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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  February 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we'll be back in all new on wbtv news sunday morning a winter storm watch in effect for several mountain counties. here's a live look of downtown boone. this is from resort cams dot com. we're tracking the forecast -- hope you're having a great day. i'm brody connell. >> and i'm lyndsay tapases -- >> mcconnell. >> we're well below average right now. >> we were talking about how a lot of people were out celebrating last night saturday
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we're in the low 20s right now but we're probably going to see this temperature drop. twenty-two in the charlotte area. same in gastonia. we've got to feel teams all around 18 -- we've got to feel teens. this will set us up for the winter weather that will arrive tomorrow morning. however i will say during the overnight the models have backed off on the amount of moisture that we're going to have. it's going to be more lackluster. that will be what's happening. >> new this morning president obama says he will seek to fill the supreme court seat left vacant by the death of justice scalia. it will be prolonged fight with
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last night obama said the nomination was bigger than one party with half dozen more cases obama plans to fulfill his constitutional responsibility to nominate a successor in due time. scalia passed away while on a weekend trip to texas. he was 79 years old. >> sparks fly at the ninth republican debate t.c.b. is event took place in south carolina a week before the primary that could help decide who becomes the republican nominee for president. this morning craig boswell with the latest. the republican presidential candidates took to the debate stage and the first questions turned to the death death of the supreme court justice about on the scalia. the president will nominate the next justice -- >> i would like the president just for once here put the country first.
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disagreements. >> let me just tell you this jeb is so wrong. >> things got to feel heated - between trump and bush over iraq. >> obviously the war in iraq was a big fat mistake. george bush made a mistake. we can make mistakes but that one was a beauty. >> while donald trump was building a realty t.v. show my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. >> this debate could be crucial for the candidates. the south carolina -- >> later cruz took on trump. >> right now today as a candidate he supports federal taxpayer funding for planned parenthood. >> you are the single biggest liar.
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>> voters go to the polls february 20th. >> all right. now this morning a group in our city is taking time to teach the community about islam meet your muslim neighbor hopes to educate people in charlotte. sara talked to a mother that made sure her kids walked away with a number of lessons. >> a foreign sound to some that is simply asking for acceptance. >> there are people around this mosque who are not muslims. we want them to feel secure and safe from us. >> the point of saturday's meet your muslim event is doing that stopping stereotypes they say are sweeping through our nation. >> islamophobia is on the rise. we don't want that to be the case. we love this country and we wish good for this country. >>
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>> it's just like i would be going out to tea with my friends or out with my coworkers. i mean we talk about our milies our children. >> terror attacks carried out in the name of islam have fueled efforts to ban muslims coming into the u.s. and that has sent shock waves in this community. >> we left our home countries to call this as home and to hear or to think of such a thing happening here that's really disheartening. >> you can't play on people's fears and ignorance which is what politicians are great at doing. >> justin hopes to be a pastor some day and he wants attorneys step out of their comfort zones towards understanding. if you don't get out and try and learn then you're just going to stay in fear your entire life and that's not a good way to live. >> that was sara blake morgan reporting. events have been held at mosques throughout charlotte and they hope it will spread throughout the country. >> now a crime alert police need your help finding man they say
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take a look at this picture. last month police say he walked into the bank demanding money. in the latest incident he robbed the pnc bank yesterday. you might remember the first robbery that caused charlotte catholic high school to go on lock down. if you have any information police want to hear from you. >> lancaster police have arrested a man in a strong-arm robbery at walmart. police say a woman was approached and attempting to load her groceries into the car. according to investigators he took her wallet and struck her in the face several times. he faces one count of strong-armed robbery. >> a man is in jail charged in the death of a teenager he says was stealing things out of his truck. jimmy from camden faces voluntary manslaughter after police say he shot and killed brandon spencer yesterday morning. he told officers he fired shots
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person taking items from his pickup truck. he was taken into custody without incident. the sheriff says he was charged because spencer was fleeing the scene. and it's case where the stand your ground offense does not apply. >> we have new information on gas line break that left hundreds without heat to start the weekend. yeah. it was bad timing here. contractor from google fiber -- fiber cut the line up off wild brooke drive piedmont natural gas got the line repaired and most to of the power was restored by 3:00 a.m. yesterday but 288 customers were without heat. check out this video we shot. i think that tells the tale there cold. a lot of people out getting that early valentine's date in. yeah, the weather fortunately we didn't have any snow but it was definitely cold here in the up town area and if you were out and about i don't have to tell
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i was out during the afternoon and looks can be deceiving. the sun was out but the air was crisp. >> yeah. look outside you would think it wouldn't have felt too bad and today is going to be cloudy so not only will it be colder it's going to be cloudy. if you were uncomfortable outside today won't be better. in fact it will be worst. >> we've got to feel a winter storm watch for the charlotte area and the mountains have been upgrade today a winter storm warning. as the storm gets closer the charlotte area will be upgrade today a winter storm warning as well. you get that upgrade as you get closer to the arrival or son set of the winter weather starting so it's starting sooner in the mount attains that's why we've got the upgrade their first. i do expect even the remaining counties that are southeast of the city that are not any sort of advisory yet will also be added before the day comes to an end. so we've got to feel clouds out there right now. they're continuing to fill in from the west. nothing falling just yet but in
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showers move in as early as this evening. so you'll be up first with that snow. here is 7:00 o'clock. so as early as again five, six, maybe seven for the mountain counties. clouds for the rest of us and then the winter weather will follow and over spread across the rest of the viewing area during the overnight hours. so the daytime hours today are dry. again just more clouds around holding around 36 for a valentine's afternoon high temperature for today. we're going to show you the rest
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snow and ice we're monday taylor swift will perform from her nominated album 1989. performers include adele, the alabama shakes, john legend and chris stapleton. just a few performances. l l cool jay will host the event tomorrow night -- rapper keeped direct lamar is the alpha nominee contending for 11 awards that include album of the year will go head to head with taylor swift with seven nominations. >> interesting.
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>> save the life. yes it was on this day in 1972 greece opened off broadway -- degrees. the show opened later that year and closed in 1980. >> i'm about to give you-all my money. >> a young aretha franklin on this day in 1967 franklin recorded her song respect in new york. this is video of her performing that song in amsterdam in 1968. it became a hit and signature song with the legendary artist. >> look at this story for 800 girls in northern utah this valentine's day is one they won't soon forget thanks to a very generous classmate. daniel wood drif has the story. >> -- kate 10 is still giddy. >> i felt very special. >> after what happened at school. >> i brought it home and my mom is like who gave you that? >> hayden.
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>> i want to make as many people happy as possible -- >> his good deed has become the talk of the town. he got to feel one flower for every girl for high school. he ordered the now weres recruited friends and just before school ended for the long weekend passed them out -- flowers. >> everybody was holding a flower. i thought that was so cool. impressive right? especially when you consider it cost this student nearly $500 to pull off. >> hayden works here at lease marketplace as a bag girder -- he's been saving his money to buy those flowers and you can bet there's no way he could have done that with just one paycheck. >> there's no way. >> steve hogan knows. he's his boss. >> to spend your money like that. it takes someone with real heart. >> you might think hayden is the lucky request guy in school.
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potential dates for this big man on campus. >> i already have a girlfriend. >> to watch every single one of those girls walk out with a big smile on their face makes me very happy and very proud of him. >> but what a guy. >> hayden has got to feel a lot of positives. what a story. 800 girls? >> his mother must be proud. nice guy. i'm sure there's a long list of admirers -- >> several fellows could learn from that that don't even buy flowers for their own. he's making them look bad.
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nice nice. it's a cold february morning. >> really cold. not the coldest morning that we've had all winter. we had a morning back in john that was 14 degrees. so we haven't gotten quite that low yet. there's your live look over up town from our h.d. tower cam. that's your pink duke energy building. average high 55, average low 33. our high will be closer to what our average low should be for the time of year. we'll get back to future cast and kind of pick up where we left off earlier so showing some of those snow showers moving in for the evening hours tonight into the mountains. and then for the rest of us it was during the overnight that it -- we're going to see the rest of us over spread. if you missed it earlier i was talking about how the moisture or amount that will be available is looking a little more lackluster than this time yesterday. so just slightly lighter or slightly lower for the amounts
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if you blank you might miss the snow in charlotte because i think it will be pretty quick change over for the sleet during the morning tomorrow. here we are 8:00 a.m. that sleet line spreads into the foothills and will end as a little bit of freezing rain on the tail end before we head into the afternoon and start to warm things up. so two things happening during the afternoon. one i think we're going to get in on a little bit of a break. you sigh how future cast is looking spotty. this is 3:00 o'clock. so we are having a period where everything lightens up it quiet down through some spots probably actually have a few hour window where everything drys out for a couple hours. and then also at the same time we're starting to warm things up. so we're starting to see the rain line push more in then final push of moisture kind of the second part comes through late during monday night into tuesday morning this is 6:00
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push of rain does come on in. so our thinking would be the amounts wouldn't change. if anything it's backed off a little bit this is four different weather computer models showing the forecastd snow in the charlotte area. -- you see at best the most aggressive model is only printing out an inch and most of them are below that. so that's why we think about half inch of snow and sleet combination accumulation in the charlotte area is probably still pretty on point. so you head further northwest and maybe one to close sir to three inches as we get higher in elevation and then three to six across the high country as it stays snow for a lot longer throughout the day monday and into monday night. freezing rain i don't think -- no audio.
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of freezing rain on top of snow and sleet before this ends in all rain. the rain lasts through tuesday and then the storm pulls out and we finally got to feel warmer wether they're to talk about by next weekend we'll be talking about highs in the 60s. >> we'll have a special guest in stood do you tell you-all about some bugs that you want to keep around. but first this morning we want to look ahead. lee cow win is tracking a tiny frontier that the town -- >> on the edge of canada's arctic along the western shore of hudson bay it's easy to think you've reached the end of the earth.
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alone here but then out in all that white a pair of sleepy dark eyes slowly open. revealing what we came all this way to see. and apparently the world's largest land predator came to see us too. >> i mean for me this is mind blowing but how rare is this to see here? >> well it's pretty common to see polar bears out here this time of year but it's not as common to see a big old male like that just come and lay down right next to the buggy. >> it's unreal. >> yeah that's pretty impressive sight. >> the buggy is a tundra buggy a cross between a tour bus and monster truck. and it's where steve does much of his work. as chief scientist for polar
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group campaigning for the bears conservation. in the united states we have listed polar bears as a threatened species under the u.s. endangered species and they were listed as threatened not necessarily but because of their current status but because of what we anticipate their future stat status to be. >> also -- diane warren and lady gag gag -- lady gaga team up. >> well coming up after the break save some of your valentine's love for a few insects. we'll have arrow next certainly
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>> welcome back. i have michael here with arrow exterminators and we've had you here talking about pesz and things and how to keep them out of the house -- pesz. today we're featuring on bugs that we love. >> thank you. >> we appreciate you coming in. what made you want to come in and shed light on the topic? >> well we're always thinking about the bad things. pesz can be seriously can effect our economy. they can effect a lot of things -- with destroying crops or contaminating them and they're kind of thus they're a pest but there are good ones out there. >> there are good ones. one of the good ones is lady bugs. >> lady bugs help you with your garden. people think they're irritating because they get in the house but realty is they're helping cute.
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>> they're not something you see but they're helpful. >> and fire flies made the list for the good bugs. >> that's one of those romantic things sitting out having a cocktail with the wife and it's nice. >> they don't pose any. >> they're not opposing any problems there. > no infestation shins? >> no. >> -- one i was surprised to see was dragon flies because they kind of get a bad rap. >> they do but environmentally they are a huge help. they eat mosquitoes. so when you see them you're usually in areas that are very wet with swamp and streams or pondz. they're keeping the populations of mosquitoes down -- >> you know how bad mosquito populations can get. crickets there's something that
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that can be more good than bad? >> well crickets are probably the most romantic of all the bugs. the males are the ones they're the music. they're looking for their mate and once they mated they sing a song. so it's just a romantic thing. they're not an issue as far as hurting anything. >> the crowning bug. >> that's what it is definitely -- crowning. >> the last one on our list it's kind of something that you probably maybe get to benefit in your home right now with honey. honey bees. of course a lot of people worry about getting stung but it's incredible with the work these insects do. this is a good example of what they can do. bees are the policy late -- policy nate doors. they're the ones taking care of things and honey is a great bi product. there's a lot of people affected. if you leave them alone they'll
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>> those are the good bugs not get too worried about it if you see normal population around your home but real quick what are some of the bugs you do want to keep an eye on once spring starts to roll around? >> being proactive control it before they get into the house is a huge deal -- you know rodents. they're not a good thing to have in the house. they can contaminate your food and that kind of thing so those are the two biggest. >> get head of the problem. >> people really worry about those and roaches but that's year-round. >> so where can folks get a hold of you if they do come spring need get rid of ants or pesz. >> you can get us online -- www. arrow dot com. >> perfect. we'll get a link on our website as well. >> thanks for shedding the light
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>> it's a great thing. it's beautiful. >> stick around. we're going to look at your top headlines plus the hey, guys, it's annie. now, if you're anything like me, you're always looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to your weekly grocery trip.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk,
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indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. the sun might not be sticking around today? >> no you can see in the sunrise the clouds off in the distance so they will continue to move in even though we do have some clear breaks as dayay break is upon us right now. those clouds will continue to fill in. so don't expect to see much sunshine today. that's going to keep the temperatures down from yesterday. so even colder than yesterday if you can believe it yesterday was pretty cold but the clouds will keep our numbers down from levels that we saw on saturday and of course it's not going to feel as warm because we won't have that sun to at least try to
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so this is all setting the stage this cold weather for the winter weather that will move in overnight and we'll have more details on that. fortunately it's looking a tiny bit lighter than this time yesterday but we'll have updated information coming up in a few. >> sounds good. let's get back to your top headlines to news that shocked and surprised the nation's capital and political and judicial realm. supreme court scalia passed away at the age of 79. karen reports with the latest and reaction. >> the news certainly came as a surprise to many in washington on saturday afternoon. it wasn't long before the contribute boots came pouring in for supreme court justice scalia -- contributes. but also the successor and political battle. >> shocking and surprising news saturday. supreme court justice scalia dead at the age of 79 while on a
6:33 am
he was said to have gone to bed friday night not feeling well and he was found unresponsive saturday afternoon. president obama offered his condolences. >> for almost 30 years justice antonin anyone no scalia was a larger than life press sons on the bench -- brilliant legal mind with an energetic style in size sieve wit and colorful opinions. >> appointed by president reagan he was the first italian american to be seated on the high court. he was a strong vocal conservative voice a critic of row versus wade and dis septembering voice in the same-sex marriage cases -- most relent -- recently he was criticized about affirmative action opinions. president obama plans to make a
6:34 am
republicans expressed their opinions on how things should play out. >> i think it's up to mitch mcconnell and everybody else to stop it. it's called delay delay delay. >> there should be consensus orientation and there's no doubt that barack obama will not have a consensus pick when he submits that person to the senate. >> there's a political side but a personal. scalia was a devout catholic. he is survived by his wife marine and nine children and many grandchildren. president called and offered the family condolences. >> new information authorities in arizona say a suicide note was found at the scene of a shooting near the cafeteria of a high school in glendale tragic story. 215 year old girls were killed in the shooting called a murder suicide -- the girls appeared to be close friends and in a relationship.
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the shooting of three college students in florida has turned himself in. police say that a student was killed yesterday. two others were injured. including one in critical condition. the investigators say the man shot them after a fight at party. he's facing murder and attempted murder charges. one person remains missing a week after a powerful earthquake struck taiwan's oldest city collapse lging the residential complex. rescuers have recovered the bodies of over 100 people -- a total of 327 people in the building survived. authorities have detained the buildings developer and two architects. >> pope francis will celebrate another mass today during his historic visit to mexico. yesterday thousands attended mass at one of the most holy
6:36 am
>> before celebrating mass pope francis blessed the entrance of the basilica of our lady of guadeloupe pay. 5,000 people attempted -- attended the service. thousands watched outside -- including this boy. he ran up to the pope and received a kiss. the holy father's home melly touched on poverty drugs and immigration -- afterwards he spent 20 minutes alone to pray before mexico's patron saint representing the version mary. >> pope francis came to mexico as a missionary and pill gram. as his visit to the basilica display -- pill gram. >> what does that show to mexico? >> that he's with them. >> the pope's day began with an official welcome ceremony at the national palace where he delivered a tough love message to mexican politicians. he urged them to resist privilege and serve those in need. thousands waited to catch a
6:37 am
>> as a very exciting experience here with my mother was a blessing. >> later today pope francis will celebrate sunday mass at a field that holds nearly half a million people. adraine diaz mexico city. >> pope francis has clocked 23 miles in his pope mobile. he has another 93 to go before his trip ends next wednesday. >> new this morning. forecasters in drought parts of california trying to soothe residents are worried the current heat wave and dry spell means this year's el nino might be a paper tiger. surfers hit the beaches and golfers stroll and el nino will be back bringing needed moisture. >> in pennsylvania state police say three people were killed and scores injured after dozens of
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aftermath. police say weather and low visibility are factors. the pile up left tractor-trailers box trucks and cars tangled across three lanes of traffic and into the snow covered median. bitter temperatures and biting winds had much of the northeastern and midwestern united states bundling up this weekend. the coldest temperatures of the season blew into the northeast region yesterday with gusts that created dangerous wind chills well below zero. people in the midwest were also experiencing very cold temperatures well below zero there. this is how cool things got to feel in new york. how about this? the fountain froze. the temperature 21 there. well below freezing. temperatures struggled to make it out of the teens yesterday. and we can sort of relate here. for our average highs we're well below that and our lows have been tanking down into the teens in some areas. >> yeah.
6:39 am
records here but parts of the northeast i'm going to show you in a second it's the coldest morning in about 50 to 60 years. >> that's remarkable so for a lot of people the coldest morning that they've ever seen if you're living in boston or new york this morning. it is just incredible. and at least we're missing out on the worst of it. but i'm going to show you some numbers coming up. what a beautiful valentine's sunrise those nice and pink from the tower cam the bright pink on the duke energy building. beautiful start. twenty-two is what we're at in charlotte right now. our feels like is 13. it's not too windy but when your temperature is this low it doesn't take much of a breeze to give you that wind chill factor. so checkout some of these temperatures. and again these are not wind chills. these are actual air temperatures. it's nine below in boston right now. six below portland maine.
6:40 am
i believe in boston the coldest morning since 1957. one degree in central park in new york city right now. and the wind chills for this area are about 20 to 25 below zero. so it is brutally cold across the northeast right now. and that's because the core of our arctic high has slid further east. so where you see the bright pink shading again those are those sub zero readings below the core of that arctic high so yesterday morning i was showing you how these places again were kind of the zero degree readings but now that that has shifted east you'll see the single digits come back. other places like minneapolis and that makes our 22 in charlotte not seem quite as bad. we have a winter storm warning in the mountains. still today is dry. we've got to feel clouds in place right now. they'll continue to fill in as
6:41 am
looking forever anything to move in precipitation wise -- until the overnight hours we'll have snow showers as early as this evening in the mountains. for the rest of us it's going to wait until overnight and we'll show you the rest of future cast and updated amount for how much we're expecting coming up in a few minutes. >> brody. >> other series the southern weekend surprise 17 miles of underground passage ways are underneath louisville kentucky. they explore them with zip line. >> louisville kentucky is known for bourbon, and thoroughbred horses and a caverns underneath you can explore on a zip line. that sounds intense. let's go to check it out. so i have done a zip line before.
6:42 am
it is two hours underground in a caverns in the dark. what are tall activities one can do here? >> we've got to feel tram tours -- we've got the zip line tours zipping along on cables completely guided. the guides handle the equipment. suspension bridges. we have the mega bike park catering toward mountain bike sort of riding. we have electric bike tours. that's the most recent thing. >> thank you have much. this has been so neat. i had no idea this is here. it's obvious it needs to be a
6:43 am
>> anyone coming to louisville need to come and check us out. >> for more inspiration head to and download it on your mobile device.
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from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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welcome back.
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half of the weekend. we've got many waking up to temps in the teens still holding on the 22 in charlotte and 19 in salisbury. official sun up will be shortly after 7:15. today will be very cold. it's cloudy yes but otherwise dry. we could have snow showers move in this evening evening. any winter weather will be overnight. by day break it does look like we're settling in. this is 8:00 o'clock. if you blink you might miss the snow in charlotte area.
6:48 am
brief period of time before the sun comes up. so most of the morning hours when we're getting up and getting going it's switched over to sleet. you can see ice overcoming the snow into the foothills through the morning hours of tomorrow. this will end as a brief period of freezing rain and then i do think we see a little break as we head through the afternoon. so not only are we seeing a midday afternoon early evening break in kind of lull in the activity but at the same time we're starting to see that warm air get in andover turn any snow or ice to rain for us -- and again as we head through the afternoon and evening it lightens up showers to the evening commute this is 6:00 o'clock on future cast and then that final push of heavy rain comes through very early into tuesday morning. so the snow and ice amounts compared to this time yesterday are looking a little bit lighter
6:49 am
i want to show you four computer models poor the snow fall estimates in charlotte area. our highest most aggressive one is still just shy of an inch so we think less than an inch for sure in the charlotte area probably a half inch i would say is a good estimate at this time increasing amounts the more northwest you head because you will see more snow and sleet but even in the foothills generally most of you probably know better than an inch or two. that three would only cover burke and caldwell and three to six in the mountains with that six inch threshold being the very high country most of the mountains will probably be again be lower than that six inch mark. ok. so that early morning rain departs by tuesday. we have a dryer forecast and much warmer forecast for the rest of the week. check it out. we'll be back into the 60s by next week end. brody. >> thanks so much.
6:50 am
chris with the flying business it's a cafe. happy valentine's day. thank you you for coming in. >> thank you. >> you guys are celebrating national pancake month. >> absolutely. we have our limited time red velvet pancakes with cream cheese icing. >> you're going to dress it up for us? >> we have pancakes made but what do you like to do to dress it up and make it good? >> really the biggest component is going to be cream cheese it'sing that makes it good. inside you have -- icing. inside we have could could. and the final touch is powdered sugar -- cocoand of course the syrup. >> what else do you have going on here? it's not just a valentine's day menu but you have a lot of other things you're featuring?
6:51 am
love we have organic oatmeal pan takes with peach. we have gluten free pancake -- chocolate chip, blueberry pancake as well. so different options there. as far as the traditional menu that you guys do tell me what are some of the favorites people get? >> i would say the high flier a little bit of everything. you get your side with eggs and your choice of meat. you can also our cheese grits are good. and of course our lovely business it's a with our apple cranberry butter. >> yeah. >> so you guys what time are you opening up for valentine's day? >> we're open at seven. >> what are your locations? >> we have park center and stone crest. >> tell me what makes the red
6:52 am
>> just cocopowder -- so take your premix add cocoand sugar and food coloring and mix it up and you have red velvet pan takes -- pancakes. >> how much powder? >> we could have an at home recipe you can find on our facebook page. >> folks if you want more information on this recipe or what you have going on where can they get more information? you have facebook page? >> we have our website and annual cookbook as well. >> that is a perfect look can valentine's day breakfast. >> lots of love. >> thank you so much for coming in. hopefully good tips. stick around.
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