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tv   WBTV News 3 at 630PM  CBS  February 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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plus, 50 shots fired in uptown after the ciaa wraps up. billets striking cars and a hotel. the very latest coming up and spring is in the air. or at least that what's it feels like. how long do we have to enjoy it? lee brock is tracking your forecast. good evening. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm sharon smith. we'll have the stories in just a minute. but first, we do have some breaking news from crowders mountain. a man fell off the mountain this afternoon at the boulders access. he's in serious condition. we are working to learn more information and we will keep you updated on this. also, just into the newsroom, a c.v.s. in pageland was robbed at gunpoint this afternoon. we just got surveillance video in from the police department from that c.v.s. on north van lingo mongo boulevard. the shift supervisor told police that the suspect walked to the back of the pharmacy, pointed a
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with some oxy codeine. that investigation going on right now. meanwhile, gunfire in uptown overnight. right now, three people are under arrest. jail records show they all live out of town. police confirm the trio was here visiting charlotte to enjoy the ciaa basketball tournament. christian is in uptown. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: well sharon, fortunately nobody was hurt last night and as you mentioned, the suspects were in town for the ciaa tournament according to the cmpd. the shooting happened just before 5:00 this morning on south caldwell street near the sky condominiums and hyatt hotel. about 40 or 50 shots were fired into two cars and the lobby door. security guards heard the shots and saw a man driving from the scene. officers stopped the car and a back seat passenger jumped out and ran to a nearby parking deck with what police say was an ak-47. howard wright, kevin thompson
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weapons charges. at this point, detectives don't have a motive for the shooting but say it was not a random act of violence. tonight at 11:00, i speak with a resident who lives in sky condominiums and why he may leave town next time there's a big event that comes into charlotte. >> thank you, christian. meanwhile, one man is in critical did you stable condition after he was shot in what looks like a case of road rage. two men got into an accident and that's when the shots range out. michael, what did the witnesses say? >> well this all happened before the start of a church service here in canappolis. it starts at 10:00. 9:30. so folks caught behind the accident witnessed this escalate into the shooting. one of the families that was on their way to this church actually sprung into action. a father ripped off his shirt to go help one of the victims of the shooting. we will show you some video from
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now, the man that went to help is in the military and has experience being a first responder. so, he took off his shirt and began helping that victim, who i am told, is in his late 20s and is recovering at c.m.c. in critical but stable condition. witnesses say the victim was sweating profusely and was shot in front of his girlfriend and child after this wreck, but it's unclear how that wreck happened or who may be at fault. the shooter remained on scene and police know who he is, but he has not been charged. people who watched this say they heard arguing after the accident followed by the gunshot. >> his girlfriend was there and she was really upset, real distraught. and i talked with her and prayed for her. so, we just came together as a community out here and tried to help this young man. >> now the good samaritan who helped this victim today was on his way to church with his family for a dedication ceremony for this child. as you can imagine, his shirt and all of his other belongings
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there was a lot that had to be done for this family to make it to the service. we will hear more about this selfless act and the condition of the victim on the news at 11:00. for now, reporting live, michael clark, wbtv on your side. >> incredible story. thank you, michael. police are also asking witnesses to speak up after a man was shot and killed near mount holly this morning. this happened on linear street extension while a big party was going on. police say people at the party actually took the man to the hospital. that's where he died. several neighbors did not want to speak on camera, but said off camera that they saw dozens of cars lining the road there the past two nights. neighbors said they complained to police, but never thought things would escalate the way they did. >> neighbors, everybody down here has been here either 25 or 30 or 40 years. and, we want our neighborhood to stay quiet. >> police have not identified the victim publicly. if you know anything about this
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the gaston county police department or crimestoppers there. if you have been outside at all today, you must have noticed the sunshine and warm air. meteorologist lee brock is live in our first-alert weather center. still feels good out there now. >> it really does. we have seen the temperature drop maybe two or three degrees from what we had as a high temperature this afternoon. 66 was your high, well above average for this time of year. and it still looks beautiful out there. here's your scott clark toyota camera. check out that sunset at u.n.c. charlotte. the sun is officially down. it did officially go down at 6:17, so, days getting longer and longer feeling more and more like spring, and yeah, even now after 6:00 at night, we are still holding onto the 60s. 64 in charlotte. 60 in salisbury. 63 in rock hill. albermarle you are at 58 . 53 in boone. overnight, temperatures still right around 60 by 7:00. if you have dinner plans this evening, you don't need the big coat again.
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home, it's still going to be fairly nice. 9:00, 53 is the temperature. 11:00, 52 is the number. and even into tomorrow morning, these aren't bad numbers. this is going to be monday morning. first thing, you don't have to brave the cold temperatures. most of us will bottom out in the mid 40s bit time you start out your day tomorrow. and, it only gets warmer from there. we have a couple more really warm days. we will talk about how warm and when the cool air does come back into the picture. i've got that forecast coming up. sharon? >> all right. nice change. no rest for candidates on the campaign trail. hillary clinton is moving on.
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sides of the race. hillary clinton attended sunday service at a cathedral in memphis. her victory, she plans to focus on southern states like tennessee ahead of super tuesday as in her victory speech she drew on her faith while speaking to the congregation. >> we all have work to do. i said last night -- america has never stopped being great. our task is to make america whole.
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with bernie sanders lagging in delegates and likely facing greater losses come super tuesday, clinton's team is beginning to turn their focus into unifying the party. also today, donald trump deflected questions on whether he would disavow david duke's support for the presidential bid. duke is a former grand wizard of the ku klux klan. the antidefamation league had called on trump to reject duke's support and any support from other white supremacist groups. >> well just so you understand, i don't know anything about david duke. i don't know anything what you are talking about with white supremacy or white supremacist. did he endorse me or what's going on? >> a little late northwest territories afternoon, he tweeted that he does reject the support of former clan leader duke. senator ted cruz attended
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the presidential hopeful is prepared to support any republican in this year's presidential election even if the party nominates a candidate he believes would lose to hillary clinton, but the texas senator once again insisted that he is the best alternative to donald trump. >> i think if we nominate donald, hillary probably beats him, not only does she get to attack him on a whole host of issues where he agrees with her, but, he's described hillary clinton as one of the best secretaries of state in history. >> cruz is the favorite to win the texas primary, one of the states that will be voting on super tuesday. polls show that trump as much leading in most of the other states voting that day. the sun is now officially down. it was gorgeous day. temperatures in the mid 60s. we have a couple more days in the 60s. we will talk about how long
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that forecast after the break. an army staff sergeant faces murder charges after police say he killed his wife and opened fire on three police officers in a washington d.c. suburb.
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job for the officer who was killed. brian webb has more on what happened. >> officer down, too. >> officer ashley guindon was shot and killed saturday on her first day on patrol with the prince william county police department in virginia. >> she clearly had a passion to serve others. in a way that went beyond herself. >> guindon and two other officers were responding to a domestic dispute saturday night about 30 miles outside washington dc. police arrested 32-year-old ronald hamilton, an active-duty army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon. they say he shot and killed his wife, then opened fire on the officers. >> it was very scary. i heard the shots like four to five shots back to back. >> yellow tape roped off the crime scene sunday. residents paid their respects at the hospital where the officers are recovering. >> to have this happen over
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that's -- it's so sad. >> guindon, a six-year marine corps reservist, was sworn in friday. this picture was posted to the department's twitter page welcoming her and another officer. it said -- be safe. hamilton is scheduled to be in court on monday. >> the two other officers are expected to recover. officer guindon is the fourth officer killed in that department's history. all right. a bad situation for them. talking about our weather here, though, completely different kind of tone. >> mm-hmm. >> nice day for everyone. makes you thankful. >> yeah. i saw people outside in shorts and t-shirts, people running around happy to be feeling like springtime. not officially springtime yet by any means. we are almost to march now. we have one more day in february. got that bonus day coming up tomorrow, the 29th. leap year. let's take a look at what's going on for now. we have mainly clear skys from your scott clark nissan h.d. tower-cam. nice looking night. if you have any plans for the
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because look the a the numbers. 64 is your current temperature. your dew point is 28. that makes humidity 26%. the one down side of this is we are going to have a quick temperature drop overnight. temperatures quickly heading become to the 40s just after the sun is officially down for a little while longer than it has been so far. here's what it looks like temperaturewise around the region. many of us are still in the 60s. most of us are still in the 60s at this hour. 62 in hickory. 65 in gastonya. 62 in rockingham. as far as the temperature difference, you know it was warmer today than it was yesterday and you are exactly right. has been. most areas anywhere from about eight or nine to 12 degrees warmer right now than it was 24 that all afternoon. we have had the sunshine. we have had the breeze out of the south pulling those temperatures up really nicely of your day. nothing out there to show you as far as the clouds are concerned, as far as rain is concerned, it is calm, it is clear, it is dry.
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tomorrow morning, it's not even going to be that bad as far as the temperature is concerned. i think first thing in the morning right as the sun is coming up just before 7:00 right about now, mid 40s for start-out temperatures then. by 8:00, though, we are already back in the upper 40s. lots of sunshine for the morning hours and for the rest of your day almost no chance of rain in the morning. here's what's going on, though. we do have another rain maker coming this way. high pressure is in place right now. what that's been doing is pulling our wind out of the south. we always have clockwise flow around a high pressure system, so the wind has been coming out of the deep south where it's warmer, where there is more humidity, it's been pulling those temperatures up as we headed through the day. here's a cold front back to the north and west of us and we put this into motion. this goes tomorrow morning. that front does get a little bit closer to us. doesn't quite move through here but it comes closer for the first part of your day. the wind continues to pull out of the south southwest, though. so we continue with mild temperatures it. second half of your day, the front moves through. but you will notice, there's not it. we may not even notice that
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saybe a few clouds the second half of your day but we aren't looking at a great rain chance. maybe a 10 or 20% chance of a shower. temperatures don't change much behind that. then comes another front that will do a little better job of acting like a cold front. that's going to come in for the second half of your day on tuesday. gets close to us. we don't see a lot of rain on tuesday. maybe in the evening hours but another batch of warm air pulls in. here's this front that moves through tuesday night into wednesday and that's really our best chance of rain. here's the forecast heading into your day tomorrow, 49 to start the day. 63 at noontime. 67, that's going to be your afternoon high temperature, and other temperatures around the region, i think some of us could actually hit 70 tomorrow. 70 for a high in gastonia, 71 in rockingham. most of the rest of us even if we don't hit 07, we are talking about upper 60s for high temperatures even though it's going to be another day in february. it's the last day in february, though. here's the forecast. high temperature tomorrow, 67
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68 is the high temperature. changes come in tuesday night wednesday morning, your best chance of rain. 59 will be high temperature. thursday and friday is back to the 50s again. another rain chance on friday. 50s on saturday. 60s again by next weekend. there's your forecast. we will send things to ashley with sports. >> thanks, lee. well nascar sprint cup series in atlanta today for the quick trip 500. kyle busch won the pole but starts from the back of the field after failing post-qualifying inspection. all right. now let's go to lap 117. matt kinseith running up front but under a green flag pit stop, penalized for improper fueling. once the gas can is engaged, the gas man is not allowed to do anything else but after already beginning to fuel the car, he set as wrench on the back deck lid and that is a penalty. it will take him out of contention. now to 41 laps to go, leader kevin harvick on the left side of the screen pits under green,
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he appears headed to victory until ryan newman will blow out a tire bringing out the second caution of the day. here we go. on the restart, johnson leading but kyle busch who had fought his way back gets a great start from third but johnson is able to hold him off. now there is a wreck on the back stretch, but johnson had reached the overtime line and johnson stays out front to get the win. you see him hold up three fingers in honor of earn heart because he got his 76th career victory tieing him with the legendary dale earn art for 7th all time. >> jimmie johnson in first jr. kyle busch third and kyle in the fourth spot and carl edwards would round out the top five. well the hornets wrapping things up in atlanta a few minutes ago. they were taking on the hawks so here we go. the action. first quarter hawks up 13 with time running out. tim hardaway jr. with the runner from half court and he would nail it. that would make it 25-9 at the
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so let's fast forward to the third. hawks up 10, paul milsap going to get the pass underneath and lay it in. 55-43 atlanta. still in the third quarter, jeff teagan dribble to the wing, he's left wide open and knocks down the three pointer. that would make it 60-43 hawks. finally the hornets going to get some offense going. marvin williams driving in from the corner, hits the floater making it 68-57. then in the fourth quarter, 11:00. driving the lane for the layup and the foul. atlanta able to hold off a late run by charlotte to get the win 87-76. now. duke visiting pittsburgh today. it would be senior day for the panthers which includes james robinson as they face duke and grayson allen. first half, pitt up by 10. james robinson going to hit the three pointer extending that lead. later in the first half, grayson
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cutting pittsburgh's lead to 10. but a few plays later, derrick thornton will have a costly turnover. next play, here it is, that will result in a sheldon jeter pittsburgh. the panthers get the win over
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we'll have more [content sigh] ah, excuse me? mr. jones? hi. already? you booked an appointment.
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we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. i haven't even started to bronze yet. we no longer give you an excuse to work all day perfecting your tan. starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take before your appointment starts. >> final round of the honda classic taking place today. 'would come down to garcia and scott. scott edges out garcia for the win. the charlotte checkers facing off against manitoba again today. derrick allen scored the game winning goal making the final checkers 2, moose 1. time now for sports social. first up, someone who has been trending since last night that charlotte's very own steph curry. he hits the deep three-pointer
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that was his 12th three pointer of the game tieing an nba record for most threes and he also broke his own record for most three-pointers in a single season. and, there's still over 28 regular season games to go. >> there's nothing he can't do. >> unreal. >> breaking your own record. >> yes. so, yeah. tied it for most threes, hitting the game with 12 and breaking his own record the third year in a row. he keeps going and going. what do you do when you are playing defense on him? you saw the guys. just like -- again. >> there he goes. >> what do you do? >> he does great things on the court, but also off the court. he was at a game last thursday in orlando where he scored 51 points and the warriors got a win but he's walking off the court, takes his shoes off here because he see as young man in the crowd who has a sign saying it's his birthday, gave him his sneakers and it's a little boy, you see him right there. they tweeted out a picture of him holding the sneakers. he actually saved up his own money to get a ticket to that game. just randomly happened it see
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>> that's all >> all right. one more check of the forecast. >> yes. it's ready for monday almost. ready for monday? the weather, you might not mind
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44 to start the day. nowhere close to freezing tomorrow morning. 67 will be the afternoon high. just a 10% chance of a shower. i think most areas stay dry. on tuesday, even a little warmer. 68 is the temperature. could see a couple of showers by evening lasting into the overnight, maybe wednesday morning when we have a cold front coming through. you can see the temperature going from 68 on tuesday, 59 on wednesday. >> that's the best looking monday we have had in a long
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thanks, everyone. captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> tonight on 60 minutes presents, preserving the past. >> the $540 million national museum of african-american history and culture is rising on
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its complexion rendered in color against history's white >> this is not the museum of tragedy. it is not the museum of difficult moments. it is the museum that says here is a balanced history of america that allows us to cry and smile. >> italy is home to two-thirds of the world's cultural treasures, trouble is the country is too broke to keep its historic rooms, churches and monuments from crumbling to dust. >> but now, some of this most treasured and endangered landmarks are being saved not by a government but by a more respected institution: the fashion business. >> what is possible for us to do


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