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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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tuesday. c0036 17:52 "4 companies he took into bankruptcy, not 1 but 4. how do you senator marco rubio had for republican front runner, donald trump at a rally in virginia beach. also - two children shot - why police say the two shootings have one big thing in common. and - windows shot out - we'll take you to one are using plastic bags to protect their cars because of criminals. tonight's top story - decision 2016. leblanc. republican presidential hopeful marco rubio was in virginia beach earlier today - telling voters why he is the best tuesday. 10 on your side's matt gregory was at the event - he's live in the studio latest. across 4 republican primaries so far, senator
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come in 2nd in races, with 11 elections coming up on super teusday tonight senator rubio hit virginia beach with a message and a sense of urgency. nats a candidate in desperate need of a win. c0032 10:53 "today we are gonna talk about the and our grandchildren and generations to come." 11:00 senator marco rubio hit the stage at viginia beach's convention center sunday night. within minutes his campaign cross hairs yougo out and get people to vote for us because friends do not let friends vote for con jobs." 21:48 rubio hit the high points for conservatives in hampton roads. c0038 23:36 "when im president of the united states for the first time in 8 years you eill family." 23:46 he drew his biggest cheers when he appealed to military families who made up most of the crowd. c0039 29:45 "so let me be abundtantly clear when i am president of the military." 29:54 potential voters said they saw their future leader. c0052 45:24 "he supports the military he wants us to be strong. 45:27 one they will support this week. c0051 44:58 "im probably gonna
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rubio told 10 on your side on super tuesday he hopes to have a big turnout sen. marco rubio / (r) presidential candidate c0050 42:49"we feel good about getting alot of fired about being here."42:55 in the most recent poll from monmounth university, senator marco rubio trailed businessman donald trump by 13 points. rubio told 10 on your side he made 4 stops in virginia today. matt gregory 10 on your side. another virginia politician is stumping for hillary clinton this weekend - ahead of super tuesday. senator tim kaine worked the phones at a get-out-the-vote event in norfolk - and made a stop in hampton this afternoon. kaine also attended canvassing events in
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charlottesville. yesterday, we told you congressman bobby scott is supporting the former secretary of state as well. senator kaine says virginia is becoming an increasingly more contentious state in the election season. sen. tim kaine/d-virginia 17:13:42 up to 2008 we were kind of irrelevant in presidential politics but now we're seen as one on our shoulders to participate. 17:13:52 according to hillary's camp - more than 40 general clinton. at least three presidential candidates will be in hampton roads before super tuesday. that includes marco rubio - who was here earlier today. hillary clinton will be speaking in front of voters monday at lake taylor high school in norfolk. the doors open at 6 tomorrow night - and the event starts at 8. also, republican doctor ben carson will be at regent on monday. at least two schools in hampton roads will be off or delayed because of the elections. according to suffolk public schools calendar - there won't be any school for students
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schools will start on a 2-hour delay - this is because district leaders expect long lines the polls on super tuesday. you can count on 10 on your side for complete coverage on super tuesday and as results come in throughout the night. look for updates on air, on our mobile app, and on wavy dot com. there you can find a full list of our political coverage. we have stories leading up to super tuesday - and in depth coverage about candidates visiting our area. it was nice over the weekend -- and super tuesday - looks like it'll be even nicer. here's a live look from towercam 10 over downtown norfolk meteorologist ashley baylor is in the super doppler weather center to let us know what we can expect for the start of your work wee. overnight: clear skies. somewhat mild. lows: mid-40s. winds: sw 10-15 mph. monday: scattered clouds. slight chance of an isolated shower. highs: upper-60s. winds: sw 10-15 mph. super tuesday: mostly sunny. highs: low-60s. winds: se 5-10 mph. we are under a ridge temperatures today! the mercury topped out in
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mid-40s by tomorrow morning. a weak cold front will swing through the region tomorrow, so expect a few but most of us will stay perfectly dry with highs in the upper-60s, near low-60s. another cold front will drop in on passing showers through the afternoon. it'll be a quick-moving front, so we are watching friday for this friday, however, precip, but mostly in liquid form. lets hope that remains the case.. neighbors are outraged in hampton after someone shot out their street and stockton street,
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of people targeted at least six cars. one neighbors tell us police told him they're investigating as many as 50 vehicles with similiar damage. with repair bills in the hundreds, the victims are hopeful police will find those responsible. super = robert wineman/victim ((c271 15:32)) "i'm an easy going man but i was very angry that night ... in fact i told the policeman on friday night if i saw the car going down the street i'd probbaly want to go and shoot the windows out." we reached out to hampton police today. they said they are unable to confirm the number of incidents or any arrests until tomorrow morning. we'll keep you updated. still ahead - the death of a fallen officer shook a lot of departments to the core. what local police departments are doing to send their condolences. and - two children, two investigations - why police say playing with guns sent two
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we continue to follow developing news from northern virginia. a rookie police officer and another person are dead - two other officers are recovering after being shot saturday evening. it happened at a home in woodbridge. this is a story we brought to you as breaking news on wavy news 10 last night at 10. today more provide an escort to the medial examiner for a fallen officer. officer ashley guindon was sworn into the prince william county police department on friday. yesterday was her first
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she and two other officers were responding to a domestic disturbance when shots were fired... the suspect - 32-year-old ronald hamilton - is in the prince william county adult detention center without bond. he's facing several charges that include murder of a law enforcement officer. / paul ebert/ common wealth attorney he will probably be arraigned tomorrow morning. he's in custody at this time being held without bond. as i said investigation is going forward and there may be other charges forth- coming." we know the two other officers are still in the hospital at this time. according to our n-b-c affiliate in washington - hamilton is an active duty army staff sergeant assigned to the joint staff support center at the pentagon. here locally - police departments are sending their condolences. virginia beach police say - "we offer our most sincere condolences to the guindon family, the prince william county police department and the entire p-w-c community." newport news police say - "with a heavy heart we
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department." portsmouth police say - "our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of officer ashley guindon ..." hampton police say - "our hearts go out to the three brave officers who were prince william county." on top of that - departments across hampton roads say they will shroud their badges. for complete coverage of this story go to wavy dot com. still ahead - playing with guns - we'll tell you why its responsible for sending two children to
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portsmouth police continue to investigate an armed business robbery that happened just after 9 tonight. we've been told it happened on afron parkway. police say a person was robbed at gunpoint at a neigbhor mart. we're working to get more information, as soon as we get it, we'll pass it along to you. portsmouth police are investigating two shootings that sent two hospital. the first shooting happened on lancer minutes later a second
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the first shooting on lancer drive happened just before 10:45 this morning. police say a 7-year-old boy shot himself in the hand.- and was taken to c-h-k-d. he's expected to be okay. the second shooting happened around 11:15 this morning on morgate lane near picadilly lane. police say in that case another child shot a 9-year-old boy in the leg. he was taken to sentara norfolk general. that child is also expected to be okay. now, police say while both shootings are accidents - the biggest concern is that the children were playing with guns they found in or outside their homes. police say charges are pending in both incidents. police are using this as a time to remind adults gun safety - and to keep their guns locked up. a business fire in under control in newport news... viewers sent this video into our newsroom. we've learned just before 1:45 this afternoon - a commercial building caught on fire on jefferson avenue. three businesses are inside. the fire was under control by 2:15. nobody
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10 on your side is digging into what's being done to combat crime around the campus of old dominion university. many we talked to say - the off campus housing areas are dangerous. last fall - they proved deadly. a hampton university student and a navy sailor were killed in off-campus shootings. after that, city leaders and school officials promised to team up - to fight the crime. norf pd officer carrington 7:13 we have safety issues that come a long with outsiders knowing that there are students in this neighborhood. odu police officer 19:21 we're trying to gain trust within the neighborhood, within students, and their parents. so that they know what's going on. tune in tomorrow for my special report. i'll evaluate what's really been done - and how well it's really working. that's monday on wavy news 10 at 6 - with coverage beginning at 4. overnight: clear skies. somewhat mild. lows:
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mph. monday: scattered clouds. slight chance of an isolated shower. highs: upper-60s. winds: sw 10-15 mph. super tuesday: mostly sunny. highs: low-60s. winds: se 5-10 mph. we are under a ridge of high pressure, so that has provided us with abundant sunshine and warm temperatures today! the mercury topped out in the mid to upper-60s across the region..even a few low-70s on the map! overnight, expect clear skies with lows in the mid-40s by tomorrow morning. a weak cold front will swing through the region tomorrow, so expect a few more clouds out there. there will be a very slight chance of an isolated shower or two, but most of us will stay perfectly dry with highs in the upper-60s, near 70. it'll be a touch cooler on tuesday, but still mild with highs in the we'll be tracking partly sunny skies with some passing showers through the afternoon. it'll be a quick-moving front, so we'll be back under dry conditions on thursday. if you tuned in yesterday or this morning, you know we are watching friday very closely. our forecast models were originally showing a chance of a wintry mix for this friday, however, our american model is now mostly in liquid form. lets
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we're on your side with the latest news, weather,
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we're on your side with the latest news, weather, and traffic as you get ready for work every morning. tune into wavy news 10 today - beginning at 4:30. and we're on the air until nine a-m on fox- 43. college basketball---the virginia tech hokies on the road at wake forest--- a big loss for the washington nationals--- and a monumental win for jimmie johnson--now tied with one of the greatest ever for all
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everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security.
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so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. i'm nathan epstein---the nascar sprint cup season opened up with a bang last weeekned---with denny hamlin winning the finish in history--- on to atlanta for race number two---- 500 winner denny hamlin---native virginian---starting 12th--- kyle busch in the 18----actually won pole qualifying---but failed an inspection afterward---so he started dead last---- big moment early in the race--- matt kenseth in the 20 is your leader----almost won the 500 last week----lap 117---- he's penalized for improper fueling---his crew member layed a wrench on the back of the car while it was still being fueled---kenseth black flagged---falls an entire lap behind--- still finishes 19th--- end of the race---green-white- checkered finish---jimmie
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champion pulls ahead of kyle busch and kevin harvick---- a wreck in the back of the pack----johnson goes on for his fifth win at atlanta---his 76th cup win---tying him with the great dale earnhardt--- " i didn't have a chance having that chance to race against him, and it was months away from having a little bit of attachment earnhardt and something i'm very proud of." that was awesome when i didn't know it until we got out of the car. i'm glad if he's going to win and tie that record, i'm certainly glad that i got to run second today." and ironically enough----dale earnhardt junior is the one to finish
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brothers--kyle and kurt finish third and fourth---carl edards is fifth--- on to the top 10----kevin harvick led the most laps with 131---gets sixth---martin truex junior---last week's runner up---is 7th---nice bounce-back for chase elliot---the rookie is 8th---followed by brad keselowski and ricky stenhouse junior---sin city is up next---sprint cup in las vegas next week--- basketball from today----virginia tech at wake forest-----hokies wearing orange----only led by one at halftime----justin robinson---the freshman---was huge down the stretch---a little later----chris clarke from virginia beach with the steal---justin bibbs----game-high 22 points-----wake cut into the tech lead----only up six---robinson again---this time with a foul-----he had 15 points----seth allen had four fouls---right here---with the hokies only up three---the dish to robinson----cold blooded---hokies go on
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500----8 and 8 in the acc--they're 3rd straight win---home against pittsburgh on wednesday--- and hoops from today---senior day for pittsburgh at home against 15th-ranked duke---but this was all panthers----who started with a 10-nothing lead and never looked back-- sheldon jeter the fast break dunk-----pittsburgh led by 7 at halftime---opened the second half on a 9 to 1 run---chase jeter for duke is absolutely rejected by michael young----22 points for duke's greyson allen---but not enough to slow down pittsburgh who run away with a 76-62 win. drafted by the expos in 2004---ian desmond has called washington d.c. his baseball home his entire career-----that is until today---when the 30-year old free agent short stop made it official---he'll play for the texas rangers next season---- signing a one-year deal worth a reported 8
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the washington post says is half the 15 point 8 million dollar qualifying offer the washington nationals rejected. remember, desmond turned down a 5-year extension two years ago because he and his agent felt the deal fell short of his market value--- besides the scenery---the biggest change for desmond next year will be his position-----he'll go from short- stop---which he's played his entire career---to left field---again---that's
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that wraps things up for
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troy: hey, nice work today, guys. appreciate it. man: thanks. you too. nice work. appreciate it. good job. see you tomorrow. nick: hey. hey, how you doing? how'd it go there today? well, good. except i found 3/10% of methane in the number four heading. so we went ahead and held the curtain a little closer to the face. i'll take another reading when i get down there. hey. you coming to cory's birthday party this weekend? [ laughing ] of course. what is he, like 13? 14. can't believe it. well, we're getting old. [ laughing ] yeah. hey, you want lisa to make her potato salad? only reason you were invited, boy. i'm not paying you boys to lollygag! talk to you later. all right. see you later. [ rumbling ]


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