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tv   WBTV News 3 at 530PM  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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not a lot to t there is not a lot of moisture to it. more will be squeezed out over the mountains than outside of the mountains. as far as this evening up in elevation you did get a break from the snow showers as they temporarily shutoff for tonight. but they will be picking up tomorrow and you can see that on future-cast as we put it in motion. clouds moving in everywhere. and tomorrow afternoon again the snow mainly in the mountains. outside of there cannot rule out a flurry or a quick hitting snow shower east of the mountains and a shower south of charlotte as you see indicated on future-cast. and then in the short-term cool now. in the 40s. we'll drop to the low 40s through 7:00 p.m. and 30s by 8:00 p.m. and more details on your weekend forecast and then that second system we are watching for president's day is coming up in a couple of minutes. >> thank you.
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the forecast by downloading the free weather app. >> a local mom faces charges after her 20 mold old daughter overdosed while in the bed next to here. a friend found shannon clement and her baby girl was unconscious. the 9-1-1 call was released. we will warn you it is difficult to understand. tell me exactly what happened? >> i don't know we come here and the mom was sleeping and the baby [inaudible] >> what do you mean sucking air? difficulty breathing. >> yes. >> david whisenant has been following this story and is live from salisbury. i understand you spoke with friends of the mother who are defending her. do we know what happened? >> well, at least police are telling us what they believe happened. they say that shannon the mother was in bed with her daughter and
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fell asleep the girl picked up the pills and ate like they were candy. >> the next-door neighbor said it was a terrifying scene when police showed up at 416 south wednesday. >> they walked out the front door one of the men. and he had the little girl in his hands like this and her arm was dangling. >> cc had overdosed on drugs her mother had in the bed. the girl was described as being unconscious and limp with purple lips and white stuff all over her face according to the 9-1-1 call. shannon clement was booked into jail and today her friends who did not want to be identified says shannon is no criminal. a mistake. >> she is a good person. and it's just this happened.
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you know. and just not fair because she is not a bad mom. she is a really good one. >> and people are making her out to be like she did this on purpose. every parent makes some kind of mistake with their children in their life. >> clement has two prior charges one for misdemeanor larceny and one for failing to appear in court and is now charged with child abuse and drug charges for what happened in the home she shares with her two children and other friends. >> just grieve my heart to know what those children were living in. >> we checked and according to police and family, the little girl cc is in the hospital and improving. they believe she will make a full recovery her mother is held on $90,000 bond and the youngest child is with another family member now. david whisenant wbtv on your side. >> thank you.
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we have posted more about the child's condition and what we are told could be hurt on the -- heard on the 9-1-1 call. south carolina is at the center of campaign 2016 after iowa and new hampshire a lot is at stake. >> the republican and the democratic parties will hold primaries in south carolina. why hopefuls are campaigning in the state. jeb bush was in florence and is getting ready for a stop in columbia tonight. >> and doors opened at 5:30 in columbia. bush's brother former president george w. bush is expected to join him in south carolina. >> some of the other republican presidential hopefuls in south carolina today include john kasich, he spoke in myrtle beach. and then marco rubio was also in the myrtle beach area. >> and tonight ted cruz will speak in fort mill. video of him at a stop. and ben carson visited gaffney today.
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>> in all 10 candidate also square off in the first in the south republican primary. all 10 here on the screen. the primary will be held saturday february 20th. coming up next we will look at why south carolina is so important in the political process and who candidates are trying to win over. >> on the democratic side bernie sanders and hillary clinton are getting ready for a debate tonight. this will be the first since sanders victory in new hampshire. maureen o'boyle joins us now live with more on what to expect. >> jamie, the debate will take place at the university of wisconsin. and experts say there is a clear agenda for hillary clinton going into tonight. >> we apologize that is the
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but we do understand that it's going to be hillary's job tonight to focus on the groups that she knows bernie sanders has really been able to connect with. we talked to a lot of people about south carolina and the democratic voters. that will be heading to the polls seven days after the republican voters. tonight's primary, the candidates are -- the debate, the candidates are said to be focusing on the nevada caucuses. >> a lot at stake. the calendar is starting to tighten. lots of races here. all leading up to super tuesday. tonight's debate that maureen was talking about will start at 9:00 p.m. and stream it on youtube and cbs will have a republican debate saturday night on wbtv. >> time to check the traffic with tonya rivens. she is live in the first alert traffic center. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. and we've got problems as we check in 485 outer heads up anyone using this route
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is an accident on arrowood at 485. and on the mapping system and go to the accident, highway 160 is a great alternate route. and notice all of the red on the mapping system. slow-moving traffic on i-77 and south tryon street where it crosses over. a stranded motorist at woodlawn at i-77 and an i-77 south boulevard is the better alternate route. >> next all new at 5:00 concerns about mosquitoes in north carolina as the zika virus spreads. >> and a rock hill native and
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campus what we the fire started at 3:00 p.m. and several structures and tankers in that area smoke and fire billowing off into the sky. you can see the smoke for miles. no reports so far of injuries. outlets are reporting that the warehouses have been evacuated. and firefighters from several counties in that area have had to respond to that fire which is now considered a five-alarm fire. we will keep watching this and
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cause come in here. >> and again that was in new jersey. that is not a local fire but something concerning because it is so big. a lot of people are watching it. >> next, a special high school graduation today one of our molly's kids a senior got his diploma in the hospital. kristen hampton will have more on this private ceremony only wbtv was invited to attend. >> and the first-alert weather team tracking a storm that might bring winter weather to the carolinas. >> we have more cold on the way tomorrow and that will last through the weekend. more details on that and the
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the zika virus is reported in 17 states. ral out of raleigh says an expert says north carolina cannot track and fight this spread of sneaks. there mosquitoes. there used to have funding but the programs were eliminated. 66 cases of zika are confirmed in the united states they are all related to travel outside of the country. >> four people charged with robbing three drugstores. when police caught up to them there were 200 boxes of prescription drugs in the car. all charged with felony retail theft and larceny. the group accused of robbing a cvs in albemarle and a walgreen's in richfield. >> it was a day of pomp and ceremony on the cap puss of
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students, faculty and administrators celebrated founders day meant to honor the memory of charles price who founded the school. it was held in 1894 one year after the death of dr. price. the event included singings, speeches and the laying of a wreath on campus there at the moz leigh yum where dr. priss was entered. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. independence boulevard volume starting to build. 277 emergency repairs a lane closure due to a watermain break until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. heads up for anyone using that. and another accident at independence boulevard and conference drive. congestion monroe road or w.t. harris is a great alternate route. and a lot of volume on albemarle road as well. >> thank you.
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life is hitting milestones. and one very important one happened today while he was in the hospital. >> robert gilmore graduated from salisbury high school with a certificate of achievement. it's just one of the things he has achieved while battling cancer. kristen hampton has the story in tonight's good news. [applause] >> robert steven gilmore has been through more in 19 years than most people will endure in a lifetime. but today cancer did not matter. this did... >> despite all of your setbacks and health problems you have fought, you fought cancer twice, and you fought hard in school to learn and to get good grades. i have been an oncologist for 22 years and i cannot think of a patient who fought harder and worked harder than you, robert. >> robert is in possible piss
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i was like i do not have my camera on. but it was one of the two last things that he wanted to do. >> nurses and family setup the ceremony near robert's hospital room. officials from salisbury high school came in person to deliver a certificate of achievement. and just like every other high school senior, turn the tassle it is an accomplishment that is bittersweet. >> he is tired. and we wanted to help him be able to complete everything on his list. and for that for me he is amazing. he is my superman. >> pride overwhelmed this room today. inspiration came in a high school senior and left a remarkable high school graduate. in winston-salem with the good news, kristen hampton wbtv on your side. >> what a day. >> big day.
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we've followed robert's story for a longtime and the high school crew all the kids they have supported robert throughout his battlesment a big shout-out to them. his junior prom king last year. and he has been in big support our hearts and thoughts to you. >> and hear his doctor about how all the patients, robert is one of the biggest fighters. >> kristen is always looking for good news to share. accepted her your ideas to... >> and weather right now and get you over to lyndsay tapases in the first alert weather center. >> not as cold today. we saw highs in the upper 40s but the temperatures going back down into. and the upcoming weekend and it's all going to end with the storm that starts out with winter weather for presidents day on monday. 47 in charlotte. not too, too bad.
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compared to yesterday at this time 10, 12, 13 temperature rise over the past 24 hours. not too, too bad. and that means tonight will not be as cold as last night. we got down to 17 last night in charlotte. tonight the low will hold at 26 morning. quick-hitting batch of showers on the way for tomorrow and behind that that another reenforcing shot of cold air gets in here. tomorrow temperatures will go back down and way down as we head into the weekend which you will see for saturday and sunday. so future-cast as we go forward through tomorrow clouds back in pretty much for everyone. we have the snow showers in the mountains and an outside possibility that again flurry a quick-hitting snow shower could escape for tomorrow. as far as anything accumulating it will hold ash, watauga avery counties as the snow showers
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or the early hours of saturday morning. looks like it could be 2-4 inches for the ski resorts. good news with the showers coming in for tomorrow. high temperatures tomorrow will be around freezing. boone into the foothills around 40 lenoir back towards taylorsville charlotte back into the low 40s. call it 42 for your friday high. and we will be in the lower 40s for the south carolina counties on friday. and then we keep going down into the weekend. saturday, valentine's day especially look at the low, sunday 16 going to 35. and the cold air will be in place monday. it's cold to start why it looks like it begins with snow and ice and changes to rain for monday night and into tuesday morning. as far as amounts are concerned, again, on the lower side here. the greatest confidence is that we see no better than an inch of snow and ice in charlotte.
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could top an inch but our chance for seeing a good snowstorm is near 0 at this point with the quicker change-over to rain for monday night and into tuesday morning. back to you. >> thank you. next, mystery surrounding the death of a rock hill native. >> she was found dead on campus and who those who knew her are saying tonight. >> and for you new at 6:00... >> will forced busing happen in cms to create more diverse classrooms? what the school board has to say about it coming up.
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on wbtv news is sponsored by... >> a developing story a local man found dead on the coast. >> alex giles is following it. >> we've gotten word that a man from our area was found dead in the myrtle beach area. this video from our sister station the body was found this
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we learned that it's 37-year-old gary kyle smith. he is from lancaster. a preliminary autopsy showing no signs of trauma but the cause of death is pending. as soon as we find out what the cause was we will bring it to you. >> a local high school is remembering one of their own after she died on the clemson university yesterday. >> emily elizabeth ferris graduated from south point high school in 2015 this is video speaking about her christian faith for the clemson crew. today our partners at cn2 spoke with her former assistant principal. >> she was an important part of our community. she was just well respected and connected. so hearing that news, it hit a lot of folks. and because of who she was as an individual person and student. >> sad. emily was majoring in patiences, recreation and tourism management.
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found yesterday morning. >> charlotte is preparing for the chance of winter weather. >> the best look at your forecast coming up next and coming up new at 6:00... >> drivers pay a boat load of tolls to drive this highway here in texas.
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i came to look at the fut >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> now, at 6:00, cms meets to talk student assignment. why one school board member wants to keep forced bugs on the table. >> we hit the road to see how other toll roads owned by sentra fared in the u.s. >> was it a good deal for drivers? >> i do not think so.
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warning north carolina to think twice about private tolls. >> first tonight, snow, rain and freezing rain it is all a possibility as we look ahead to a winter storm. >> and we have a chance of snow for tomorrow. good evening i'm paul cameron. >> i'm maureen o'boyle. good to have you with us. we are on your side with team coverage. lyndsay tapases is looking at the factors that could impact next week's storm. >> first eric thomas has more freezing temperatures coming tonight. eric? >> out the door and as maureen mentioned there could be snow in here in the next 24 hours and lyndsay on the president's day storm. metro school in uptown beautiful sunset but the clear skies will allow efficient cooling through the evening hours. 44 right now. we hit 48 for the high today. low to mid-40s in the piedmont. 26 how about this, up there at the snow in the mountains and more of that on the way. 35 through 9:00 p.m.
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if you have the evening plans again down to freezing by 11:00 p.m. so the map is quiet right now. but have a lookout to the west we have this upper-level impulse that is quickly heading back toward the mid-atlantic and the carolinas. yes, it is' 600 miles out but it looks like it's due to be here tomorrow and more snow in the mountain and flurries outside of the mountains do not be surprised if you see some in charlotte. the bigger storm is coming into the east coast on monday and lyndsay tapases has more on that, lyndsay? >> all right. so things looking different than at this time yesterday. and while yes, we are going to start out with a lot of cold air in place for this storm, warm air going to overcome it which is why it looks like we will see a quick change-over to rain in the charlotte area. anything in blue here this is showing you air below freezing. at the onset of the storm, yes it will begin as snow and ice in charlotte. but since this storm is now


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