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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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the former governor of florida thanked his family and supporters -- especially his father president george h-w bush. businessman and republican frontrunner donald trump came out on top in that south carolina primary. trump has received at least 32-percent of the vote. he's followed by florida senator marco rubio with 22-point-five percent of votes and texas senator ted cruz with 22-point-three percent. the bottom three rank: jeb bush, ohio governor john kasich and doctor ben carson. more breaking news -- vermont senator bernie sanders is coming to norfolk. the democratic presidential candidate will be holding a rally at the scope arena. his campaign says he will be in town tuesday, and the doors open at 9:30. tickets are not required. the event is free and open to the public. hillary clinton earned a win with nevada voters in today's democratic caucus. the former secretary of state beat out vermont senator bernie sanders -- barely.
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- 18 "i am so thrilled and so grateful.... some may have doubted us but we never doubted each other." in the end -- clinton scraped by with just over 53-percent of the vote. sanders had 47. new tonight -- virginia beach police tell us they're investigating a robbery. a mother tells us the suspects targeted three children and their hoverboards! police have confirmed a robbery on atlantis drive just before one this afternoon. that's near the atlantis apartments between norfolk avenue and north birdneck road. 10 on your side's matt gregory joins us from the police station. matt -- how are the kids doing? deanna, these kids hadn't had their hoverboards for more than a few weeks. one boy saved his money and bought it yesterday. and tonight they feel completely helpless. keon evans / hoverboard stolen c0026
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that it happened i was friends say they don't know why 4 men would steal their hoverboards. all they know is they rode their hoverboards down norfolk avenue saturday when they say 4 men drove by in a car, then stopped, to ask this: isaiah ward / ran from robbers c0025 17:59:16 "they was like how do you ride it? and i said you just get on it and ride then men then got back into the car with 3 stolen hoverboards and drove out. keon evans / hoverboard stolen c0026 18:01:36 "at that point i thought it was over saved his money for one of these boards to the tune of 300 dollars. keon evans / hoverboard stolen c0026 18:02:07 "my mom was like callingg people and she called the person that i got it from and the person was like we can't do nothing about it because it was stolen. at that point i was like forget about it." 18:02:20 the boys called virginia beach police. officers searched through the area during the afternoon. so far, no sign of the
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virginia beach police didn't say whether or no they had any suspects. justt that the situation was being investigated. in virginia beach matt gregory 10 on your side. the chance for rain tomorrow and the start of your work week means we want to focus on the forecast now. meteorologist ashley baylor joins us. ashley -- what's the timeline like for tomorrow? overnight: high, thin clouds. somewhat mild. lows: near 50. winds: sw 5-10 mph. sunday: increasing clouds with a chance of showers late, especially north of the metro. highs: mid-60s. winds: sw 5-10 mph. monday: mostly cloudy with a chance of a few isolated showers. cooler. highs: near 50. winds: n 10 mph. i think everyone was taking advantage of this beautiful weather today - i saw tons of people outside enjoying the sunshine and warm temperatures! it'll stay mild overnight with temperatures only bottoming out near 50 by tomorrow morning. we'll start with a deck of high clouds on sunday, but the clouds will gradually thicken up throughout the day. expect a chance of showers late in the afternoon across hampton roads, but especially across the
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northern neck, and eastern shore. despite more clouds and some raindrops, highs will be back in the mid-60s. the clouds will drag their heels through monday. monday will be mainly dry - just a chance of a few isolated showers..for now. full disclosure - looks like we'll have a next week will be unsettled and much cooler. breaking news from the peninsula -- firefighters say someone was hurt trying to escape a kitchen fire in newport news. officers say that person jumped out a window and medics are taking that person to the hospital. they expect that person to recover. around 9:15, crews say they got calls
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12th street, near the intersection with jefferson avenue. they say they say smoke coming from a home, and they could hear a smoke alarm sounding. no one else was hurt. we'll let you know as soon as we have an update. a beloved camden county waterman has died. sheriff tony perry tells 10 on your side the man's backyard burn barrel exploded friday, and he was badly hurt. they say the man known as captain jim brincefield may have used an accelerant while burning on pinch gut road. medics say they found him in the shower cooling himself, but three- quarters of his body was covered in burns. the sheriff says he was well-known in the community. sheriff tony perry/ camden county, n.c. 17:51:42 "very dedicated to the community always camden united methodist church." 17:51:54 sheriff tony perry tells 10 on your side, the church will have an offering for captain jim tomorrow morning.
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city police are investigating a deadly crash near elizabeth city state university. it happened around 1:40 this morning on halstead boulevard. they say 35-year-old jason guglielmini ran off the road and into a tree. investigators say he crashed into the brick wall surrounding campus. at this point, they believe speed played a factor. all new tonight. virginia beach police say they're investigating a motel robbery at the oceanfront. just before 12:30 today, they say someone went into a room at the super 8 on atlantic avenue and stole cash. they say that person may have been armed. police could not tell us whether anyone was inside or hurt. dispatchers say they took one person into custody, but police could not confirm that. antonin scalia spent nearly three decades serving on the supreme court. and today thousands turned out to say goodbye. hear from his son. after years of going downhill -- the city of norfolk wants to turn military circle mall around. hear what could
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when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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bells ringing family, friends, even vice president joe biden attended his funeral in washington, d-c. scalia's son, a catholic priest, led mass at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. (father paul scalia/ scalia's son) "the issue that evening was not that i'd been hearing
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had found himself in my confessional line. and he quickly departed it. as he put it later, 'like heck if i'm confessing to you.' the feeling was mutual." scalia died last weekend at a texas ranch. he spent nearly three decades serving on the nation's high court, and he was considered one of the most influential conservatives. he was 79-years-old. this week could be your chance to get away -- without going far. hear how local businesses are tackling the
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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whether you're looking for a place to stay or something delcious to eat -- virginia beach has you covered through next week.
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hotel-motel association is sponsoring their first-ever hotel week. it aligns with restaurant week in the beach, which starts monday. dozens of hotels and more than 100 restaurants are participating. it's all about helping businesses generate money in the off-season. jimmy capps is owner of the breakers resort inn at the oceanfront, which makes 70 percent of their money in july and august. jimmy capps/breakers inn & resort (c50 33:20)) "it's nice to get more rooms rented and it's also an opportunity to get some of our local vistors to get to the beach." a new $200 million dollar entertainment arena approved by the city council in december could soon help local businesses turn a larger profit in the off-season. it's expected to open in 2019. all new tonight -- norfolk city council wants to bring businesses back -- to a struggling part of town. tuesday, they're planning a public hearing for 14-and-a-half million dollars worth of renovations to the military circle mall.
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could help make the former j-c penney into an office building. the mall is in foreclosure, and it's been struggling for years. sears closed in 20-12, jc penneys in 20-14, and macys will close in just a few weeks. the e-d-a plans to use money from the cigarette tax to pay back the loan. all new tonight. a group spent the afternoon protesting the virginia beach police department. the mother of india kager and her supporters demonstrated outside the 7-eleven on lynnhaven parkway today. that's the intersection near salem road -- where police opened fire last year on the vehicle 27-year-old kager and 35-year-old angelo perry were sitting in. their couple's baby was with them but was not hurt. police say perry shot at them before they returned fire. kager's mother, gina best, tells us police had no right to open fire on the car while her daughter and the baby were inside. police tell us they had perry under surveillance because they connected him to a homicide in the green run area last year. as officers approached him september 5th, they say he started
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told you kager's mother is calling for the justice department to get involved and demanded to see surveillance video from the 7-eleven. police say they can't release any evidence while the commonwealth's attorney is investigating. late this afternoon, virginia beach police put this statement on it's twitter page - it reads: "on behalf of chief cervera the vbpd wishes to thank the members of the community and 7-11 for their support over the last two days." learn more about the background of this case by searching for this
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overnight: high, thin clouds. somewhat mild. especially north of the metro. highs: mid-60s. winds: sw 5-10 mph. monday: mostly cloudy with a chance of a few isolated showers. cooler. highs: near 50. winds: n 10 mph. i think everyone was taking advantage of this beautiful weather today - i saw tons of people outside enjoying the
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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i'm nathan epstein----welcome to the sportswrap---where we start off with old dominion----the monarchs hung on for a 3-point win at western kentucky on thursday----an emotional win for coach jeff jones----tryin to keep the train rolling right through huntington west virginia--- odu---fifth place in conference usa---at marshall----big crowd for the thundering herd---good game for trey freeman---here with the up and under---20 points for the senior--- monarch's largest lead was only 3---- later in the first half--james kelly---skies for the jam-----off the assist from jon elmore----10 assists for elmore tonight--- monarchs had no answer on the inside for big ryan taylor---offensive board---putback and one---he had 23 points, 10 boards-- marshall led 34-26 at halftime--- second half---another show stopper--- kelly again--- he had 18 points--- along with his teammate--- stevie browning----- from
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yessir--- marshall goes on for the 82-65 win--- odu falls to 8 and 6 in conference---but they got a 2-game home stand coming up---home against utep on thursday. ----william and mary--still fighting for that caa regular season title-----seemed like a win was a given today----but you got to play the game---as brian parsons is here to explain---brian--- thursday, william and mary defeated first place unc wilmington, snapping the seahawks 11 game winning streak. today's oppponent, last place drexel which had lost 11 games in a row. senior day at kaplan arena. final home game for sean sheldon and terry tarpey. first half. tribe get off to a hot start. terry tarpey, to omar prewitt, who spins his way to the basket. william and mary, an 8-0 run to open the game. bruiser flint's club came out hot in the second half. so the tribe playing catch up. omar prewitt, the drive,
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he had 29 points. william and mary missed 11 free throws, and that did not help its cause. drexel walks away with the upset win 74 to 69. "if we played at our highest level everyday we would probably be one of the top two teams in the league and the team that does that is the top team in the league and we have not proven that we can do that or simply if you've got more talent than everybody else you can absorb days that you don't play that well and 12-14 points, but we didn't, it's a cruel sports sometimes." tribe now in a 3 way tie for third place in the caa with james madison and towson. next up, at elon and then at jmu. followed by the conference tournament in baltimore with that elusive trip to the ncaa tournament on the line. virginia tech---home against florida state-----hokies wearing
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one----seth allen coast to coast-----they trailed by as many as 12---now have a 1-point lead with 4 and a half to play---cassell coliseum rockin----and allen was just scorching----3 ball with a minute to play puts it away---comeback complete---23 points for allen---hokies climb to 6 and 8 in the acc----83-73 the final---- ---cnu---ranked number 5 in the nation caps a 24 and 1 season---a perfect 18 and 0 in conference with a blowout win over marymount----virginia wesleyan loses by 5 at lynchburgh--- and norfolk state gives up a 17- point lead and loses by 3 at delaware state--- old dominion lady monarchs---home against marshall----another big game for junior jennie simms---there for the offensive board and putback-----22 points, 12 rebounds and 6 assists----old dominion--who trailed 34-30 at halftime---goes on for the 77-55 win---- daytona 500 preview------the xfinity series opener----last lap---it's a tustle---chase elliot in the lad----joey logano trying to pass----maybe some contact----elliot isn't giving an inch----it's
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ever restrictor plate win at daytona-----the youngest xfinity winner ever at daytona--------and tomorrow he'll go for the and congratulations to the boys and girls swimming team at jamestown high shcool in williamsburg----both squads brought home state swimming championships-----the boys just ahead of rival lafayette-----
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wavy news ten at 11. >> live on the fox business network, it's the sixth republican debate. [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, and welcome back. i'm fox business rock star neil cavuto. >> and i'm maria bartiromo. a reminder -- we've lost a few competitors since the last debate, with only seven joining us tonight, so remember, candidates, if at any time tonight your poll numbers drop below 3%, you will hear a loud gong then be escorted off the stage like showtime at the apollo. at which point you'll take a seat in the audience next to that sweet rose of the carolinas, senator lindsey graham. the next question is for our front runner, donald trump. >> thank you, maria tony romo. >> mr. trump, since the last debate, ted cruz has pulled ahead of you in iowa. is it true you've started


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