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tv   WBTV News 3 at 530PM  CBS  February 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> i said i'm going to go. so they was like all right, bye and i walked out and i left. >> lincoln heights academy is located behind the trees. the student was found walking there, along i-77. >> while walking on i-77, a stranger approached him. >> by god's grace she found him. >> and she called the mother and fear set in. >> oh, my god i don't know this woman and i don't know you know, who she is or if my son you know will be seen again. >> this story did have a happy ending the stranger reunited mother and son and the school had no idea her son was gone. the mother admits her son has a history of leaving school. she says he is not the only up with. >> i've seen students run out of the school and run in the middle of the street. >> the mother believes the school district should do something.
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school and you cannot lock the down manpower to cover the entrances. >> if a student leaves campus without permission protocols are in place to return the student to campus but that did not happen. the mother says her son will not return to lincoln academy while she figures out his education, he has learned a lesson. >> next time, i will not walkout of school. >> dedrick russell wbtv on your side. >> lincoln heights is a school for students who struggle academically. cms tells us it works with parents to resolve situations. the mother claims the school has not reached out to her about this happening and she has hired a lawyer. the chairperson of the school board says the district is responsible for every student in its care everyday. >> three people arrested after police found 18 pounds of marijuana and $35,000 worth of cash in a home. police raided the house and
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this is near lake wylie. rick around enabled, tyler and julie flow arrested and charged. >> more testimony in the trial against a cornelius businessman accused at shooting at police. his lawyers say he does not remember firing at officers because he was on ambien. they claim that he fired shots at them. court wrapped for the weekend and it's expected to pick backup on tuesday. >> in the first alert weather center with meteorologist lyndsay tapases. made it to the weekend. finally. >> after a rough start to the week. and chilly today that wind was whipping today. >> still cool but the wind will subside into the weekend and the second half of the weekend we will find ourselves into the 60s. we are warming up day by day and a step up tomorrow and a big step up as we head into sunday. right now we have fallen into the 40s.
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48 outside the metro school. the sun is getting lower. 6:15 will be the sundown. and we have temperatures across the region in most spots holding in the 40s and 50s. and hour-by-hour here we will fall. 49 in charlotte airport 43 statesville and hickory and we will continue to fall through 7:00 p.m. and 40 at 9:00 p.m. upper 30s by 11:00 p.m. as the wind continues to back off, temperatures tonight will fallower with than last night. this morning we started at 32 we will be 5 colder for saturday morning and 27 in charlotte before we recover from the mid-50s for saturday afternoon and well into the 60s for sunday. we'll talk about that weekend forecast and if that sets us up for a warmer start to next week. all the details in the first alert forecast in a couple of minutes. >> thank you.
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about 30 minutes ago we learned superintendent mary ellis and two other administrators would not be charged after an investigation. the state bureau of investigation was looking into whether dr. ellis and the employees received improper personal benefits from the purchase of computer equipment from outside vendors. osh orb nick ochsner followed the story and was this expected? >> depending who you talk to, yes. the school employees maintained they broke no laws. at issue was two companies superintendent mary ellis and senior administrators formed with a man the head of public sector sales for he will november vow. they hold big contracts to provide laptops to students in union county. members of the school board asked for an investigation out of concern surrounding administrators having an outside business relationship with a man whose company was getting school district contracts. the executive has left his job
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the other two administrators told me his clients knew they would be cleared all along. >> all right. so i am assuming that this was expected today? >> well, we've known the whole time this investigation was going there would be one result and that result would be a complete and total closure and dismissal of the matter. >> there is still an internal investigation pending the attorney tells me he believes that that investigation is no longer necessary. now that his clients have been cleared by the district attorney's office. >> thank y y. new at 5:00 prepare to see more construction near i-77 in the lake norman area. the town of cornelius announced ncdot will add a turn lane ear on exit 28. the work will combat backups that go back to torrence chapel road. city posted this picture. the construction will cutoff the pedestrian refuge island.
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start to do will take a couple of weeks to finish. >> let's update the commute and hello to tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> hey, jamie and your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. let's check in in lake norman the camera exit 28 and 30, between cornelius and davidson and a lot of congestion. southbound we have a lot of slow-moving traffic. this is birkdale exit 25 on i-77 southbound a lot of volume on highway 21 statesville and old statesville road and an accident in huntersville at gilliard road. prior to that i-77 north an accident creating congestion but your options are old stateville and here is i-77 approaching huntersville and slow-moving traffic. your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. back to you. >> thank you. right now the carolina panthers ae working to lock in a deal
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head coach. the "charlotte observer" reports the team is discussing a contract extension. the paper reports this will be the second bump in two years for rivera. in 2014 he received a three-year extension worth more than $4 million. >> you have time to make it out to the celebrity basketball game for a great cause. norman was here to tell us about the event designed to raise money for poverty stricken areas. 6:00 p.m. berry academy. >> andext... >> brooklyn needs a liver and if she does not receive a transplant she will not survive. >> coming up which company made sure this little girl got the treatment she needed. >> and a local men helping dozens fight an awful disease one song at a time.
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up. >> fedex is getting some of the credit for saving this beautiful two-year-old from west tennessee. little brooklyn was in a tough spot her family needed to get her to chicago but the storms canceled 700 flights. if she did not get there doctors were worried she would die. fedex offered to fly her and her family from memphis to chicago during the storms and after 13 hours of surgery brooklyn is alive and recovering. the family is asking help to cover medical costs we have that on >> check out this video a charleston man helps free amant ray caught in netting.
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the animal swimming beside the boat. the duo got the netting off the animal. look at the size of this thing. it was about 10 feet wide. getting in the water and alongside it on top of it. >> i love owe schepp life and the beach but that would be frightening to think let me get on top of it and -- >> that is awesome. the video is great to see. >> largest lilly pad ever. >> a gps glitch that may have you reaching for a normal map. that is next. >> and coming up... [ ] >> a little bit of soul that is helping people battle alzheimer's. first here is lyndsay. >> a little bit chilly with highs in the low 50s but we will be warming up throughout the weekend and we have a check
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in >> right now let's get to alex giles live in the alert center with details on a fire in south iredell county. >> no injuries and that is the important thing. look at the images. you can see the back of the building burned out as firefighters are looked at what happened there. dispatchers say they still have units on scene and that emergency call came in after smoke was seen coming from the attic but it's under control and the red cross has been called out to assist but guys big news, nobody is injured in that house fire on rocky river road in south iredell county. >> good news. thank you.
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and told them to figure out how to get somewhere would they be able to do it? probably not. but consumer investigator kristen miranda shows us why going a little old school is really important. >> do you have an atlas buried in your trunk? mine is old and beaten up but every smartphone has gps and cars do, too. our cyber expert says some hackers offered proof we need this they hacked into the software that powers the world of navigation. and they tricked a gps device into thinking it was traveling though it was standing still. >> this is huge ramifications for all of us who depend on that gps system for so many different things. these were smart ethical hackers doing this and hopefully the bad guys have not figured how to do it yet.
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are built to fix the flaws print backup directions before you go somewhere. >> your word of the week is cortana. >> this is a new app by microsoft and if you lose microsoft, it will read your e-mails and send you reminders and suggested calendar appointments. >> great to have an as assistant the question is whether you want your apps knowing that much about you. kristen miranda wbtv on your side. >> i want to go back to the maps. everyone should be able to use a map. tonya rivens i beat you agree. >> i do and i regret not taking a map reading class in college. your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. let's check in right here this is backup independence boulevard westbound and we do not see that often because of this problem we have on 277 outer. it's create a lot of problems. not what we need with the ciaa tournament in town. a lot of congestion that right
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before 12th street. and the options you are limited. around center city as we see all of this volume also this really started to build on i-77 northbound approaching i-85. and we have a stranded motorist in this area. it's causing a lot of problems at i-85 and this is northbound by graham street and there's volume in the area as a result of that as we go to the d.o.t. camera look at that volume object i-85 between statesville and graham street. >> thank you. i'm serious about the map things. it's important and kids don't know how to use them. >> have an atlas. >> i know where mine is. do you pull it out when you are driving? >> no, but the act of reading maps is important. >> we had a print off of google maps and that we had to print it off but not anymore. let's talk weather. midweek was crazy and heading
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>> and it's friday and that is always good. >> always nice to get the wet weather out of the way before the weekend and that is going to be the case for us. now we have been done with it since midweek but we are seeing the sun return, tooment. the sun was back out for us. we are down to 49 in charlotte. a little bit on the breezy side not as windy as it's been but we have a breeze most spots 5 to 10-miles-per-hour and 20-miles-per-hour in boone but we are not pulling those consistent gusts like we have been. so earlier this week again all outside of the mountains we had easily 40-miles-per-hour gusts and right now looking at boone for 29-mile-per-hour gust. so that is due to high pressure building in from the west. this is going to calm things down and keep the winds subsiding into the night and keeping our sky clear.
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tiny bit of cloud cover that will clear out into tomorrow. this high will keep our weather quiet for the weekend. but a shift in temperatures from saturday to sunday and the reason being for saturday with the placement of where this high is we have a little bit of a northerly component to our wind for saturday that is going to keep us in the cool 50s as the high drifts into sunday and the wind turns out of the south. with that we'll find ourselves well into the 60s for the sunday. 54 saturday and 65 sunday. average high 58. so we'll go from being below to above on sunday. and region by region, in the mountains you will be back into the 40s which will feel nice because you have been stuck in the 30s. 42 for you in boone. it will be 50 in lenoir. 54 in taylorsville and charlotte about 54. so a couple of degrees warmer
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and pageland 55. as far as overnight lows, tomorrow night will be around freezing. 65 sunday and mid-60s monday and tuesday. we are warm ahead of our next front. next front gets in here on wednesday. so it will be a week from this wednesday's front that came through. however this does not look as potent should not have the severe weather it however showers and thunder and behind that temperatures fall into the low 50s for thursday and friday of next week. all right, back over to you. >> thank you. next at 5:00... >> alzheimer's can steal everything... [ ] at least for a little while this man gets it back. i'm kristen hampton the good news is coming up. >> and coming up new at 6:00... >> i'm investigative reporter nick ochsner we have had a huge response into our investigation how the va is failing our veterans. i will have the details coming
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on wbtv news is sponsored by... by....
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adult daycare center posted a video on facebook it is a man singing and dancing with a woman who has alzheimer's. that video has been viewed 150,000 times. >> no surprise when you hear the story of john and why he comes twice a week to perform. kristen hampton has tonight's good news. >> an entrance more anticipated... than elvis. at least here. this guy is elvis. [ ] most of the people in this room are victims of a disease that steals their memories their thoughts and sometimes their emotions. >> dementia closes doors. but my music opens doors. >> this is elizabeth. alzheimer's sometimes has her doors sealed shut. [ ] here is where you see how wrong john was.
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[ ] it knocks them down. it's so nice to have you back where you belong [ ] >> we have members who have not spoken have not really engaged in a longtime who absolutely come alive. and he has a gift of knowing how and when to engage people. [ ] that gift of knowing comes from knowing personally. >> it's almost like i'm digging for gold looking for memories of my own mother. >> 13 years ago alzheimer's stole his mother. two times a week he gets a piece of her back. [ ] it gives me extreme pleasure to do this. >> two times a week thanks to john...
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dementia takes a backseat while genuine joy takes center stage. in charlotte with the good news, kristen hampton wbtv on your side. >> wow. john is amazing. you know and anyone who has dealt with it thank you for what you do because you know it is a difficult thing for the families who deal with alzheimer's and to see them come alive and dance and sing and remember the lyrics. >> and the twist that his mother had it and that is why he does it so he does understand why it's so important. thank you, john, two days in a row kristen you got it. >> coming up new at 6:00... >> while a suspect has been arrested for break-ins, charlotte's fire chief tells us tonight new security procedures
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>> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> a suspected thief accused of stealing from firefighters who put their lives on the line to protect you. tonight we have new information what this man may have been after. good evening welcome i'm paul cameron. >> i'm maureen o'boyle. good to have you with us at 6:00. johnny bing is facing new charges in the two state crime spree. he was arrested in charlotte accused of breaking into cars at fire stations in mecklenberg county and gilford county and in york county, south carolina. a search warrant shows several stolen weapons are unaccounted for. steve crump sat down with the charlotte fire chief today what kind of an impact this has had on the department. >> you know you talk about some of the paper trail that emerged from the case and more specifically about the search warrant and it shows the missing
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today, i sat down with fire chief john hannon and it felt like a burden has been lifted because some of the workers at the firehouses felt violated. >> it was five of our station's 14 stations total from i think fort mill up to greensboro. >> the chief says he is grateful for the quick work carried out by cmpd. >> he would hit stations over and over. some nights he would hit two. and just knew this had to stop. >> on thursday investigators announced the arrest of johnny bing in the case and less than 24 hours the search warrant connected to the break-ins became public. while vehicles were targeted at firehouses and north and south carolina, police did not recover most of the missing weapons. more than half a dozen firearms were listed as stolen but an inventory sheet turned in says only one gun was seized. >> and this is something that


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