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principal sent a message to parents this morning. we are working to learn more about what happened and will bring you the latest as soon as it comes into our newsroom. charlotte-mecklenburg police noticed your help finding a man wanted for an incident that happened in december, in charlotte. police say he was last seen in north charlotte. if you see him, call police immediately. one person is dead after an accident in y was second car involved was not injured. no word on the cause. a woman is behind bars accused of shooting her boyfriend in the face. the roane county sheriff's
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deputies were called his charges. she is in jail without bond. charlotte-mecklenburg school superintendent clark will remain in the position another year. today, she took some time to cms. >> reporter: superintendent clark told me she is even more committed to this district after the board voted to give her a one year extension as superintendent. this morning, she wasted no tame getting to work, but did take time out to thank bus drivers. this week, school bus driver proshtion week, she wanted to make surdryers were honored with a thank you for keeping students safe and warm on cold mornings like this. she says she is focused on conquering student assessment plan and the budget.
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different from yesterday to committed to this district if that's possible. as i told the board last night, i spend to pour myself into the next year and look forward to helping the district that has been my home 33 years. >> reporter: she isn't interested in being part of the search, but will make sure the baton is passed as smoothly as possible once that person is chosen. >> anchor: the board extended the contract, and begin the search for the next superintendent immediately. the health department announced the police department has been awarded a grant from vfs to install a drug collection unit. you can find it on east main. it provides you with a safe way to get rid of any unwanted or
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today vice president joe biden will visit duke university, to talk about the work to eliminate cancer. it was a highlight of the state of the union address. he announced vice president biden will lead the effort, a cause that is personal to him. his son bo lost his battle with brain cancer in may. the presidential race turns its attention to south carolina following the new hampshire primary, donald trump scoring a decisive victory, and bernie sanders overwhelmingly detailed hillary clinton by more than 20%. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: donald trump dominated the primary, 35% of the vote. he appeared on cbs this morning saying his popularity will continue to grow. >> tonight i am going to south carolina. we are going to have at least
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>> reporter: ohio governor kasich placed second with his largely positive message but says he will fight back if attacked. >> i am not going to take a cushion. >> reporter: ted cruz came in third, followed by jeb bush, who fight. >> i think the field will whittle down eventually. i am patient. >> i did not do well on saturday night. listen to this, that will never happen again. >> reporter: hillary clinton is trying to recover from a brutal loss to bernie sanders. he won across the board, especially with young people. >> because of the huge voter turnout, and i say huge. we won. >> i know i have work to do, particularly with young people. >> reporter: the clinton camp quickly released a memo explaining why she is expected
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with more communities of color. sanders is reaching out to minorities. he met with the reverend al sharpton this morning in harlem. >> anchor: after disappointing sixth place finish, governor christie went home to new jersey to consider his options. coming up next, we have new information to share on the zika virus, and the rise in cases we are seeing in the united states. and an air bag recall expands. we will tell you what other vehicles have been added to the
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it is projected t&^ caurio the centers for disease control fears it could only be a matter of time. >> we think it is likely that we will have limit local transmission in some of the southern states. in the winter months now we have a chance to really try to get ahead of it. >> anchor: president obama recently asked congress for more than $1.8 billion in emergency funding to respond to the virus. today the centers for disease control director will take part in a hearing in capitol hill to talk about the zika virus. he will be joined by the director of institute of allergy and infection diseases. he says it is unlikely to be a widely available vaccine for a few years. veterans affairs hospitals have been found to have lower death
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patients for heart attack, or pneumonia have lower death rates compared to nonva hospitals. researchers found re-admission rates were higher at va hospitals. we have a recall, ikea recalling two of the ceiling hamps after hundreds of reports of the shade failing. 11 injuries have been reported. sold from late 2012 to january 2016, and 2002 to just last month. ikea is urging customers to return them for a full refund. the takata air bag recall is expanding. daimler and mercedes have recalled on 800,000 vehicles, they say it is a precautionary measure after reports the air
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they is -- they can explode without warning. google computers just got their driver's license, so to speak. safety regulators have determined computers controlling the cars can qualify as drivers. in another movie to get their cars on the road, gaggle filed a patent to create a driveless delivery truck with locks that can only be opened by customers with a pick code or credit card. a live look on our hd tower cam, it is a nice looking day, lots of clouds in the sky. it is still very cold out there. it won't much up and also coming up, hundreds of
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will have more when we return.kurancis met and nuclear test.
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>> anchor: training?uickly do these dogs when they are on tv? >> a lot of times i will get back, and there's someone there waiting for them. so if you are interested, come on down now. >> give them a call. bring your family down, interact see if she will make a perfect
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go to >> we have to admit it, this one stings a bit. panthers came up short in the big game. it has been a terrific ride from the first few contests when critics said it was a fluke, to the end of the season, when it looked like football perfection was possible, not quite, but we web to the playoffs and super bowl. sports is just entertainment. rooting for the home tomorrow is not going to make schools better resolve the toll lane dilemma, but isn't it great to wear
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you have never met and think we are all in this together. to put it simply, this year has been fun. passing out footballs to fans, leading a dominating defense, and davis, playing football with a broken arm, for pete's sakes. this kind of season doesn't come along all that often. we thank everyone in the organization for taking us on an i believe a thrill ride.
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