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tv   WBTV News 3 at Noon  CBS  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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boone and blowing rock, you continue to see passing snow showers in the afternoon. as waives of energy continue to ride through the base of this trough. winter weather advisory until 7:00 a.m. thursday for ashe, watauga, and wind chill is advisories through the lunch hour for wednesday afternoon. look at the sweeping trough of low pressure, we are seeing pieces of energy through the trough, and kicking up snow showers. how cold will we be in the charlotte area? we will take a look at that forecast coming up. >> thanks a lot. the panthers are back in the queen city cleaning up their lockers today after losing to denver in super bowl 50. today we are hearing from coach rivera and team members including cam newton on the controversy surrounding his actions after the game. he went to peyton manning on the field to congratulate him on the
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post game, critics say cam changed, he was not the same smiling quarterback we have gotten used to this season. after questions from reporters, he got up and walked out. we know broncos quarterback harris was in the same room within ear shod talking with the media about forcing the panthers to throw the ball more. live from bank of america stadium, what did cam have to say when the players cleared out the lockers this morning? >> the message was pretty carry, he says he has no regrets on how he acted dur room. it was open to the media. nobody has to talk. he spent five minutes talking to reporters and did paving it clear he has no regrets. furthermore, he said this, i am
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loser, i will show you a loser. he talked about the game saying they just simply let plays on the field am obviously it didn't go how he wanted it to go, i will also say this, there's been a lot of criticism about how he acted during the game. i asked olsen and cotchery about that. both came to his defense. anybody who questions his commitment on and off the field, they don't know cam and how the panthers play football. >> walking out of that on and off at the end of the game, that has gotten national press. what about coach rivera? he also talked at the news conference. what did he talk about? >> after he opened up with the question about cam newton, he said criticism, it is not fair at all. he said, look, he is trying to move on he is looking forward to
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he talked a lot saying he had the distinct privilege of coaching this team, the camaraderie in the locker room is something he had never experienced before as a player or coach, went on and on about how much the team means to him and the players, so now the question is, what will happen next season. he says, we have 30 tomorrow's behind us, one in front of us, our goal, to be champions next year. he is looking ahead, not looking back any more. >> thanks. we have continuing coverage of today's press conference later tonight, you can catch live reports first at 4:00. >> sky three over a foyer in southeast charlotte that killed four dogs at a one story home 10:00 this morning, firefighter were able to bring it under control quickly outside of the pets, no one was inside the home. no word on the cause.
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>> two school busses collided in charlotte this morning sending one student to the hospital, 8:00 in the parking lot of cool wood middle school on kenbury drive. officials say bus 794 collided with bus 1689. 40 students were involved. no word on the condition of the student taken to the hospital. officials have not said what caused the crash. no visible damage could be seen. a crime alert, a man is wanted in connection with a stabbing in rock hill that left one man hurt. police need your help finding 23-year-old following an incident last night night 7:00 on lucky court. police say a 51-year-old man was stabbed. the victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. if you know or saw anything, you are asked to call police. teenager in rock hill will
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police say he set a fire that killed his young brother. 17-year-old was dated by grand jury in june, and today, a mewas scheduled to appear in court for arson charge. investigators say he set the fire in march when his parents had him baby-sit his half brother. later tonight, we should know about the school board's plan for the superintendent. the contract expires in june. some would like her to remain in the position, others do not. we have obtained a letter from the teachers association, we are on your side with more. >> reporter: this letter is very direct. it states cms needs a strong new leader. overnight, it says are cms needs a new superintendent to totally leadership.
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long enough to start a search for a new superintendent. we spoke to the author of the letter and the president of the local classroom teachers association. she says they have not been bold enough. >> to go to the top job, you know where the problems are, why don't you immediately effect change. >> reporter: the question is whether or not the letter made an impact on members, whether to start the search for a new superintendent. we will be there following the details for you. >> anchor: north carolina environmental regulator say they are fining duke energy for pollution related to a coal ash spill in 2014, 6.6 million. duke said in a statement it is reviewing whether to challenge the fine. the company says water quality returned to normal quickly after the spill.
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variety of financial questions. tomorrow we are holding a phone bank during morning and early evening shows. representatives from clear point credit counseling solutions are going to be here to take your questions from 5:00 to 9:00, and 4:00 to 6:30. we want to hear from you tomorrow morning and afternoon. next, voters casting ballots in the first of the nation's primary. coming up, who is leading the race as candidates continue to campaign. >> we are continuing to see snow showers in the north carolina high country and brace for very cold temperatures here in charlotte.
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the forecast coming up.
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online television may be in danger. streaming tv has gotten popular through online services such as netflix, some companies are balking giving timely access to certain shows. they worry making streaming too pretty might encourage viewers to cut back or drop their cable service. the skies are getting more crowded, 325,000 registered drone owners in the united states, more than licensed pilots. the f.a.a. says it is higher because most operators have more than one. honda recalling civics, the company says the engines can stall while the car is in motion. dealers can't sell the cars until the problem is fixed. live outside, the charlotte skyline from our h hd, some cool.
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been outside yet today. what does it mean? the forecast is next. plus, celebrate 15 years of giving hope to end breast cancer
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event for a cure. >> anchor: voters in new hampshire areasting ballots today in the first primary of the election season. polls have donald trump ahead,
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bernie sanders in the democrat race. more from campaign 2016. >> reporter: voters are already lining up to cast ballots in the first in the nation primary. >> new hampshire never lets you down. >> reporter: candidates are out early shaking hands as voters head to their precincts. jeb bush is hoping time spent here will pay, but says he will head to south carolina there anyway. you are going no matter what. >> we have a great organization in nebraska as well. this is a long process. >> reporter: fellow floridian marco rubio is also hoping to do great. >> a lot of energy, support. we are looking forward to results and moving to south carolina. >> reporter: donald trump is the front runner in the polls, but he also led in iowa, only to finish behind ted cruz.
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a major upset for bernie sanders to lose. today's votes are about expectations moving forward. hillary clinton is pushing for every last vote. if she can close the gap, she can claim momentum, just like bill clinton did with his second place finish in 1992 earned hip the title the comeback kid. bernie sanders will likely say the win is proof voters want a political revolution. >> anchor: germany blood donations asking for blood donations after the collision that killed 9, and injured 150. some passengers had to be cut out of the wreckage and transported across the river. officials say 50 of the survivors have serious injuries. now at noon. fans are braving cold weather in
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entertainment to parade goers. today marks the culmination of the marred graw season, fat tuesday, it is one of the city's biggest tourist attractions. here we are live, wearing long-sleeve shirt, sweat shirt. parade, ambassadors, and things thrown by people. it gets a little wild. again, this is fat tuesday as we ramp up celebrations. looks like they are having a lot of fun. check out this snowfall as a winter storm moves through the washington, d.c., area. a rain and snow mix is still falling and accumulating, just not as muches as expected. there is a risk for roads to ice over. avery county schools closed today. take a look at this. any better. they have had fresh snow falling
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temperatures are perfect. and what with the weather coming up here, looks like the weekend with the valentine's day holiday it is going to be a great weekend for skiing. >> great snow making weather. i used to hub a snow day, when you caski. perfect snow making weather the next couple days. more natural snow, not a lot but a few more inches possible. live look from our hd tower cam, partly cloudy skies, and breezy northwest wind in charlotte. just to the west, a few light rain showers into gaston county, further out to the west, cleveland county, shelby, maybe even a few snow showers mixed in so we continue to see that cold northwest wind, ride into the scattered snow showers. the radar shoots over the top of some of this, but we have seen the snow falling in the high country, west jefferson and
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until 7:00 a.m. thursday, to the south, wind chill feeling brutally cold the next 24 hours. look at the winter weather advisories from tennessee into kentucky, west virginia, southern ohio and western portions of virginia this afternoon. all of that cold air continuing to sink south. we made it to 40 in charlotte. it is 24 in cincinnati, 18 chicago, and up to 11 now minneapolis-st. paul. that is a look at beach mountain where they are making snow. folks enjoying fantastic conditions in the mountains am 40 in charlotte, humidity, 35%, with west to northwest wind 10 to 15 miles an hour. upper 30 and low 40's, 40 mountain island lake, 33 registered in belmont. 38 in cornelius. you find very cold temperatures, 19 to 20 in boone, blowing rock,
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chill tonight, it will feel like you are in the single digits. 22 for the high in boone this afternoon. the foothills, warmer, 38 lenoir taylorsville. 42 wilkesboro. generally speaking we are talking about highs in the here 40's today, 42 hasn't, 44 in cheraw. the overall weather pattern the next 48 hours, we continue to see the cold northwest wind, and it brings those snow showers into the mountains. the trough pushes to the east, and will dry things out thursday friday. certainly into the afternoon and evening, especially west facing slopes, the high country those snow showers continue, and that cold northwest win will continue to blow as we head overnight and into thursday morning. charlotte, partly cloudy and cold, 42. 22 to 38 wednesday.
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thursday morning in charlotte, 18 to 39. four saturday, 37 sunday. >> anchor: that i will. we got a great event coming up. if you like to laugh, and who doesn't, and you want to help a wonderful cause, laugh for a cure, we have a couple special guests, breast cancer survivor, for komen, and dan haggerty, with international minute press talking about it. dan and his company sponsors the event. tell me for folks not familiar, laugh for the cure, this is the 15th year. >> it is. this is a great event, a way for people to get together and half. we have a headliner, a comedian, he is wonderful. we have an opening act, a great guy, a local guy, really fabulous. he is wonderful.
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los angeles, a local guy too, so we have really wonderful talent. it is a way for you to get together, laugh, and raise money for research and work that komen does to prevent breast cancer and also to support the women who have breast cancer and need mammograms, there's a lot of work that needs to be done. >> we don't think of cancer and laughing together, this is a good way. you are a circumstance. tell us what laughter means as far as someone dealing with any kind of cancer. >> it is really important for the journey, you need to laugh. laughter is the best medicine. that is no truer than when you have cancer. it is important as you go through the journey to laugh. any survivor will tell you that laughter is really important. with your friends, to get together with people and laugh. this is a great event and time to get together and celebrate
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>> anchor: a lot of fun. this is one of the two big fundraisers for komen, race for the cure had to be canceled because of bad weather. dan, you are involved in this is a really big way, one of the sponsors of laugh for the cure and race. why did you want to get involved with this organization? >> we really wanted to be active in the community, and we looked at our different options, how to do that. we wanted to be with somebody big enough to impact, but spends their dollars locally. what we loved about komen, 75% of what they bring in gets spent in the charlotte area am as a family owned business, we love that local presence. >> anchor: international press, tell us about your company. >> we do everything from business cards to huge fulfillment for the race campaign.
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put it on about anything. we help komen out with anything. >> anchor: a wonderful event, march 10, and emcee, molygrant with wbtv. thanks for joining us. a wonderful event. still have time to get tickets. >> that's right. it is lots of fun. come on out. >> anchor: it is a wonderful
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is >> anchor: bundle up. it will be cold across the
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continuing to see snow showers in the charlotte area as we head overnight, 22, 38 wednesday afternoon. morning starts in the teens. 18, that is the forecast hoe for thursday morning. >> anchor: that looks great. laugh for the cure, march 10,
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have a terrific tuesday. >> dylan: hey, i'm home! sharon? hello? >> nick: you didn't need to come, sharon. close and the kids are safe. and besides, i need answers from sandra allen myself. >> nick: okay, just let me talk to her first, all right? >> sharon: [ gasps ] >> nick: sandy? oh, my god. oh, my god. >> nick: just wait, wait, wait, wait. >> sharon: nick? is she -- we got to call the police. we need to get help. >> nick: don't. no, no, no.
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