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tv   WBTV News 3 at 4PM  CBS  February 25, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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>> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> fire stations targeted by thieves while firefighters are on emergency calls. now police say they have made an arrest in the case. >> first, a health alert students and staff at a charlotte school and local university may have the contagious noro virus. good afternoon and thank you for joining us for first at 4:00 i'm brigida mack. >> i'm jamie boll. glad you are with us on this thursday. we have the health warning, the mecklenberg county health department says there are several students and teachers at the metro school in uptown charlotte that have symptoms of noro virus. very contagious, causes stomach and intestinal infloridamation. the health department september a warning to parents and staff. >> and possible cases of the noro virus at a local university. alex giles is following that part of the story live in our
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>> we got this information from wingate university, dozens of students reporting symptoms, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting and the school is hoping for confirmation of the illness when they get test results back tomorrow. campus services is cleaning bathrooms and common areas and residence halls and the dining facilities are being sanitized and cleaning the equipment too. and health officials recommend staying out of work or school while you are dealing with the symptoms. wait until you get better before you get back into the classroom. >> thank you. >> first at 4:00 the storm that tore up the east coast killed serve of seven people. two were killed in louisiana, four more died in virginia and a seventh was killed when a tree fell in darlington, south carolina. >> in charlotte, clean up continues after storms caused power outages and trees to fall.
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right now, there are still nearly 5,000 customers without power in mecklenberg county. >> and the national weather service now confirms a tornado did touchdown in grandville county, north carolina north of durham. the damage on this dairy farm. winds believed to be more than 100-miles-per-hour. two silos are gone and farm equipment damaged. all unharmed. >> i rain through hail and wind and i said that is it. maybe we missed it. and one of my employees called and said we have a mess. >> the farm has been operating since the 1940s. >> and in the north carolina picture. this is a live look from banner elk from resort esnow is covering the campus of the college there so you can see the streets not looking bad. they have dealt with a lot of
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and here in charlotte a much quieter day. >> we are enjoying sun today. and cooler temperatures but the wind last night, never wanted to stop, right? meteorologist lyndsay tapases joins us in the first alert weather center. >> still windy, too, but as we head into tonight and tomorrow it will gradually slowly but surely start to relax. we have had cloudy areas and the snow in the mountains has at least shutoff for the time being maybe flurries flying around across ash, watauga and avery counties. we heard from phil up in linville and he has two inches of snow there and the western slopes have had about three to six inches. it will not shutoff until tomorrow morning for the mountains but you are getting a little bit of a break. outside, clouds and sunshine and quiet aside from the wind. in the mountains that winter weather advisory until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. and we are much cooler than yesterday. following the front that came through.
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40s north of the city and 31 in boone. we'll talk about again when the wind relaxes for us and we have the weekend not too far in the future that forecast is part of your full first alert forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. winter back in the north carolina mountains bringing cold temperatures and snow. a big change from what everyone had yesterday. steve ohnesorge has been out in avery county all day and shows us what he found first at 4:00. >> they have had quick changes in the weather this winter but this week was really something. in the 60s and raining. and now the 20s and snowing. and some high winds to go along with it. this was one of those days that would make you shiver. >> it's chilly. >> inching closer to spring but that seems so far away today. with all the snowfalling and that wind...
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>> for the ski areas it's good news trying to makeup for the discs as trows start -- disastrous start in december this snow does help even with the wind-chill and single-digits and lower at times. you see there is a way to deal with that. >> once you get numb enough you cannot feel it anymore. >> it could get rough tonight. the snow will not be letting up yet and the temperature will keep dropping. get through today and tomorrow and things might warm-up and then you get into march and around here folks know anything can happen in march. in avery county steve ohnesorge wbtv on your side. >> in theschools in the mountains were closed and a couple schools in charlotte were closed as well because of power outages. and we send out alerts on the wbtv news app so you have the information. download the app to your phone. >> an arrest has been made after
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area fire stations. charlotte-mecklenburg police arrested this man johnny bing in the north lake mall they found stolen items. the fire department says the break-ins started two weeks ago and targeted while crews responded to emergencies. >> a lawsuit filed against the charlotte apartment complex in the university area where a student was shot. according to attorneys the lawsuit was filed on behalf of tyron miller he was shot two days after thanksgiving. the lawsuit claims the complex did not provide adequate security. >> right now it is time for the first check of traffic this afternoon right to tonya rivens. >> thank you, brigida. and good afternoon your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we check in here independence boulevard it is a mess already to start out the evening commute. we've got power lines. emergency repairs on independence right past briar creek road. and two right lanes are blocked.
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center city as we look on this dot camera. there's quite a bit of stop-and-go traffic. monroe road is a better alternate route. and to add to the problem the backup, we have an accident in the area. this accident is right at independence near the plaza area. in addition to that, as if we needed more problems in the area, we have an accident right here at charlottetowne avenue and elizabeth. quite a bit of activity. if you know someone using independence for their commute they will have delays. the alternate route monroe road or randolph road. >> into the newsroom we have learned the metro school in uptown charlotte will be out tomorrow. the school will be closed because of this potential of noro virus in the school. and we have learned that the makeup day will be june 10th. this is a good measure because the noro virus is highly contagious. >> if you have had it it's not
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everything and do their best to stem the tide of this. we will pass new information along. contract negotiations underway for free agents in the nfl. and one this guy... panthers cornerback josh norman. he will join us here live to talk about how he is spending the off season.
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inside a convenience store. scary moments caught on camera as an e cigarette battery explodes in a man's pocket. >> the kentucky man was in line when the battery burst into flames check that out! an employee hintd the counter described a fire extinguisher and ran to put the fire out. and the man suffered second degree burns on his leg. >> that is a tough place to have that happen. yeah. thank goodness the clerk was there to think and help put it
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>> well, panthers fans want to know is cornerback josh norman staying with the team? >> he is joining us live here in the wbtv studios coming up next! >> and we have a big split in temperatures for your weekend forecast we will talk about that and what you can expect over the
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it's part >> he is known for being a tough defender and having a larger than life personality and
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hoping the team can keep josh norman. he is one of the top rankinged free agents in the nfl. >> contract negotiations are underway. he is giving back. wbtv's ashley stroehlein joins us live in studio with josh norman alongside. take it away. >> thank you. first off, josh, congratulations on an awesome season. as you heard, carolina panthers fans hoping they are going to have you years to come. what can you tell everybody about your contract? >> first off it was a nice intro. nice intro. second off, you know, contract situation i'm blessed and fortunate enough to be in the situation i am in. where god leaves me to be i will be. good thing i do not have animosity towards the team. i have been here since day one. i would love to be here. everybody knows that. we have to see how the numbers add up. >> all right. we will be on the lookout for that and everyone knows the
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you are doing great stuff off the field. you have your charity stars 24. >> coming up in greenville, south carolina things that happened for me when i was there it was not as if i got into the nfl. we end up losing the rec center that was over in the area where the kids go and play but they find themselves losing that gym and it was the biggest part of that area. and they ended up getting into drugs and gang-related activities. they did not have that physical outlet for them to go out and express themselves in activities. so they went into gang-related and violence and became the number one murder rate in south carolina in 2012 for me it was big because that never happened when i came up. create events and do things that i can for them and raise money to build a gym out there. >> and speaking of events you have one tomorrow here in charlotte. you are teaming up with
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you and thomas davis head-to-head a charity basketball game. what can people expect? it. will be absolute, it will be fun. filled with excitement, kids going to absolutely love it. it is a family and friends eventment i will have a couple of our teammates out there. and coming in from out of town and they will be there. and hopefully get more mascots. at the end of the day we are going to do it to give back to the community and the kids and have an exciting event and have a ball. >> for people who want to come it's tomorrow from 6:30-8:30 at phillip owe berry high school tickets are $15 for adults... josh thank you for joining us. >> man, thank you all for having
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>> i cannot wait to see you on the basketball court. >> i am a baller. so you know, you going to see the j it will be nice. >> you heard it here first. back to you. >> great thank you josh, appreciate it. updated on traffic here is tonya rivens. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. let's check in an accident on south boulevard and seneca place park road is a great alternate route and the congestion is starting to build on i-77 especially northbound. we have problems from woodlawn towards 485. three miles of slow-moving traffic. volume starting to build southbound as well. to the dot camera, i mentioned south boulevard and now i-77 at woodlawn road. notice the congestion building in this area northbound and southbound this is by tyvola road and a lot of congestion and activity on that shoulder. back to you guys. >> thank you. across the state communities
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storm that is video from north carolina. that is much like we have seen a tree uprooted and fell on a home. >> good riddance to that system that went through yesterday. and started here at lunchtime and down east dealt with it later on and a confirmed tornado. >> we lucked out as far as our viewing area other parts of the state and virginia got hit hard. we made it with a few downed trees but nothing too, too bad. >> and the wind last night would not stop. >> and we are still dealing with that. as far as that is concerned, sundown at 6:14 and sun up at 6:57. temperatures should be in the upper 50s we were cooling following the front that came through. low 50s today and low 50s tomorrow and for the first part of the weekend as well. a shade below average. but check out the 24-hour
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yesterday at this time which before the storms rolled through it was warm. a lot of us felt a 15-25 drop in the temperatures over the past 24 hours. so that puts most of us upper 40s low 50s outside of the mountains. mountains you are the low 30s. and hour-by-hour, 41 by 9:00 p.m. the satellite-radar is picking up on cloudy areas. snow will shutoff early tomorrow morning and the reason we have the wind in place because we have a large difference in pressure here between the departing low, the anchor of the storm system that came through yesterday and quieter pressure building in from the west. anytime you have a strong low and strong high next to each other, the wind field between that is strong due to the
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what is keeping our winds still strong and will be the case through the night and through tomorrow they will start to relax a little bit for us. aside from the wind we do not have much as far as cloud cover is concerned. we will keep things clear through the night. you see future-cast indicating more mountain snow showers tonight, this is 10:00 p.m. and tomorrow morning when that finally starts to shutoff and the clouds for you in the mountains will clear out as well by tomorrow afternoon. so plenty of sunshine over the next several days. temperature-wise 50s through saturday big difference in weekend temperatures. saturday 55. sunday 66. so much warmer for the second half of the weekend versus the first and we stay in the 60s through next week, monday, tuesday, near 70 ahead of another strong front that gets in here next wednesday it will be a week after what we saw yesterday more strong storms possible as we head to the
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that is the with way the forecast is looking back to you. >> thank you. josh norman was here. >> nicest guy. >> nicest guy taking pictures with everybody down to earth. >> i got one. >> having fun we appreciate him stopping by. keep him on the team, please! figure it out! impossible to break into an iphone the technology apple is working to build the latest on the debate between the f.b.i. and apple about your privacy. >> plus should you wait for the dvd or head to the theater this weekend?
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about i will be a ski jumper. >> he is going to break his neck. >> i'm going to break his neck. >> that is a clip from the movie eddie the eagle time for first take with laurentian lawyer lawrence topman. he is the "charlotte observer"'s film critic. let's talk about the film. >> i loved it because it is a tribute to a loser. [laughter] like auto biography for me. a guy that wanted to go to the olympics but he was a terrible athlete and britain had no ski jumpers but they had the right to send one to the calgary
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do not kill myself i will be the greatest british ski jumper alive and they have to send me. and this is about eddie edwards teaming up with an old renegade hard case coach played by hugh jackman to fulfill the dream which is not to win but to compete. we hear all the time it's not whether you win and this story believed that. and it's sweet. i liked it very much. >> how many stars? >> three stars. >> which means folks you should check it out. it gets the seal of approval from lawrence topman here. you can read the review by going to larry thank you for being here. >> see you next week. >> yes, we will. >> larry, thank you. we have more news ahead for the first time we are learning more about a store opener robbed and murdered in salisbury. next we hear from the victim's
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a new student assignment plan
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local communities splitting away >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> i would say he was probably in many respects about the
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than family and so forth. >> a murder victim's friend opens up about his loss as the accused stands trial. >> welcome back to first at 4:00 i'm jamie boll. >> i'm brigida mack thank you for joining us. the trial of a man accused of robbing and murdering a local store owner continued today in salisbury and we learned more about that victim. the crime happened in december of 2012. two of three defendants have already pleaded guilty but the third wanted his day in court. wbtv's david whisenant has been covering the case since it began more than three years ago and has more. >> we became close friends. >> just about every morning and many evenings retired minister clarence would stop by to speak with his friend he moved from syria after he bought this store. >> i would say he was probably in many respects about the
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>> this christian pastor and the muslim often talked about religion over their coffee. >> he made some of the strongest coffee you have ever tasted in your life. it was had a cup like so. and then that coffee would almost melt a teaspoon. >> he was the first to comfort his family after the store owner was shot and killed during a robbery. >> december the 10th, 2012. >> three men were charged and two pleaded guilty but the third maurice robinson is on trial. he has a criminal record and the state says he was the mastermind behind the robbery. the reverend listened to some of the testimony thinking about just how things could have been different if he had just stopped by the store that night like he had originally planned. >> and i just regret that i did not stop. had i stopped and sat there and talked with him for an hour or


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