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tv   WBTV News 3 at 4PM  CBS  February 12, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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happy valentine's day, ladies. >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> first at 4:00 check it out. a live look from the north carolina mountains. another day of snow there. flurries across the entire wbtv viewing area. but get ready... the first-alert weather team is tracking a stronger winter storm headed our way. good afternoon and thank you for joining us for first at 4:00 i'm jamie boll. >> i'm brigida mack. welcome on this friday. excitement as the snow flurries came down across charlotte and areas. this video here out of west charlotte but get ready, folks, for bitter cold temperatures. we could see a low of 15 sunday. >> that will get your attention and a winter storm bringing snow and ice next week. a lot developing in the forecast. meteorologist lyndsay tapases keeping busy with it all. >> yes.
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snow showers the next in line is the brutal cold and the president's day storm monday morning. here is what the radar looks like not a lot falling right now. some of you had snow showers and enough to put down a dusting in our south carolina counties. but that has exited off to the east. cloudy and a flurry or two in the mountains as we take you through the evening. definitely cold. much colder than yesterday. 36 in charlotte and we have a new fresh shot of arctic air moving in. look at the temperatures off to the northwest as you get up towards minneapolis, 10 , -8 in winnipeg, canada and that is the direct ton that our air is coming from. that air will be put in place by the time the storm rolls in here monday morning. we will get into this in detail but it's looking like for charlotte this does start as a brief period of snow by day break monday morning changing over to a mix.
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accumulation up to two inches at best that we are forecasting for charlotte before this ends as rain monday evening, monday night and into tuesday morning. we will time that out for you in the complete first alert forecast. >> as we said. both of us got excited about the flurries but it's been snowing all week in the massachusetts. that is where -- in the mountains. and that is where kristen hampton is live on beech mountain. how is it looking there now? >> it could not be more perfect right now nor snowing up here on beech mountain. the temperatures are not too cold. those will start falling, though. and we have a moderate snowfall coming down right now. makes a nice fresh powder on the slopes. as of right now through the areas i drove through today coming through boone, banner elk again up here in beech mountain the roads are mostly just wet with the exception of a few slick spots in the highest elevations.
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the day the temperatures have been around or just above here right now. coming up at 5:00 p.m., this winter has been brutal on some of the businesses here in the high country and the mountains. so warm throughout the season. a lot of folks suffered. so i asked the question today: is this going to help? two big snowfalls? let's hear what those folks have to say coming up at 5:00 p.m. kristen hampton wbtv on your side. >> thank you. we'll see you at 5:00 p.m. >> and keeping an eye on the roadways here in charlotte. especially as we get closer to monday and snow is headed our way. ncdot will have their handsful. >> they are monitoring it. and alex giles is live in the alert center with more. >> guys we have gotten the latest information from d.o.t. and road crews into the weekend. one of our live cameras right now this is i-77 at west boulevard. sounds like it's going to be a
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the city of charlotte started brining the roads but the d.o.t. said they are going to wait to brine and monitor by the hour. could start tomorrow or sunday depending what the weather does. the city already started this yesterday, bridges and overpasses getting the first treatment. and things appear to be looking steady somewhat slow but we will watch the conditions on the road and keep you guys abreast of anything that changes out there today. >> alex giles live in the alert center thank you. >> and reminder if you see snow make sure to share your videos and pictures with us on facebook, instagram and twitter. tonight at 5:00 p.m. live coverage from across the area as we get ready for another round of winter weather. >> a developing situation in catawba county. a man shot in the hand after investigators say he pointed a shotgun at a deputy trying to serve him a warrant on 54th avenue northeast. the deputy fired three shots hitting the man in the hand.
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>> in catawba county family and friends of a 35-year-old man are trying to understand why he was killed in an officer-involved shooting. he was found barricaded in a bathroom in a home before he lunged at officers with a knife. pamela escobar live in the maiden police department with more. what are the police saying? >> well, the police chief says this is a tragic event and that condolences go out to everyone involved. for some people who know elijah jackson died on old park road. police say they responded to a 9-1-1 call regarding a person cutting himself with a knife. when they found him he was covered with blood and holding a knife. he lunged at officers making slashing movements. >> it's tragic situation. and i feel for all the parties involved. you know these officers were confronted with a deadly
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of themselves and the other people inside the residence. >> but one person inside the home says he wishes no one called the police. the police should have been there to help not to kill. coming up at 5:00 p.m. i will have his version of the story. pamela escobar wbtv on your side. >> see you at 5, thank you. >> worried parents will be bussed to a phoenix area high school to be reunited with their children after two students were killed in a shooting. the girls were found dead at independence high school in glendale. investigators do not know what led to the shooting but they are not looking for anyone else and they found a gun near the body. >> the red cross is helping a family whose home burned in iredell county. this is the scene after firefighters were able to put the flames out on old mocksville road in statesville. >> right now itself ven minutes
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check in with tonya rivens. >> state troopers say right now things are quiet on i-77, i-85 and 277, this is i-77 northbound and southbound at remount road. volume southbound starting to build close to center city. and college and 7th street we have an accident. congestion here at 277 is clear. keep in mind we are showing still activity around that lane closure with the watermain break at independence boulevard westbound before 277. not much of a delay in that area on our mapping system and another accident at central and morningside drive. it is morningside inbound that right lane is blocked. congestion here and the plaza is a great alternate route. your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. brigida and jamie, back to you. >> thank you. we have seen the infuriating footage of thieves stealing packages from doorsteps. >> a suspect here in north
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guilt. we'll explain what happened after the mail was stolen. >> we are monitoring the bitter cold temperatures headed our way as well as a winter storm next
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stay here. >> a man in greenville, north carolina caught on a home surveillance camera stealing a package off a porch. but his conscience got the better of him. >> you see the suspect return to the house. he apologized. and he gave the package back. by the time police arrived on the scene the man left. even though he returned what he stole, they are still hoping to identify him. charge him? that would be the next question. i wonder if they would. >> i oneter how that works. >> if it was me and the guy brought it back and apologized i say ok. not going to press charges. >> right. we shall see.
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iron boy to save the day. nine-year-old dominic battling cystic fibrosis. police officers made him a super hero and sent him on a mission to rescue a kidnapped tv reporter. dominic fought off village rans and -- villains and pulled off the rescue before he received a special honor. >> that is awesome. the community comes together. >> and spot on replica of the iron man costume. there is the special honor. >> a medal around his neck. when tony starks gets a medal. cute. and batman in san francisco. >> what was it? bat kid that was -- >> the city was involved. crazy stuff. >> it is a touchy subject for us here in the queen city. >> the panthers loss in super bowl 50 but what if we told you charlotte actually beat denver? we'll explain next.
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yesterday but the cold is back and here to stay for the weekend more details on that and the president's day winter storm headed our way for monday all the details ahead in the first alert forecast. >> and also breaking news we are following, a power pole is down here. sky3 overhead.
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your monday. these are flurries today on south tryon. we will check back in with meteorologist lyndsay tapases in just a moment. >> right now we want to get to our alert center where alex giles is live talking about a power pole that has come down and caused a significant amount of outages. >> we are going to get to sky3 video a live shot of an accident where a truck struck a power pole and they towed the truck that struck that pole. but it's lying on the roadment this is beech-nut road in west charlotte. and it looks like the pole was uprooted out of the ground. we've seen wrecks with where the pole is damaged or knocked in a little bit but rare it's knocked out of the ground. i'm monitoring the duke energy outage maps over 1,000 customers up to 1200 without power in that area. the good news no reported injuries right now.
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charlotte that might be the cause. i will watch those outage maps. >> thank you. >> a little less than an hour ago we had a power flicker here. >> makes you wonder. >> super bowl 50 is in the books. >> apparently charlotte did beat denver on super bowl sunday. according to the "charlotte observer" the queen city collected twice as much food as denver in a charity bet. the food-drive was coordinated by the united methodist church. the carolinas donated 630,000 food items and denver had 360,000. >> well done, charlotte! and the topic of food congressman pittenger settling his bet with mike kauffman. kauffman received bojangles chicken and while he was hoping to try colorado my dro brews and candy but the treats are a step up from rocky mountain oysters. so boom!
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>> well, if you are just ready to move on and think about next season this is for you. the countdown is on for super bowl 51. it will be held in houston, texas and city leaders unveiled a countdown clock today. it will provide announcements about preparations and special events. this is the third super bowl to be held in houston. the carolina panthers played in the game back in 2004. there you have it. >> let's say we go back. >> vegas is saying we're one of the favorites. >> we shall see what happens. keep pounding. that is how we roll. >> are we going to dab again or something snells. >> some are saying the dab is dead. >> we'll see what cam coming up with. >> tonya rivens waiting to give us ab update on the traffic. >> no more dabbing for the moment. your traffic. we have a problem on rea road
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shrine of the immaculate conception balance ballantyne commons parkway and johnston road is a great alternate route and volume is starting to build between rea road and johnston road. a heads up in this area. things are not so bad even on highway 51 pineville matthews. volume here and traffic building around johnston road approaching 485 but for the most part things are moving along nicely on the major roads. as we wrap up, a look at i-77 and 485, no problems to report. >> thank you. folks have spotted snow all over charlotte today. carowinds posted this video of flurries falling in front of the fury 325 rollercoaster. lyndsay tapases joining us now. just about everybody saw it for a short period of time today. >> no running to the grocery stores yet.
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charlotte in south carolina counties were spots that saw a dusting. it was pretty to look at. but that is old news. all of those snow showers moving now off to the east. so this is a six-hour loop of the radar you can see what did come through and that is pushing out towards the outer banks. if we pause the radar we will see in the mountains you are not seeing much falling. maybe a flurry flying around here or there but mostly clouds more than anything else. next up in line is going to be the arctic area of high pressure that is starting to get into the northern plains. that is next in line for us for this weekend which is what is going to keep things very, very cold. it's super cold right now. but it will turn colder through saturday, saturday night and especially sunday morning. and finally it will be monday's storm is just getting overland now here in the pacific northwest. you barely see anything showing
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but this is where it's at and it will be moving overland through the weekend and we will track it better before it gets into our area by monday. low temperatures into the 20s. 23 the low in charlotte. tomorrow for the first day of the weekend we will keep the highs in the 30s. 37 here in the city and into the mountains you will hold in the teens. lower 30s on 40 for saturday highs. the good news is the sun will be back out. clouds clear out tonight and into saturday. at least we will have the sun to go along with the chilly temperatures. it will not be as cloudy as today before the clouds move back in. by the time we head into sunday night. we'll jump ahead and get right to monday. still looking like this is going to start as a brief period of snow very early in the charlotte area. probably before day break. then we will see a midday mix over to probably sleet first, and a little bit of freezing
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as just plain old cold rain here as we draw in warmer air from the south that will be able to change-over the snow and ice mix to plain rain. still that timing. a little uncertain. some suggestions as early as monday afternoon. and some suggestions as late as monday evening or monday night and that will impact the totals that we see. monday night into tuesday morning it is the cold rain for us. monday night we stay above freezing. and towards the mid-to later part of next week. friday we have a 60 to show you on the seven-day forecast. a few more days of cold to get past before that point. back to you. >> thank you. the hottest names in music are preparing for music's biggest night. >> next what is in store for the
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you will see live right here on >> music's biggest night is almost here as artists gear up for the grammy awards. >> it will air here on wbtv and cbs gives us a preview. hello from the outside >> audiences can say hello to adele. the british superstar returns to the grammy stage to perform a song from her album 25. taylor swift will open the show for the second time in three years. swift is up for seven awards including album of the year, record of the year and song of
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she goes up against kendrick lamar who leads with 11 nominations. chris stapleton, and the weekend and southern rockers alabama shakes. lady ga-ga is lated to -- slated to give one of the most anticipated performances a tribute to david bowie. >> she has something cool planned and has been rehearsing at an undisclosed location. >> ll cool jay will host. he says the show is not to be missed. >> it will be an amazing night. people will be i think they will be blown away. [ ] >> the dprammies are also a forum for new artists including an dra day she will duet with ellie goulding. >> right now i'm not too nervous but the day of it's going to happen. >> day is up for two grammys. cbs news, los angeles.
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adele is going to perform but she cannot win anything. >> when she released her album it was past the deadline to be considered this year. >> and ll cool jay has that job down. >> he nails it every year. >> monday night. do not miss it. more news ahead, a student in south carolina arrested for bringing a gun to school. why he said it was necessary. >> and a live look from boone from resort our first-alert weather team is
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you're watching >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> a sprinkling of winter weather in charlotte today. this video from the elizabeth neighborhood of snow flurries in charlotte today. welcome back to first at 4:00 on this frigid friday i'm brigida mack. the snow showers were pretty but our first-alert weather team is tracking a storm system that could bring more snow and ice next week. >> and not talking about flurries i've moved to the first alert weather center with meteorologist lyndsay tapases. before we get to the snow and ice, tricky forecast on that one, cold is the immediate headline. >> and that is related because the brutal cold sets the stage for that snow and ice on monday. that is what is next in line for
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that we did see today. just down right cold. we are in the 30s right now. just a preview of the temperatures that are to come over the next couple of days. saturday and sunday we do not get out of the 30s for highs. and saturday night into sunday morning is going to be when we bottom out. 15 will be our low by sunday morning. mid-30s sunday afternoon and 24 sunday night. that by the time this system moves in first thing monday, again the temperatures are going to be in the 20s. it looks like this begins as a brief period of snow in charlotte area. there is going to be a mix, though, a change-over first to sleet and then probably ending as freezing rain before it ends as just plain rain by monday night and into tuesday morning. an early look at what we are expecting for the snow and ice totals. two of our main weather models. and up to an inch about is what


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