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tv   WBTV News 3 at 5PM  CBS  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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whomever was working with him could reach into my buggy and take my wallet and my phone. >> they spent almost $10,000. >> it has made me very fearful. >> and she learned her lesson. >> get a cross-body bag that you keep on your person at all times. do not leave your buggy unattended. and just try to be aware and when someone is a stranger, i would say ignore them. >> now, the woman in this case told me before her husband was able to cancel all of the cards the thieves were able to use her debit, credit and her health savings card that money has been returned. now, police say this is not just happening in our area this is happening across the country. so they are working with other agencies on this investigation. pamela escobar wbtv on your side. >> right now, the mecklenberg county health department
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causes of mumps. officials say the counties are mecklenburg, iredell and cabarrus county. yesterday we told you about a case in iredell county and another in mecklenburg. the medical director for the health department stopped by wbtv today to address whether officials expect more cases. >> it hasn't grown. this is the same number we've had since the end of last week. and quite frankly, i would expect it to grow because number one, the incubation period for mumps is somewhere between 12-25 days. >> the doctor says mumps circulates around the world and shows up in the u.s. from time to time and most of you are protected because of the vaccines you received as a child but warns folks with weaker immune systems can easily get the mumps. >> and what a gorgeous sunny day. >> you can see the big bright skies. a few puffy clouds from the hd
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>> and we think you are going to love chief meterologist, eric weekend. he is live in the first alert weather center. >> and oddly enough the quiet weather is the story because we have had so much weather the ice and the winter storms. and we cleared out and we have a little bank of clouds rotating through the ohio valley and being shunted by the mountains. and we have scattered clouds and this. 56 after that high of 58 . winds out of the northwest at 12-miles-per-hour. enjoy the mid-50s. in the 40s in the 40 corridor and hanging around in the carolina high country. mountains. and here it is. your hour-by-hour forecast... call it 43 at 9:00 p.m. 40 through 11:00 p.m. and as paul and maureen said a nice pattern into the weekend but things do change coming out your seven-day first-alert
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right now the race for the white house is heating up in south carolina. >> campaigns have been campaigning stumping the palmetto state. south carolina governor i will nikki haley will endorse marco rubio. >> and the national poll numbers. on the republican side donald trump leads with 39% followed by marco rubio with 19% and ted cruz has 18%. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton tops the poll 44% to bernie sanders 42%. 11% of the voters are right now undecided. right now republican presidential candidate donald trump is holding a rally in south carolina. trump has a 2-1 lead over the second place candidate. and candidates have just two more days of campaigning before the voters have their say. ted cruz is targeting trump with an ad saying he was pro-choice.
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sent his campaign a cease and desist order and threatened to sue him and jeb bush is holding town hall meetings to gain more support. >> i trust him and trust his principles i think he is a man of his word. i prefer a governor to a senator. >> that is a preference that bush and john kasich are hoping more voters share. south carolina's republican primary is saturday and the democratic primary is next saturday february 27th. and the presidential primaries in south carolina are open. that means you do not have to register by party to vote. >> we are getting our look at the newly proposed north carolina congressional maps. right over to alex giles live in the alert center. >> wral in raleigh reporting that republican leaders proposed a map of the 13 districts. this is on social media. i'm seeing people tweeting this
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you see the old map on top and the new map on the bottom. the 12th district one that was called into question by the federal judges that is us now in mecklenburg with the new proposal. you see it's all included there district. if you looked before it was scattered through mecklenberg county and into other counties as well. lawmakers have been taking public comments about the redistricting and meetings we have been covering here. state democrats have not released an alternative proposal to the latest map. >> thank you. right now 28 people are dead, 61 others wounded after an explosion here in turkey. turkey's deputy prime minister confirmed the explosion was caused by a car bomb and targeted military vehicles carrying armed forces personnel. the deputy prime minister said no group claimed responsibility but pledged authorities would
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>> and a teenager is wanted for shoplifting at a store in rock hill: 19-year-old jacobdale gibson he stole from nickels store on february there. call crimestoppers... >> police are searching for the person who shot a man in northwest charlotte it happened street. the victim was shot three times in the leg. he was taken to carolinas medical center in serious condition. >> right now panthers linebacker luke kuechly is preparing to undergo surgery on his left shoulder he has a tear and sustained in the tampa bay game. he did not miss any playing time even in super bowl 50. delano little has more on this
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the start of the 2017 season? >> yes, it is a partially torn labrum. the thought is that he will be ready to go when training camp starts in late july. what is in question is the organized team activities. may see him on the field but he will be limited which i'm sure will not make him happy. interesting to note hornets forward gilchrist had a torn labrum and repaired this preseason and came back earlier than expected and injured it again last week and had successful surgery today. not saying there was a mistake made but there is reason to be cautious with this injury and the recovery. >> thank you. time for a look on the roads on the commute home. tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. at the state line it is a nice
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i-77, 485 and 277 and i-85 no problems. there is an accident on westinghouse boulevard by granite street. south tryon is a great alternate route. we did see volume starting to build on 485 around west boulevard and wilkinson boulevard and steele creek road and arrowood. and i-77 northbound and southbound volume as well. back to you. >> thank you. an nfl player killed in an accident in charlotte now lives on through others. >> we are a family now. and nothing can break us apart. >> next, a heartwarming reunion
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his life in an accident here in charlotte. >> and since he donated his organs his death was hardly the end of his life. giving story. we have the powerful moving story of chris' mom carolyn and her growing family [sirens] >> it was december on a winding carolina road that chris henry fell from a truck and ending his life. and for one mom time stood still. >> like it was yesterday. just the beginning. >> the talented bengals receiver had not chosen on his license to be an organ donorment and on december 17th, 2009 carolyn was asked to choose for him. >> his heart was beating and it felt like it beating so fast it went straight into mine. and i get out the bed and i said
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and then the journey begins. >> a journey back to where life ended. >> chris loved family. that was his first heart his family. >> it was much more than his heart. >> and i was telling people i believe this is chris henry. >> the feeling was overwhelming for deb benton whose husband got the call. a liver was a match for his transplant. a gift that gave james another 18 months of life. >> what i do now is i go out every sunday and i help people. because of the decision that she made to help me and my family. so we could have more time with my father. >> touchdown! >> the man teammates called slim caught a touchdown celebration for his mother. one love, one family. >> debra...
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[ ] >> i just love you. >> brian was waiting 10 years for a kidney. >> it was like being in prison. inside of my body it was just something from my heart that she chose to do and like i say it's just god. >> what do these moments do for you? because you said you walk into the room and you can feel chris? >> yep. i felt my son. >> donna arnold needed more than love to keep her family together. >> yeah. yeah. desperate because i did not want to die. >> she needed a kidney and pancreas and chris filled her need. carolyn calls donna her best friend and donna says carolyn is the mother she lost. >> what is the feeling for you when you touch her?
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holding my baby. feels good. happy that six years i can still see the progress you know, the need to live on. >> six years later, in the spot where life ended there is new life. chris' two sons eight-year-old chris junior and demarcus joined them to reflect on how a place that created such sorrow for them created such joy for others. >> we are a family now. and nothing can break us apart. >> like it was yesterday. only just the beginning. >> tom elliott has passed way. >> if you are not a donor maybe it's something that you want to consider and have that conversation with your family.
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tonya rivens. >> thank you. and your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we check in on 485 volume building around south tryon and arrowood road. we have an injury accident close to the area at shopton road and bean road. a lot of congestion as well. west tyvola is an option and south tryon and volume is building around south tryon and we see volume not just on 485 but 160. certainly exercise caution as we continue to monitor the area. back to you. >> thank you. spring like. >> this is what you said we were going to have. we are going to start the week out with the crazy weather and end with spring. better. >> it is a rollercoaster you do it. and you are right, we are going to climb. we hit 58 today and that was darned nice.
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cloud cover that is showing up in the ohio valley but not much of that spilled across the mountains and into the piedmont. your weather net a delightful afternoon and nice sunset. 54 . and mid-50s in the piedmont. it's chilly 40s with that sun out today in the foothills. and 34 around boone and blowing rock. here are the clouds this is future-cast as we advance it little changes. you get that little bit of flow that moisture coming up the western slopes of the mountains and then it comes down the eastern slopes and that is aa drying flow so that evaporates the clouds. we do not expect much in the way of clouds and no disruptive weather through the evening. take your jacket we will work down to 40 by 11:00 p.m. and temperatures outside of the charlotte area, well, everybody is going to be cool. to tomorrow morning down into
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north of charlotte mid-20s in the high country. here is again the future-cast pull way out there is not a lot in the pipeline right now. looks to be quiet. out the door forecast 34 ok. we'll call that chilly and cold in the carolina high country. 25 as that sun is coming up around day break. one more look at the map. we're trying to find anything that might be coming our way. and at this point through thursday, look at this, up and down the eastern seaboard, a-ok. get out and enjoy your thursday. 48 at noon and 52 by 4:00 p.m. and one last time. really big map. what do we have for you? wow. maybe a weak front just barely showing up friday. carolinas we are still in the clear but it's not until next week where we see an east coast storm and that will throw the
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mountains by the time that pulls off to the east. and the numbers and you will see again we are going to sail into the weekend no problem. close to 70 sunday. and rain ahead of the storm and then on the backside of it this is where the temperatures get down into the 30s and wet flakes especially north of charlotte before completely moves out. until then enjoy the rest of your week and the weekend back to the studio. >> we are on your side with a programming note. tonight wbtv will air the duke-unc basketball game that means there are changes to how you can watch the season premier
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>> time is running out for the north carolina child what he is waiting for and why it may never come. >> and all new at 6:00 the idea of forced busing has hundreds of parents upset but a school board member tells us there is a misunderstanding. we look at the issue at 6:00
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on wbtv news is sponsored by... police say a man armed with a knife kidnapped a woman in rock hill. alex giles is following this from the alert center. >> we got this, take a look at the mug shot. this is 23-year-old antonio wylie he is facing charges
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happened this week. an arrest report says witnesses saw it happening and heard screams from the female victim. this happened near evergreen circle in rock hill. they got a knife used in the incident away from wylie when he was taken into custody. he is behind bars now. back to you. >> all right thank you. wbtv finds a major record in the paperwork of a local man charged with murder. that is next at 5:00. >> and i have video of an inside job where crooks got away with thousands of dollars of electronics.
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report. >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> now at 5:00 two local teams are out of the playoffs because of this brawl during a game. >> it started as a one player to another player. and then it was some on the court. then the benches emptied. >> hear why some say the punishment does not fit the crime. >> and how two crooks were able to get behind a locked door and steal electronics. >> and wbtv finds a major paperwork error in a local murder case. welcome i'm jamie boll. >> i'm molly grantham. >> all those stories in a moment but first breaking news in the redistricting fight going on in north carolina. alex giles with new information live in the alert center. >> we just learned that the governor called in legislators
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redistricting it will happen thursday at 10:00 a.m. to redraw the maps. we touched on this earlier. these two maps the one on the top is the current map and the proposed is the new one shared by republican leaders of the general assembly today. and the 12th district one called into question. that is the new site of it in mecklenberg county. before we look up there and it looked like that in orange there from mecklenburg to counties to the north. and you will remember a panel called the districts illegal. racial gerry mannedders favored to minority candidates. lawmakers have been having the public hearings to get the input so this is the latest that we have learned here. a special session to talk about redistricting. >> and something that is
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the two that we were talking about that was going to have to be redrawn. it is represented by alma adams. she lives in the northern part of that. that is the top map and the bottom map she doesn't live in that district. so charlotte-mecklenburg is going to have to have a new representative to congress this is boy going to throw this into flux as we get closer to a primary in march. a lot to workout here. >> we are going to have to continue watching here on thursday and through the week. >> alex giles live in the alert center. >> james thacker went in front of a judge on a murder charge but had to do it all over again. thacker was charged with assault died. and wbtv's steve ohnesorge has this story and all the twists and turnpikes. >> when james thacker went


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