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tv   Today  NBC  February 9, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we're back now with more of "today" on a thursday morning, february 9th, 2012. and we want to say hi to these people who stopped by this morning. we thank them for sticking around. i'm matt lauer, along with ann curry. al roker and tamryn hall. you sat down with the woman who said she was an intern at the white house some 50 years ago and had an affair with jfk?
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>> yes and we talk with today's professionals who talk about how they think it will affect his legacy and the thoughts about her speaking out 50 years later. and also, ellen degeneres, jcpenney's spokesperson, the company is standing behind their choice, despite calls to remove her. and then if you're in need of a little r&r, we've got great vacations, everything from spas to beach getaways, stress-free and more importantly, affordable vacations. >> you know what, it's pretty chilly today. please don't say that it's not. usually you disagree with me on the weather. it's pretty chilly today, but -- >> no, it's not. >> it's normally been a pretty mild winter, nonetheless, some people are speaking about spring, and that means spring
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fashion from the runway to real life. how to make them affordable -- stop it, al. >> what are we doing? >> i'm agreeing with you. >> let's change the subject, what a beautiful set of shoes you've got on. don't you just love her shoes? >> don't you love the look? >> beautifully done. >> runway fashion, how to make them affordable and put them in your wardrobe. >> we got off the rails, here, let's go inside for savannah guthrie and the headlines. in the news today, president barack obama will exempt ten states from the no child left behind law, nbc news confirming it by dropping the bush-era policy. the ten states, including colorado, florida and new jersey will get the leeway on student preparation and evaluation. they've been requesting for years. the official announcement is expected this afternoon. attorney general eric holder announces a $26 billion settlement with the nation's largest banks for abuses during the nation's foreclosure crisis.
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the settlement could mean help for more than one million homeowners. new questions this morning about the emergency response to the murder/suicide of josh powell and his two children. 911 call laws now show it took eight minutes for a sheriffs deputy to be dispatched to powell's home after a social worker called to report an emergency. it took an additional 14 minutes for deputies to reach the house, which was engulfed in flames by that time. the call was categorized as routine and the dispatcher told the social worker, quote, we have to respond to emergency, life-threatening situations first. the reality tv producer charged with killing his wife while on vacation in mexico has arrived in cancun this morning. after being extradited from california. "survivor" producer, bruce beresford-redman is now awaiting trial in mexican custody. his wife, monica, was found dead at a mexican resort where they were staying on a family vacation back in 2010. women could soon find new
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roles on the battlefield as the pentagon changes its rules to give female service members jobs closer to the front lines. officials say that the new rules will not change the longstanding ban on women in infantry, armor and special operations forces. but it will allow them to serve in other battalion roles once considered too close to the line of fire. the tsa is expanding a preflight security screening program to 28 of the country's busiest airports. the program would speed frequent flyers and other eligible travelers through security without having to remove their shoes or pull laptops from their cases. the tsa says the move is part of an effort to make security intelligence-driven, instead of one size fits all. and a bear and a wolf might not immediately strike you as likely to be the best of friends. but this adorable video of a little bear and tala might make you change your mind. they are cute when they're young. but this is how they look today. the woodland zoo in seattle, washington, posted the clip to show how much the old friends have grown. it is now 9: 04, back to
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matt, ann, tamryn and al. >> only one is left. >> come out and separate these two. for no reason, except that we love both of them, right? >> how about a check of the weather? >> great idea. let's see what's happening. we've got some rain to talk about in the pacific northwest. it's going to be heavy at times, especially along the puget sound coast. where we're expecting the heavy rain to work its way in. we're looking at anywhere from two to three inches of rain before it's all over. along the coast of oregon and washington. rest of the country, wee we've got some fabulous weather making its way along the eastern seaboard, a little chilly, but not too bad. snowshowers in the western great lakes, the cold front pushes in, look for rain in central and northern texas with some mountain snows, i should say >> good morning.e northern
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there could be a few icy spots out there. we expect mostly sunny skies. and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thanks, now to today's professionals, our panel of people weighing in on the news. starr jones is an attorney and thorn, and donny deutsch is the president of deutsche incorporated and dr. nancy snyder man is nbc's health chief. >> mimi alford coming forward after 50 years to reveal she had an 18-month affair with former
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president john f. kennedy. do you think it's okay she came out and told the story? >> i believe it's okay. i had a wonderful long conversation with her this morning. i did tell her we would be talking about her in the 9:00 hour and from my position, she was raped. and i say this because he was the president. she was an intern. he was 45, she was 19. he took her to a bedroom, put his hands on her shoulders and guided her to a room. i think we remind ourselves you don't have to say no to be in a position where you have no power. however, i believe she wrote this book because she wanted to have her own narrative and to that, i say kudos to her. >> wait a minute, you told her in your opinion you said it was rape and what did she say? >> she understood why i said that and she said she has had other people tell her that. she understands the context of that. but that she never saw it okay and she found the entire atmosphere in which she was pulled up into the white house, intoxicating. she was in this intimate group and she looks back on it not as rape, but that as a part, it's
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part of her fabric. >> starr, what's your take on this? >> legally if someone came to me as a prosecutor and told me that initial story, that they were guided to a bed with a secret service outside, i would say that they had been raped. >> she said she wasn't forced. >> i'm going to leave it at her own word. i think that you know, for me, i was a bit disappointed to hear some of the stories. i think -- >> why? >> i'm a 19262 baby. so my, you know, my fantasy, if you will, of the president has definitely been diminished. i'm telling the truth. >> let me go to donny. look, president kennedy ran around. i think we all know that by now. i think we all would acknowledge, there's something particularly shocking about this. do you think it tarnishes his legacy further? >> a little bit, it does. it's interesting. i was in agreement with her after. she was crying, mimi. she was so upset. this is obviously a very special woman. a couple of years ago, monica lewinsky wrote me, she was looking for a job.
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i met her more out of curiosity. she came up and i felt so bad. she was a victim. you know, bill clinton has moved on with his life. he's still a hero. she can't get a job any place. and so, you know, i so empathize with these women. and i believe that 99.9% of women in that position would have done the same thing. it's intoxicating, a man of power. i don't know if i would call it rape. >> she was, as she said to me, he chose me. and i think to be chosen, when you're 19 and then to be in this very tight circle is phenomenally intoxicating. >> this woman, mimi, who is wonderful, maybe we should relook at monica lewinsky instead of making her a tart, and see her as a victim. >> in both scenarios, who has the power? >> we know who has the power. >> i think you stand at attention and there's a big band that plays when they walk into the room. >> there's a moment in which the president gave her away to someone else for someone else's sexual gratification. >> and then also --
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>> that then becomes the part that you get the ooh factor. >>dy actually hear her say that the irish catholic president suggested that she would need to take care of an alleged pregnancy? >> yes. >> that sounded very much like he was advocating an abortion to me. and that bothers me. it bothers me. >> there's a lot that's shocking and i think we all agree on that. it takes a lot of courage to come forward. jcpenney has a new spokesperson, and it's ellen degeneres. there's a group that's called one million moms that's asking for a boycott of jcpenney, because ellen is gay. and -- >> what does her being gay have to do with being in a jcpenney ad? gay people go to jcpenney. i don't understand that. >> i want to applaud jcpenney. there's something called corporate terrorism where basically a group doesn't like something and they all of a sudden get signatures and who
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even knows how many of those are real. i did the first campaign, my agency, in '93 for ikea for a gay couple shopping. the first time gays had been -- the hate mail and they're, we're not going to shop at your store. these are people who weren't shopping at ikea, anyway. the real hero in the story is jcpenney, they're not being held up by these people. >> do we assume that jcpenney factored that into its decision and expected -- >> she's already done a major cosmetic company. >> cover girl, she's been hit before. she almost lost her career over coming out early on. the great thing about ellen degeneres, she is authentic. she's kind. and she preaches in how she acts of her day, this kindness. >> even in the way she handled to her response. these are my values, kindness. >> she is a very popular daytime talk show host. jcpenney could use a little popularity right now. >> exactly. >> the news here is that jcpenney did not buckle. and that's the break-through.
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>> i agree. >> another hot topic today, contraceptives in vending machines, there's a university that has the morning after pill available in a vending machine. we talk about the morality of it. but first, let's get into the medical issue. i mean you don't -- >> i did see you hiding behind that. >> i still see you. medically you don't need a prescription for it. you need consultation with a doctor? >> i'm going to give a donny prelude. please do not write me today, please do not post the hate mail. >> send it to me. >> the egg and sperm meet, until they implant in the uterus, you are not pregnant. this stops implantation. so it is not an abortion. can you think of it like a condom or birth control pills, it stops pregnancy. now, right now, you get it, you have to be 18, you get it from your pharmacist. the whole idea is and we know college kids are having sex. that it stops pregnancy. and there's one less barrier you can get out of a machine, i must tell you as a mom and a
9:13 am
physician, i'm fine with this. >> what's the other side of the argument? >> some people would say it makes it too readily available and makes it seem like a flip decision like you're going to get a coke out of the machine. >> these are college students. >> i think the only thing that concerns me, and i have to bow to the doctor here, is whether or not we really want pharmaceuticals readily available that way on college campuses. >> it works -- >> without the interaction, with a doctor or a pharmacist. if you tell me that the risks are low enough, then i have to bow to that. but my instinct is, with what we lerm about pharmaceuticals, knowing the action with the medical interaction with a medical professional. >> it was in the heart of amish country. >> no one has pause about this being easily accessible? >> in it was in high school, it would be different. >> contraception needs to be accessible, that i do agree with. social media password
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privacy. in some companies, they're asking for backgroundchecks, which would include asking applicants to hand over their social media password. there's a legislator in illinois trying to stop that. is this legal to ask for social media passwords? >> it is. you're an employer, you can take what you want to have your employees do. your employee or potential employee has a right to say no thank you and to explain why he may not get the job but a twitterer or a facebooker is not a protected class within the united states. >> if somebody is around a company, two thoughts, we say to our kids, what you put on facebook is out in the world. your employers will see it. number two, though, something as an employer that used to bug me, this is i think going to be a problem in our workplace productivity going forward. when you walk around now and people are on computers, you don't know whether they're working or facebooking or whatever they're doing and i think it is dropping the
9:15 am
productivity in our workplace. in the old days, someone was reading a magazine you would walk by. >> would you be okay if a prospective employer asked for your password? >> i think actually technically, no. but the lesson here is everything you put out there is available. >> nobody gets my password. i won't ask for it. >> i will ask you guys our final question, it comes out in time for valentine's day, a romance survey. what things to a man were the popular turn-ones. >> a sense of humor or a good smile. i ask you in closing, what are your turn-ones? >> i want a really intelligent guy, i like smart guys. >> i love the ability to cook. i have to tell you my guy's ability to cook. >> i'm going to be the honest one. i like really, really big -- brains. >> are these implanted brains? and do you have to pay for them?
9:16 am
>> can we you like hot guys, stop it. >> no, i like smart guys! >> my guy is hot and he can cook. >> gilbert gottfried -- >> you were doing so well. >> no, he wasn't. >> star jones, donny deutsch, dr. nancy, thanks. coming up, if your idea of a great vacation is lounging and relaxing, we've got great getaways to help you recharge. and later behind the scenes at fashion week, we check out the spring trends. ♪ [ female announcer ] gross -- i'll tell you what's really gross: used dishcloths. they can have a history that they drag around with them. for a cleaner way to clean try bounty extra soft. in this lab demo, one sheet of bounty extra soft leaves this surface 3 times cleaner than a dishcloth. it's super durable too. it's the cleaner way to clean. bring it with bounty extra soft.
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this morning on today's travel destinations that relax, refresh and revive. want to get away from it all and not worry about putting too much on your charge card as you recharge? we have the features director of "travel & leisure" magazine. let's get started. first of all, westlake village in california. >> this is a four seasons property. that combines the idea of a luxury resort and a state-of-the-art medical facility. so not only can you go there and get your shiatsu and your swedish massage. >> isn't that a small dog? >> no, it's not. it's a kind of massage. you can also get your health check. so you can get cholesterol checks, and see how your dna is doing. cardiac health checks. after all of this indulgence that we've done for the last, since thanksgiving, a lot of us are needing to reboot a little
9:20 am
bit and feel a little bit healthful. >> what's it going to cost us? >> it's under $260 a night. this is $210 a night. >> that's pretty cool. let's head to tucson, arizona. >> i love a dude ranch, i know you do, too. so the tanke verde ranch, in the middle of the sonoran desert. this is all about horseback riding. they have 18 0 horses for 200 guests. it's like a one-to-one ratio. can you do lots of riding, get back to nature, recharge, regroup and they have $225 per couple. >> that's nice. >> a good rate. >> and you get your horse. >> and i don't think they let you take it home. >> now we'll go to rhode island. a beautiful part of the country. >> i love places that are summer destinations off-season. you get the place to yourself. ocean house is one of the grand old estates that's just been redone to the tune of $146
9:21 am
million i believe. you can go there, they have an amazing ocean house spa and they have something fun, which is in-house forager. somebody who is a food expert and all about locavore food. she does three cooking classes a week that you can participate in for free. >> you can go forging for food? >> she forages for it and you get to eat it. >> let's go to north carolina, blowing rock. >> it says blowing rock. >> you're saying it's in blowing rock? >> yes. >> the hotel is called west bow in the blue ridge mountains, in the town of blowing rock, apparently. thank you. what's great about this hotel, which i love is the chateau, super luxurious, they're focusing not just on fitness, but also on wellness.
9:22 am
they have things like burn-out prevention classes and trying to get you feel a little more spiritually centered, which we're all looking for. they're having a great deal, $225 a night including, it's mid-week through april, it includes breakfast as well. >> last spot, st. george, utah. i assume st. george, utah, i don't know. >> it is. >> it says it on the map, but who knows. >> this is the red mountain resort. stunning, you're right by zion. it's amazing, bryce. this value is unbelievable. $175 a night. they're getting three meals, very healthful meals and you're hiking and your activities and your stay. and this is an amazing property. i think anyone who is looking for a little bit of r&r, this is the place to go. >> spectacular. >> and you're not njila? >> no, i'm not. you're part of the witness protection program? >> it's out now.
9:23 am
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> yesterday's weather disturbance out of the picture now. big area of high pressure. a front coming from the north, storm developing off to the southwest. that comes together on saturday. today's weather, lots of
9:29 am
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♪ ♪ check out these bahamas matc mamas, no program. hoda and kathie lee, soaking up the sun. guys, we've got to get there. >> take us with you! >> all i hear is music. >> i think they said take us with you. >> that's right. >> i think there is just a bit
9:31 am
of jealousy back in that studio. >> what exactly is the temperature right now in new york city? >> it's 33 degrees. >> that's a shame. >> aw. what is it here, everybody? 81! >> wow, so sad. >> so what are you guys going to be doing? >> it's a quick two and a half-hour flight from new york. you know what, al, you could pack your thong and be here by noon. >> my family is from the bahamas. it doesn't seem fair, you're there and i'm here. >> we've been hearing a lot about that, al. but we've had to do a lot of things. one of the more unattractive things we did is we went down a water slide and when you're doing it feels joyful and free and when you look at the photos after. you want to cringe and shoot yourself. >> oh, my goodness. >> look who is in the lead! >> it was al, we had a flackback of you and matt. >> we almost had a flash of
9:32 am
something else there. >> no. >> we told you it was not pretty. >> wow, that's a good look. >> look at those faces. >> you guys look like you really enjoyed it. >> i wish i would have had my bunions done. i have beautiful feet now. >> we can't wait to see that and more. it sounds like a great adventure. >> the fun begins in a short time for you. bye, guys. >> looking forward to it. meantime, coming up from here, if you've always dreamed of hitting fashion week. how do you follow that? we're going to have the next best thing. hitting the runways, taking you behind the scenes to check out what all the stylish women will be wearing this spring and how to incorporate the style into your wardrobe. we'll show you how to rock it. and we'll be having fall for fun, make being meatballs three ways, whether you like them for the main attraction, or an appetizer, they're yummy and
9:33 am
everyone loves them. first, let's show you what's happening as far as the weather is concerned. for "today," we've got rain in the pacific northwest. snowshowers, rain showers in northern texas. sunny skies, along the eastern seaboard. and hit-and-miss showers continuing through eastern florida. frigid conditions in the plains. more heavy rain along the pacific northwest coast. that >> good morning. it should to not to be a nice day today with temperatures around average for this time of year. and that's your latest weather. >> al. thank you before we go further, let's bring in james cromwell in
9:34 am
the hit movie "the artist" which has earned a whopping ten oscar nominations. james, good to see you. i assume this is your first silent film? >> definitely. it may be my last as well. >> was it fun or was it frightening? to take on a role with no dialogue? >> well actually we have dialogue. we speak to each other and we hear each other. the only difference is it's not recorded so the audience doesn't hear it. so they have to create the story for themselves. every person in the audience creates their own story. and it's a wonderful contemporary fairly simple story. only all the different layers it's on and the idea that you are participating in the film is what makes it so wonderful. >> you're george valentine's driver in this. and at the end of the day, you're probably his only real friend in this? >> actually there are three of us, the dog, his girlfriend and his chauffer. >> what is that like? >> to make the film?
9:35 am
>> yes. >> it's a wonderful process. because michelle haznavicius is such a brilliant director. i didn't know what the effect of the picture was until i sat in a theater watching it with an audience, and you listen to the audience. the recognition that they have. that they are the 1920s audience. and that they are creating the story and there's a moment at the end of the film, which is completely silent. because the audience has gotten right to the end of the plot that they've created and they have no idea where it goes next. and they wait and it's silent. like a pin drop and then suddenly the music comes on and all the joy comes back into the film and that's what you leave with. >> it's a beautiful film. >> it is, james cromwell, congratulations, the film is "the artist" in theaters now, and one of james' co-stars, penelope ann miller willen joining us tomorrow. the trends you'll be seeing in spring straight from the runway.
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this morning on today's style, a sneak peek at fashion week. glamour magazine's editor in chief went behind the scenes to check out the spring trends that rock the runway. >> hi, everybody we're here at lincoln center for the spring 2012 fashion show. full fashion industry congregates here and tries to figure out exactly what american women are going to want to wear and going to want to shop for when spring rolls around. it's loud, it's mod, but the clothes get super cute, so we've got to get in there. come on, let's take a look. one of the big trends we're seeing already even early into the week is the rise of athletic and sporty stuff. we're talking about little bomber jackets, little shorts.
9:41 am
we saw the trend big-time at alexander wang. who basically modelled his entire showed on bmx racing and even has a girl carry a bmx helmet down the runway. we saw a lot of little sweet anorak touches with jason wu. he used them quite a bit in his show and overwhelming theme so far this fashion week has been prints. floral prints, geometric prints, pop art prints, it's all about an explosion of prints in so many ways to wear them. another trend right now is the return of the sleeve. some spring seasons it's all about bare arms and pleated cut-downs and right now we're seeing a more demure look. a lot of the sexiest dresses have sleeves with little short cap sleeves or long sleeves. i think of this as the kate middleton he can. the idea that you know what, you can look fantastic without letting it all hang out.
9:42 am
>> wow. cindy levy is here to show us how to pull off some of these hot spring looks. good morning. >> good morning. >> i love the list, so let's get to it. the sporty look is intriguing to me. >> there was a lot of that stuff out there. some seasons there's just one trend that takes over the runways and this was it. i think women are going to love it sporty stuff tends to be comfortable and any time you can wear something comfy and call it fashion, you're in heaven. >> this is look that inspired it all. how do you wear it, without looking like too much of a tomboy. >> i think you don't want to wear it head to toe with sneakers. something with mesh or racing stripes and combine it with heels or something. >> here's our first model, elaine. i love that skirt. >> it's a wonderful skirt. the vertical stripes down the side are incredibly flattering. they look great on any body type. what i love about the top is it's a leather mesh. by the way, only $40. >> that's fantastic. >> and so this look can be found at all price points.
9:43 am
i love that she's carrying a little backpack style bag. it kind of emphasizes the trend. >> dell me a little about the black on the sides, does that slim down your hips? >> 100%. a great look. >> that's good for any body type. >> a pencil skirt tends to be flattering for almost any body type and i love the great traffic cone orange we're seeing anywhere. if you're going to go with a sporty neon, that's great. >> up next is the print look. bigger, bolder when it comes to prints? that's hard to wear. >> this has its own thing we're looking at right now is only for the most adventurous. a more realistic way to wear it in your daily life is, my choice this season is the printed pant. >> a major wear. most of us have a printed top in our wardrobe. what you might not have yet is the skinny printed pant. you could wear it something very daring, like a striped top but you could go with more conservative pieces. >> denise looks great in these
9:44 am
pants. how do you avoid. when you're wearing a patterned pant that draws attention to your bottom part? >> you can wear a long top, always a great choice and there are all different have a rirts o have a rirts of prin s s s ss v prints. >> and up next, the demure look with kate middleton. nobody does it better. >> absolutely. shockingly fashion has rediscovered the sleeve this season. i personally didn't get the memo today. but i think it's a wonderful look we're seeing on elise, it's very feminine, she looks absolutely womanly. it's got a bit of sex appeal. but it's very covered up, it's proper. elise is a finance manager and she could wear it to work. the color blocking, a big trend from last season. could you do it with something in your wardrobe. take two complementary colors and wearing them together. >> even though that skirt is demure, you could put a sexier
9:45 am
top on with it if you want to go out after work. >> you could just switch out the shoes to black strappy sandals and put a motorcycle jacket over it. >> you all look amazing. this is how you take it from the runway to real life. >> and everything here is under $100 and most of it under 50. >> cindy, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> i'm going to take that skirt off her. we're making meatballs in today's kitchen right after this. nne ] appliance park has been here since the early 50s. my dad and grandfather spent their whole careers here. [ charlie ] we're the heartbeat of this place, the people on the line. we take pride in what we do. when that refrigerator ships out the door, it's us that work out here. [ michael ] we're on the forefront of revitalizing manufacturing. we're proving that it can be done here, and it can be done well. [ ilona ] i come to ge after the plant i was working at closed after 33 years. ge's giving me the chance to start back over. [ cindy ] there's construction workers everywhere. so what does that mean?
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and now i'm going to make this flower bloom. presto. "love you lots." do you want to see it again? yes, i want to see it again! [ female announcer ] hallmark blooming expressions delivers your love again and again. today's cooking school is brought to you by hellmann's. this morning on today's cooking school, meatballs, not one, not two, three ways. easy to make and everybody loves them. >> and here to get the ball rolling is chris kimball. host of "america's best kitchen" and one of the authors of "cook's illustrated cookbook." >> not all balls are created equal. let's start with our first, this is the traditional recipe,
9:50 am
spaghetti and meatballs, it's a little different. >> we're doing 40 meatballs, we usually roast them in the oven. there's a few trick, we're using a panade, bread soaked in milk. an italian grandmother would always do that with any kind of meat product. keeps the meat nice and moist. >> we add it to our meat, what kind of meat? >> two pounds of ground meat, pork, beef and parsley, and pancetta. >> and tt adds flavor. >> and angelica. >> did has a dense texture, a sticky hard texture and a teaspoon and a half of gelatin and it gives you a nice texture and it helps to retain some moisture. now we're going to use my favorite cooking tool. yes. you just mix this uppen and we're going to make fairly large meatballs, they go into a 450
9:51 am
oven for about 30 minutes. >> so they also are on a rack, which means that they cook nice and evenly. >> the sauce? >> the sauce has an interesting ingredient. it uses six cups of tomato juice, which has a much nicer flavor. so the meatballs come out. they go into the sauce. we put it into the oven for about an hour. and the meatiness comes out of the meatballs and flavors the sauce, which is a classic italian cuisine. >> tamron you're up. >> an interesting twist, chicken meatballs and spaghetti. >> the problem is that the texture gets a little soft. it's a good idea to refrigerate them once you make them. for about an hour so they stick together and they put them in and we're going it fry them. >> why frying, does it add more flavor? >> first of all, we only have a few. with 40, it would have been hard. and it gives a nice texture and helps them hold together. >> you cut them small as opposed
9:52 am
to the other, why? >> it's chicken and you would like bigger chicken meatballs? >> yes. >> she feels shorted here. >> i have a hearty appetite. >> they are a little small, but i could eat more of them. >> just wait until we get to al. >> when you're cooking with chicken, are you worried that it's going to a dry meatball? >> no, we have the panade, the bread soaked in milk. >> how long do you fry them? >> ten minutes. >> and we'll finish up with a little sauce, a little garlic, a little bit of parsley. >> finish up our sauce here. >> the sauce there. put them in. >> and we finish with the sauce, they go into the sauce for five minutes. >> al is waiting for you. >> here we go. we're making cocktail meatballs? >> abondegas. >> if someone said that to you, you would hit them in the face. >> it's tough to do a segment with you, i have to say that. >> why? >> because you're so funny.
9:53 am
>> what's the combination? >> beef and pork, very similar. we'll make a quick sauce which we made with a little bit of onion, a little tomato, chicken stock and a little bit of white wine. we cooked it for about five minutes, transfer these into the sauce to finish. then we have a piccata. >> a piccata? >> a piccata, traditional spanish cooking, thicken sauce, flavor them, parsley, chopped almonds, a little bit of garlic. >> and saffron. >> and we've got a bonus for that. >> gotcha. >> and we mash it up and put it in. >> and you end up with something like this. >> thank you, chris kimball, thank you so much. if you want the recipes, you can find them on and click on food. >> we're back but first this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up, hoda and kathie lee, out in the bahamas at paradise resort.
9:56 am
>> they're having such a good time. >> after your local news and weather.
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