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tv   WBTV News 3 at Noon  CBS  February 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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going to take a look at the power doppler network. you are going to see that snow band is fair quickly pushing to the east side of charlotte, 45, mint hill and matthews, light snow albemarle, kannapolis, south to rock hill. to the north we have another wave beginning to push into eastern tennessee, so another round of afternoon and evening snow showers for the north carolina high country. in the mountains we may have another two or three inches of snow late this evening and overnight into saturday morning. in the charlotte area, take a look how quickly this band of snow came from the west, it is quickly pushing to the east, so there you see charlotte, snow in gastonia, and all of that pushing toward fayetteville and raleigh. so this is a beautiful sight for a lunch hour on friday afternoon but it won't be long lived. we are starting to dry out
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snowing right now in york, likely snowing in rock hill, and again on the eastern perimeter of 485, it will continue to snow the next half hour or so. it is chilly. 30 now, humidity, up to 60%. winds are calm. the visibility is down to two miles with the snow continuing to fall. it is 32 boone, hickory. 30 gastonia, 28 in rock hill. and as we head into the afternoon and evening, that's where our temperatures are going to generally stay with afternoon highs in the upper 30, possibly close to 40. our next storm system coming up, for presidents' day. we are talking about the possibility of snow to start then switching to freezing rain and rain by monday night. all of that coming up. >> anchor: thank you. make sure you download our wbtv weather app right now so you can track the chances for snow with your iphone, android or tablet.
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the right lane of 74 westbound independence headed to the city near 243 is closed, but set to reopen any minute. the department of transportation shut it down last night because water was collecting on the road and freezing because of cold temperatures. it is a city water pipe causing the problem, so d.o.t. handed control of the area to the charlotte water department. originally it was closed until 4:00 this afternoon. they are saying it should open any minute. we are learning more about a man shot by deputies in caldwell knife and they were forced to shoot him. this is old park road. we are joined with what investigators are saying. >> police chief tells me this was an emotional morning not only for his men but obviously the family of this deceased man. this is video when i arrived on scene, you can see two patrol
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home. before 8:00 last night, they got a call a man was cutting himself inside the residence. when officers showed up, they found 35-year-old jackson barricaded inside a small bathroom inside the home. they talked him into coming out. he ignored officer orders to but the knife down. jackson lunged at the officers with a knife in a stabbing and slashing motion, the two officers shot at jackson killing him on scene. he was pronounced dead on scene by catawba e.m.s.. i spoke with the police chief. he said this is a tough time for his officers and the family this morning. >> it is a tragic situation. i feel for all the parties involved. these officers were confronted with a deadly situation. they had to defend themselves and also other people inside the residence. >> reporter: the chief tells me those two officers are on paid
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f.b.i. is investigating. as soon as we get updates, we will update you on air and online at >> anchor: thank you. today the battle over coal ash will go before a state supercourt judge, that judge will decide whether to overturn a deal that cut the $25 million fine to $7 million for pollution at a plant in wintry mix -- wilmington. before this, it was said to be the largest in state history. the deal would settle claims at all 14 power plants with coal ash. a recent surge in heroin-related crime is plaguing union county. investigators four people last week. deputies say the problem is getting so bad, the deputies are training on the use of malocksen
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negative effect of opium. the republican candidates meet tomorrow in south carolina for a cbs news debate. most are already in the palmetto state. donald trump was hundreds of miles away at a rally in louisiana. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders squared off in a debate thursday night with each claiming to be the right choice to succeed president obama. >> senator sanders says president obama failed the presidential leadership test. this is not the first time he has criticized president obama. i don't think he gets the credit he deserves. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. one of us ran against barack obama, i was not that candidate. >> reporter: the candidates are sending the message to african-american voters who make up a large percentage of the south carolina electorate. >> sadly in america today, in our economy, a lot of poor people are african-american.
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helped more african-americans than any other group. >> reporter: attacks were aimed at one man, donald trump. >> you can push down donald trump a little by electing someone who is a solid conservative with a conservative record. >> all these guys, conservative, i am a conservative christian, bush says, i do not believe he is a true conservative. these people are stupid. >> reporter: the republican candidates are prepping for more attacks as they meet again for the cbs news g.o.p. debate this saturday unite. >> anchor: the republican presidential hopefuls square off in the 9th debate tomorrow in greeneville, south carolina, you can watch that at 9:00. a message to all campus fans from cam newton. he posted this picture on his instagram a short time ago. he thanked all the fans for an
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he wrote he is a person, will make mistakes, but will continue to work on improving each day. next, a doctor performs the wrong surgery on a newborn. now the baby's family wants answers. police are forced to shoot a man who hurt four people with a machete. just ahead. we are seeing more snow videos, take a look at another one, it comes from lake norman.
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snow videos and pictures. >> anchor: our power doppler radar, you can satisfy the majority of the snow, chris said it, as soon as it got here, it would get out of here. most of it has moved east. a few flurries, but more on the forecast coming up. we are on your side with today's top consumer news. it is going to cost you more the
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universal studios in florida. a one day adult ticket to one of the theme parks costs $105. that is up $3 from last year. and the cost of a park ticket $147. a family of four wishing to visit the theme park should expect to pay at least $610. that does not include food. uber wants to pay $28.5 million to settle a couple class action lawsuits, one concerns the fee uber charges customers. the suit says it wasn't legitimate because it never did thorough checks on drivers. a judge has to approve the deal. how does greek yogurt from kellogg's sound? the company is hoping it sounds really good. it is revamping its line, and focusing on healthier ingredients.
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about chocolate and roses. some of the more popular and unique gifts googled in each state. for example, the top gift in kentucky was couple tattoos. silver jewelry. in south carolina, matching outfits. hopefully that did not ruin any home. especially in south carolina. matching outfits vary. from a hd tower cam, we have been watching the snowfall. it was pretty much gone, chris said it would happen. the forecast is next. next, four people hurt when a man walked into a busy
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that story just ahead. >> anchor: another video of the snow that fell, for just a few minutes, this picture coming to us, on social media from valentine's day, the snow falling pretty hard for a while. now it seems to be better. chris is coming up in a couple seconds for the full forecast with us. you have likely heard about pausing -- packages stolen from front porches.
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watch as a man takes it from the porch. he was caught on surveillance. police say he returned it, apologized, and gave the package back. still they are hoping to identify him. a tennessee family's hospital nightmare could heed to conversations about changing how they operate when it comes to newborns. the baby was operated on hours after he was born, meant to help babies tongue tied. it wasn't meant for nate but another child. when his mom learned what happened, she lost it. >> i felt like they came in and took him away, from the nursery, him. >> his some says if he were in the room with her, the mistake would not have happened. there's a growing trend to set up a mini nursery for babies in
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there could be exceptions. he is home with his parents and is doing ok. police investigating a vicious machete attack, the suspect is dead, investigators are trying to figure out if it was a random incident or terror-related. the latest from washington. >> he came to each table, and just started hitting them. >> reporter: witnesses describe the bloody scene at the middle eastern restaurant nazareth in columbia, ohio, last night, a man marches in, with a machete. >> on the floor bleeding, blood on the floor, there were -- it was awful carnage. >> reporter: police say the suspect visited the restaurant and talked with an employee earlier in the day. it is not clear what the discussion was about. investigators say less than an hour later, he came back, and
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>> the second time, nothing was said. >> reporter: four people were taken to the hospital. one person in critical condition. he is expected to survive. the suspect fled, and after a file mile car chase, investigators say he got out of his vehicle armed with a machete and knife. >> the vehicle stopped. he is trying to get out. >> he lunged across the hood at the officers. another officer in a cruiser fired a couple shots and put him down. >> reporter: investigators have identified the suspected attacker as barry, investigators believe he may have traveled internationally to dubai in 2012 and he has a somali background. it is still early on in the investigation, but they are concerned this incident has the hallmarks of a type of lone wolf terrorist attack they have been working to stop.
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and patrons tried to stop the suspect, some throwing chairs. one had a physical confrontation before he ran away. new information on the cruise ship battered by waves in an intense storm. the left propeller was damaged. the crew was able to propel the 1100 foot ship to its home port. the damage to the propeller. the coast guard says it is largely cosmetic damage. a local woman on the ship says the waives and high winds battered the ship 12 hours before they got to safety. can you imagine. we have been covering the story, i think how awful that must have felt. you can't get away. >> anchor: the people were taking video out their window, incredible. look at behind us as well. you can't. we were watching the snow falling across the area, just a bit ago, it was coming down hard and heavy. and the snow band has pushed out to the east of the charlotte
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so that's what we are talking about, a few snow squalls into the afternoon, really not going to amount to very much. there you have charlotte 485 corridor, there's some of the snow moving toward albemarle. that's where we are seeing a majority of it. their another line to the south, wadesboro, mineral springs and sharon, rock hill, where it is continuing to snow. and up in the mountains, snow showers boone, blowing rock, we have a band of heavier snow once again out to the west, which will continue to push into the mountains for this afternoon and evening. hickory, you have seen light snow, snowing in newton, i-40 toward it statesville, pockets of snow. these are quickly moving east. snow intense, 15 to 20 minutes, then it pushes east. york, rock hill, wedding beton,
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the area, it is this upper level energy sweeping into the carolinas which brought us snow showers, and will continue to bring an up-slope free to the mountains for the afternoon and cold. we get the shot of cold air for tonight, 8:00 in minneapolis, 26 in cincinnati, so the cold air is trenched through the weekend, then we see a stronger storm system coming up for monday. we will get to that in just a second. 30 in charlotte. winds are calm. 30 in center city, area neighborhoods in the low 30's. 32 mountain island lake. 29 belmont. 31 at the arboretum. low 30 in the mountains, boone, 32 high river, 32 in lancaster. future cast, again this afternoon, a scattered snow shower or two. several more inches of snow through midnight tonight in the high country, across the carolinas. we will dry out a bit as we head overnight. mostly sunny, a cold start saturday morning, very cold sunday morning as lows once
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this is looking ahead toward 4:00 a.m. monday morning. snow in charlotte. heavy snow up in the high country, freezing rain down to our south. 10:00 app, it is switching over already, so a mixture of sleet and freezing rain wings, hickory and lenoir, still snowing in the north carolina high country. so the setup has changed a bit the last 24 hours. yesterday we were forecasting the snow to slide more directly over charlotte and to the east. now it has it further west. that will allow the warmer air to work in quicker, so a faster change from snow monday morning to the mix of sleet and freezing rain. saturday is cold, 23 to start, 21 high river, 11 in weekend. saturday afternoon, chilly, 37, gastonia, statesville. 31 hickory, high of 12 in
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the next 7 days, the forecast attention really turns to sunday night into monday time frame for the presidents' day weekend. again, chilly through the weekend with highs only in the 30's. we are down to 24 monday morning. so what starts as snow monday morning will switch to ice and freezing rain late in the morning, then likely to just rain monday night and tuesday. now, after the storm system exits, we are going to see things clear out and warm up nicely. down the road, sunshine, thursday. we will continue to fine tune the monday storm forecast all the way through the weekend. >> anchor: thank you. let's not think about snow a few minutes, think ahead to spring, being outside, where it is warm and happy, the north carolina music festival, good to see you both. how are you? >> we are getting there. may, first weekend.
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>> anchor: explain it for people. >> great festival, two day camping, saturday, craft beer, local and regional, independent, live music, blue grass, then grammy nominated artists. outdoor, on the farm, beautiful place, great way to spend a weekend. >> anchor: it is a beautiful place to be. people can stay the whole couple days. >> yeah, spend a few nights, day listen to music, drink beer, enjoy the atmosphere and environment. >> anchor: in the minute we have left, you brought some samples of what you have. i am fascinatedpy this. >> our jalapeno, one of our popular bares, at the fest this year. >> can i try it. >> sure. >> anchor: i got to taste it. just a little taste. being involved in an event like this for you especially, talk about how great that is. >> we love it.
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festival each year, it is gorgeous, natural landscape, and some of the best music you will find. it is a great combination of beer tasting and live music in a beautiful setting. >> anchor: this is so good. it is not spicy. you can taste it. for more information. >> tickets are on sale.
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>> thank you for seeing us. >> anchor: information just in, abcen county schools close early today, 1:00 for elementary, and
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will see you at 4:00 >> victoria: excuse me, mr. abbott. but you know, it's not every day that a girl proposes. so, um...i hope you're not gonna get all traditional on me and say that you're the one that wants to do the asking. come on. please. let's just do it. let's just get married. please. let's get married again. i was thinking maybe valentine's day. maybe you don't like the idea at all. >> billy: you kidding me? how could i not want to be married to you? >> victoria: then why do i get the feeling that you're holding something back? >> phyllis: do you have any idea what you have done?


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