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wbtv on your side wbtv news starts now. tonight more than 100,000 fans in up town for the ciaa tournament a lot of parties happening tonight. we're looking at what the city is doing to handle the influx of people. happy friday, everyone. glad you're with us. i'm paul cameron. i'm molly grantham. it brings in 150,000 people, double the average number of
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and alex giles is up town where the police are working to keep everyone safe. very busy tonight, alex. >> reporter: it is busy and there are a ton of police out here. you cannot go a block without seeing an officer. we saw the crowds here. and and a lot of people in the ciaa tournament. and standing by the crowd for the most part. security is tight around the ep pi center. guards were not letting them in while they cleaned up before the night crowd came out dozens that poured in around 10 p.m. there was a shooting on ciaa weekend at one of the clubs at the music factory. and this year i saw the cmpd was there with the crime stoppers vehicle. one fan told me that's a good
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the city this weekend. >> there is crazy stuff going on and without the security and police. no telling it will be wild and crazy out here. it is under control. everyone is having a good time. >> and an officer i spoke with on the street out here told me earlier tonight they did not have major incidents here. it wrapped up. >> live in up a nice change in the weekend. >> warmer temperatures are moving in. it is chilly tonight. eric thomas is live in the first alert weather center. >> and right we're going to have to navigate through the temperatures overnight. have a look at it. we're in the 30s at the moment. 20s in the high country. we'll roll on this and take knew the morning hours 367890 around 7:00 in the morning and in the 20s with the powder across the carolina. a good ski weekend.
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the clouds wrapping in overnight. are you "out the door" forecast if you are closer to charlotte, if you cannot sleep in, it is going to be cold. 33 degrees. we'll get to the warmer temperatures coming up. you will like this and storms next week. details and a standoff in washington state that left five people dead. a man called police to say he shot his family and threatening could kill himself. they got to the property they found four people dead a 12-year-old girl is the only survivor t is not clear if she escaped or freed by the gunman. after hours of negotiations the suspect reportedly walked outside of the home and killed himself in front of authorities. >> warning is issued by the cdc about the zika virus. pregnant women should not go to the 2016 games in brazil because of the outbreak. the cdc announced there are nine confirmed cases infecting
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they got it overseas. three babies have been born. two pregnancies and miscarriage and two in abortions. the cdc is investigating ten reports of pregnant travelers with the mosquito borne virus. police tell wbtv they are looking to see if the thieves caught on camera are connected to a store robbery. take a look. they say the tall man went into the exchange on north center street. when the clerk pulled out rings the man grabbed them and took off. they escaped in a car that may have had a third suspect as a get away driver. the man has long hair and tattoos. they believe the woman was wearing a wig. you see that he there. >> and call the police. they are reviewing video from the robbery. they are looking to see if it is connected in the investigation. neighbors are questioning
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the hold hilledbrand high went up in flames. the leaders voting to tear it down. but neighbors fought to keep it. that's why they are suspicious. and sarah blake-morgan talked with people who feel a connection to the school. >> it has been five days since the flames tripped through but it is the topic of many services here y? this is so much more than just a building to many. >> i cried, i cried more when i saw the destruction. charred destruction and warped wood a terrible sight to those who saw the school. >> my mother and father went to school there. >> you they're a lot. the roots run deep which is why so many came to friday's council meeting hoping for answers. what caused the massive fire
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>> we cannot eliminate election trailcal. it had power. we cannot eliminate a fire set by a human. >> common sense tells you it is arson. >> it was strange coincidence it was ready to come to a settlement and it burned. >> the investigation has been put on hold, according to the fire marshal because the build something so unstable. >> we're standing on matthew 1026. everything hidden will be revealed. others think the answers are nothing but ashes inside. >> i think we have all just about accepted we'll never know. >> i was told that a reward may be offered for information leading to an arrest f you know anything about what happened here on monday, contact the burke county sheriff's office. reporting in hilldbrand. a man accused of killing his
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a judge ordered erwin feldman to be held without bond. he killed his 82-year-old mom in 2014. investigators have not said if he will be charged with murder. now today a judge appointed a defender capital defender and public defender. we have video of the kansas shooter identified as set rick ford. it shows him shooting rounds into a cornfield with an ak-47. tonight we're learning what the investigators believe set him off on his deadly rampage. >> he was randomly shooting people, three were killed and 14 others wounded when the shooter opened fire. >> we have 14 people in the hospital they range from stable to critical and one going into surgery as we speak. >> the harvey county sheriff
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started when he shot a man driving his children. he shot a second person before driving to excel industries a company in hesston. >> he goes into the building, at that point shoots 14 more people. three of hose were fatalities. >> ford was served a protection from abuse order and that is one and a half hours before it started. he believes that order triggered the attacks. >> he yelled hey, and boom, boom, boom. >> and matt gerald and witnessed the attack said he never would have imagined his friend and cowork core have done something like this. >> i witnessed him shoot the shots i saw them come out of the rifle. that vivid. i can see it. >> the first law enforcement officer took down the shooter single-handedly. the sheriff is calling him a hero. a school shut down after a possible noro virus outbreak
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the virus may be circulating at metro school. students and teachers show symptoms of the illness. anyone with the illness is advised to drink liquids and replace lost fluid and prevent dehydration. >> the school board is calling a meeting on monday that's likely they will talk about the district superintendent who we learned will not face any criminal charges. the f.b.i. was investigating dr. mary ellis about a conflict of interest. the superintendent and the county assistant superintendent and director of technology formed the company with lenovo. they had contracts to supply the district can computers. they were cleared. we'll follow the story as it developed and update you on any know information. two salisbury administrators suspended after this brawl. the prince wall luke brawn and the assistant principal are facing discipline.
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administrators allegedly moved a suspension day for one of the students in the fight from a friday to a mon so that student could play in a game. brown is suspended with pay. the north carolina high school association banned the sals are you and north rowan because of the fight. next haoefrpl at 11, video that you have to see. a south carolina firefighter saves an elderly woman choking on food. >> i thought she was gone. they worked for a long time. >> where the firefighters were that had them responding in minutes. the heart felt message from her grateful son. i'm eric thomas, thank you, molly. coming up. warmer weather you will like it but it fuels storms. that's part of the forecast. and donald trump interrupted.
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protestor. >> in the good old days they would rip him out of the seat. >> the message and how he trumped the situation into a talking point.
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a twist in campaign 2016. donald trump stopped his closest rivals in their tracks with a high-profile endorse. that surprised almost everyone. on the democratic side they are down to the wire in south carolina. i'm here to say i endorse donald trump for president of the united states. >> the former gop candidate chris christi endorsed him saying he is the only one who can defeat the democrats. >> who is the best person to stop hillary clinton from getting inside the white house again, this is the best person to do that. >> ted cruz was stunned when he found out about the endorsement
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he played it cool. >> listen i think the endorsement was troubling news for the marco rubio campaign. >> what we're dealing with. >> and he has been attacking trump since thursday night's debate but the businessman fired back. >> once a joker always a joker, it never changes. >> the republicans have their sights set on super tuesday but the candidates have to get through the south carolina primary first. hillary clinton is expected to win south carolina and she is using her family to campaign there until the end. >> we are fighting to break down the barriers wherever they may be. >> bernie sanders held a rally at a university. >> what this campaign is about is taking a hard look at national priorities. >> and south carolina voters head to the polls on saturday with their priorities.
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primary tomorrow here. can you get up to the minute election results. and donald trump had to put his rally on pause in oklahoma because of a protestor a man behind the stage was wearing a shirt that said kkk endorses trump. he walked away from the podium and stared down the protestors who was pulled from the rally. he turned it into a talking point saying the police would have ink yad h h from the seat meadly. the country is too politically correct which is a problem. >> they chased after a woman in rock hill with a knife. the police say this started outside off campus housing for winthrop students in broad daylight. the woman was jogging. she said she ran and hid in the restroom of a bank when she noticed him. >> she was aware of her surroundings and even though she was jogging, she knew there was someone behind her. she knew there was a safe place to run to. and there were people working.
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from the bank show as man matching the description following the woman into the bank. investigators trying to figure out what caused this store to catch fire. this is the circle k on graham street. these are photos from the fire department and it took two dozen more than half an hour to put it out. nobody was hurt but there was damage done to the building. the warrants show the guns stolen from vehicles are now missing. even though the police arrested a suspect. investigators say that johnny binge was listening to scanners when they got the call to emergencies he would swoop in and smash windows taking electron ecs and weapons from the cars. the detectives say that he hit up 14 fire stations in north and south carolinament they arrested him yesterday. now the chief said stations need to make changes. >> it's not that expense tive get cameras up and get a
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system. we want them to see the cameras for anything they may need to. >> he was hit with more charges today from some of the other cities that were hit. he remains in the jail tonight on half million dollars bond. video of a south carolina firefighter who saved a woman from choking. tough see this. the 90-year-old woman and her family were eating at this restaurant. she started to choke on her food. the family tried to help but they could not get it unlodged. the waitress. >> i nothing she was gone. >> they worked a long time. it was kept on. they saved her life. >> you cannot thank them enough. we went the crew was in morning. >> and you just cannot thank them enough.
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breathing. that's unbelievable. she was taken to the hospital. her son said she is fine just a little sore from the compressions. >> i bet. >> congrats to them. >> yes and the coincidence being right next door to the restaurant. that's what saved her the timing >> let's talk timing of normal weather. >> i like the idea. the weekend is going to be good. we'll start off with the sunshine. and make a difference t is coming. >> this is it. and. >> and what do we have. and can you sleep in. we could be getting. >> and look at the skies. 8:00 you will be back to 33. we'll jump it up to 49 at noon 567894 through the forecast 4 in the mountains we go.
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that's fine for the skiers. how about 35 there. and and. >> and a lot of sunshine outside of the mountains. and keeping clouds up there. and mid50s in the piedmont and the pee dee river valley. and say hello to sunshine down that way. a chilly start and look at this. and first. see your time stamp up in the corner a front. it should be inconsequencal. it is 10%. this is the other area of activity that could be tush eye
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that will be arriving early on wednesday this is out there. so with that. how do we stand in terms of rain the as you expect we'll spike on that wednesday front a few more out of that. >> these are showers. we're not going to add more to that. >> and how mild we are for the week. and in we will cool off the but we will dry out. temperatures are back into the 50s for thursday and friday. so what we'll do is sim ply fie it one more look at the temperature trend. this is what i'm saying up we go. saturday into sunday. a couple of days not far from 70. the front is through into the 50s by the end of the week.
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days. nice at the one bump wry day. >> tonight, today is the 55th anniversary of the arrest of a the friend - nine. people in rock hill gathered to recognize the group that fought for equality. they were areffed in 1961 for trying to desegregate a lunch counter. the survivors talked about the efforts and how far things have come. >> can you believe it has been a year since the llama drama. and it caught the attention of officials. >> this is the year anniversary. they were captured at the highest point it was seeing more than 3000 tweets a minute. and it watts like watching a police chase but there were no police involved or cars.
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>> back with their mamas, that's a book. i have a 4-year-old and 1-year-old. llama mama mad at drama.
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with sports. basketball front and center ciaa at time warner cable. hornets on the road in indiana. and williams led charlotte with 26 points and 13 rebounds but walker who was clutched with 22 points. none bigger than this. hornets down. the lay up. and they had a chance to pauld george was off from the top of the key.
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at the dropping 12 straight. and ciaa tournament. taking on virginia union. not much coach could do because her team ran into a they would fight hard and the big bucket there but virginia union was you tough on offense. raining 3s. 13 as a team. 5 from ronnie bail and johnson 41 points 7 assists. they will take on charlotte in the title game at 4 p.m. now the men are in the semi-final spotlight taking on virginia union as well. 49-48 with 14 minutes left in the second half. and the winner will play virginia state tomorrow at 7. for the latest on the ciaa go to or the wbtv speedway harley davidson sports app and press releases.
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out underway in indianapolis. the panthers are looking over draft pros protects -- prospects. reports say the cats have reached out to ron riviera with a new contract extension. and interviewing josh norman here yesterday about his basketball game scheduled for tonight. norman working on a deal with the panthers. davis was the other coach. he was focused on giving back. and his non-profit raises money for poverty stricken areas. his focus is in greenwood. he has sights set on helping charlotte. the fun took place here in the queen city in front of a packed house. it's all for the kids. >> if i can do to give back i'mdology a good deed. that's why i have it and you
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>> and curt busch on the pole in
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the car again your 7 day first alert forecast average 54 saturday. sun. and no chance of rain until we tack you in. storms perhaps and until then we ramp up the numbers near 70. we're back into the 50s by the end of the week. >> we cannot get a last word on sports. >> he is taking facebook live.
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