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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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was reported in november at the wilco hess gas station on george washington memorial highway. court paperwork says hayes got more than 5- thousand dollars and came back in january to steal more than 2-thousand. the documents say hayes was wearing a doctor's mask later that month when he allegedly robbed the exxon on big bethel road. and -- that he had on the same type of mask when he robbed the shell gas station on hampton highway in february. it's there that court documents say hayes shot into a cabinet three times, thinking it was a safe, and got away with money and cigarettes. 217 any armed robber with a gun is bad enough, but it becomes exceptionally dangerous when they start discharging a firearm in the course of these robberies 226 deputies say hayes also robbed a kwik out gas station on merrimac trail last week. in all of the york county cases -- court paperwork shows the suspect told the victims to count to 100 before he got away. sheriff j.d. danny diggs says their break happened
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deputies heard about a robbery at this valero in williamsburg. 130 the car met the description of our previous and we put two and two together and we had enough to arrest him 135 314 this is an example of police work, good police work, alert police officers at its best. 318 hayes is being held at the virginia peninsula regional jail. we have requested to talk to him but have not heard back. in the newsroom, erin kelly, 10 on your side. the presidential campaign is in hampton roads, with one week before the virginia primary. senator bernie sanders rallied in norfolk today. he's eager to make a comeback after a narrow defeat in nevada. 10 on your side's andy fox was at today's rally. andy what was his main message to virginia voters? his message is a future to believe in. he hammered the rich, give to the poor, help kids through college and hit all the demographics
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need to win on tuesday (1:32 ((senator bernie sanders)) runs:03 what is real clear real quick, bernie sanders may be up in years, but he connects like lightning with his base. (6:38 14) ((we are doing something radical in american politics we are telling people the truth )) runs:06 sanders message centered around to whom he is listening (8:07 14) (9we are talking to senior citizens who are trying to make it on 11 12 thousand dollars )) runs:04 he is listening to women and reminded the audience of history (15 14:37) (("they couldn't we forget the idea of women becoming drs. or lawyers or scientists not in a million years women were suppose to stay home have babies that was there job. but women said sorry not anymore. not anymore not anymore applause)) runs: 40 he is listening to african americans (10:02 15) (9how does it happen that in this country we have more people in jail than any other country on earth)) runs: 10 he is listening to the latino community
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of living in fear and living in the shadows we need comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship)) runs: 10 sanders spoke like he was a college professor going down the path of american history, and in the end gave the final and with your help we are going to win here in virginia)) runs:10 tonight at six, he hits america's richest family and find out what happened when someone booed his opponent hillary clinton three republican candidates are planning to speak in virginia beach, in the coming days. they'll take part in regent university's presidential candidate forums. front runner donald trump will give his speech tomorrow. senator ted cruz will talk on friday, and ben carson will be in town on monday. the marco rubio campaign says it will open an
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a virginia beach police sergeant is out on bond tonight. her trial is set for april. margaret hobbs is accused of driving drunk-- with her two young children in the car sunday night. 10 on your side's jason marks was in court today for her bond hearing. jason you spoke to one of hobb's former coworkers? one of her former co-workers and i've been in touch with several current co- workers. they are all in disbelief that this happened. (under video) 18=2:31 "i never heard a negative thing about margie hobbs in my entire career" not many people have-- until sunday-- when police arrested the highly thought of virginia beach sergeant and charged her with dui. 18=2:47 "shocked like everyone else if you know margie and you worked with margie and i was at margie's wedding complete shock" like everyone else former beach sergeant tommy shattuck couldn't believe the news. 20=1:00:27 "hobbs file" "the juvenile suspect entered the residence" in her 17 years on the force..hobbs served as the public information officer before moving into special investigations. court records show hobbs tried to get on base at dam neck twice before military police were called in. they
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over to beach police. police say she had a blood alcohol level of .23.. that's almost wokers say she loves her children and don't understand why they were put into danger. her attorney told the judge this morning-- she is taking medication for diabetes and because of clean record she should get bond. the judge agreed. hobbs became sergeant in 2010. when she applied for the promotion she was department's top choice. for sergeant she finished number one which is very tough process." police sources believe this incident will most likely cost her the job she loved-- but most are in her corner. 18=2:56 "people make mistakes i think that's the one thing to remember despite one single incident it doesn't change who you are as a person or as a parent. hobbs is out on a 5000 dollar bond tonight. she is scheduled to have her
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8th. jason marks 10 on your side. the all-clear has been given after hampton first responders looked into a school bomb threat. the fire department and police officers searched bethel high school. we're told they didn't find anything. bethel dismissed students early at 1-45 today as a safety precaution. a close call, when a car hit a school bus in newport news this afternoon. no students were on board. 10 on your side viewers sent us pictures from the scene this afternoon at jefferson avenue and oyster point road. police say a car left the scene of an earlier crash, ran a red light, and hit the bus. a driver trainee and instructor on the bus were not hurt. the driver of the car has what are believed to be non-life threatening injuries. a man is behind bars charged with leading police on a short pursuit through two cities. 31-year-old johnathan norfleet is charged with eluding and driving on a revoked license. he has two outstanding warrants on file in norfolk. chesapeake police say they tried to pull over a car at campostella and border roads --- but the norfleet refused to stop. the chase continued into norfolk, where he
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kimball terrace and wiley drive. coming up on wavy news 10 at 5:30- it's caucus night in nevada. which candidates spent the day doing damage control in hopes of a victory in the silver state. a game-changer for firefighters-- that may help them save lives. find out how it was possible to get this new training tool. (president barack obama :06) "it's counterproductive to our fight against terrorists because they use as propaganda in their efforts to recruit." a presidential plan for gitmo, and what may happen to those detained there if it
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president obama has presented his plan to close the prison at guantanamo bay -- calling the facility counterproductive to the fight against terrorists and a financial drain there are less than one-hundred detainees there. mr. obama said he's been working to close the prison, since he first became president -- a move he
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bi-partisan support. some would be shipped to other countries. others eventually housed in a facility on u-s soil. the president acknowledges it's a hard sell, but he points to a number of other terrorists, including the boston marathon bomber, currently secured in federal prisons. (president barack obama :15) "keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. it undermines our standing in the world. it is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law." congressman randy forbes released a statement reading in part: "i strongly oppose closing this facility, have fought to prevent the transfer of detainees to u.s. soil, and will continue to do so." a update new at five -- a compromise in state gun laws has gotten final approval from the virginia general assembly. this will expand the number of concealed handgun permit agreements virginia has with other states-- allowing more out-of-state permit holders to legally carry in
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to a protective order from carrying firearms and require police at gun shows for voluntary background checks. coming up on wavy news 10 - a teacher believes she may have found the secret tool to helping students focus. now this invention is gaining international attention. recognizing signs in a flash. the new fire training tool on the peninsula to help save lives. a look inside as the flames
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the newport news fire department has a new life-saving training tool. and they say-- it's experience, recognizing signs of one of the most violent phenomenons they face. 10 on your side's anita blanton is taking us behind the scenes of flashover training. nicole and tom for years virginia beach was the only locality in hampton roads that had a flashover laboratory. but thanks to a grant and a regional effort to put safety first newport news is now home
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like none other they've had before.. :20 this allows all that theory to really come to life in front of their eyes :28 there's only so much you can absorb in a classroom setting about something that could have life- changing consequences in real life. 1:25 how do we predict when it's going to happen because when it does happen the entire conditions change 1:33 you start by heading outside. battalion chief steve pincus and assistant chief robert craft who oversees training took me over to their new flashover laboratory today. they say its now one of the most important tools they have. 11:44 that's the burn chamber and that represents a room and all the students sit down here 11:50 12:23 one instructor in the front, two in the back, one working each door 12:27 here's what happens when flames ignite. 17:09 fire is just waiting for the air injection 17:12 18:34 when everything in the room heats up to ignition temperature it
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same time 18:40 12:37 in the burn chamber when a flash happens it's upwards of 1500 degrees 12:42 they witness everything from below floor level. 24:45 almost always you hear these stories like i crawled into this building and these were the exact conditions i saw 24:52 19:03 by going through this training not only do we see flashover but we recognize the signs leading up to it and how to mitigate that 19:09 and the more they know about what they're walking into the better the outcome for you and them. 19:36 we want to make sure the citizens know we're doing everything we can to do what they pay us to do what they expect us to do and that's to be there for them when they call 911 19:46 all the peninsula jurisdictions partnered together to get the flashover laboratory. they're scheduling departments to come in for their first training with it now. anita blanton, 10 on your side. a virginia beach man will spend his life behind bars. today, a judge sentenced michael mccann to life in prison, for molesting a child in 20-14. he was found guilty in
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chesapeake police are looking for a suspect in a hit and run. maybe you can help. police believe this man hit a woman with his pick-up truck as he was leaving a gas station on bainbridge boulevard on december 11. the woman was leaving the convenience store when she was hit. she was treated for a released. if you recognize the suspect or the truck -- call the crime line. anchors ad-lib toss tonight: mostly cloudy...with a few showers possible. lows will be in the mid 40s. winds var. 5-10mph. wednesday: mostly cloudy.
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morning. then late day showers & storms that could be strong to severe...stay tuned. highs will be near 70. winds south 10-20mph with gusts up to 25mph. hit and miss showers possible thru tonight.. a warm front will lift through the region thru wednesday am, leading to a warmer day tomorrow. highs will be near 70. we'll see a few scattered showers through the day. however, late in the day into the evening a line of showers and storms will move through the region. this will be ahead of a cold front. we'll see strong gusty winds out ahead of the front. so some storms could be strong to severe. stay tuned for updates. we will dry out before sunrise on thursday. it will be cooler, but not cold with highs in the upper 50s. we'll be dry and cooler into the weekend. highs will be in the upper 40s on saturday, but into the
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upper 50s on sunday. coming up on wavy news 10 - ovarian cancer has been called a silent but deadly killer. ahead -- what doctors suggest to reduce your risk. then at five-thirty - a disturbing discovery. one of our nation's most treasured animals is found dead on maryland's eastern shore. why the death is prompting a
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ovarian cancer is one of the deadliest-- because it's often diagnosed in late stages -- after it has already spread. because there isn't a surefire way to test for early ovarian cancer, doctors believe regular screening is critical for those with a family history.
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can be vague and sometimes seem unrelated -- so it may be difficult to diagnose. researchers found: a formula combining a blood test with ultrasound scans could reduce ovarian cancer deaths by 20- percent. but elevated blood levels aren't always an indication of cancer. (sot lacey krebsbach / sanford health ob/gyn :41-54) "just getting that as a screening test is not recommended, because it could be elevated during certain times of the menstrual cycle, endometriosis and smokers, people with liver disease. and, so it's not as specific as it needs to be." the biggest risk factors of ovarian cancer are age and family history coming up on wavy news 10 - young children can sometimes seem like balls of energy. so how do you keep them quiet long enough to get through classwork? one teacher actually thinks allowing them to move is the answer. then all new at five-thirty - helping families in flint. how a couple of women set out to make a difference -- and now a truck load
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an oklahoma teacher believes she may have found the key to keeping her third graders focused. the secret she says is to keep students moving-- while they sit and quietly work. she paired up with the art teacher, and together-- they built swinging foot rests-- they call 'busy bars.' the idea is to give the students an outlet for the jitters, that doesn't disrupt classwork. so far, teachers have noticed a difference in classroom productivity. (sot glenda bacon / teacher 1:38-1:43) "i mean seriously, it's amazing how just a little bar that sways can be soothing." butt to (sot kaiden sohl / student 1:21-1:26 on camera at 1:22) "they help me move when i'm has gotten lots of attention online-- more than 2- million views on facebook, and comments from 45 states and several countries. because there's been so much interest, the teachers are putting together a video tutorial on how to build the busy
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each one costs about five dollars to make. stay with us. wavy news 10 at 5:30, starts right now! a delay in the murder trial of a portsmouth police officer. ten on your side's deanna leblanc was in court today and has the latest as the case happening. we'll tell you about the city's plans to fix it, and why homeowners are concerned that's not happening fast enough. :25 plus - a little idea - sprang into an outpouring of support. how hampton roads stepped up to help the people of flint. foggy drizzly cold today it will get better and then possibly worse tomorrow. chief meteorologist don slater is in the super doppler 10 weather center with our first forecast. tonight: mostly cloudy...with a few showers possible. lows will be in the mid 40s.
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scattered showers in the morning. then late day showers & storms that could be strong to severe...stay tuned. highs will be near 70. winds south 10-20mph with gusts up to 25mph. hit and miss showers possible thru tonight.. a warm front will lift through the region thru wednesday am, leading to a warmer day tomorrow. highs will be near 70. we'll see a few scattered showers through the day. however, late in the day into the evening a line cold front. we'll see strong gusty winds out ahead of the front. so some storms could be strong to severe. stay tuned for updates. we will dry out before sunrise on thursday. it will be cooler, but not cold with highs in the upper 50s. we'll be dry and cooler into the weekend. highs will be in the upper 40s
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upper 50s on sunday. upper 50s on sunday. a big delay in the murder trial of former portsmouth police officer stephen rankin. rankin is accused of shooting and killing 18-year-old william chapman last spring outside a walmart. the trial was supposed to start next month - now it's pushed back until august. 10 on your side's deanna leblanc was in court for the hearing today and has the latest from the wavy newsroom. anita the delay is because three of the commonwealth's witnesses, including one expert - cannot make the march 21st start date. the defense did not object to that motion. but, the two sides squared off over a different motion: the commonwealth's attorney asked the judge to keep uniformed police officers out of the court room. about a half dozen police officers showed up in uniform today at former


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