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tv   WBTV News 3 at 11PM  CBS  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. the temperatures are dropping below freezing tonight we're analyzing the chance for winter weather tomorrow. it is a developing story. welcome, everyone. i'm paul cameron. i'm molly grantham. we have live team coverage of the winter weather. we'll start with eric thomas, though, he is in the first alert weather center. good evening we'll analyze the chances of snow for tomorrow and where it is. it is moving to the southeast at 20 to 25 miles per hour. now the bigger batch that will be getting into the carolinas tomorrow, that's moving across illinois now, 450-miles from us
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out around new london, kentucky. moving out and if you put a tracker on that, that will put the flurries here it is getting into boone around 5:00 in the morning. again that's the first batch, the second is a heavier one. in the air across the high country. 22 degrees. and accumulations a little bit later in the news. just for us another cold start if you are closer to charlotte. take it easy. prepare for the cold conditions now. coming up colder air coming our way for the weekend. that sets the stage for a potential winter storm. part of the 7-day first alert forecast, crews are started treating the roads here because of the possible winter weather. the city was out treating with salt brine. the state d.o.t. and brining the bridges. there is a trouble spot that has been icing over and that's why
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alex giles is live. this could cause some issues tomorrow morning. >> reporter: absolutely, paul. the right lane of 74 southbound here scheduled to be closed until 4 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. tonight you can see the signals out on the road diverting the drivers to the left. the dot closed the lane last night after concerns about water collecting in the road and freezing they worried this would create hazardous driving conditions and determined that a water pipe was the cause and dot handed over control of the roadway to the water department. crews will be on site and assess the situation and make sure you take this in is 74 south right before exit 243. reporting live in charlotte, alex giles, wbtv on your side. our team will be monitoring the weather overnight. watch the news for an up to the minute forecast before you head out the door.
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deadly hit and run that killed a woman. troopers say they tracked down the driver responsible. authorities say stevie wolf breland was driving the truck. it it forced the car into the media and flipped. we have these evidence photos. the purple plastic. and a tip led to breland who was in jail on unrelateed charges. >> family is happy to be back home after they were stuck on the cruise ship that was caught in a massive storm. it was pounded by 30-foot waves. look at the deck chairs blowing around. we talked with cite tall hutchins. they flew back into charlotte today. they are happy to be home a their vacation turned into a 12-hour nightmare. >> we were scared for our lives
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they are there at their mercy. and you know the royal caribbean, if this was you and your kids, would you have put us on the ship, you would not have. >> that's what we're mad about right now. >> she held her three year old in her lap the whole time. the cruise was refunded and gave a cruise with a discount. she said she is not quite ready to talk about going on another not right now. tonight new information on a massive five-alarm fire. it ripped through a park. this is breaking news and can you see the fire was burning tonight. plumes of smoke into the air that smoke was not toxic but the e.p.a. has been monitoring air quality. firefighters are not sure what caused the fire to start and spread so quickly. >> campaign 2016 charging full steam ahead. and the republicans jockeying for a victory in south
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we're live where thousands came0 to hear from those candidates. >> michael. >> reporter: the audience members came here to listen to ted cruz and ben carson talk about education as part of the values summit, issues important to people in the battleground state. >> at winthrop university ted cruz and ben carson. cruz focused on family values. >> the first day of office i will instruct the department of justice to open an investigation into planned parenthood and >> reporter: he said despite some polls thinks he will do well. he talked about religious freedom and to help struggling families, i have no intention of withdrawing safety net programs from people who need them.
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people to climb out of dependency and be a part of the fabric. >> and many had other destinations. and jeb bush talked about reform for veterans. >> we need to shrink the veteran's side and expand the care for veterans and do it in a way that is passionate and quick because they are hurting. >> reporter: marco rubio told voters he does not believe that everything has a solution. >> the important institution in society is the family, that what what happens in the house is more important than what happens in the white house. >> and john kasich is trying to game. >> i sense a lot of support here and tough take the support and translate it into positive hampshire. >> reporter: a lot of candidates here today the only one miss something donald trump who is polling well in south carolina. he focused on louisiana and a week left before the south
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more gop candidates come through here in rock hill. >> thank you. in the past few minutes bernie sanders and hillary wisconsin. this is the first since sander's victory in new hampshire on tuesday. they clashed over health care he wants to create a singer payer system. and hillary clinton said it millions. bernie sanders said it will save money for middle and lower income class families. and a company building the i-77 express lanes one national group is issuing calls to abandon the deal and think twice before putting public roads in private hands. the interest group called the project a boone dogle. and drivers there have learned what what happens when private companies set the price of
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>> reporter: drivers along the skyway had to pay more and more to get to work daily since the city sold the connector between it and the southern suburbs in 2005. >> we're going 2-dollars to $5 now. >> it awarded a lease of the road to a company co-owned by centra. the company was forced to sell it amid declining ridership and financial troubles. >> the expectations are not realistic. >> and abe scar works with a public interest group. deals like the gun chicago have faced financial hardship because they are based on bad projections, for decades on a year to year basis the amount of driving that americans was doing was increasing. so a safe to plan on building roads and infrastructure based on the aassumption it would increase. that has ended.
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aassumption that traffic will increase i'm probably wrong. >> yes, that's what the evidence is. >> and the contract with nc dot calls for taxpayers to make up the difference if the projection falls short. >> the public loses out. and examples of the public losing out with the deals outnumber where it has been a clear winner for the public. >> in a statement to on your side, a nc dot spokesperson said, quote, the decision to award the contract was based on the financial strength and delivery capabilities of centr us and the partnership ensures that additional lanes will be open to traffic on i-77 north to manage congestion in three years. that protects the taxpayers of north carolina by putting any liability on private equity bond holders. what happened in chicago and to other roads should cause leaders
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infrastructure. >> we say proceed with caution. >> reporter: reporting from chicago. >> we have been investigating the toll lane project since it was announced. you can find our corning and the plans to cancel the project and wt harris where the crews, can you see this, they are ready to hoist this massive i beam girder. it will be installed over wt harris. that spans 550 feet and a critical step in the extension plan. it will lift the beam any moment. we'll get back when we can. we're monitoring chances for snow in and around charlotte including tomorrow morning some flakes, snowflakes. and eric thomas is timing out
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>> they are currently located across the ohio valley. there is a patch. a bigger batch across illinois. that's coming in with colder air and the storm early next week. the first alert forecast. we are hearing the emotional memories of two women who sufficient ired terror in the emanuel ame church. >> i never thought in my wildest nightmare i would lose my child, my friends it at bible study. >> it is powerful and who they credit with saving their lives coming up. >> plan to bring costco to the lake norman area. the problem some people say the wholesale story will bring to
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this is number one choice a judge is delaying the trial of the charleston church shooter. dylan roof is accused of killing people in charleston in june of last year. his lawyers told the judge they were not ready. the state death penalty trial is scheduled for july 11th t is unclear if it will impact his federal trial. 8 eights after the shootings at the church, we are hearing from two of the women who survived. they have emotional memories about the evening when a gunman opened fire on their group. andway are hearing how they made it out alive. >> and it sounded like it. and inside the walls. >> i kept praying under the
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>> eight months ago these church goers were in the church when nine lives ended. one was her aunt sue jack send and her son. >> and he you want have to do this. he said why are you doing this. he took the attention, the attention off of us, it was on him. >> and so he saved us. they say the man who turned on them was welcomed with open arms into their wednesday night bible study, they were nice to him, a place that was suppose to be safe. >> i never thought in my wildest thoughts i would lose my child
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>> that's the part, that's the part i cannot get past. >> somehow days after the shooting during the bond hearing, the women found the impossible, forgiveness. >> it is a release. >> it is for me. that's not for him. >> i foregave him. i believe in repentance, i believe god will forgive him. >> in the months following a lot has changed from the confederate flag coming down and daily discussions about race. their pain is not without progress,. >> he is trying to show us something, some of us woke up, some of us are still asleep. >> sarah blake-morgan. >> the third survivor of the shoot something sander's 11-year-old granddaughter. what very more of this right now on our web site at, it is there for you on the web
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>> man charged with murdering his wheelchair bound mother. robert hipes is accused of killing her in her home. he with ent into a bank and started asking suspicious questions about his mother's account. deputies went to the home and found her shot to death in her bedroom. they have not released a motive. let's go live again to charlotte where workmen are wrestling with the piece of steel that they plan to use for the blue line extension. as they are trying to put it into place we saw them put the clamps on it. this very not hoisted it but we'll watch this. they are working in 35-degree temperatures. >> cold weather. >> steel is cold at that temperature, no question. >> eric thomas is here with the details. >> yes, you're right, we're in the mid30s. aids many are -- and many are below 30s.
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there it is. on the move and coming our way. 1 to 3 inches. these are the counties in tennessee but they bump up against the wbtv viewing area. we'll see if they extend the advisories into our mountains. we think in the higher elevations we'll get 2 to 4 for the slopes. more for them which is great. you come down and the blowing rock area. we're not expecting as much. now i showed you that and it will be the middle of the day. and 42. are you not going to generate the accumulating snow out of that. we talked about the low in the 20s. here is the time, this is the bigger batch. even it is breaking up a bit.
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around the midday hours. it is drawing out it is over. we could see more snow. >> beyond that we'll take you down to the peed month. 37 at noon. 41 for the second day. we're in the 40s but we're going down for the highs in the >> and. these are the numbers. 40 in the foothills. down into the piedmont. >> it is a cool day. >> and the rest of the weekend as said quiet but look how cold it is, 30s for saturday. and 35 and then here we go. what about this. the brief ice perhaps snow early in the morning. that's on monday.
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the freezing line we're below freezing it can -- it could be sleet and freezing rain. this area is shraoeufrpbging and it stays snow here across the high country but the rain -- this area is shrinking and it stays snow here. don't expect much here monday but tricky in the early going. then we rebound back next week v a great night. >> thank you very much. new information on the plan to bring costco to the lake norman area. and the planning board discussed the idea and voting in favor of the wholesale retailer t is to build it off i-77 and exit 35. the decision will move on to the board of commissioners recommending it be rezoned. there were mixed reactions. >> the way that the intersection
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for costco, being in a residential area we don't have the infrastructure to handle the increase. we cannot handle it now. >> the board will take up the request in mid-march. and you remember the record powerball jackpot, north carolina made a killing. it turned into an extra $30 million on top of $5,925,000,000 earmarked for the state educational system. a lot of money. >> did they have the other winners come forward the california. >> not yet, they have time.
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we tim off with college hoops and charlotte and rice the
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they trailed at half by 10 and started the second 20 minutes with an 11-0 run from nike price's team. and white on fire from 3 point range. 20 points. charlotte continued to pour it on. how about davis running the floor here for the fans. he had 17. niners put together a 34-10 run to ice this. and 20 points. a big win. huge offense efficient explosion. and 5 and 6 in conference u.s.a. in the big south and winthrop hosting the lancers. gavin started off the streak of three pointers. and dishing. nice pass there to price. gavin on fire. another three pointer.
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picket with the steal and -- no. no pass necessary. eagles. they get the sixth win. they are 17-7. 9-4 in big south play. >> more scores on the big board. gardener webb. and 89-85. and appalachian state lost a heartbreaker in the lone star state. for the information on the games and weekend previews of the local and national team goes to the harley davidson sports app. >> and kidd-gilchrist -- michael kidd-gilchrist tore a labrum. and in the pre-season. and had surgery, sat out until seven games ago. they will reevaluate him after this weekend. now one game above 500 in the
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they have to figure it out. they tonight play until a week from friday. panthers voided the contracts of roman harper and jericho cotchery. he dropped three passes in the super bowl. harper provided leadership for the team. surprise to a lot of people brian vickers will be the replacement for tony stewart. he will drape the chevy throughout speed week and vickers has gone through on and off problems with clottings. the 32-year-old has not done much driving lately. more on the new green-white checkered overtime policy go to
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here are the headlines. cold over the weekend. highs again only in the 30s. lows in the teens and the messy snow and ending as rain nice by wednesday. >> thank you for making us your choice for news at 11.
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