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tv   WBTV News 3 at 11PM  CBS  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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wbtv on your side, wbtv news starts right now with breaking news. breaking news right now the u.s. supreme court will allow a lower court order to stand demanding north carolina lawmakers draw new congressional map and it means the house primaries will not happen as scheduled as next month. as you know the boundaries were redrawn as a safeguard and agreed upon by the legislature last night. tonight t-minus 8 hours from
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tonight the candidates are on an all-out blitz. turnout. >> i'm molly grantham. i'm paul cameron so far a record 38,000 people in south carolina voted early using an absentee ballot. more than a half million will cast theirs. tonight we're on your side and 2016 coverage and alex giles is in fort mills n a matter of hours they will be here at the town hall to cast their votes in the important primary the republican field is down to six candidates. we can see that field narrow after the primary. the six remaining candidates vied for the votes across the state and in rock hill andselves veterans and here in south carolina say they have concerns which are driving them to the
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>> concerns about the health care benefits, the taxes, those sort of things. >> our freedom is in jeopardy and decisions have to be made, need to be made by level headed people. >> reporter: officials are expecting a record turnout, more than 2000 absentee ballots have been counted. the precincts open and close at 7 p.m. live in fort wbtv on your side. >> we should not the primary has accurately -- note the primary has selected the gop nominee. we have more on the air and on that's where you can hear more from the candidates leading up to the primary. >> we're on your side with information about the first confirmed case of the zika virus in north carolina. you can see on a map that we have for you, we're one of 22 other states with confirmed
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state health officials say the person who was infected traveled to one of the countries dealing with the zika outbreak. that's in central and south america and the caribbean. mosquitoes carry the virus which causes birth defects in unborn children. a outbreak in the u.s. is unlikely. >> tough have a concentration of the virus. >> the person with the virus is not in mecklenburg county. we have good news, a warm up coming, there is a chance for rain, eric thomas is live in the center looking ahead to the forecast. >> you want to see changes, look at this, next week we could be talking about a 1-2 punch as you see a system rolling out of florida in the week and midweek another system that will be taking aim at us. until then we'll get you out the door the next 12 hours and drifting in.
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overall because of the increasing clouds and they are not going to fall off. not a bad start and 5 a.m. and 45 degrees the lows were figuring they will get to 43 here. 37 to boone and blowing rock. here cool and not cold and 46 and for you are early birds. coming up we will get back to the warm up over the weekend. and the changes with the wet and cool weather the first aleader forecast. >> we showed you the crash off the coast of hawaii. we have information about it. and investigators have pulled the helicopter out of the water. it is lifting the chopper. there were five people on at the time of the boarder near the uss arizona in pearl harbor. splash. a boy was critically hurt, two others are in serious condition. people who saw it say they were confused.
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do those land on water that looks like it is coming in. in a second, someone yelled to get down we turned and ran. >> you cannot blame them the board is investigating. no word on the cause for it to fall out of the sky. the ntsb is taking over the investigation into what caused the then a to crash in union county. sky 30 got this view of the crashed plane. and the faa was out there this afternoon. the pilot, 68-year-old james howard cook, died in the crash. we're live on the scene of breaking news. firefighters on the scene of a house fire in charlotte. this is on sand ridge road. that's in the madison park neighborhood. the road home was under renovation. it started in the crawl space. no one was hurt. we have been following information on the mumps cases. two of the people infected work
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the company is communicating with all employees about preventing and treating mumps. there are a half dozen cases and in iredell. new tonight a twist in the fight between apple and the f.b.i. over the iphone belonging to one of the terrorists. according to the reports apple said the pass code was changed while in possession of the government. a recent court order to provide apple with software to break into the phone. the f.b.i. does not have the pass code. apple cited customer privacy. >> and donald trump is blasting apple calling for a boycott of the tech company until it helps. >> ale ought to give the security for the phone. okay. what i think you ought to do is boycott apple until such time as they give that security number. >> apple ceo tim cook said complying with the order would
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everyone's iphone which could make customers more vulnerable to hackers. apple has until february 26th to respond in court. six people arrested after a fight in a local high school, and now we're going to warn you it is violent. it starts with two girls fighting and winds up with girls joining in and just swinging. it was about lunch time. parents say it is disturbing and only created distractions. >> the things like fights that are going on in the school, they can cause a problem to someone that's trying to get an education, we talked with a board member about the fight. she gets calls about fights almost every day. we're on your side looking into reports of abuse in a local school. it had a group of parents meeting to find out what they plan to do about it. newsroom with the concerns.
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concerned parent wanting us to be inside the meeting. i tried to walk in and was not allowed but the cammed are a was rolling. >> why is that. >> that reason and nothing else. >> why is that. >> because it is for parents. >> no other reason. >> that's what the district told me when i tried to walk into their parent's meeting on friday evening. >> the meeting did no go anywhere. it was covered up. >> some former parents were not allowed into the school but a mother of four was one of the lucky ones to get inside. >> and the parents were not heard. >> the family has been battling with the district over accessibility to for their daughter for years. wbtv investigated the situation two years ago. >> mady is 8. she was 6 when this started. her confidence and esteem is gone. her independence is gone. >> now accusations of abuse
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an autistic child that's why the principal called the child to address the allegations which the district said date back to 2014. when we asked the district about them they would send us a statement saying the investigation revealed that the abuse and neglect were unpounded -- unfounded. >> some disagreed. >> if the district could sit in their shoes and see how they're treated and how a day in the life of a child with a israelity, though have a different outlook. >> a woman told me she tried to record the meeting on her cell phone and told by a police officer to stop. for now we're live in the newsroom, sarah blake-morgan, wbtv on your side. charlotte is expecting a massive turn out at the council meeting. so far 144 people have signed up to speak about the controversial so-called bathroom ordinance. this would give protections to people in the lgbt community and allow someone who is
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bathroom of the gender which they identify. the council members voted down the changes after protests last year. we'll be there to let you know the outcome of the vote. all new the owner of a carnival ride that malfunctioned here was just sentenced to jail time. and joshua macaroni entered a plea. a safety mechanism had been disabled and it started up as people were getting off. he has to pay more than 22,000-dollar fine and serve 30 days in jail. we are looking ahead to the chance for rain before the weekend is over. and and is timing when things will happen. >> we're taking a run at 70s over the weekend. some of you may be dodging raindrops. the rain that's reserved until next week. that's coming up in the first alert forecast. next at 11, thieves targets firefighters while they are
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have to worry about their property and protecting the citizens. >> the crooks are striking at the right moment. >> new app to help charlotte public transportation riders report anything suspicious. we put it to the test. how fast we were able to det cmpd to a real life situation tonight. this is the number one choice
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we're back after this. tonight investigators are trying to find thieves are targeting firefighters while they respond to emergencies. the latest incident was this morning as they worked a crash. the fire department confirms two employees personal vehicles were broken into. a fire captain said they are listening to scanners and striking when a station is out responding to an emergency. >> the firefighters are out
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property and it is wrong this is what they are coming back to. >> cmpd said there have been four incidents of break ins at the stations and is not just in charlotte. and the stations have reported break ins. >> until the thieves are caught the fire stations will remain on high alert they ask the public to do the same. wrapping up security on charlotte's primary public transportation. and a new app to let riders report anything suspicious, coleen harry put the app to test in a real life situation to see if it works. >> reporter: it is already in the app store. if you use public transportation can you report strange odors, suspicious packages, people, disorderly conduct and can you do so discreetly. the question is, will you use it? >> computing on public transportation.
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you never know who will be there or what will happen. >> there was a day when it was a guy there and he was loud and just, he made everyone super uncomfortable. >> there are cameras on the platforms and police have responded to reports of violence, now they want more eyes and ears on the look out to alert police to any safetied or security issues. >> i'm scared at timings for characters. , they can use the app to report problems. as we arrived, what appeared to be a couple got into a loud domestic argument and the woman got physical. we follow the directions and reported what was happening.
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cruiser was outside of the station, since no officer got out we don't know if they were responding to our alert but it was an effective way to report the problem. >> would you use the app. >> i will. >> riders say the see say app has an advantage to calling the police and that's why they're willing to give it a try. >> and be discrete, i would, i would. >> and the reverse happens with the app, cat caps can be on the -- cats can be on the look out for someone. >> coleen harry, wbtv on your side. tonight the post season ban for the teams caught on camera in the brawl will stand. principals at rowan appealed a decision to ban them from post season. >> they got letters saying it was denied. they had great chances and records. the schools were fined $1000. thousands of people have
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scalia. the line to pass by his casket of was out the front door. the president and first lady went by to pay their respect. he died of natural causes last weekend. his funeral is set for tomorrow. a addition coming to the northlake mall. and the mall is building a 200,000 square foot addition on a site next to the mall. >> it will be connected the work is in the planning stage. that should wrap up this year. construction should be in 2017. i don't know if you notice it is friday. >> if is friday and a great weekend. >> 58. we could tack a quick 10 degrees on that over the timeframe.
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we have been freezing. >> and we have a 10 territory chance. and watch your clock up here. there it is. 7 a.m. may get a shower or two across the high country but few and far between really as we get knew the heart of the viewing area. if your plans are in place you don't have much to worry about. this is what it looks like. 58. that's the high today. and we'll work it into the 60s by 4:00. >> that high that will be getting up to 64. into the mountains we go. mid-50s. and 48 around ski beach. and the foothills the rain is going town the further east we get outside of the mountains. temperatures here up to 60. that's a my high. we bring it here in the peed month over into the pee dee. mid to upper 60s.
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clouds around but not much in of temperature. some of those thermometers hitting 70. wave. however, this is a very aggressive model. you will see it is pushing the rain into the mountains. we bring it into the piedmont and it is thinning out. this could be a little bit on the aggressive side. and i could not cancel them. through 7:00 on sunday. could see showers up there when does it get here. and it ramps up on monday and then tuesday, wednesday. we're seeing rain getting into the picture. how much rain. notice if any it is negligible through monday. the european model is saying about an inch of rain on tuesday.
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here we don't add anything thereafter. the models fairly consistent. not much happening through monday. .7 of an inch. we double it up during the day on wednesday. we don't add much to it. 7 day first alert forecast. tuesday, wednesday. we clear out back to seasonal conditions. that's the way it looks v a great weekend. keep it safe here. >> thank you. tonight harper lee, the oughtor of the book "to kill a mocking bird" has passed away. she divided her time between new york city where she wrote the novel and monroeville, alabama which inspired the book. in 2007, president bush presented lee with the presidential medal of freedom. the world was stunned by the discovery of a second novel by lee entitled go set a watchman. we are looking to several big events including this big
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the kid's festival tour will be at the charlotte convention center. they will have three acres of legos. it runs it started today. it is sold out. organizers expect to host 28,000 people. ought those things made out of l. gos. >> a lot of snapping bricks. the ciaa tournament starts at time warner. march madness almost here. the first game will tip off. and the tournament brings in thousands into up town to watch the games. a big year. you know parking can be difficult. the final game will be saturday about 7:00 in the evening.
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next. welcome back, hornets first game after the all star break. hot, cold and hot night for charlotte.
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they make the come back led by a game high 25 from kim what. and finishing with 15 points. and hornets won it 98-95. they are at brooklyn. a lot of college basketball on tap this weekend. closing in on those ncaa tournaments. and the men's basketball program has put together a special group of guys with the designs on greatness. ranked high in a couple of polls. one they are sixth. they will host lincoln memorial tomorrow at 4:00. and the coach has been at queens and surpassed dale layer as the all time winningest coach. >> there is more than me that went into it. >> grateful for queens they hired me twice. it is a great honor.
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they focused and worked. and it was one and 5. >> and they're a special group of guys. >> and we'll have the results of the game on the news at 11. sports saturday night. inside the prep zone sponsored by con and country ford. and shooting 46% from three point land. he is in a boating contest to get the last spot in the american family insurance 3 point championship to take place during the final 4 in houston. it could have broken records but broke his arm this year and missed eight games. he is on the support shoot 300 shots per day and getting the touch back to meet against the best in the nation. >> and.
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to put a lot of time in. >> it is a great honor. can you help him out. vote for him and send him to the 3 point championship. can you vote at high school. and for all of your raising information including the big win tonight in the truck race at daytona that just wrapped up and a look to sunday's 500. can you go to the wbtv harley davidson sports app. you have basketball news. nba on there as well. it is
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60s to 70s. the rain is getting in here next week. look at this tuesday, wednesday. we have one area of low pressure here is another. that is working in here on wednesday. a couple of wet days we'll dry out. back to seizal conditions. focus on the weekend. >> good -- back to the seasonal conditions. >> focus on the weekend. >> thank you. the gop primary in south carolina doors open at 7. can you vote and continuing coverage here on wbtv. we'll have it for you and on have a great weekend.
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>> sleep well see you monday.
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