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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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it's only been seven months. it's just like we're reliving this whole thing, all over again. reporter: beaty was shot by officer randy gibson after he pointed a sawed-off shotgun at police. the commonwealth attorney ruled the shooting was justified. >> i hope somebody do the same thing they done to my son! and i will be a witness to that! reporter: for the family, there was anger, yet sadness. they believe in this case beaty was wronged of his life. but the common wealth attorney says evidence painted a different story. >> the officers perceived a threat. reporter: gibson shot beaty in the head. this is the second time the officer has been cleared in a shooting. the first one happened in 2012 and left a man paralyzed. we ask if that's concerning. >> you may find yourself involved in five shootings. if each one of those shootings, you find yourself in a situation where you had to do what you had to do, then that's justified. i don't find it troubling at all. reporter: since the scene last july, gibson hasn't been on the streets.
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full-time duty. that doesn't sit well with beaty's family. >> we're gonna get justice! doesn't stop here! reporter: beaty's family is still calling for an independent review of the case details. >> this is not the end. that's all i gotta say. this is not the end. we're gonna fight this to the end. reporter: now, the beaty family has filed a $10 million lawsuit against the city. that's a federal case. they did it a couple months ago. i'm told they're still moving forward with that, even with today's details. it is scheduled to go to trial february 2017. >> and jason, briefly he mentioned this in a story. officer gibson and several other africans face a federal lawsuit for a shooting in 2012 that claims they shot corey moody, while he was unarmed and he is now paralyzed. investigators decided officers were justified but moody still wants $10 million. you can read into the history of this case on it's posted on our home page. >> as people ran from a burning
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woman was still trapped inside. firefighters went to kingston avenue in ocean view this morning, but she did not make it. hurt. how are they doing tonight? reporter: a couple that was on the first floor of this now-destroyed duplex, they're doing okay. but we're still working to learn more about a woman and two children who had to jump from a second-story window after a staircase that was on the side of this duplex became engulfed in flames. an elderly woman inside couldn't make it out and died. >> if you think of a dragon, when he blows out the flames, blowing out the flames and they go real high and up -- reporter: that's how sandra cahoon describes the fire that tore through her duplex around 2:00 a.m. she and her husband woke to commotion and quickly fled. >> oh, crap! that's what went through my mind. oh, crap!
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and getting out and seeing my upstairs neighbors, the majority of them, in the driveway, oh, i was like, oh, okay, good, they got out, because they couldn't have come down those steps. reporter: flames crumbled the exterior staircase, the only way down from the second story. a woman and two children jumped from the window. >> they were telling me there's someone upstairs. i'm yelling at the authorities, there's still one lady upstairs. they're doing everything they can to get them out. reporter: neighbor bradley rushed to help, as emergency responders came to the scene, while battling flames. firefighters located an elderly woman, badly burned, on the second floor. he was pulled from a window and didn't survive. cahoon knew her as grandma. >> and knowing that grandma didn't make it, it doesn't help it any, either. i knew she was a christian woman and she's with the master. >> she was very sweet. very quiet spirit.
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she -- you know, just a nice lady in the neighborhood. reporter: and we're working to learn the name of that victim. and more on how the three who jumped out of the window are doing. meantime, we're told that the red cross is assisting and norfolk fire officials are working to find out what caused this deadly blaze. i'm live in norfolk, 10 on your side. >> and every day, we are getting a better idea of what it will take for a town to rebuild from a deadly tornado. drone 10 flew above shattered homes and businesses in waverly, bringing back incredible images. in a nine-mile path of destruction, it puts the power of 110-mile-per-hour winds into a different perspective. that tornado hit wednesday, killing three people, and injuring several others. since then, we've been sharing the stories of grieving families and those helping them recover. 10 on your side's darren spoke with a survivor and volunteers. erin?
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who was inside her home with her roommate and three dogs. all of them survived. i want to show you the home. it is behind me here. this is one of so many homes where people tonight are picking up and trying to move forward. >> the house began to shake. i just hit the floor. and i began to crawl back here, behind the fireplace. reporter: in a matter of seconds, the front of alicia's home was gone. along with it, most of her stuff. >> it's been a definite eye-opening experience. i mean, that was the front of the house. and, you know, just stuff scattered. the pictures on the wall. reporter: across the street, volunteer crews have been tackling the damage the tornado did to the landscape. >> time to clean up today. and they need help. we have it. reporter: operation blessing has worked to secure the homes that
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>> there are a lot of homes that are salvageable. those are the ones we're trying to focus on, making sure we do whatever we can to prevent any further damage and help those residents get back in their homes. reporter: this woman is staying with her boyfriend's family for now. she's grateful for what remains. >> for me to survive this, just looking at that door laying right where i was standing, knowing that would have hit me in the face, it's -- just it's like a dream almost. reporter: now, if you're one of the people that needs a place to stay, waverly baptist church on main street is serving as a shelter tonight. if you're someone who would like to try out with these -- would like to help, volunteers can meet at fresh pride at 9 a.m. over the next few days. >> and, of course, you can see more pictures of that tornado damage posted on
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charges for burglary. you may recognize one of them. police arrested greene, tabron, scott and a juvenile. they say the group broke into a home on winchester drive and stole electronics. officers say they tried to run, but they managed to stop everyone. tabron, officers accused him and another man of a shooting in newport news last year. prosecutors set aside charges against him for deadly shooting in hampton. a community forced to deal with violence happening all around. >> to be there, to try to help lift that community, as best we can. it's unfortunate. but we're gonna persevere and get through it. >> see how gunfire has changed the face of their building. >> one of the top republican presidential candidates is stopping in virginia beach tonight. the others, we expect to see ahead of super tuesday. and the sun went below the horizon at 5:56. so 11 minutes ago. i just want to show you the
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clouds are melting away, as the wind is dropping off as well. we'll tell you what's ahead, in just a few minutes. >> the redskins are ready to release rg3. what's next for kirk cousins? >> and the monarchs say goodbye
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see it all, in the sports wrap.
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presidential candidates to hampton roads. in less than an hour, texas senator ted cruz will speak at regent university in virginia beach. >> the republican hopeful has been vying with billionaire businessman donald trump and florida senator marco rubio for the nomination. 10 on your side's liz is covering the event. look for her report, starting on wavy news 10 at 10:00 on fox 43 and on wavy news 10 at 11. >> we're expecting dr. ben carson at regent on monday. and, of course, florida senator marco rubio is planning a real at the virginia beach convention center sunday. john kasich has not planned to visit before super tuesday, but supporters tell us they are gathering at a field office in suffolk tonight. >> hillary clinton says she will be here sometime monday, ahead of the march 1 primary. she recently opened a campaign office in norfolk. organizers were not ready to share specifics of her visit but we'll keep you posted. >> new tonight, if the presidential election was today between hillary clinton and
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choose clinton, according to a new poll. the votes fell 48% to 39%. the outcome was similar for a sanders-trump matchup. a storm ripped up beaches in norfolk. hear how long it could take crews to rebuild them.
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last year. >> from the station on your side, your watching wavy news 10 at 6:00. >> a placement for peace, and
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>> police say they are looking for the person who has been shooting near st. paul ame church, on the intersection of martin luther king way. church members tell us they don't feel targeted, just caught in the cross fire. here's the story. reporter: at least two bullets shattered glass in church windows. >> we think it was just an unfortunate situation. reporter: members of the st. paul ame church are paying more attention to their surroundings, as they worship. that after a church member found a broken window in the pastor's office last friday. on sunday, someone else found more damage. the second bullet came here, through a children's sunday school classroom window. it went from one window, all the way through to another. >> we're concerned in terms of, you know, those type things happening in the community, where we are. reporter: tommy barrly spoke to 10 on your side on behalf of the church. he says next month, they'll celebrate 119 years in existence. in fact, they're undergoing a major renovation.
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of the community. and there's no reason to believe the church was a target. >> unfortunately, as you know, these type things are happening throughout the country. not alone in newport news but throughout the country. reporter: this isn't the first time the church has dealt with damage from bullets. in 2013, a window of this church van was shattered. >> these incidents have been sporadic. and they have been -- there's been distance between them. reporter: none of this enough to shake their faith. he did say they are considering scheduling meetings earlier in the evenings. >> we plan to be there to try to best we can. it's unfortunate but we're going to persevere and get through it. reporter: in newport news, 10 on your side. >> a tip from you could help police make an arrest. if you know who the suspect may be, call 1-888-lock-you-up. you never have to give your name
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>> the army corps of engineers is another step closer to rebuilding the beach in norfolk. it's given the contractor a green light to proceed. a new sand berm will protect the ocean view coastline. a coastal storm took out a good chunk in the fall. the agency could not say when the work will start, but it expects the project to finish next spring. >> now, your super doppler 10 forecast. >> we've got no storms in sight. it's been obviously very, very active week. the storm system that brought us the tornado and thunderstorms on wednesday is still giving us some wind and is now giving us cooler temperatures. you can still see snow generated by the wind basically across the eastern great lakes region, on up into new england, even over the mountains. but the whole thing is finally starting to move away as the storm itself, you'll be able to see it here -- it has moved way
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atlantic, in a little feeder system past it as well. we're not looking at anything big big in terms of stormy weather. the winds are likely to drop during the overnight hours. we had wind-generated clouds during the afternoon. they're going to move on off too. and the wind for the most part is going to drop an down. here's our future track. 9:00, 10-mile-per-hour winds. it's likely to still be a little gusty across the eastern shore. nothing to slow the wind down over the chesapeake bay. it will blow right on through. you're still closer to the storm, even though its up in the atlantic. temperatures are going to drop considerably, likely in the upper 20's and low 30's into tomorrow morning. so a chilly start to the day. it's going to remain chilly. very light winds at the noon hour. and 3:00, 45. today it was around 47, 52. that's where we maxed out during the afternoon. tomorrow, only around 45 degrees. hours.
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and into sunday, light southwest wind at about 10 miles an hour. 10 to 15. and that's good news, coming up by sunday, because with that south-southwest wind, temperatures are going to just really rise. in fact, it will rise to around 60, 63 degrees. we'll say 61 for a high on sunday during the afternoon hours. and then after that, 10 to 20-mile-per-hour winds. so it's really going to continue to warm on up and stay warm into the first part of next week. a look at the cloud cover generated by the wind we had and the setting sun. and beautiful, beautiful sunset out there! even now, as the sun just dropped below the horizon at about 5:56 this afternoon. so, again, still a little bit on the chilly side. and the dryer air is going to allow our temperature to really drop down. 47 right now in virginia beach. 43, newport news. we'll look for any wind that's
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north at nine. nothing much as far as the wind. first time in 60 hours or 72 hours, we haven't seen a lot of wind throughout the area. temperatures, 48 in chesapeake. 46, 44. so a little on the chilly side. and this is about as warm as it's going to be all day tomorrow, around 45, 46, 47. 38, 39 right now in saluda. still windy across the eastern shore. you can see winds are still 13 miles an hour here and gusting at times to 23. 23 miles an hour. in saluda as well. the rest of us, our winds have dropped on down to below 15. tomorrow during the day, around 45 degrees. cold overnight. again during the day tomorrow, around 45 degrees but no wind. 61 coming up on monday. and then in the mid-60's all the way into wednesday. >> odellold dominion will say goodbye to four seniors tomorrow night.
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quarterback situation, next. >> redskins coach jay gruden continues to confirm that kirk cousins will be the team's starting quarterback next season. but now he's saying that kirk may not be signed to a long-term contract right now. the redskins roller coaster quarterback ride continues. the redskins have until tuesday to decide if they want to use their franchise tag to keep
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team to pay him close to $20 million for next season. now, last week, espn reported that the redskins broke off negotiations with cousins. another source said the sides were not close to an agreement, regardless both gruden and general manager say cousins will be on the field for the redskins next year. the redskins pointed out, instead of releasing quarterback robert griffin iii, rg3 may be treated. that's right. the team has been in talks with two other teams about a trade. griffin would have to agree to a new contract with any team that trades for him. so the former heisman trophy winner would have some say on where he would be traded. well, the conference u.s.a. basketball season is down to its final two weekends. while alabama-birmingham has already clinched the first-round bye in the tournament next month, the seniors at old dominion say goodbye to monarch
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finale. they are saying goodbye. they will be honored before the 8:00 game. freeman is the leading scorer in conference u.s.a. this season and will be missed. >> allowed me to come home, finished my degree off and be able to play basketball and learn as much as i can from a great coach and coaching staff. i'll take everything i've learned and apply it to life. >> gave me a great opportunity to play basketball, a game i love, be close to home, get an education. just something that you gotta be thankful for. >> two good guys. it's always an emotional night for the players and their families, senior night. and they said this great coach, jeff jones, who has really season. >> it's certainly going to be difficult to say goodbye to those two guys. i'm not just talking about
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i think, when they leave, we're losing two outstanding basketball players but we're losing -- saying goodbye to two just fantastic young men. >> the monarch picked up a big 74-53 win over utep last night to keep them in the hunt for a first-round tournament bye. they could really use a win tomorrow. the high school basketball playoffs continue tonight. all of the teams playing tonight have already qualified for the state tournament. they're playing for regent championships. heritage high school which features one of the top scorers in the state, jermaine, is looking to win a state tournament. we're going to visit with them tonight at 10:45 on sports wrap. we'll also talk about tomorrow's big basketball game between u.v.a. and north carolina. we'll be in charlottesville for that one. i'll see you back here at 11! >> warming up? >> eventually.
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tonight. trump bombshell. chris christie shocks the political world by endorsing the front-runner hours after marco rubio unloaded on trump at the debate brawl. one of the most dramatic campaign days ever. nbc news investigates amid allegations from uniio the inside story of how undocumented workers worked at the site of trump tower. mass shooting horror. 4 dead, 1 wounded as a gunman opens fire in a workplace. a hero cop taking him down. tonight, what we've learned happened in the hours before the massacre. zika in america. the cdc warns of a surge in cases. the virus is now


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