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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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jackson for awhile at the scene. police say he didn't have a pulse when they got there...and he die the hospital, less than an hour later. investigators haven't said whether anyone saw the shooting, or got hurt during it...but listen to what a neighbor overheard: brian winston/lives near homicide sce (44) 21:47 it was a female that was screaming. but i'm not sure who it was. i think it was the one who was probably close to him, because she said she had glass in her eyes, i guess from the shots going through the window. a spokesperson for hampton police says to protect the investigation -- he can't confirm whether anyone else was in the car. police did tell us though that there's no evidence this was a random crime. i'll let you know as soon as we get any new information about a suspect or arrests. live in hampton .gr the price for such a gorgeous weekend may be rain. right now, we're keeping an eye out for isolated rain shors this is a live look over
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region. chief meteorologist don slater is in the super dor our first forecast. don, tonight? tonight: scattered showers are possible with likely rain after midnight. lows in the mid s. wind ne 10-15mph. tuesday: rain is likely by the afternoon. highs in evening. highs in the upper 60s. wind: ese 15-25mph g.35. an area of low pressure for tuesday...especially in the morning. then rain tapers, by the afternoon. however, a warm front moves north of our area on wednesday. it'll put rethat's favorable for severe, stay weather aware. it'll be warm and windy with highs well into the 60s. the front crosses by wednesday night with cooler weather
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a big announcement today coming from virginia beach mayor will sessoms. he made it offical on our mid-day show that he's is seeking re-election for a third term as mayor. many people questioned if he would run after the recent conflict of interest scandal. 10 on your side's andy fox talked to sessoms about why is he running again. (31:41 9) 4pm ((after a lot of soul searching and a lot of conversations with my family and the citizens
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decided to run for re- election)) runs: 06 and with that only on 10 at midday will sessoms made officiawh many assumed he would run for re-election, and he thinks he has momentum (34:27 10) ((our city is safe our schools are great our neighborhoods are safe this is the greatest city inhe opinion)) runs: 10 we asked mayor with a triple a bond rating. (34;19 10) ((we have the highest credit rating triple a by all three rating agencies in hampton roads. its very unheard of to have that type of rating. we are very proud of that and we are going to maintain it)) runs: 07 mayor sessoms says he doest pport a $330 million dollar light rail extension, but he does support keeping the state offered $155 million dollars to underwrite the cost (9 32:12) ((i am going to do everything i can to protect that 155 million dollars referendum or no referendum.")) 32:27 sessoms biggest hurdle for re-election will be his failure to disclose possible conflict. he pleaded no contest to one vote. (34:48 10)
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investigation on me and yes i am sorry i make a technical mistake but everything h investigated from bank accounts to what i did at work to what i did at council. there was no evidence whatsoever found that i did to benefit my self or my employer and to me that is the key thing runs: 15 tonight at six, how citizens are responding to the news. what do they think. that coming up. i'm andy fox 10 on your side. councilwoman rosemary wilson says it's great news sessoms is running again. she emailed us "the continuity of his leadership is important for stability and the many projects we have on the horizon." a frequent opponent to sessoms councilman john moss did not return our calls. new developments in the case against a norfolk police officer-- charged with voluntary manslaughter. michael edington jr. is charged in the death of david latham. today, a judge heard arguments over aio to revisit the crime scene. court documents say
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several times in the summer of 20-14. officers were there to help, but claim latham m th a knife. latham's family says he suffered from mental illness. williamsburg police are questioning a man about his possible involvement in a gas station robbery this morning. detectives say a man wearing a surgical mask walked into the valero gas station on york street around 7-15, pulled out a gun and demanded money. no one was hurt. these pictures are from a 10 on your side viewer. police say a york- poquoson sheriff's deputy on patrol stopped a car near the scene and the driver matched the suspect description. not harges have been filed. we've been following a series of meth busts over the last week. the latest arrest happened in norfolk. with manufacturing and possessing meth-- in connectionth weekend's meth lab bust. detectives say one of the men who lived in the second floor apartment on west his partner assaulted m. when officers went to serve a warrant early sunday morning --- they
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an active meth lab. police charged and released 31-year-old james patterson with frequenting a drug house. chesapeake police are looking for suspect in a case of fraud. detectives say the man in these surveillance photos used three compromised debit cards last month. investigators say he withdrew nearly two-thousand dollars from an a-t-m on taylor road. if you recognize this suspect --- call the crime line. we're working to learn more about a crash this afternoon at a norfolk business. this is video from the 5-points soaps-n-suds on chesapeake boulevard. you can see crews cleaning up broken glass. norfolk police department tweeted this afternoon that a vehicle hit t business-- and there could be minor injuries. u-s health officials say-- people exposed to certain types of flooring made by lumber liquidators face a higher risk for cancer than previously thought. the centers for disease control and prevention said: the risk is three times higher than it had calculated two weeks ago. the c-d-c has determined: formaldeyde found in select versions of the company's flooring could cause 6 to 30 cancer cases, per
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initially found a lower risk-- because they used the wrong number for ceiling height, when calculating exposure risk. all new at five - suffolk fire crews responded to nine small fires along i-664 today. you're can seen smoke in this video from the wavy jam cams recored earlier between pughsville road and bridge road - northbound. the first reported just before two thirty. crews are trying to figure out how these fires started. coming up on wavy news 10 at 5:30- the latest on multiple meth lab busts in newport news. what fire crews told 10 on your side today. brandi sot tease - clip 32 1:14:33 voter the hands of voters. im brandi cummings in hampton with what we uncovered. 1:14:42 don't know what to make for supper? there are a few good reasons to go
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something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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if you are need of a job -- l-l bean is opening a store at lynnhaven mall in virginia beach. they have 100 positions open right now. the job opportunities include managers and sales representatives. there are also positions for outdoor discovery school instructors. if you're interesting in applying --- we posted a link to the l-l bean careers website on wavy dot com. if you don't feel like cooking tonight, you may want to try some of the local favorites. virginia beach restaurant week starts today. nearly one hundred businesses around the resort city are offering lunch and dinner specials this week. you can get three course dinners for 22-dollars or 32-dollars depending on the restaurant. this is the 11th year for
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at the menus on h-r-scene- dot-com. coming up on wavy news 10 - trial begins over a law required to show photo i-d at the polls. why some people claim this law is unconstitutional. but first -- absentee ballots arrived in the mail with a candidate selected for you. 10 on your side's brandi cummings is investigating
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ballot blunder. 10 on problem with absentee ballots in hampton. some voters who requested absentee ballots were sent ballots that were already filled out. with the virginia presidential primary just over a week away, officials say they are doing everything they can to correct the mistake. 10 on your side's brandi cummings went to hampton and joins us now with what she found out. tom, nicole- with this
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closely watched primaries this is not something any political party wants to hear. today hampton elections officials spent time trying to reassure the public that this mistake won't impact the election. sot - william lewis, hampton electoral board vice chairman - clip 19 58:57 you're always concerned when something does doesnt work. 59:02 an absentee ballot is supposed to arrive blank....but more than a dozen voters in hampton got ballots that were already filled out. sot - william lewis, hampton electoral board vice chairman - clip 19 1:03:13 we're doing everything we can do to correct it. 1:03:15 officials say from feb 11 through the 18th, absentee ballots for both the democratic and republican presidential candidates went out with candidates' names selected. officials call it a clerical error involving the company who printed the ballots. sot - william lewis, hampton electoral board vice chairman - clip 19 1:00:12 just a different process that we didnt account for in the past. 1:00:16 butt sots 1:00:02 part of the problem arose as a officals, the vendor sent absentee ballots and test ballots in the same box but didn't label them
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sent the wrong ones. this isn't the first time this vendor has worked with the city...but officials say last time the company actually assisted with the testing process before the election last year. sot 1:02:16 brandi how can voters be assured that they're votes, that this process will be done correctly in november? 1:02:24 lewis: the bottom line is you're going to have human error throughout life throughout whatever is going on. 1:02:31 when you look at what transpired we're talking about a very miniscual number of ballots that went out in that error. 1:02:41 in all officials say 17 test ballots went out. the voters have been identified and will be sent the correct ballots. sot - william lewis, hampton electoral board vice chairman - clip 20 1:03:03 you just have to have human error.1:03:07 just a reminder...tomorrow is the deadline to request an absentee ballot. as for the people who got the wrong ballots - since they requested them before the deadline, when they submit the
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be counted. im brandi cummings 10 on your side. trial started today in the federal court case over whether virginia's voter i-d law is constitutional. the 20-13 law requires voters to show a photo i-d at the polls. the democratic party of virginia filed the suit-- claiming it depresses minority voting. republicans claim the law prevents election fraud. trial is expected to last a week-- if not longer. more than 30 states have a voter i-d requirement. several have pending lawsuits. a trial wrapped up in north carolina just a few weeks ago. that judge is expected to rule soon. anchors ad-lib toss tonight: scattered showers are possible with likely rain after midnight. lows in the
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wind ne 10-15mph. tuesday: rain is likely before 9am. rain tapers by the afternoon. highs in the low 50s. wind: n 5- 10mph. wednesday: slight chance for severe storms in the afternoon & evening. highs in the upper 60s. wind: ese 15-25mph g.35. an area of low pressure will swing rain our way for tuesday...especially in the morning. then rain tapers, by the afternoon. however, a warm front moves north of our area on wednesday. it'll put us in an area that's favorable for severe, stay weather aware. it'll be warm and windy with highs well into the 60s. the front crosses by wednesday night with cooler weather to end the week with
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weather to end the week with sunshine.
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an important message about bullying. find out who the harlem globetrotters visited today-- as they took their message off the court. and the battle between the f-b-i and apple - over unlocking a cell phone conected to a mass shooting. who's taking to the internet in hope
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security...
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...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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virginia beach police say one of their hobbs was charged with driving under the influence, last night. a source tells 10 on your side - she had her children with her in the car. sergeant hobbs virginia beach police department for 17 years-- and is to the investigative division. she's on administrative the investigations. she's due in court tomorrow. few basketball teams have history of goodwill and just plain fun, than the harlem globetrotters. they came to hampton roads with a serious lesson for children. handles franklin teamed up with lincoln military housing to lead the "abc's of bullying prevention" for local elementary schools. those abc's: action, bravery, and compassion. the idea is to teach kids to act as a team and to support each other against bullying. today franklin met with kids at hickory elementary in chesapeake, victory elementary in portsmouth, and white oaks elementary
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the newport news police department is supporting the local public library system-- and hopes you will as well. the department shared these pictures of show assistant chief m. grinstead bagging groceries at whole foods market. he volunteered to help raise awareness of "5-percent-day". on wednesday, whole foods in tech center will donate 5-percent of its net sales to the city's public library system and the mayor's book club. coming up on wavy news 10 - a modern day witch hunt. where in the world these crimes are still common. a stolen cellphone linked to murder case in alabama. we'll have the latest on
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this next piece of video may be difficult to watch, if only for the woman to a lamp post, cut off her hair, smeared her face with black paint and beat her.
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burn her alive if authorities didn't force her to leave the city. the u-n says killing people accused witchcraft is still considered socially acceptable in parts of india, although it is illegal. government statistics show 160 cases of murder were linked to witch hunts in 2013. stay with us. wavy news 10 at 5:30, starts right now! 59=47:42 "transparency and accountability that's the new vision of the police chief here in portsmouth. you'll hear from her straight ahead" c40 "fire and hazmat crews in newport news have a message for residents after three apparent meth lab busts, i'm liz kilmer i'll tell you how you can stay safe." and a high speed police chase takes over a busy highway. portsmouth leadership added to their ranks today. there's a new chief in town.
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department. officially sworn in this morning - chapman's first day started off with people holding a protest and march at the courthouse. 10 on your side's jason marks spoke to demonstrators - who say they hope the new chief will help get them demonstrators weren't protesting the new chief. they actually support her but they just wanted her to know that they are watching. less than a mile from each other 12=:5:15 "we welcome our new police chief. we welcome her." 38=:16:47 "chief chapman is the newest member of this great team" two very different gatherings. 12=2:42 "we come here today to make sure the wheels of justice continue to turn" 48=33:56 "i promise to give you 110 percent everyday" new portsmouth police chief tanya chapman steps into the role and under the microscope-- if she looked out the window nats.. she'd get a quick
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walked into. nats 12=6:26 "we also want to tell her this morning that the time for justice is williams chapman's family marched right to city hall.. in a showing of peace and quest for justice. chapman was killed by a portsmouth police officer last year. the trial starts next month.. 56=46:17 "we had to walk down here to let her know we got your back" chief chapman says her goal is to reduce crime. she also wants her officers to treat all citizens with respect and to do the right thing when no one is looking. 55=:41:42 "i envision the department working with the community we need to work together to prevent and reduce crime. the chief said she wants her department to be open with the public 55=42:52 "transpearency and accountability leads to legitimacy that is extremely important to me" in amongst the many hugs and pictures- 54=:39:53 "i'm going to meet with you all let me know what we can do" the chapmans met face to face, even posed for picture.. they hope to


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