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tv   WBTV News 3 at Noon  CBS  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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nonlife-threatening injuries. the investigation is ongoing. investigators will be working with the district attorney's office on possible charges. police in charlotte have arrested and charged a man in a deadly hit-and-run accident in east charlotte. they say he is charged with driver while impaired. felony death by vehicle and felony hit-and-run. police say he hit and killed a pedestrian trying to cross central avenue 2:30 this morning. a short time later, he called 911 and said someone moved his honda van from its parking spot on north sharon amputee road. the vehicle was determined to be the suspect vehicle. he was arrested after being questioned by police. the name of the man killed hasn't been released. police looking for the person they say shot and killed a man in gaston county yesterday morning at a party on lanier near the mount holly city limits. police say the shooting victim
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several neighbors told us prior to the shooting dozens of cars lined the road the past two nights. police have not identified the victim. a crash near charlotte-mecklenburg international airport left a pickup truck halfway up a utility pole this morning. this is a crazy sight. 6:45 this morning at barry drive sending one person to the hospital with minor injuries. charlotte-mecklenburg police and fire officials responded to the scene. police have not said how the accident happened. a man was air-lifted to the hospital after hitting a deer on his meped this morning in lancaster county, just after 6:00 a.m. near pageland highway and camden monroe highway. no word on the man's condition. highway patrol is investigating. and look at this, a fire at a burger king restaurant in salisbury is under investigation today.
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location on alalexander boulevard off lincolnton. it activated a fire alarm at a nearby ymca. no one was injured. extra patrols on monitoring a school in union county after a bogus written threat. deputies say they were made february 10 on old charlotte highway in monroe. someone reportedly wrote the threat on a rest room wall. the school released a statement saying the threat is not incredible but there are officers at the school today as a precaution. shots fired in uptown charlotte heeding to the arrest of three men due in court tomorrow. police say wright, tomson, and bolton fired between 40 and 50 shots outside the hyatt hotel and sky condominiums yesterday morning. no one was injured. two cars and a nearby building had a lot of damage. we are working to find out the purpose of a closed door meeting with the union county school board. one topic of controversy that
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centered on the district superintendent. the f.b.i. was investigating dr. ellis about possible conflict of interest. the superintendent with the county assistant superintendent and director of technology formed two companies with sales executive for lanovo, who held multiple contracts to supply the district with computers. the f.b.i. investigation cleared them of any wrongdoing. work is underway at part of expansion at charlotte-mecklenburg, demolishing the rental car buildings. the demolition will make room for expansion of concourse a. according to our news partners, 9 new jets to load and unload passengers will be created. charlotte-mecklenburg is starting a new round of construction that is expected to take the next decade to complete.
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paying more for items across state. you will pay more for repair, installation, and maintenance. the idea is to lower the tax rate for individuals and businesses but still expand the tax base. presidential hopefuls are crisscrossing the country ahead of tomorrow's super tuesday elections. 11 states will vote for democratic and republican tickets. we have the latest in campaign 2016. >> donald trump finds himself at the center of controversy after former ku klux klan leader david support. on sunday, donald trump didn't immediately condemn him. >> i know nothing about duke or white supremasist. >> reporter: monday he says he doesn't want his support. >> i don't mind disavowing
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a major news conference. >> reporter: still opponents are on the attack. >> it makes him unhealth careable. how are we going to grow our party with a nominee who refuses to condemn the ku klux klan. >> that could be common ground among everyone, bigotry, anti-semitism and racism has no role in politics. >> reporter: democrats agree. bernie sanders america's first black president cannot and will not be succeeded by a hate monger. hillary clinton retweeted it. clinton is looking forward to super tuesday after her victory in south carolina this past weekend. >> tomorrow this campaign goes national. >> reporter: democrats vote in 11 states on super tuesday, and polls show clinton with huge
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largest number of delegates up for grabs. >> anchor: as we start this monday afternoon, leap day. a great start. not a cloud in the sky at this hour, lots of sunshine. the first alert severe weather, advantage of today? >> we have rain in the forecast. today gorgeous, temperatures upper 60's, even though 70's the next 48 hours with a chance of rain tomorrow night, wednesday morning. look at our midday temperature in charlotte, 68, humidity, 36%, and we have a westerly wind 10 miles per hour. 68 charlotte, 67 rock hill, hickory, 53 in boone, 67 in albemarle. breezy up into the mountains. look at the sustained wind in boone, 33 miles an hour. another weak front coming through this afternoon, 9 miles an hour in charlotte. 14 in rock hill. power power is quiet.
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tomorrow. and we will see increasing clouds with that chance of showers coming up wednesday. this afternoon, 70 in charlotte, 69 gastonia. morganton, 69, and mid 50's north carolina high country. a look at the mid week and extended forecast looking ahead toward another weekend coming up >> anchor: next, you will see crews from public works out and about around parts of union county today. details on a week long effort to make sure your drinking water is safe. a big night in the film industry.
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awards. >> anchor: the newspaper drama spotlight has taken best picture at the academy awards, the 88th
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the boston globe reporting on sexual because by roman catholic priests, it won over revenant, but leonardo dicaprio finally won best actor. and best actress, a mother struggling to raise her son in room. chris rock won praise for addressing the lack of diversity through the night. for the first time, disney world and land are raising ticket prices up to 20% for the busiest days like holidays and weekends. it applies to single day tickets only. and plans to stop airlines from stuffing more passengers into coach. new york senator schummer says he is adding amendment that will require the agency to set a minimum seat size. apple is expected to release its
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end of march. it will have a smaller four inch screen, and look identical to the 5 s, except for curved edges. it could satisfy users who like smaller phones with longer battery life. live outside now, our hd tower cam, gorgeous temperatures today. take advantage of it. it is not going to feel as warm in the coming days. we are breaking down the
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more details for you coming up. at the original mattress factory, we simplify the mattress shopping experience. by building mattresses and box springs in our own local factories,
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>> union county public works will spend the next week improving water quality for residents. crews will use procedure known as ice picking, they sent us this video to demonstrate the process. ice flurry is pumped into a pipe and forced by pressure to remove sediment and particles. crews are working on highway 218 rock hill church road. and legend creek through 5:00 p.m. an army staff sergeant accused of killing his wife and northern virginia police officer scheduled to appear in court for arraignment today. prosecutors say they will likely seek the death penalty against pentagon worker ronald hamilton.
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and his wife had been arguing all day saturday, when it escalated after she called 911. hamilton allegedly shot and killed his wife and officer responded to the scene before surrendering. new developments today on boston marathon bomber, documents show he passed u.s. citizenship test and denied terrorism links months before he and his brother bombed the boston marathon in april 2013. revelations were made in hundreds of documents department of homeland security provided to the boston globe. he was killed days after the bombing trying to elude police. one of pope francis's top advisors says the church has made enormous mistakes in allowing thousands of children to be becaused. >> i swear by almighty god. >> reporter: australia cardinal
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after part of inquiry into child sex because. he told commissioners in sydney it is a scandal the church allowed thousands of children to suffer abuse at the hands of priests. >> the church is in many places, certainly australia, has mucked things up, has let people down. >> reporter: he acknowledged he heard an australia catholic school teacher who serially abused students might be involved in activity in the 70's but had no idea how rampant abuse was at the time. >> i must say in those days, if a priest denies objectivety, i was very strongly inkrined to accept the denial. >> traveling to italy to hear him testify.
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happen to children again. >> reporter: now pope francis's top financial sdrird, he had a private audience with the pope after he testified. >> anchor: here's video to take a look at if you have a second, this is russian zoo showing a polar bear playing with her cub. the bear gave birth this past december, but the cub is only now strong enough to go on public view. polar bears rarely give birth in captivity. when they do, they are small and weak. at this stage, the cub was well enough to be out and about. it was fun to see them interact. >> don't want to get in the way of that. >> anchor: no, you dn't. you might want to head outdoors, have lunch outside. nice. >> anchor: 78 yesterday afternoon. in the upper 60's, close to 70 today.
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afraid to say, in the forecast tomorrow night into wednesday morning. but enjoy this monday afternoon. just a beautiful day as you take a live look from our hd tower cam provided by scott clark. 68 currently. we should make it nicely to the low 70's this afternoon. we have a west wind at 9. humidity, parked at 36%. 53 boone, 67 in hickory, 68 charlotte, 66 in salisbury. there's another live look, barely a cloud in the sky. clear in the charlotte area and up into the mountains. high, thin clouds, then no cloud cover all the way to the coast, but it is windy in the mountains winds gusting up to 25 miles an hour this afternoon. 10 to fib here across the piedmont. then tonight, winds back off except the mountains. this is 7:00 p.m. tonight. still 20 to 25 miles an hour in boone. 5 to 10 charlotte, and then
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into tuesday morning. winds are much lighter, but they will pick up in the mountains tomorrow night ahead of the next front. rain chances go up to 30% tuesday afternoon. we could probably take that to 50 or 60% tomorrow night, wednesday morning. then that system quickly out before another round comes in friday. future cast, there comes tomorrow's system. now we stop at 3:00 p.m. showing a few showers across the area, but the front holding to the west. later tomorrow night, 6:00, 7:00 we have the front pushing in, showers and thunderstorms. downpours, then it quickly moves out of eastern north carolina. behind that, colder air once again, could see snow showers up into the north carolina high country. as we work toward tuesday night and wednesday. boone, 57, 41 wednesday. mid 40's thursday, here in the charlotte area, 68 tomorrow. then a cooldown for wednesday
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out to the coast, how about 76 tomorrow afternoon, charleston, wilmington, 62, then 56 coming up thursday. seven-day forecast looks very nice, sunshine, 70. increasing cloud cover during the day tuesday. again, it is really tuesday night into wednesday morning showers and thunderstorms back to mostly sunny skies wednesday with 58. but cooler. next front, friday. looking ahead to the weekend, upper 50's saturday. mid 60's and sunshine sunday. that's the forecaster. over to you. >> all right. thank you. we have eve white with charlotte parent magazine, nicely displayed. >> we are talking about a fantastic event, moms, if you are out there listening, you will want to be a part of this. it will help raise kids with character and confidence, so if you are a parent, this is definitely an event you want to
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>> nobody wants their kid to be, great to be straight a's and the best football player, what you really want, kids to have confidence, a strong character, great self-esteem. that is what this is about, called mom matters. it is a luncheon on friday, march 4. still some tickets available. i will say it sells out fast. mom, get busy. it is two spaeshgs, speakers, both from different sides of what helps you build a indeed with confidence. they are speaking 10, 15 minutes each. then we open the floor for 30 minutes so moms and dads can ask questions they really want to ask. >> anchor: dads can squeeze in there too, not just a mom thing. >> it is mostly moms, 125, we have had dads a lot. >> anchor: you were saying last year, especially the segment
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really interactive, it sounds like people got a lot out of it. >> it is. people love to ask real live questions that relate to their family and life. i think that is what is really important. that is what is great. finding a way to listen and learn, and also find out more about the first question you can ask, mom matters also will have gifts, gift bags, drawings, so it is rainfall fun. it lasts two hours, 11:30 to 1:30. a beautiful lunch. some of the things people say, how do you build a kid with confidence. the easyest, provide a loving home. kids who feel love are not afraid. they are very self-confident. that is important. >> absolutely. they are a part of the environment. >> they are. if you can keep them from talking negative about themselves and you doing the same, that is a winner. >> you talk about outstanding
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>> kids of character. we do it every year, doing amazing things for the community and school and sports field. we hope you take a look at those terrific teens. teams in charlotte are doing great, great things. >> absolutely. sounds like a great issue, event friday. get on that. how can they get tickets? >> charlotte on the home page. click and order the tickets. we will see you friday.
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is >> anchor: final look at the forecast. >> still 21 days away from the start of spring. this afternoon, sunshine and 70. well above average. pretty warm tomorrow ahead of a cold front. by tomorrow evening, showers and thunderstorms, we will see georgia first, then the charlotte area tomorrow afternoon and evening, another round maybe friday. >> a preview of what will come us. thank you. thanks for watching. we will see you at 4:00. 24/7 online,
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>> well, the options are endless, really. local, destination, somewhere in between. of course, the time of year will play a huge factor. oh, which reminds me, uh, are you absolutely wedded -- excuse the pun -- to peonies as your flower of choice? because their season is relatively short in comparison -- victoria? >> victoria: oh.
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my fianc\ wanted to be a part of this meeting. and i'm just wondering what's keeping him. >> billy: there's only one way to make this nightmare go away, jack. you go to the police. >> jack: i can't do that. >> billy: you have to. you take the evidence that luca compiled. that's it. victor goes down for bringing marco into your life, into all our lives. >> jack: it's not as simple as you think. >> billy: it doesn't get any simpler than this. because of victor, you were held captive while another man took your place in your life, in your home, jack, in your bed! >> jack: i get it! but victor is not the only one with blood on his hands. >> phyllis: why don't you tell me why you think natalie and billy are working together? >> summer: because they have been texting a lot. >> phyllis: did natalie tell you this? >> summer: no, i found it on her computer. >> phyllis: honey, if billy is trying to outmaneuver victor, i'm sure he is smart enough to cover his tracks. >> summer: billy? >> phyllis: yes. billy. i'm sure there is a reasonable explanation for this. >> summer: okay, well, either


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