an electric fireplace? >> electric. >> who are the good-looking ladies. >> look at the hotties. >> hoda and kelly ripa. >> if you want to skin this, this is under two grand. if you want to skin this and spend some more money, $2 a square foot. different color. this is a darker gray. they come in beige. really nice. lots of choices. >> that adds $1,000 to the job. keep that in mind. >> but it also adds value to your home. >> yes and no. this one i say adds value.
2:39 am
put them together. >> boom-chaka-laka, who's your daddy? look at that. huh? >> who's your daddy? >> i like it more on the same plane. looks like somebody was in the sauce when they were making this. it's a theme with you. >> this is real stone. classic look. real stone. this adds $2,000 to $4,000. real stone. >> yeah, baby. >> this is a nice classic look. again, repurposed lumber. put that together. and that's a gas fireplace. your simple model, two grand. up here you spend $6,000 to $7,000. >> different house. >> lots of options. >> okay. thank you. >> so much -- i'm sorry, hoda. >> right on the left begonia. i'm sorry. we are back and we'll give you goose bumps. >> and how to wear white and do
2:40 am
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if you are tired of the dark clothes in the closet and you need proof you can wear white after labor day, check out these stars. >> beyonce was sheer perfection in form fitting white dress at the grammys. and the kardashians rocked the color at kanye's fashion show. >> here to show you how you can pull off winter white we have fashion expert deniece caldwell. >> welcome back. >> we love this trend. >> it's my favorite. i love it. >> i want to show women how they can be stylists. still feel smooth in the white and slender.
2:44 am
she's showing off the white jeans, white on white. >> she's wearing a white denim skinny jean. jennifer lopez collection. available at kohl's. this is your winter white mixed with off white. obviously in the season now winter white, off white are the tones you should be wearing. then offset it with the tans and camels, and taupes and stuff. we added a nude wedge with it. playing around with the colors. we kept the jewelry minimal. >> that's pretty. >> you can wear different kinds of white. >> absolutely. mix and match it. that's the slimming technique to look slender, long and lean. >> amanda has a cute white pencil skirt. i love this jacket. >> absolutely. the jacket from new york and company. inexpensive and still stylish. here we cinched in the waist with a belt. then the pencil skirt. regardless of what color the
2:45 am
this is from burlington. it is about the fabric. you want spandex and lycra in the material to curve the hips nicely, come down and slenderize you head to toe. then we added a nude shoe to elongate the leg. that's from burlington as well. >> beautiful. a nude shoe. >> lyric is next with a white -- that's gorgeous. >> the dress is from london times available at this is the optic white for spring/summer. the key thing here is you want a pattern that has the keyhole, the pattern to it. and the vertical line right there is creating curves for lyric. for curvier women like myself, maggie london goes to size 20 look thinner as well. >> from new york & company. we added tan to go with it and the booties from
2:46 am
>> i've been seeing those booties everywhere. >> i love those with the lucite heel. so cool. >> thank you, lyric. >> stephanie is coming out. hey, girl. >> more nautical. >> exactly. i wanted to do a spin on nautical with the black and taupe and beige as well. then the capris. everybody wants to know how to wear a white capris that isn't too sheer. this is from lands end. we added a metallic shoe. a twist on the knew, because a matte metallic will elongate the leg. the jacket is calvin klein from lord & taylor. just something fun. if you want to make a little casual and fun. an underwear line. it's hard to wear white pants. >> you have to have a thicker pant. that's where the polyester comes in with it and the lycra and spandex. >> and jewelry. >> super cute from burlington. >> thanks, denise.
2:47 am
could it have been divine intervention ?
2:48 am
2:49 am
wink story after this. the challenges facing the country never stop. so neither does the u.s. army. we train. adapt. and get smarter. every soldier. every unit. every day. not to keep up with change; but to drive it. nobody knows what problems tomorrow will bring. but we do know who will solve them. i take pictures of sunrises, but with my back pain i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus
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i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. shoulders don't just carry pads. they carry your fans' passions, hopes, and dreams and maybe, a chance at greatness...
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>> every once in a while we come across a story that seems to be more than a remarkable coincidence. >> squire brought us compelling stories god winks books and has another to share. good having you. >> hello. >> this is the story of vicky chapman. she was visiting her family when her 9-year-old grandson came up to her, asked her if she would look over his book report due at
2:52 am
and then as vicky explains, this led to an astonishing god wink. >> i was thrilled when jake asked me to read his book report. i changed some spelling and told him what a great job he had done. the name of the book was "shoot for the hoop" about a little boy who loved to play basketball. when the boy came down with a serious illness his parents wouldn't let him play anymore. finally the doctor and coach convinced his mom it would be safe and he ended up scoring the point to win the game. that evening, when i got home, i called my son and daughter-in-law to mention that something troubled me. that jake looked really thin. his mom amy said she agreed and had already scheduled a medical checkup for monday afternoon. late monday i got an alarming call. my son matt was choking back tears. he told me jake had been
2:53 am
and they had taken him to the hospital. that diagnosis. my son said the doctor was amazed with the intelligent questions our young jake had asked, and people were awed that jake seemed to know exactly what to do. even pricking his finger to test his blood. i knew immediately it was a god wink. of all the books in the library jake could have chosen for his book report he had picked "shoot for the hoop" which is about a boy with juvenile diabetes. it was not coincidence, i was sure of it. the book was put in jake's hands to prepare him for what was to come. and to keep him from being afraid. aren't god winks wonderful? >> yes! they are wonderful. >> they are. >> what a sweet story. >> beautiful. >> vicky reports that is jake, who turns 18 on monday,
2:54 am
diabetes like a trooper. just like the boy in the book he went on to play basketball. as a senior in high school he's playing baseball and football. >> whoa. >> the message of the story is sometimes we go through days encountering random accidents, we think they are one after another. but when you pull back and look at the bigger picture, you see that there is a magnificent design. it's all put together god wink by god wink. >> that's right. thank you so much. >> if you have a god wink story, what should they do? >> share it on klg and hit the connect button. we love those stories. >> you might be in his next book. we'll be back and she's hysterical. you will love it.
2:55 am
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this doesn't happen every day. >> no. we have squire's wife, louise, one of the most brilliant female impressionists in the world. we love her to pieces. >> or female impersonator. >> i never know who i'm waking up next to. [ as judge judy ] >> it could be judge judy. do you see stupid on my forehead. [ as katherine hepburn ] >> or it could be katherine hepburn. [ as fran drescher ] >> or fran drescher. [ braying laugh ] [ as marge simpson ] >> maybe it's marge simpson. [ as bart simpson ] >> that would be cool if it was bart, man. that would be really cool, hey. >> what if it was -- barbara walters, do it. [ as barbara walters ] >> barbara walters, oh, hoda kotb.
2:59 am
ronald reagan to robert red ford to -- >> see what i mean? >> you're amazing. >> so much love. [ as porky pig ] >> that's all folks. >> coming up, the mysteries of laura star debra messing. >> do this as george burns. [ as george burns ] >> get ready. look a little -- >> whatever she said. also jenny slate, lou manferdini. elvis duran has another artist of the month. >> and my trainer! >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> bye-bye. >> i need my glasses. i forgot them. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts


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