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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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but still all kind of warnings associated with these. we'll take the peninsula and show you towards downtown newport news, close to 7:15 for the smith field area and 7:42 in hampton and on to the eastern shore with another round by 8:00 in the evening. that's what's going on. we want to remind you tornado safety tips. we reminded folks in the middle of this to move to the lowest level of your home if you've got a basement, great. basements. go to an interior room such as a bathroom or closet where a tornado is bearing down on you. if you've got little kids, bring them in with you and put them underneath you and cover their head. if you have pillows, cover your heads with pillows and get in the bathtub. it's a solid structure around you. get under a desk or any solid structure so if the house comes down around you the house can collapse on top of you but you'll be in a safe structure and tucked away, covered by debris but you're safe.
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things can come flying through windows and come in your house and cut you with glass. always cover your head with your hands. if you're in an emergency situation, it's a good thing to know if it happens really fast, tip your couch over and get underneath and cover your head with your hands and pillows. mobile homes are never safe during a natural tornado or even severe thunderstorms. it's suffer to be in a ditch. the wind goes over the top of you and the debris carried by the wind goes over the top of you and same thing goes, cover your head with your hand. it's also never safe to be in a car, a vehicle, any kind of vehicle when there's a tornado moving on through. it's better to be in a ditch than that, in a depression in the ground where the winds and things carry the debris by the you. we've shown you what's going on, round 2 for the evening hours and will happen later. round 1 moved through very rapidly between around 2:30 and 5:00.
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and really it's exiting the area, round 1. round 2 has yet to move on in. here's where things are at 6:00. here's where things are at 7:00. moving on eastward with some thunderstorms and they could still be very, very active throughout the area. here's where things are by 8:00. on to 9:00. good solid line of thunderstorms and which could contain damaging winds. round 2 is moving on through this evening and tend to weaken a bit. by 10:00, it's after dark and going through areas that have been strafed by the earlier thunderstorms and gone by 11:00 and certainly gone by the midnight hour. something we can look at called cape. i saw you this last night where the heaviest cape was, the areas expected to be. here's where things are by 6:00. it's a measurable lift is what goes on. you have to have lift in the atmosphere. t 2-o, water in the atmosphere and the h in that h 20 and the
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and when the colder air is aloft and forms the clouds and create the heavy rain and circulation. by 9:00, most of the cape has moved on offshore so we're looking better in that regard. that's what's going on in the region now and again, watching for the secondary line of thunderstorms to move on in later on. not hugely concerned about this area. this is where we saw the stuff develop earlier in the day and move on in. not hugely concerned about that one. but again, last night, i said the gulf storm here in 20 hours, well, it is here again and there's what was going on. i'm going to skip ahead to the seven-day forecast from last night. you see some of the clouds moving on in. for tomorrow, 58 and windy. temperatures not bad but will be quiet through the area and when temperatures warm back up to 60 or the low 60's coming up by the weekend and into the first part of next week. once again we have a little bit of a break and round 2 will be moving on in during the mid -- the early to middle of the evening between around 6:00 on through around 9:00 and we'll
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all about it. >> continuing our severe weather coverage, at least two people are dead and roads closed and we have reports of serious damage in waverly. >> jason mark is there and earlier walked us through a very compelling, live report. what do you have now? jason: yeah, tom, we believe we're in the worst of it where the storm came through. let me step out of the way and show you what we think here. this is a laundromat or what used to be a laundromat and you see the machines and really this is a brick building and picked the bricks right up and tossed them. then you see a mobile hope. -- mobile home. on the other side was a mobile home completely gone. we were talking with desmond gardner. he has a silver altima. you were sitting in your car when it came through and i
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remember seeing the tornado and what was your answer? >> not the tornado but the power lines falling down and a big ball of fire and debris coming directly towards me and my uncle and all i could do is pray and pray and pray. the wind actually picked the car up and drops us down and all i could do was hold on tight and tell my uncle i love him and pray. jason: what's this like? >> a tragedy. i've never seen something like this before. i lost a good friend in the storm and my prayers go out to their family. jason: tell us about it. we believe he was in the mobile home on the other side of the yellow house, correct? >> yes. jason: and you believe he was with another man and a baby? >> just like i said, the area, we've been friend a long time now and my prayers go out to their family now. jason: you said you've never seen anything like this? >> nah, twister, the movie. jason: nothing you want to be through again? >> no, sir.
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the damage, what goes through your mind? >> just to be blessed i'm still here it's a tragedy and not much i can say because i'm nervous and just pray for the family and their loss today. jason: i know you've been through a lot when that came through. what designation mond is saying, it appears the storm, if it -- what desmond is saying, it appears the storm touched down on the other side of the railroad tracks. you see the lights tossed over like a matchstick and appears it came through there and blew this way and took the laundromat and also damaged this home and then obviously the worst of it where we do believe that the two people came from who died was in that home that you just don't see anymore because it was a mobile home and the storm just destroyed it and obviously changed this community for a very long time.
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and they tell us, obviously, they'll rebuild and it will take a while. we were over on main street a while ago which is a couple blocks from where we are and a lot of damage to the roof. a lot of those businesses, the owners were in the businesses at the time the storm came through and said it shook the walls and before they knew it they saw debris everywhere. see the giant trees. see that woman, look how high the base of that tree is compared to the woman. that gives you an idea of the power of this storm. we'll continue to get developments and if we do we'll be back in a couple minutes. nicole: quite some damage in waverly. you've been helping us tell the severe weather story. tom: at any time it's safe to do so, send your video and pictures to report it at we've been putting together a
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storm in wafrle. nicole: tracking deadly storms. tom: two people have died and we're seeing buildings ripped apart and hearing from people in the middle of the storm as it happened. >> it came out of nowhere. i saw the sky get dark and the next thing i know, the wind just started blowing just so much that debris was just coming everywhere. i saw the flags blowing and i just realized that i was in the midst of a toorpped. >> no words can describe what happened here. i mean, you know, you just kind of are dumbfounded and don't
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you know, tomorrow will be even worse because now we have to assess the damage and, you know, see if we can get things back in order again. tom: on your sidetracking severe weather reports. nicole: a live look outside our stud lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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tom: the aftermath of serious afternoon storms that ripped through virginia. let's go to brand any now. nicole: you're seeing damage on the peninsula? brandy: absolutely. the family i'm abouto to show you are thankful they made it out alive. this is the tree that fell on the house in newport news. the family of six were inside this house when it happened, a
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you can just see how big this tree is by the extent of the damage that it's done here on the house. you can see the family's personal items and everything here all outside and the family saying they're having to start over because of this. we're joined by mike boots. he and his family were inside at the time. mike, tell me what you're thinking as you look at the damage here to your home. mike: just pretty much it's time to start all over. there's nothing we can do now. brandi: describe what you heard just before this tree came down? mike: sorry about the dog. brandi: he's ready to play and is out and safe as well. mike: we were in the living room and heard the noise and thought it was the shed doors coming open and went to the door to look and the shed was fine and wondering what the noise was and next thing you know the tree is coming down through the house. it was loud. brandi: describe for us, if we
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photographer, if you can pan here, describe for us where this tree landed in your home? mike: that's right on top of the master bedroom on top of the bed. brandi: you were telling me had this happened at another time things may have been different. mike: absolutely. if it happened in the middle of the night i would not be here today. bandi: thankful it happened when it did. unfortunate, of course, but out. how is the family handling what we're seeing here? mike: just rough, very stressful. brandi: you have to start over. your dog is ready to play but glad everyone is out safe and but definitely having to rebuild. thank you for talking to us. tom and nicole, we'll be here throughout the afternoon. we can tell you officials have condemned the home. mike was telling us a bit earlier, they're not allowed back in the house. when they had to get out, they took all they could and took clothes for the baby and things like that but so far haven't been able to get back in and won't be able to get back in
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everything repaired. we'll send it back to you guys in the studio. tom: word just aren't enough. nicole: good they're ok. our doppler team is on severe weather for us. tom: don slater is tracking what's left and what's to come. don: i am and i'm updating while talking to you here. i'll go back 2 1/2 hours ago and give you an idea what's going on. i reset the radar and that's about the time that tornado was developing and moving on through the wafrle -- waverly area and is on the fringe of our viewing area. once past waverly, no one can pick us up on an antenna. the warning was issued just before the toronto hit that area. we move in for a closer view of things and you can see what's going on. and again, there's where it was. it just moved through the waverly area at that time and was up in extreme western suri county and were on the air with the warnings continuously and been on the air since then, before 2:47 in the afternoon.
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moved on through the waverly area. after that we did end up seeing some scattered thunderstorms in the hampton roads area that surprisingly survived. really, we had cloud cover and rain over the hampton roads cities and thunderstorms which were over eastern north carolina which developed basically right on into here. we expected them to fizzle out but strengthened. so very, very unusual weather situation. they developed into a shape like that for this one and more than elongated shape from east of franklin and on to the peninsula and those areas moved on through with some very, very strong winds. we saw that tree down there. right now we have an area off to the west that is still creating some problems. and this thing is moving eastward at about 45 miles an hour and is likely to move on into the region the next several hours and will be in southern virginia beach by 8:30
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in on and tag it here as it moves east-northeast ward and again likely will be towards franklin about 7:00,down town suffolk 7:20 and the downtown norfolk, 7:49 and towards the oceanfront at 8:136789 these other areas towards the peninsula around 7:10 and earlier in smith field and where things are 7:20 for hampton and closer to quarter to 8:00 for the eastern shore. from there we want to actually do some forecasting beyond just the thunderstorms and round 2 for the evening hours. there's round 2 for the evening hours. you see it. here's where things are in terms of lift and in terms of a dangerous situation, at 6:00, 7:00, by 9:00 it's moving on off. and those thunderstorms are tending to wind on down through the area. the evening hours, a detailed version of future track at 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, and i think
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by 9:00 it might be a little closer to the coastline and will fizzle out by 9:00, 10:00 but offshore by 11:00 and the midnight hour. we've got scattered thunderstorms and those are the thunderstorms that will move on in. a little bit different version, a gulf storm was from last night and the gulf storm was going to be here in 20 hours and we're doing this, preparing weather and doing this all on the fly for you here to show you what's going on. and again, we want to show you that what we've got going on right now is our skies are a lot quieter. we did have big thunderstorms earlier throughout the area and especially on the west side of norfolk and portsmouth and right down still 69, 72, 73 degrees into the region. it's still rather breezy and we still see a little bit more wind, the suffolk instrument is down now, 69, 73, 66 degrees. temperatures, you can see them again, upper 60's and low 70's throughout the area and they'll maintain that way until that front moves through, a little closer to 9:00 or 10:00 this
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you can see these numbers. all the way in the farmville area, getting rain and richmond area. the front hasn't moved on through quite yet and celting into farmville and as far as wind gusts, 35 miles an hour in virginia beach and 36 earlier today before noon we had a 45-mile-an-hour wind gust when jeremy was on the air for that one. during the 9:00 hour we have thunderstorms going on and quite likely to the hampton roads cities and drops to 50 by tomorrow morning and 57 degrees for a high temperature during the afternoon coming up for tomorrow. and on through the evening hours. the next seven days, 58 and then cooler, 48, 47, warming back up through sunday and the first half of next week. we'll update superdoppler 10 live for you and show you what's going on with more
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nicole: we've just confirmed with virginia state police, a third person has died as a result of those storms in waverly. tom: state police say five structures are also damaged. let's get to 10 on your side liz kilmer who just got there.
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liz: state police have now confirmed three people are dead after a tornado likely struck the small town of waverly here. we are working to find out who they are and working to get you more information. now, we made it down to waverly just moments ago off of route 460 at the prince george electric corporation where we're awaiting a media briefing. shortly before we got here we were at a command center by 460 and mayfield, a shopping center there. i tweeted out a video of just the massive emergency responders there. there are fire crews, first responders, police are there, and they're just standing by helping each other out, responding to what we're hearing. again, there are three people dead. others, we're told, are injured coming from the game and inland fisheries and lee walker confirmed two are dead. we're just learning from state police that a third person is dead. my colleague jason marks is also here as well. and we are together, gathering
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and hope to bring it to you. as we said, structures are damaged. we're hearing reports of downed power lines. and again, three people killed after this tornado apparently likely struck the small town of waverly. so again, working to get you more. we're awaiting a media briefing. when we were at the command center, we were told to head here to the prince george's electric corporation where we hope to get questions answered for you. we'll send it back to you. i'm liz kilmer.
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tom: details unfolding. >> now from the station on your side, this is wavy news 10. nicole: breaking news as our coverage continues now at 5:30. we now know three people were killed when severe weather hit waverly this afternoon.
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slater is tracking the storm for us all along. don, what's next? don: what's next is we're getting round 2 and likely to see round 2 move on through the area. i'm updating superdoppler 10 live for you to show you what's going on in the region. we've seen very nasty weather that surprisingly hit the south side. and there with been big thunderstorms out there and big ones to the south of us. let's go to it and look what's going on. there had been big thunderstorms to the south of us but we've had a morning where things were cloudy and light rain, the atmosphere was relatively stable and we had thunderstorms moving on in and did not expect them to survive big but they did and we still got some more going on farther to the southwest. now, obviously the one, the biggest concern was the waverly area where we did have the warnings in effect and we'll take you back in time. here's the clock here, a rough clock to give you an idea, we're at 5:29 now and here's where things were at 2:29, just
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and moving on through and lifting north-northeast ward to the west point of virginia. we have another area lifting north-northeast ward and south of the albemarle sound. there's where things were earlier moving into the hampton roads area and that had cooled and surviving. this particular area is lifting northward with spin to it. we'll watch that as well. there's 10 lightning strikes on the screen in the past few minutes and a lot more coming up out of the northwest. i storm tracked this and will step out of the picture. we have round 2 that is likely to move in a little bit later on in the evening and we have a tornado watch still in effect area. these are moving eastward. the line is moving eastward at about 40 miles an hour which puts it towards the hoskie area at 7:24. and offshore by 9:00. we'll storm track this area as
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emporia at 6:20 and franklin area at 7:12 and downtown suffolk at 7:40 and portsmouth, downtown suffolk and kempsville, 8:25 and moving to sea about 8:36. peninsula, we'll get to you, too, to show you what's going on and moving towards the williamsburg area 7:30, towards the northern end of newport news, a little later than that farther southward, 7:46 towards the hampton area and on towards cape charles by 8:20, 8:30. that's what's going on into the region. we take a look what's going on in terms of a wider view of things. you can see, again, there's a line of thunderstorms really, really moving on in. round 2 coming up for the evening hours and is likely to continue moving eastward. there are still all kinds of warnings. that tornado watch is in effect for the evening hours as well through 9:00 and running across


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