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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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belonged to lisa. it's hard to wrap her head around the concept someone wanted to ruin something in the community everyone loved for so long. >> were a lot of beautiful friendships and you look at it and it is surreal to see it all going up in flames. reporter: now she thinks about the friends she has lost. >> that's the most devastating of all because you can replace a boat, but you can't replace people that you loved. they were wonderful people. reporter: some members of the community gathered at a church tonight to her member the victims. police have not identified the victims, but friends say they were wonderful people staying on the bow because of a renovation of their house. nicole: you can get the latest updates as they happen as well
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tom: virginia up a stern in the presidential processes just hours away. tomorrow is primary day in the old dominion and the candidates are making stops in hampton roads. a live picture from lake taylor high school where democrat hillary clinton will rally the crowd in about two hours with hopes of getting their votes. we will have more on her visit tonight at 10:00 and 11. dr. ben carson visited greek university as part of the same series ted cruz and donald trump participated in last week. dr. carson lags well behind front runner trump in the latest polls. polls are open from 6:00 in the morning until 7:00 p.m. bring a photo id and you will not be required to declare your affiliation when you vote. plenty of coverage tomorrow night on-air and online. we will update you with information on the bottom of your screen and at 10:00 on fox
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nicole: a battle brewing over the future of tolls in virginia. lawmakers are trying to avoid a situation like the elizabeth river tunnels where there's no option but to pay. but things are not going well for the so-called free passage bill. reporter: the big cost for free passage -- not all lanes can be told lanes -- capping finds, but on wednesday, the bill could go down in defeat because not everyone agrees with everything in the bill. >> we are not going to allow any tolls on the high-rise hampton roads bridged tunnel without the approval of the general assembly . >> correct. i think that is a great thing. reporter: so why is the state senator opposed to a consumer friendly toll bill?
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be cutting the bill down, doing the consumer friendly things. there are a lot of policy issues. reporter: the bill could go down. it's a big bill and not everyone agrees on everything and it. >> at least get the bill in conference. if we kill the bill, there is no compromise. if there is no bill, toll operators will continue to impose these fees on toll violators. reporter: the bill will get a hearing in front of the subcommittee on toll. what is your concern about what happens on tuesday? >> that it gets a fair hearing and at the end of the day, they've got some issues and amended, pass on the conference as amended. >> i cannot give you that assurance and here is why.
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or 50 pages long and there's a lot of stuff in that bill. it allows tolling in some places and disallows it in others. >> he said it is on acceptable. this is not a democrat -republican fight. on the committee are kenny alexander and republican senators cosgrove and this stuff . chris jones is also a republican and it would appear republicans are facing off against a fellow republican. but at the end of the day, they are all from hampton roads. tom: in less than one hour, the people killed in last week's tornado in waverly will be remembered. wednesday's storm injured many and destroy dozens of holdings in the community. the vigil will include a
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the event begins at an eb jackson elementary school off west main street in waverly. we'll have a report at 10:00 and 11:00. authorities are looking for a suspect in a deadly hit and run. it happened near three creeks road. a 33-year-old was killed when a car hit her and she and another person pulled over on the side of the road. nicole: two young boys had to go to the hospital after they were hit on chesapeake lavar. that is in the ocean air neighborhood. a car made a left turn onto chesapeake and hit the seven and nine-year-old in the crosswalk. please ticketed the driver for spend license and no insurance. hampton police have released pictures of a suspected bank robber that happened this
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a nearby school was placed on lockdown during the investigation. tom: still to come, a pair of shootings involving children has one local community getting out again. reporter: violent crimes run old dominion university have proven problematic. we are digging into what students safe. don: a beautiful day -- the sun going down below the horizon. still very pleasant today around 70. after that, some bigger changes. i will show you in just a few minutes. nicole: and it is down to the wire for negotiations between
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nicole: two separate shootings involving child victims under the age of 10. tom: and now portsmouth police are trying to find out who owns the guns. the first happened sunday while police were investigating that shooting, they got a call about another one. in both cases, police say the children were playing with guns and accidentally fired them. >> we believe if a child is educated and understands that firearm safety is important and you should never pick up a gun, that may have been something that was different. tom: police say they are testing the gun to see who owns them. breaking news coming into chesapeake. police are on the scene of an accident between a train and car on george washington highway. fire crews say the driver of the
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we will bring you the latest as it develops. nicole: next at 6:00, crime concerns just off a local campus. are the solutions to stop it actually working? tom: it is leap day. why are there 29 days in february this year?
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more news and announcer: from the station on your side, you are watching wavy news 10 at clock. tom: we continue with a site happening way too many times in an area where young people should be learning, not looking
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nicole: the area around old dominion university has with crime or years. we have heard a lot about possible remedies, but are they working? we have more now on this troubling trend. reporter: statistically, the areas inside the odu campus are safer or as safe as campuses across the nation of similar shape, but thousands live off-campus as well and we are digging into making sure how they say stay -- how they stay safe. there's a perception around old dominion that crime is part of the way of life. last fall, a string of violent crimes captured headlines. >> another crime near old dominion university. >> and old dominion students as someone opened fire. reporter: in the span of two weeks, four students were shot and two others were killed.
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>> he was robbed right there. his phone was stolen and his wallet was:. reporter: he says -- she says she hasn't seen a crime because she's afraid to go out wide. reporter: a councilman pushed for answers last fall. two days later, the student is living from hampton university was shot and killed. the plans then quickly came together. the plan targets this area just off campus. officials plan to team up school and city side by side. >> we have safety issues that come with outsiders knowing that there are students in this neighborhood. reporter: police responded to 29 robberies and 16 aggravated assault including shootings and stabbings.
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five years ago, robberies are on the rise. >> there are going to be students who are maybe not paying attention. reporter: norfolk and odu police have ramped up patrols, handing out lightbulbs for from porches and asking is to register. >> we are trying to gain trust in the neighborhood and to gain trust with students and their parents so they know what is going on. >> i see more cops driving around. >> the councilman says the changes are working. >> the robberies are basically half the previous months. reporter: the city is also ramping up code enforcement. in the last three months, they've written more than 300 citations and notices for trash,
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>> you don't even accept broken windows and crime goes away. reporter: most neighbors are half renters and half owners. most house college students. >> we want to remind them that you are part of the greater community and this is what is expected of you. reporter: while the efforts seem to be moving the the neighborhoods in the right direction, the question is is it too early to tell. >> am i satisfied mark know. until you can tell me it's like any other lace, i won't be saddest right. are we making progress? yes. reporter: the bureau of neighborhood quality is about to roll out a new program with the goal of helping landlords volunteer to be on a list of rent ready units. the city hoaxes will cut down on absentee landlords and increased
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the housing stock. announcer kohler -- announcer: now, your forecast with chief meteorologist don slater. don: this morning, right around 70 degrees. coming up together off to the west, it's going to be coming in tomorrow night. in the meantime, we move in for a closer view -- cloud cover moving through late last night and early today. even a few showers in the northern portion of our region. we ended up with just a beautiful day and it's going to be beautiful tomorrow. the wind is going to drop off during the overnight hours top not much wind once we get past the later hours. 7:00 in the morning, a light southeasterly wind. the southeasterly breeze coming off the water will become more southeasterly and that will hold
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water's edge. so virginia beach will likely be around 61 or 64 degrees but farther inland, closer to 65 degrees. 65 a nice average and here comes the cloud cover starting to move in by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. 10 or 15 mile an hour winds and you can see the rain moving in by 4:00. around 2:00 or 4:00, we are likely to see the bulk of the rain. that's late tomorrow night and wednesday morning. you can see the cool front off to the west and it won't be until 7:00 that the cool front moves through. still a couple of stray showers moving through and definitely cooler for the day on wednesday. tomorrow, 65 come is still not
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a bit of a breeze out of the northwest and north west high the end of the day wednesday. some changes moving in during the long run and i want to show you all the way into friday what is going on. a little bit of cloud cover moving in on thursday and by thursday evening, we could see a few flakes of snow. it doesn't look like it will only dominate. a lot of time right on the edge of this thing late thursday night and friday morning. forecast models not come into total agreement. we will see some rain drop the area and it will likely change over to all rain by friday morning. right now, i'm not horribly concerned about it being a big snowfall for our area.
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coming up, if we do get any snow, it would likely just melt right away. temperatures in the 60's. here is where things are right around 60 to 65 degrees with wind speed and direction dropping off. last hour, we had a lot of areas with wind gusting above 20 but they are dropping off considerably. that increase in cloud cover tomorrow and that rain, cooler but a lot kohler coming up thursday and friday. >> the redskins have until tomorrow to sign kurt cousins or pay $20 million to have them stick around one more season
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story next (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to
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hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. >> contract talks going down to the wire -- will the redskins be able to get kirk cousins to sign a long-term deal or will the team cough up $20 million to keep him around one more season? i'm bruce rader and the clock is ticking. according to mike jones, redskins officials and cousins' agent are talking about a long-term deal but it appears unlikely the two will reach an
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in that case, the redskins would use the franchise tag to keep him around for next season, thus committing to pay him just under $20 million, all of which would immediately count against the salary cap. this is a story am watching closely and i will have an up each night on the fox 43 sportswrap either way. espn's popular college game day coverage was broadcast live prior to the virginia north carolina game. espn gives the student at that school a chance to win $18,000 if they can hit a half-court shot. last year, a virginia student won the money. this year, andrew ward from virginia got a chance and check out his first shot. that first shot is now a
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he says he will give some of the money to his mom who is paying for his college. he ought to give it all to her. virginia beach carolina in a hard-fought game thanks to malcolm rod. this afternoon, for the second year in a row, he has been named a finalist for the oscar robinson trophy given by the u.s. basketball writers association for the national player of the year. he's one of three players on the list june -- joined by grayson allen and brice johnson. we will hear from malcolm tonight and have more on uva basketball. nicole: he's going to have all the chicks now. i'm just saying. tom: seriously. don: seriously it's going to be another decent day tomorrow. election day and around the 65
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nicole: my time is coming to an end at wavy. teen years ago, i returned home to hampton roads. that job has grown into three additional shows on wavy-tv 10. i know i have spoken to a lot of you in person or via e-mail or social media, but i want to say thank you for all your support and feedback. i'm leaving to be with my husband who earned a promotion in washington dc. i don't know what is next for me professionally, but i'm exciting -- excited about what is ahead for me personally. all i can say is stay tuned. tom: and you are with us for a few more days. bruce: and we can talk you out of it? tom: i will come crash on your couch.
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tonight the klan controversy exploding around donald trump after refusing to condemn the kkk's former leader. what he's saying now and what we found him saying years ago. plus, tensions boil over at trump's rally, and tonight some republican leaders are scrambling to stop him. school shooting emergency. all-out chaos as police say a 14-year-old suddenly opened fire in the cafeteria. taking the stand, an emotional erin andrews tells the jury about her hotel nightmare as a stalker secretly taped her and posted the video for the world to see. craving sleep. a wake-up call tonight for millions struggling to lose weight and trying to get more rest. and hollywood rocked as controversy takes center stage at the oscars.


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