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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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dry here in charlotte, that is the metro school camera, a lot of cloud cover is helping to keep temperatures up a little bit. 31 in charlotte this morning, yesterday morning we were 17. a big difference. 29 ballantyne, 27 belmont, near freezing mountain island lake, lake norman, 28 until harrisburg. north, colder, mountains at 24, 30 in morganton, 29 shelby and 28 in monroe. for today, mostly cloudy skies, a flurry or sprinkle, morning, mid-day hours. this afternoon breaks of sunshine, get back to 42. big storm system on the horizon. cover that in the seven day planner, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather morning. traffic. >> chris: traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. if you travel independence boulevard head's up you may remember yesterday, that right hand lane on 277 closed down. crews are still on the scene, broken water main, they are repairing that, water seeping on the roadway and worried about morning. so again, you will find delays building as we head in the rush
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live look at independence from briar creek, in toward center city, volume beginning to pick up, but most of the major interstates continue to run in the green and our latest accident scene, this is on westinghouse boulevard, it is listed right before i-77 on the ramps. that is a check of the morning commute. christine, back to you. >> christine: breaking news we've been following since 4:30 this morning. authorities investigate an officer-involved shooting in catawba county. happened last night at a home on old park road in maiden. wbtv was the first to break story for you on social media, our reporter ashton pellom has been on the scene, was first there and is getting brand new details about this incident. ashton? >> reporter: good morning, christine. talked to the police chief about 15 minutes ago. he says this is just a tragic event and hard on everybody from his officers here at the pd to the family of the man involved
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you will hear from him in a second. first the pictures i shot when i first arrived on scene, i was the first on scene, snapped the picture of the patrol cars at the house on old park road. officials tell me just before 8:00 last night they got a call about a resident in the home, that was cutting himself. police say when they arrived, they found 35-year-old elijah jackson barricaded in a small down stairs bathroom. they got him to come out of the bathroom but when he came out, he was uncooperative, they ordered him to put the knife down, that he was cutting himself with, but jackson refused. they then said he lunged at the two officers with stabbing and slashing motion, they shot him and he was pronounced dead on scene. i spoke with the maiden police chief, tracy ledford, he described how this is an emotional morning for him and his officers and the family this morning.
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i feel for all the parties involved. these officers were confronted with a deadly situation, and they had to defend themselves and the other people in the residence. >> reporter: chief ledford told me the two officers are on paid administrative leave this morning and the sbi is investigating this. as soon as we learn any more information we'll update you on air and online at reporting live in maiden, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> christine: ashton, thank you. this isn't the first time the victim has been shot, back in may of last year we reported that elijah jackson and his brother, caleb jason, were shot during a dispute with a neighbor while living in claremont. no one was charged in that incident. incident. >> john: the base cam from sugar mountain and skiing conditions are really looking terrific in all of north carolina ski
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we don't have that picture right now, apparently. but we know that the slopes are ready for what figures to be a very busy holiday weekend. back here in charlotte, officials are gearing up for the threat of winter weather today and for the next few days. it will get sloppy according to al conklin coming up, transportation crews have already started treating the roads, putting brine down on the highways and schools are trying to get ahead of the game. wbtv's mark davenport on your side with details. >> reporter: the city was out yesterday afternoon treating some of the streets they have the biggest issues with, with salt brine, they are getting a head start before the weather moves in. we also saw the state department of transportation treating some of the bigger highways overnight, i saw salt brine down on the flyover at 485 and 77, heading up toward the city. i also saw the salt brine down charlotte. now the other thing we're keeping our eye on, charlotte-mecklenburg schools are monitoring the weather
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potential for winter weather, priority. the school district has to make sure bus routes and parking lots are clear of ice. that was the problem last month when we got hit with freezing rain, cms was criticized for not clearing the areas. children were out for a couple days and that could happen again if this weather moves in the way it should move in, cms is focused on that, student safety is their no. 1 priority. we're focused on it as well and we'll watch the roads as d.o.t. crews prep the highways and streets that have the bigger problems before we get the winter weather in the weekend and next week. reporting out here live outside uptown charlotte, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> christine: breaking overnight the red cross is assisting a family of five forced out of their amount by a fire in southwest charlotte. this happened early this morning on fallon farm road near
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working to learn if anyone was hurt and what caused the fire. >> john: troopers tracked down the driver want in a deadly hit and run crash in chester county. arrest warrants have been served for 58-year-old stevie breland. he was driving the tractor-trailer that rear-ended a forward ford explorer, flora ellenburg was killed. breland being held on unrelated charges. >> christine: a lancaster county man is charged with murdering his wheel-chair bound mother. robert hypes was arrested for killing carolyn taurino in their home in kershaw. they were tipped off after hypes went in a bank and started asking suspicious questions about his mother's account. deputies went to her house and bedroom. investigators have not released a motive. campaign 2016 now is in full swing, in south carolina.
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presidential candidates have events scheduled in the state in the next few days. thousands came out to see two of those candidates at for the rum at winthrop university last night. ted cruz and ben carson spoke allow a lot of topics including family values and helping struggling families. >> on the first day in office, i will struck the u.s. department of justice to open an investigation in to planned parenthood and to prosecute any and all criminal violations. >> what i do intend to do is to create ladders of opportunity to allow people to climb out of dependency and become part of the fabric of america. >> jeb bush made a campaign stop in columbia, marco rubio stopped in myrtle beach and john kasich visited north myrtle beach. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are turning their attention to nevada and south carolina one day after their sixth debate.
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but pointed as they sparred over foreign policy and the economy last night in milwaukee. the debate delved in race and immigration reform as they continue to court the minority vote. >> john: kristen miranda is live in the alert center. >> kristen: i wanted to show you a live picture i've been watching from new jersey. a fire started yesterday, it is still burning this morning. i'll get you caught up from the minutes. >> john: a quick check of first alert weather, 31 degrees in charlotte, a live look at i-77 at woodlawn road, traffic moving smoothly but thick.
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day with wbtv news this morning. >> john: we have several stories you don't want to miss in the 6:30 half hour. at 6:33, our on your side investigation in the toll roads run by the same company set to control the i-77 toll lanes continues with part iii, we head to indiana to hear from state leaders about their experience. plus with valentine's day a few days away, find out why many are going green and local when it comes to buying flowers. that is coming up at 6:46. right now get over to kristen miranda. >> christine: live in the alert center watching live pictures of a humongous fire in new jersey, still burning? >> kristen: 12 plus hours later, still burning. these are live images out of hillsboro, new jersey. this fire still very very strong there, firefighters have been working very hard to battle this fire at a warehouse. it is in an industrial park. alex giles was covering this in the alert center yesterday
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see, this fire is burning. i think we have video we can show you of what that fire looked like yesterday when it was at the peak. look at this. unbelievable. still no information this morning on what caused that fire. i'm watching the tweets from one of the reporters in the new york city area on the scene there and she says there have been no reports of any injuries, still this morning they do not know what caused this fire. but we are going to continue to watch as we watch these live pictures and the impressive efforts to put the fire out. back to you. >> christine: thanks, kristen, keep us posted. on your side with health news, a scary scenario regarding mosquitoes in north carolina as the zika virus is reported in 17 other states. the state's chief epidemiologist says north carolina cannot track and fight the spread of mosquitoes. she says there used to be funding to do mosquito count but two programs meant to control mosquitoes and other pests were
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morning, lawmakers are making it official, you can't tax internet access. part of a new trade bill permanently bars state and local governments from taxing access to the internet. passed the senate yesterday after passing the house. now heads to the president's desk to become law. >> christine: you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: christine, we were just looking, chris and i, at the camera at boone. this is from, king street looking closely, see if we can see any snow, i don't see any falling up there but you stand a good chance of seeing another 1-3 inches of snow around boone over the next 24 hours or so. you can see the clipper moving in right now, the vast majority of the snow is back to the west, but this is riding in and so it looks like a good shot of more snow with much colder air coming back in the mountains, later today. east of the mountains, could be a sprinkle or flurry, but a lot of the moisture dries up when it comes east of the mountains.
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weather advisory, probably 2-4 inches of snow, most of that probably coming at the higher elevations, ski resorts, in charlotte, again, maybe a flurry or two around the area for the morning and midday, clouds will break for sunshine late this afternoon, high temperature, 42. still tracking a major storm, monday into tuesday, details on that with the seven day planner ahead. right now check in with chris, 6:15, first alert traffic. >> chris: traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. still seeing an accident on westinghouse boulevard near granite street, right before you make your way up to i-77, so if you're coming up westinghouse, expect you may find a few delays there. live at i-77 at woodlawn, volume of traffic picking up, running smoothly most of the majors continuing to run in the green this morning. you'll remember the problems we had yesterday morning on the independence expressway. crews are still making repairs there, the right hand lane heading inbound to 277 is still
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is going to create a bit of a bottleneck so just prepare for morning commute. that is a check of traffic, christine, back to you. >> christine: chris, thank you. is love or money the theme for valentine's day? >> john: ahead, how expensive the holiday has become and why gifts take center stage. that is later on "cbs this morning" at 7:00. >> chris: next at >> christine: next here, speed week kicks off today in central florida, a look ahead to the weekend's events. stick around, nascar fans. wbtv is always on your side in
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good morning, it is 6:16.
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several school delays, avery, mitchell and watauga county schools all operating on a two-hour delay. no closings or other delays. right now get over to kristen miranda who is live in the alert center with new details just coming in. >> kristen: i got new information i wanted to bring to you quickly. secretary of state john kerry says significant accomplishments have been made in talks about syria that are being held in munich in germany, but also says that much more work has to be done to achieve a cease fire, kerry speaking a short time ago in germany, 17 countries meeting in munich and we're following the latest developments as they continue the meetings today. back to you. >> christine: thanks, kristen. 6:20, the nascar season gets underway at daytona with the start of speed week today. will be a busy weekend at the track with practice for the sprint unlimited race today. the sprint unlimited is set for tomorrow night at 8:15. and on sunday, drivers will take part in daytona 500 qualifying
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the great american race. >> john: this morning, we learned charlotte hornets forward michael kidd-gilchrist is out indefinitely. pulled the labrrum in his right shoulder. he missed all but seven games. wish him the best this morning. golly, tough break. the panthers have voided the contracts of roman harper and jerricho cotchery, making them free agents come next month. it is unclear if the players will retire or play elsewhere. >> christine: a lot of you are asking about the forecast, wonder what to expect we've been telling you about that, meteorologist al conklin is tracking that for you. >> al: i tell you, we have changes from the last time we talked about this yesterday morning. i'll highlight those here for you. first things first, watching this clipper system and that is
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might-south, heading towardmid-south, moisture dries up once it comes down out of the high country. a sprinkle or flurry then that pushes away. snow showers will continue for the mountains and get the best opportunity for snow as we go in the evening. 8:00 this morning, anything you see here is likely to be snow, maybe a sprinkle as we go in the mid-day hours this, may be heavy-handed, gives you the idea as we head toward the afternoon, a lot of this pushes to the east and the clouds break, we opened up with sunshine the exception where the snow will continue to move in. i expect 2-4 inches in the higher elevations by the time this winds down which won't be until tomorrow morning. will turn windier and colder for the mountains over the next 48 hours. here today, cloud cover, yesterday morning, 17 this morning closer to freezing because of the clouds and that breeze, helps to insulate us, not as brutal this morning. but it won't be as warm this
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got to almost 50, we will be no where near that today. in the 20s across the high country, upper 20s along the i-40 corridor, close to freezing below that, lincolnton, shelby, chester, lancaster, rock hill at 30. we'll start out near freezing, 20% chance of sprinkle or flurry, then this afternoon, get in sunshine but only 42, that is 13, 14 degrees below average this time of the year. there is the snow showers for the mountains, otherwise, tomorrow windy and cold, plenty of sunshine, look at wall-to-wall sunshine, turn our attention sunday to the middle dell part of the country. that is the snow storm, this is going to move in our direction, our chances for precipitation ramp up sunday night into monday, ending on tuesday. dry out middle part of next week. i tell you what, yesterday the storm system was forecast to be over columbia, that is 90 miles from charlotte. now it is forecast to come right over charlotte. that is the difference between a snow storm here and a rain maker. so with the moving in, that
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as well and we start off monday morning with a mixture of snow, sleet, changing to freezing rain and then outside of the mountains, pretty much plain rain going in the afternoon hours. still could be a healthy accumulation of sleet and ice, but again this is likely to be more rain than snow for the charlotte area unless things change dramatically, which they could. we'll monitor that situation, it is only friday, we're talking about monday into tuesday. sunshine, windy cold tomorrow, 37, valentine's day dry, increasing clouds but very chilly, storm moves in monday, ends on tuesday, look at that, close to 60 next week. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> chris: first alert traffic is sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we'll start this segment with a look at i-77 at clanton road, certainly seeing volume picking up across the area this morning. if independence is part of your morning travel plan, once again they are doing repair work, one
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side, inbound to 277, water has been seeping on the roadway because of a broken pipe, they want to get that corrected because of the freezing temperatures, obviously. 485, 77, 85 still running in the green, slow downs there on providence road and outside of the 485 corridor, we have an accident at westinghouse and granite off i-77. christine, over to you. >> christine: still much more to come here on wbtv news this morning. >> john: the recent billion windfall for the north carolina education lottery. how much money the state made in a two-month period. you're watching wbtv news
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we'll be right back. hey, guys, it's annie. now, if you're anything like me, you're always looking for ways
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your weekly grocery trip. well, with walmart every day low prices, saving money while keeping the pantry full... that's easier than you think. in head-to-head shopping, the total at walmart beat that of bi-lo. charlotte, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo was $24.37 on this week's groceries - that's 20%. so head to walmart and see what you could save with their every day low prices. >> christine: give you a live look at independence boulevard,
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morning. the cold weather is hampering efforts to stop water from seeping out of the ground there. >> john: the i-77 toll lane contract has been a hot topic of controversy, all new in this half hour, we'll go to indiana to hear what leaders there have to say about their toll lane project with the same company. >> christine: kristen miranda hard at work getting you headlines as news is happening, we'll check in with her in the alert center with news. >> john: thanks for waking up with wbtv news this morning on friday morning, 6:30 i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow. let you know about several schools delays, avery, mitchell, watauga county schools operating on two-hour delay. head's up for you there. now go to meteorologist al conklin tracking the chilly temperatures on the friday morning. >> al: chilly but not frigid, not like yesterday we were in the teens. we have cloud cover and snow you
6:29 am
very light, i'm tracking a couple flurries across the piedmont and dry in stallings and your neighborhood as well. 31 charlotte, cloudy, 24 colder in boone. everybody else within a degree or two of freezing. 27 salisbury, 28 monroe and 30 in rock hill. out at the bus stop, maybe a flurry or two, more clouds than anything, chance for precipitation is small, near freezing. this afternoon we go up 10. might get clouds to break for sunshine. very chilly but dry weekend on the way, chris, that is good for folks for valentine's day but we're looking ahead and presidents day could be a different story. >> kristen: i'll concentrate next wednesday, i saw the seven day. >> al: i'll have the details forecast in a couple minutes. >> chris: because of the cold weather we have seen the problems on the independence expressway, with some sort of a water pipe leak and it has been seeping out on the inbound lanes of highway 74, so take a look at
6:30 am
right hand lane is shut down head on to 277, expect that you will find delays. may be up until 4:00 this afternoon before they get the repairs made. i-77 at clanton, volume picking up, running along relatively smoothly. you can see from the mapping system, most of the interstates running in the green. an accident on westinghouse boulevard near granite street, that is right before you make your way up to i-77 if westinghouse to 77 is part of your morning travel plan, you might find a few delays there. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: right now, as chris was telling us, one lane remains closed on independence boulevard heading in uptown charlotte. and water has been continuing to seep out of the ground near charlottetown avenue since wednesday night. the cold weather is delaying
6:31 am
mark davenport joins us live near the scene. mark, is there any word when the lane will reopen? >> reporter: yeah, john, we heard from chris and nc-dot overnight as well, they told us that this lane might be open by 4:00 this afternoon, so you can expect delays this morning and big back-ups on independence. you know how it is when you have all those lanes open you still have back-ups, so with one less lane open, there will be issues this morning. if you know a different way around during rush hour this that. there is going to be an issue out here with independence and the way you travel in the city. i want to show you where we are, very close to the city, this is exit 243, 242 right here, about when you are getting on 277 to go around the city and this is where the cones start popping up. you see the cones on the right-hand side, the water has been seeping out of the ground in the right lane. for the past two days an issue with the pipe there, they're trying to fix the pipe.
6:32 am
hazardous conditions on the ground for drivers. that water coming out, below freezing in charlotte, could freeze up, could cause black ice or anything else, they don't want to risk that for drivers, that is why they are making sure this lane is closed until all the work is done. they are expecting around 4:00 this afternoon, we will keep you updated if that is still the scheduled plan. i haven't seen workers this morning yet but once we see the workers, we'll let you know first here on wbtv. reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> christine: leaders with the north carolina department of transportation are continuing to defend their deal with the spanish company to build toll lanes along i-77. even as opposition to the plan grows louder. now, investigative reporter nick ochsner talks with leader in other states that have done business with cintra, who are encouraging north carolina to think again. it is all new in our half hour. >> reporter: a company controlled by the spanish
6:33 am
toll the indiana to road in 2006. less than ten years later the company declared bankruptcy and sold the rights to the road, leaving drivers behind to suffer the consequences. >> outrageous, $4, $5 now to cross over the state line. ridiculous. >> reporter: drivers had to contend with more than just rising tolls. indiana representative david niezgodski, led to pour maintenance and upkeep, too. >> was it a good deal for drivers? >> i don't think so. >> the warning could come with extra weight in north carolina. cintra's contract for the toll lanes on i-77 allows to it use lower quality materials that won't stand up to heavy truck traffic. now in indiana they are trying to warn other states before it is too late. >> probably could have been a great more things we could have done effectively, seeing the way it is being operate and taken care of in this manner, that part they should be well aware
6:34 am
>> what would you tell the drivers in north carolina to prepare for? >> avoid it. avoid it at all costs. find alternate routes. >> nick ochsner, wbtv on your side. cintra declined to talk about the ownership of the indiana toll road on camera but issued a statement to us saying in part: we have much more continuing coverage of the i-77 toll lane project including our stories about toll road troubles in two other states, you can watch it now online at now 6:35, check back in with kristen miranda. >> john: she is live in the
6:35 am
violent protest in greece. >> kristen: i got the video in to show it to you right away. let's look an intense situation in athens, greece this morning. look at this, look at your screen if you're getting ready. this video just in, these are farmers who are trying to occupy the agriculture ministry there. they are in the capital for two days of protests against the government and the plans to impose new tax hikes and changes to the pension system. farming association there's have been staging highway blockaids a couple weeks now but this video shows us today, the attempt to occupy the agriculture ministry has taken the protests to a new level, a much more violent level, officers trying to keep these protesters from getting inside the ministry. unbelievable video i wanted to show it to you right away. >> christine: kristen, thank you. want to show you this, the commute some of you about to pick up the keys and head out the door if you travel i-77 at clanton road, things looking great in both directions but
6:36 am
latter part of the 6:00 hour, keep that in mind if you're heading out the door. go to meteorologist al conklin who has a look at first alert weather. >> al: big picture showing a cluster of snow, best opportunity for accumulating snow will be in the mountains. rest of us probably a sprinkle or flurry going through the morning and midday hours today before the thing passes to the east of us. our numale fishing forecast, 32 this morning. 39 at lunch time, 42 late this afternoon, probably see sunshine late in the day. dan clemons sent in a picture of his grandson cash baker, proud to pose with a stringer of catfish. he is an excellent first grade student at rutherford college elementary school and our big catch of the day today. sun will be up in a little bit, 7:14, sets at 6:03, no sunshine to start but should see some late in the day. high should be 54 today, only 42. i'll let you know when we get to
6:37 am
day forecast, but a big storm between now and then all the details coming up. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: next on wbtv news this morning. >> christine: with valentine's day around the corner, have you ever wondered where those flowers are coming from? right after the break we tell you about the new push to source them locally. >> john: the north carolina education lottery making a ton off last month's billion dollar powerball jackpot, now with it it made. first, a look at what is
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bringing you the latest
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center, thanks for choosing wbtv news this morning. >> john: welcome back. remember that record powerball jackpot not long ago? new figures released show north carolina made a financial killing off it. education lottery officials say stores sold $79 million more in powerball tickets than anticipated over a two-month period. that turned in an extra $30 million on top of the anticipated $525 million ear marked for the state education system. speaking of the powerball, it is once again growing, now at $176 million for tomorrow night's drawing. >> christine: i wasn't listening. say that again. >> john: 176 million. >> al: chump change. lunch money. i'll snapped this spend that this weekend. >> christine: mrs. conklin will have quite the valentine's day. >> al: i didn't say who i would spend it on.
6:42 am
snow falling from indiana to kentucky to tennessee, that is moving south and eastward, best opportunity for accumulating snow is going -- the only opportunity will be in the mountain where we could see 2-4 inches of snow by the time this winds down again tomorrow morning. a few flurries, a few sprinkles, that is it for the rest of us. so if you're a snow lover and want to see snow you have to head to the mountains. for today, a few flurries, 42 degrees the expected high, might here's why. we have the precipitation coming through during the morning and midday, by late in the afternoon, what is left is confined to the high country, rest of us are seeing sunshine, dry tonight, with generally clearing skies, for tomorrow, cold winds blow, the forecast going through the weekend, a lot of you have monday off, so again, for tomorrow, not bad if you don't mind it being on the cold side and windy, 37 the windchill factors in the 20s all day long. valentine's day is dry, more clouds come in, 35.
6:43 am
presidents day, major storm moves in, we get back to 38 degrees. been changes on that, so sunday there you can see it, valentine's day, 80% chance of precipitation on monday, here's the situation, the storm system now looks like it will be moving much closer to the charlotte area, so as we go through time, that means we get more and more warm air coming in aloft. that is going to push the snow up toward the mountains. we may start as a little bit of snow late sunday night into early monday, but the trend is going to be for sleet, then freezing rain and plain rain going from monday into tuesday. might be heavy rain monday night into tuesday. so we'll have to watch for flooding concerns. tuesday, the storm pulls away, up to 52, notice here as we get toward wednesday and thursday, this isn't bad. talking about after the storm leaves, our temperatures not going down, they will be going up, we may be flirting with 60 here thursday and that could carry us in the weekend as well.
6:44 am
saturday and sunday, monday into tuesday, big storm system. yesterday it looked like the low is over columbia, shifted 90 miles to the north. could change again, with it going over charlotte, that is not a snow machine here. that is a sleet, freezing rain to plain rain situation. sorry snow lover, unless things change, that is the way it will go for most of us. out there right now, mostly cloudy, 31, 42 this afternoon. here is chris at 6:45, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. let's go ahead and look at the situation on the independence expressway, these are the ramps over to the brookshire 277 right lane is closed down this morning. because of some water seeping on the roadway, they will be out there making repairs once again. live look from i-77 at clanton road, no problems here but the volume of traffic certainly increasing across the charlotte metro. 21 minutes from rock hill,
6:45 am
minute commute, lake norman southbound, 17 minutes at 60 miles an hour. you can see from the mapping system, 485 looks good, 77 in center city, 85 across town looks good and again, very light volumes of traffic on most of the interstates but picking up here and we will keep an eye on that. you're never more than seven traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> christine: going local and green seems to be the trend these days from food to retail items and experts say a number of flower marketing service, florists and flower shops are headed in the direction. with valentine's day right around the corner we're taking a closer look. brigida mack has the story all new in this half hour. >> reporter: when claire weeden walked down the aisle she made sure her bouquet was locally grown. >> flowers from the regional area have more of a beauty, because they speak more about what is right around you. >> reporter: what is local, exactly when it comes to
6:46 am
experts say local can mean grown here in the usa or state or region. but -- >> there is a limit what is available in local grown flowers. no where near enough flowers grown in the usa to satisfy the demand. >> reporter: society of american florists said 70% of flowers sold in the us imported from countries with warmer climates. now experts reveal more and more customers and flower shop owners like teresa are seeking out locally grown blooms. >> there is definitely a movement toward that and people want to jump on board with that. and support a local economy. our country's economy and local economy. >> reporter: another trend that is really sprouting? flowers and packaging eco friendly. >> certifications that most growers adhere to and involves trying to minimize the use of chemicals, it involves being very responsible and being a
6:47 am
of your people. >> some of the big us flower markets services are featuring florists offering local green blooms. other options include environment ali friendly packaging biodegradeable vases. >> 70% of my products including plants and packaging has to be sustainable. >> will it cost you more? experts say not necessarily, more about what flower you want and if it is in season. claire says when she shops for flowers now, she looks for what is grown in her neck of the woods. >> it makes a huge difference to me to buy flowers that are both local and eco friendly. a better decision for my family. >> brigida mack, wbtv on your side. >> christine: which flowers last longer? society of american florists say as long as cut stems are properly handled, kept cool and
6:48 am
lot of life from almost any blossom you buy. >> john: 12 minutes before 7:00, you have to stay with us, after the break we'll show you the special needs. >> brody: player who hadneeds basketball playerwho had the crowd on his feet. >> christine: on bounce tv, mark packer is back in the studio, college games, big games for duke and south carolina, that and more from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. on bounce tv. here is where to find bounce based on your cable provide error live stream the newscast
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>> john: staying on top of breaking news at 6:5 3:police investigating an maiden. >> christine: ashton pellom first to break story on social media this morning, live with the very latest, ashton? >> reporter: hey, good morning, christine. police are telling us that a man in a residence actually lunged with a knife at the two officers last night and that is why the officer had to put the maiden man down. take to you video, police say before 8:00 last night they got a call about a man cutting himself in a residence there on old park drive. they say when they got on the scene, they found 35-year-old elijah jackson barricade in a small bathroom. they talked him to come out of the bathroom but when he did, he was uncooperative with police and he came at police with the knife. police ordered him to put the knife down and he lunged at police with the knife.
6:53 am
two policemen shot elijah jackson and he was pronounced dead on scene. sbi is investigating. we'll keep you update when we get updated we'll keep you updated. ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> john: we're on your side with a check of school delays this morning. no school closings to report. avery, mitchell and watauga county schools all operating on a two-hour delay. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is al conklin. >> al: we're tracking snow falling aloft, i doubt any of this is reaching the ground, perhaps a flurry or two in the mountains. the snow probably comes in late mountains. by tomorrow morning at this time you can see 2-4 additional inches of snow. winds will be howling tonight. windchill advisory in effect. clouds will break for late sunshine here, 42 in charlotte today, look for highs to be in the 30s over the weekend.
6:54 am
high temperature, 37, 35 on sunday, and that big storm monday into tuesday, looks like probably more rain than snow here for the charlotte metro area unless things change. 31 headed for 42, check in with chris as we speak at 6:55. >> chris: traffic building on independence boulevard, first alert traffic is sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we're looking live at independence from briar creek, you can see the inbound traffic certainly building here across the area. as we go to our mapping system, major interstates continuing to run in the green, we do have slow downs pineville to matthews on highway 51 and they are making those road repairs now on inbound independence boulevard, the right lane closed on to 277 and the brookshire. take a live look from wbtv's mark davenport, you can see the cones up and that has diminished one lane of travel inbound to 277. 16,christine, over to you. >> kristen: the world health
6:55 am
companies to develop a zika vaccine. pope francis arriving in cuba for the seven day trip that includes mexico, he meets with the leader of the russian orthodox church. a massive fire burns more than 12 hours later, we have a live picture, in new jersey. firefighters having a tough time putting this one out. >> christine: doesn't look different than what we saw yesterday evening. >> john: a tough fire. >> christine: before we sign off, special needs teen brought the crowd to its feet at a high school basketball game in tennessee. watch. >> john: that is robert lewis, who hit the three-pointer with seconds left. this was on senior night. >> kristen: once the game ended, teammates and fans stormed the court to celebrate with him. >> john: i love that.
6:56 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, february 12th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle for the minority vote in a heat debate. republicans sharpen their attacks before tomorrow's face-off. >> donald trump says the pope does not understand america's immigration issue. we are in mexico ahead of the pontiff's visit. and controversy crashes a massive surf competition. why no women are paddling into these waves. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. the kind of criticism that


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