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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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charlotte, again dry conditions here out the door, bit on the breezy side, mild, check this out, 51 degrees in charlotte. 50 around mountain island lake, 48 in belmont, 50 tega cay, weddington, 51 harrisburg, arboretum and ballantyne. nice day, tack on 20 where we are right now should get near 70 this afternoon under mostly sunny skies. a couple opportunities for rain this week. i will spell it out and looking ahead to the weekend, the seven day planner in a couple minutes. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: traffic this morning sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we are going to start up in salisbury, brody will have more on this coming up by a section of jake alexander boulevard above highway 150 and brenner avenue is closed down this morning as firefighters work to battle that fire at that burger king. i-77 at clanton, volume of traffic in both directions
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rock hill to uptown, 21 minutes, 65 miles an hour. concord to center city, 17 minute commute, lake norman southbound at 16 minutes at 64 miles an hour. most of the major highways run in the green, we'll keep an eye on that as we head toward the rush hour. earlier we had central avenue blocked in both directions, with an investigation with a fatal hit and run accident. that scene has been cleared and central avenue has reopened. that is a check of the morning commute, john and christine, back over to you. >> john: now let's begin with the breaking news we've been following out of east charlotte, police say one person was killed in a hit and run on central avenue near sharon amity. right now the investigation has moved to the green briar amounts not farapartments. mark davenport live at the scene, tell us what happened and what have police found? >> reporter: john, fatal hit and run on central avenue and just around the block like you said,
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the green briar apartments, police found the vehicle. a man was killed on central avenue, a little ways away they found this vehicle. a minivan, i'll get you a better look, closer to the scene here. we're looking at a minivan in between all the police tape out here. police found this backed in a parking space here in the green briar apartments, they put the blue tape where the windshield was shattered, you can see further down here at the front of the honda minivan that the front left hand side, the left hand front of the car, completely shattered and crushed in as well. police believe this is the vehicle they have been looking for but don't have the driver yet. that is who they are looking for this morning. so they are processing this scene, they told us they will expand the crime scene, so this tape will move us further back but that is the first look at the car here this morning. i want to show you video we have from central avenue, this was the scene all lanes were blocked
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and run happened around 2:30 when police say a man was hit in the road. they had his body in the median for a while this morning and then the medical examiner came by to take his body away within the last hour. we're trying to firir of all get his identity, second of all understand where the driver of the car is, but one thing that does stand out is in the situation where you may possibly hit a person, this car was pulled into this parking lot and backed in, this is backed in perfectly in the parking space here in the green briar apartments, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> christine: mark, thank you. now to more breaking news out of cleveland county, three people rushed to the hospital, we just learned two of them have died when a car crashed in a house causing a propane tank to explode. stay with us here we're getting a look at the before of the home, here is a good look at it on east stagecoach trail in fallston, courtesy of google maps.
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question on the left side of the screen. this is what the home looks like now, after it was leveled from that explosion. wbtv's ashton pellom has been live for us at the scene all morning, ashton, give us the very latest you know at this hour. >> reporter: hey, good morning, christine. yeah, the very latest i know at this hour is that the two people living in that home at the time of the crash have died. they have succumbed to injuries and have died. you can see the debris that is left out here at the scene right now, just nothing left but just wood scattered across the yard. there is street signs and that truck is still there and the house is just level in shambles. take you to video we shot when we arrived on scene. fire officials tell me this happened around 10:30 last night here at the fork in the road at stagecoach trail and stamey road
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to fire officials the truck ran off the road, smashing in the house in the process, hitting a propane tank. that propane tank exploded causing one big explosion, the house catch on fire and the truck and there was a second explosion when fire officials were out here on the scene trying to put the fire out. that second explosion caused the roof of another house nearby to catch on fire and a grass -- field of grass to catch on fire. fire officials put those out. the driver of the truck got out of the truck and was talking but taken to the hospital as well, and again the two people inside at the time they came out of the house had serious injuries, they have since died from those injuries. we spoke with one witness out here at the scene, he described it for us, said it could be felt, some people said it could be felt as far as cherryville. he described the tense moments for us, take a listen. >> first explosion rattled the take are lores.
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the second one about the same pretty much. was just shocking, really shocking. i thought it was just an earthquake. >> reporter: as you can hear, the young mantling us man telling us it felt like an earthquake. investigators will come out here when the sun comes up investigating how the truck ran off the road and why the driver ran off the road. we'll update you at that fire one thing to notary ignited aroundnote,re-ignited around 3:30. reporting live in cleveland county, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> christine: mark, thank you. >> john: more breaking news out of salisbury. >> christine: brody o'connell has that detail, the huge fire at a burger king in salisbury. >> brody: getting updates for two hours now, you can see it
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this one. serious smoke showing here from that burger king in salisbury. for those of you familiar with the area, this is west jake alexander boulevard where the burger king is located. so a couple updates, six city fire companies and mutual aid on scene helping out, off duty crews were called in to come help knock down the flames. we're told the flames are under control but still, jake alexander boulevard is closed avenue. just in case you heard anything about this, ymca fire alarms going off nearby, there is nothing going on, that just happened as a result of this scene here. so it must have triggered the alarms there, no damage, no fire reported over at that nearby ymca. john and christine, that is the very latest, back to you. >> christine: still plenty ahead in this hour. >> john: rookie police officer on her first day on the job among two killed in a domestic-related shooting in
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this morning as the accused killer is due in court, the officer is being remembered by those that knew her best. before we go to break, a quick check of first alert temperatures, 51 charlotte, a
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boulevard, traffic moving smooth thank you for starting your day with wbtv news this morning. >> john: 12 after 6:00. several all-new stories in the 6:30 half hour you'll want to stick around for. at 6:33 the union county school board set for special meeting later today. we'll tell you what is expected to be discussed about the district superintendent. plus, chemicals in consumer products. are they good or bad for us? at 6:46, consumer investigator
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with an all-new story getting the answers. >> christine: 6:12, an army staff sergeant who works at the pentagon will appear in court in virginia today. 32-year-old ronald hamamton shot and killed his wife, an officer and injured two others. officer ashley guindon had not been on the force 24 hours when she was shot and killed while responding to a domestic dispute saturday. former marine corps reservist that interned with the prince william county police department. >> clearly had a passion to serve other in a way that went beyond herself. >> christine: ronald hamilton opened fire from his front door when guindon and two other officers responded. he surrender and they found his wife dead inside. the county attorney says prosecutors will seek the death penalty. >> john: new information, a man is recovering after 30 foot fall from crowder's mountain.
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he was hiking at the highest part at the boulder's access area when he fell. officials say he and a few other people were just trying to take pictures. it was a busy day yesterday which is common for this time of year. >> i was going to say a lot of folks pulled in today, they always ask what kind of special event do you have? and i am like this is normal, been normal this is our typical weekend for the past ten years. >> park officials urge everyone to stay aware of their surroundings while on the trails. >> christine: get ready to pay more taxes on tuesday. have you heard about this? certain services will cost more across north carolina. state lawmakers expanded the sales and use tax effective march 1st. it means you will pay more for services like repairs, installation and maintenance. examples include carey pairs and car repairs and new carpet.
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rate for individuals and businesses but expand the tax base. >> john: 14 after 6:00, you're away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. conklin. >> al: thanks a lot, john. we're tracking a frontal system you can see it on radar, sort of on the tail edge of this, heavier rain is going to be up across the north, this is new york state in pennsylvania, it is rain up there, this isn't know but rain. you see the rain across west virginia heading in virginia, on the tail end of this, may be a previous shower this morning across the mountains, even there you will see mostly sunny skies, dry conditions this morning, king street in boone from, and it is mild there, close to 50 degrees right now, you will wind up in the 50s this afternoon, under mostly sunny skies. more sunshine this afternoon but gusty breeze, by afternoon, virtually no chance for any rain. 50 in boone, 49 morganton, hickory, 51 gastonia, charlotte, rock hill, 51 in wadesboro. today, in charlotte, 53 to
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this, end of february and we're talking 70 degrees. sun will be up in 40 minutes or so, already getting a brighter sky talk about how much sun shy well see see, seven day planner around the corner. here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we'll start up in salisbury, brody o'connell was telling you about this from the alert center. a section of jake alexander boulevard closed down this morning between 150 and brenner avenue because of that huge fire at an area burger king there. so 6001 closed at that scene. looking live at independence boulevard at briar creek heading in toward the city this morning, volume of traffic relatively light. checking drive times, matthews to center city, 13 minutes, providence road from the arboretum area, 15 minute commute. and concord to center city running at 17 minutes, 68 miles an hour. again, most of our major interstates here in the charlotte area are running in the e een and they have cleared that scene on central avenue, which was closed down because of
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overnight hours, now the accident scene has shifted to an investigation just down the street at the green briar apartments, expect police presence along north sharon amity. that is a check of the morning commute, christine, over to you. >> christine: is your personal information falling in the wrong hands? >> john: the irs last year's breach was worse than originally thought. on "cbs this morning," details on the latest blunder by the troubled agency. >> christine: next at 6:00 here on wbtv, the nascar sprint cup series at atlanta motor speedway for the second race of the season, we'll tell you who reached a significant career milestone with the win. wbtv is always on your side,
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good morning, it's 6:17. >> john: 20 minutes after 6:00. a live look at charlotte skyline from scott clark nissan honda hd tower cam, a gorgeous shot if you're not standing by your tv, look at this. isn't that nice? 51 degrees in charlotte, right now get over to brody o'connell who is live in the alert center with new details on an american college student being held in north korea. >> brody: an hour ago i showed the viewers video of this college student who we're seeing for the first time, been detained in north korea for two months for allegedly stealing a political banner. i got sound from the press conference that he held earlier this morning. take a listen. >> never manipulate people like myself in the future. commit crimes against foreign
6:21 am
for your forgiveness. please, i made the worst mistake of my life, but please, i ask to you save me. >> brody: desperate plea, some people i'm reading reports suggest that maybe he was coerced in doing the press conference, held for two months. the first time we're seeing him. expect more developments on this in the day ahead. john and christine, back to you. >> christine: bizarre listening to that. the hornets wrap-up the road trip to hotlanta, not a great day for the offense. the hawks had five player in double figures as they win, 87-76. charlotte looks to rebound against the suns. duke in pittsburgh, grayson
6:22 am
22 points. panthers came to play as they cruised to victory, 76-62. duke hosts wake forest tomorrow night before hosting unc in the regular season finale saturday. >> john: the nascar sprint cup series in atlanta, kevin harvick would lead the race high 131 laps but gives up the lead to jimmie johnson with the late pit stop. johnson takes the flag for his 76th career victory. that is too with dale earnhardt for seventh most win in nascar sprint cup series history. jimmie johnson. didn't he win it all last season? i don't recall that he did. he has won a bunch. a tremendous athlete, congratulations one of my favorites. >> al: a gorgeous sky. we have the best shot of charlotte.
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you need a note i'll give it to you. heading down to the beach, cape hatteras, sun is up down there, a gorgeous shot, real pretty here across the area. surfchex, the sun up, they have clear skies, we have clear skies here for the most part. there is a little bit of cloudiness in the mountains, there is a weak front coming through that may trigger a small chance for shower early this morning. but more clouds than anything as we go through the day today, this is 8:00, still dealing with cloud cover, rest of us totally clear and will stay that way through the day, even in the high country, you see mostly sunny skies in the 50s and beautiful evening before we get more in the way of cloud cover overnight tonight. temperatures close to 50, high country, 48 morganton, 49 shelby, 47 albermarle, 500 salisbury, 49 hickory, statesville, lincolnton, 52 concord. for today, mountains by the afternoon, partly to mostly sunny, not bad. in the middle 50s.
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in the 60s near 70 under plenty of sunshine, overall, a very pleasant day up that way. close to 70 in charlotte, to lincolnton, gastonia, mooresville, concord, 69 albermarle, 72 wadesboro and south, plenty of sunshine, like wise in the low 70s rock hill to chester. for today, in good shape. eventually a more important front will move through. this is tomorrow. we see an increase in clouds the rain at noon probably way fast, the main front is still pack to the west of us. it comes in tomorrow night with showers and potentially thunderstorms that will come overnight, followed by high pressure that will build in wednesday and thursday. so the best opportunity for rain actually comes at night. now, behind that front we'll go from the 70s today and 60s tomorrow to the 50s for four straight days but doesn't last long, get in early march, not that hard to get warm, back in the mid 60s by the end of the weekend, rain chances pick up tomorrow night, much greater chance and during day tomorrow
6:25 am
here on friday. seven day forecast, for today, mostly sunny, breezy, warm, 70. 42 tonight, tomorrow, dry during the day but rain, maybe thunderstorms tomorrow night, we clear out quickly wednesday, get another front in here on friday, but that is out of here for the weekend. seasonal saturday, mild, mid 60s in the forecast for sunday. that is the forecast, 6:25, check in with chris, first alert traffic, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> chris: traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we're going to start with a live look here at i-77 this morning at trade street, volume of traffic increasing just a bit across the charlotte area, as we head minutes away from the rush hour now, rock hill to uptown, 20 minutes, 67 miles an hour, coming in from concord, 67 miles an hour at 18 minute in center city and lake norman, southbound, 15 minutes, 67 miles an hour. we do have an accident highway 21, carowinds boulevard lead on to i-77 not seeing any
6:26 am
so 77, 85 looking okay. a few slow downs here along providence road inbound and outbound toward the arboretum, wt harris and albermarle. also a few slow downs, then take you up in salisbury, rowan county, where a section of jake alexander boulevard from 150 up to brenner avenue closed down because of that fire overnight at a burger king. that is a check of the morning commute, christine, over to you. >> christine: much more to come live on wbtv news this morning. >> john: royal caribbean ship at center of a lawsuit after it sailed in a violent storm in the coast of the carolina the. now the anthem of the seas is being forced to return to port early again. we'll tell you why. you're watching wbtv news this morning, 6:27, we'll be right back. lemme get a mcpick 2 check out the brand new mix on mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu! lemme get a mcpick 2. now, choose any 2 delicious mickey d's classics for just $5 bucks. mix n match share n savor
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>> christine: on your side following several breaking news stories if you're just joining us, a live picture from the green briar apartments in east charlotte. police believe they located the vehicle involved in a deadly hit and run this morning. wbtv's mark davenport will be live with the very latest in a moment. >> john: a car crash caused an explosion that sent three people to the hospital, this is a live look at the aftermath on east stagecoach trail in fallston. wbtv's ashton pellom is at that scene, gathering new information now, we're live there and will have more. two people have died. >> christine: union county school board set for special meeting. expected to discuss the findings of an sbi investigation that cleared the district superintendent of any wrongdoing. >> john: good morning, thanks for waking up with wbtv news this morning on this monday, it is now 6:31, i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow.
6:31 am
a look at the forecast. meteorologist al conklin has the most accurate look for you right now. >> al: this may be the best news you get all day, a gorgeous day on the way here, folks, 6:31, union county we have a clear sky, brighter sky toward the east. it is not cold, 50 in ballantyne, 49 harrisburg. 51 around cornelius, davidson and oakdale and coulwood. 50 boone, 49 statesville, 50 wadesboro, 51 rock hill, 49 in shelby. neighborhood forecast wall-to-wall sunshine, looks great in the mountains where there could be a shower, 57 not bad. the rest of us upper 60s near # 0. charlotte, concord, kannapolis, mooresville, lenoir and morganton. a shame we can't take the day off. >> chris: nice treat. >> al: we have rain i'm tracking in the seven day forecast. >> chris: we have a few problems on area roadways. first alert traffic is sponsored
6:32 am
we're going to start off in the hickory-granite falls area. accident on highway 321 as you make your way down to the river. 321 is heading southbound toward hickory, that is where we see stop and go traffic this morning. looking live at i-77 northbound at trade street, volume light picking up southbound, heavier across the area this morning. still quite a bit of green but we have slow downs wt harris, highway 74, providence road, some minor delays there. we had an earlier accident overnight with fatality, that was on central avenue, that closed down central for quite some time during the overnight hours. now the scene has shifted to an investigation off of north sharon amity at the green briar apartments, wbtv's mark davenport has been following this scene over the last couple hours and joins us now live with the very latest on that investigation. mark? >> reporter: chris, yeah, this second scene is right around the corner where from where the hit
6:33 am
green briar apartments, police are out here but the vehicle is not out here. they found the vehicle that was connected to this fatal hit and run earlier on this morning. we have video i believe of the vehicle, here in the parking lot. there is an empty space of where the vehicle now is. but they were able to tow the vehicle out of this area. you see a minivan, white minivan, police believe this minivan was connected to the fatal hit and run. a man hit and killed on central avenue earlier on this morning. that minivan on the top, the windshield is completely shattered on the left side also the front of the vehicle, front bumper, police put blue tape on the bumper and windshield to keep everything intact as they towed it to cmpd headquarters to get a better look at what is going on and what evidence they can get from that car this morning. now, they are also looking for the driver, haven't been able to arrest anyone yet or talk to anyone about the connection to the hit and run this morning.
6:34 am
right now, we have police here in the green briar apartments, reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> john: 6:34 the time, three men are facing charges after dozens of shots were fired inup town charlotte, they are scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. lease ahoward wright, kevin thompson and dereke bolton fired between 40-50 shots outside the hyatt hotel and sky condominiums. no one was hurt, two cars and the building had damage. >> christine: the union county school board is calling a special meeting to talk to talk about the district superintendent we learned will not face criminal charges. the sbi was investigate drag mary ellis about a possible conflict of interest. the superintendent along with the county assistant superintendent and director of technology formed two companies with the sales executive for
6:35 am
lenovo held nile pal contracts multiple contracts to supply computers for the district. we'll follow the story as it develops and update you on any new information. now 6:35, get back to brody o'connell. >> john: live in the alert center now. >> brody: we've been keeping you up to date on a fire at a burger king on jake alexander boulevard. an update from rowan county emergency services. chiming in saying multiple public safety agencies currently working this fire. they are asking you specifically please use a different route if you would normally travel through this area, and just a reminder, jake alexander boulevard is closed between highway 150 and brenner avenue. you're being asked to steer clear of that area. john and christine, back to you. >> john: thanks, brody. all new in this half hour, a cruise ship battered by a major
6:36 am
to port. royal caribbean tweeting the anthem of the seas is returning to new jersey to avoid a severe storm and provide guests with a comfortable journey back home. an executive with the associated press is aboard the ship this time he said that the ship's captain and cruz director cruise director made announcements about the norovirus. it is expected back in port wednesday morning. >> christine: a live look at the commute on the ground, i-77 from the trade street exit, volume picked up in this hour, keep that in consideration if you're about to get on the interstates this morning. now go to meteorologist al conklin, looks like a nice clear drive for commuters today. >> al: what chris is seeing on the roads, he will be up in a couple minutes but you're right it is good all the way around here weather-wise, the, giving us the lake norman cam, sun coming up, a gorgeous shot,
6:37 am
breezes by the afternoon, late afternoon up to 70 degrees, very very pleasant out there. john reese of mint hill sent in the big catch picture, his daughter erica, excited to catch first blue gill fishing at her grandmother's play in the lake in fingerlakes region of new york. email your pictures to me at sun-up at couple minutes, 58 is where we should be, headed for 70 this afternoon. we are going to bet back if in theback in theget back in the50s. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: let's tell thank you next on wbtv news this morning -- christine: what is in those cleaning and beauty products you use every day? maybe you use some getting ready this morning. all new after the break, consumer investigator kristen miranda is digging deeper to learn what is safest for you and
6:38 am
you don't want to miss that story. >> john: first a look at what is coming up tonight on cbs and
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you're planning your day with wbtv news this morning. >> john: good morning, 18 minutes before 7:00. hollywood honoring some of the best and brightest last night during the 88th annual academy awards. >> christine: spotlight, the film signed a spotlight on victims of the catholic sex abuse scandal won for best picture, while mad max fury road earned six, the most honored on the night.
6:42 am
brie larson best actress and leonardo dicaprio took home his first oscar for his role in the revenant. chris rock won praise. >> the white's people's choice awards. ha ha ha. >> the academy has taken several steps to diversify the member sip, mostly white men. >> john: chris rock pretty funny. did not disappoint. >> christine: i listened to the monologue. >> al: you had no know that was coming that was great. hope you had a great weekend. saturday felt great, the lake norman cam from the v, i hope your day is off to a good one, good start.
6:43 am
here is where we go today, breezy and warm, high temperature in charlotte around 70. even if you're in some of the outlying areas north of town i still think most of us are in the upper 60s near 70. looks nice. 70 charlotte, concord, no chance of rain. small chance for shower this morning around boone, as the frontal system moves in. i think even this afternoon you're mostly sunny, breezy, cooler, but 57 by mountain standards at the end of the second month of the year, that is not bad at all. taking you in tomorrow, 30% chance of rain tomorrow, that is mainly going to be during the late afternoon hours. the best chance comes at night, in fact probably a 70% chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow night as this frontal system moves in. so tomorrow again, small chance of shower late in the day, better opportunity comes late, late tomorrow night, early wednesday morning. high pressure build in behind the system, what we're learning at is breezy, cooler conditions wednesday once the front moves
6:44 am
10%, that is during the morning hours. we'll dry out for well, wednesday and thursday, by late thursday into friday, another chance of rain, not a great chance, though, not a huge storm, just another frontal system that will come in that will keep temperatures in the seasonal 50s for saturday but by sunday, we're back up to 64 degrees. take a look at reading, here is how they go, warm on the edges. 70 today, 68 tomorrow, then 64 on sunday. in between, four straight days in the 50s, but still that is pretty much seasonal for early march. not bad. right now, 51 headed for 70 this afternoon. lots of sunshine, breezy, a very nice monday. let's check in with chris, 6:44, first alert traffic. >> first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. busy here on monday morning, let's start with a look up in the salisbury area, where a section of jake alexander boulevard is closed down between broken near and 150.
6:45 am
way down to 29, 601 and on 150 this morning. they're asking you to avoid jake alexander if at all possible. looking live at i-77 wood lawn road, that is northbound coming toward you, southbound going away and the volume of traffic here across the charlotte area beginning to pick up. we're seeing delays wt harris boulevard over toward albermarle road but major interstates continue to run in the green this morning. we're going to hop up in the hickory-granite falls area, an accident on highway 321 heading in toward hickory, right in traffic backed up along 321 in the hickory-granite falls area. hop back in the charlotte region starting to see the delays, southbound 77 coming out of lake norman region. >> christine: 6:46. look at any cleaning or beauty product you use every day, can you make sense of the alphabet
6:46 am
consumers are demanding more natural products but every company has a different definition of natural. consumer investigator kristen miranda went straight to researchers in the carolinas to find out which ingredients we should look out for. that is all new in this half hour. >> reporter: may feel like it takes a degree in chemistry to figure out what you're putting in, on or around your body. >> you did that by yourself? >> holly richter wants to keep her family safe. >> i was talking to my doctor about being a mom, being a wife, trying to have a healthy family. >> she knew hell tee diet, exercise, he suggested she pay attention to to be toxins, too. >> had you thought about it before? >> a little bit. >> we know bpa is out of most plastics this. year companies learned they had to take the plastic microbeads out of opens and more. researchers say that leaves as many as 85,000 chemicals in the products we use.
6:47 am
were kids that our moms used, that it is part of how we clean or how we wash our hair or whatever we do. >> i use a lot of the same products my mom used growing up. >> holly and i are friends. >> you don't or you do? i watched her try to switch. >> more people are becoming aware there is more information out there, and it was easier for me to go to the stores, read the labels and gradually transition the product in my house. >> researchers at north carolina state university are looking at the issue right now. we went to the lab where they study the effect of toxic chemicals on the bodies. >> mens hair dye contains lead, women's hair straighteners contain large amounts of formaldehyde, can be shocking to find out what times of chemicals are in the products we use every day. >> heather is a professor of biological sciences. she says many ingredients don't get tested for safety but
6:48 am
are probably fine but there is a sub-set we worry about. >> those that mess with the hormones, metabolism and basic things your body is doing all the time. she is especially concerned for kids. >> we have data suggesting that development is one of the most vulnerable times. puberty is another vulnerable time. trying to reduce exposure to young children. >> this is overwhelming, she suggests just start with your nose. perfumes, scented detergents, candles. >> eliminate fragrance. thousands of chemicals. many are endocrine-disrupting. you're inhaling synthetic chemicals. >> holly is comfortable with her choices. natural products more expensive but she says -- >> for me a mental and emotional reassurance that i'm doing what i can to keep my family safe and healthier.
6:49 am
side. there is a tool kristen learned about while working on the story that can help you make the healthiest choices when you shop. you can find that at right now and learn more about this app you can put on your smart phone right now, we'll be back with another live report on breaking news out of cleveland county. coming up, oscar's big winners, memorable moments and chris rock's take on the diversity issue. we report from los angeles. >> taxpayer hacking the irs really was. more real news coming up on "cbs this morning," next.closed captioning on wbtvnews is sponsored by subarusouth boulevard and subaruconcord. this afternoon at dunkin', save when you sip. get a free donut or turbo shot when you buy any beverage between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m.
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>> john: 6:53, staying on top of breaking news for you, two people dead after a car crash causes a propane explosion at a home in cleveland county. >> christine: ashton pellom live at the scene you're getting a better look as the sun is coming up of the aftermath. >> reporter: i'll step out of the way quickly, just debris left from the early morning, propane tank explosion here at this home on east stagecoach trail in cleveland county, you can see the destruction what is left that white truck striking a propane tank according to fire officials right there in the front yard. hitting that propane tank and hitting the house at the same time, like you said christine, two people have died this morning, that were in that home at the time when the home caught on fire. the driver of that white truck he's still in the hospital this
6:54 am
they did sea he was out say he was out and about speaking. two people died in the home. we'll keep you updated. ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> christine: you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: sun coming up across the area, down in heath springs elementary school in lancaster county, it's dark and then woop, bright sky. 51 degrees in gaston county, 50 charlotte, monroe, upper 40s from hickory to statesville, salisbury, shelby, even in the mountains not all that cold. we start from 53 here at 8:00 up to 66 at lunch time and 70 this afternoon. much above normal as we close out the month of february. looking ahead to march, tomorrow, still mild, but get showers and thunderstorms tomorrow night, gone early on
6:55 am
for four straight days, by sunday, back up in the 60s. a little bit of rain on friday. out there right now, 50 degrees, tack on 20 heading to 70. let's check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: al, thank you, first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. let's take a look injury accident wilkinson boulevard at berry drive, that is in front of the airport. past little rock road. not seeing huge delays but they were there a few minutes ago. this is eight five at 485, no problems here running along smoothly, delays inbound on 77, overall charlotte commute, 77, southbound delays past center city and northbound building. up in the salisbury area, where jake alexander is closed because of an overnight fire. avoid jake alexander. >> christine: brody o'connell with three big stories we need to watch. >> brody: the burger king fire
6:56 am
scene we'll update you. a former nazi guard on accessory to murder charms. >> the big talker last night, l eo gets his oscar, that and diversity two of the big topics. >> christine: we're watching to bounce tv with more breaking news developments. if you have a speech challenge that impacts your ability to be understood on the phone, speech-to-speech relay provides a specially trained operator to re-voice
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." on its biggest night, chris rock challenges the hollywood
7:00 am
the comedian takes on academy voters and oscar protesters. >> the republican race gets even nastier. donald trump and marco rubio attack each other for the way they look. on this leap day meeting the oldest leaping lady. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. i thank you all for this amazing award. let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so much. >> diversity takes center stage at the oscars. >> it's the 88th academy awards, which means this whole no black nominee thing has happened at least 71 other times. >> we are going to win so big. you know, we are leading in every single state? >> is he unstoppable? >> there is no doubt that if donald steamrolls through super tuesday and wins everywhere with


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