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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6PM  CBS  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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having both the candidates going back-to-back at each other it gives you the opportunity to see what and pushes them to provide more plans. >> the primary used to be in may and now it's in march. >> i think the important thing is north carolina citizens on all sides of the aisle will get a chance to see the candidates up close and in person in a way they would not get to do if we had a later primary. >> by moving from may to march, they thought that this is our opportunity to have a voice. >> but analysts says north carolina will not look like south carolina with lots of visits from presidential candidates because momentum is on the frontrunner's sides. for voters who are thinking about in north carolina gee, do i want to vote against somebody who has won all of these states? do i have that much loyalty to my candidate who has not won a primary? >> super tuesday solidifying the
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but adds other candidate also stay in the race until march 15th because marco rubio and kasich's home stateses of florida and ohio are on the same day. >> early voting in new york starts on -- north carolina starts march 3. the primary will be held in june due to redistricting. >> officials from the ciaa tournament say there is a sense of urgency after a shooting on sunday morning. it happened after ciaa festivities ended but the suspects were in town for the basketball tournament. howard write, kevin thompson and derrick bolton fired between 40-50 shots outside the hyatt hotel. many hit that truck. >> a woman had to take cover. does she have any idea how this started dedrick? >> she tells me she has no idea but sources say the van parked in front of the condominium riddled with bullets sources are
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around to parties that night. and we do not know if that is is a clue to help us establish a motive. and while police continue to investigate, the victims want harsher charges for the suspect and city leaders want the violence to stop. >> i am happy to be alivment. >> she was inside one of the cars near the van when bullets started flying. >> like out of nowhere shots just start firing. i immediately went on to the seat and balled up. shots was firing for six, seven minutes. >> francis and her cousin left a party at the epicenter. >> i thought i was dead at first and i looked up to make sure my cousin was ok. i thought she was dead, too. i never been in nothing like that before.
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be seen from this window. to these bullet holes left in this wall. police arrested three suspects charged them and are still investigating a motive. >> i hope they do not look at this one event and say this is a reflection of ciaa because it's not. >> james mitchell is upset about this violence. he says despite all the preparation, police cannot control everybody. >> do i prefer having no incidents? i think we all do. >> john works in the building next to the scene of the crime. and he checked out the damage today and says this should be a wake-up call he believes this has nothing to do with the ciaa and everything to do with gun control. the suspect had an ak47. >> i am horrified that anyone may legally own such a weapon or purchase it in the united states unless they are military or police. >> while discussions continue regarding this shooting francis believes attempted murder should
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>> of course. i feel like if i did not protect myself or ball up on to the seat i would have been dead. >> now, we are told that valets were working that night and when they heard the gunfire they ran into a room to be safe. the suspects will face a judge tomorrow. and more charges could be added. live in uptown charlotte, dedrick russell wbtv on your side. >> terrible thing thank you. now charlotte-mecklenburg police arrested nine adults four were alcohol-related three were for simple assault and two trespassing. alert center a school bus accident on west sugar creek over to alex giles in the alert center. >> sky3 just got on scene. this is the school bus accident. that is in northeast charlotte.
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against a black car. and people on scene and i know we have spotted police officers on scene as well. and we have learned from medic no one had to be taken to the hospital. all possible patients refused transport. and we have contacted the school system to see if students were on the bus and where the bus was headed. when we get that information we will bring it to you. >> thank you. the man accused of killing a well-known charlotte business owner is back in york county to face a murder charge. kevin dejesus was extradited and taken from mecklenberg county to york county this morning. he is accused of killing jesse campbell in the 64-year-old's lake wylie home. campbell owned campbell's greenhouses and dejesus used to work for him. investigators have not released a motive. >> the u.s. attorney general will decide whether to pursue the death penalty for the murders of a couple in lake wylie. the defense attorneys for jamaal kuerten argued before a deputy attorney general in washington
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kuerten is accused of 0rding the kills. and hartley is accused of pulling the trigger. loretta lynch will decide. several members of the bloods dang entered plea deals. >> this is what is left of a couple's home after an explosion in cleveland county. 74-year-old jd newton and his wife naomi were killed. a driver ran off the road and hit a propane tank attached to the home. neighbors helped them to safety. but the couple died hours later at the hospital. the district attorney tonight will decide whether charges will be filed. >> governor mccrory lifted a state of emergency in north carolina follow the nasty storms. the director says the details are coming in about tornado damage in vance and granville counties. the skies are clear and it felt like a spring day.
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chief meterologist, eric thomas over in the first alert weather center. warm weather. are we going to keep it this week? >> not for that much longer. maybe we will hang on to it for a day and then we'll start bringing it back down to reality. let's enjoy it while it lasts. your hd towercam, 69 . wow! so enjoy yourself. beyond the charlotte area a lot of areas registering 70 or better. 50s in the carolina high country. here it is. hour-by-hour forecast enjoy the evening. 56 at 9:00 p.m. and down to 52 at 11:00 p.m. we have a couple of opportunities for rain in the next three days. might get snow back in the mountains part of your seven-day first-alert forecast. >> thank you. we are on your side with an important health alert tonight. another case of mumps has been confirmed in our area. this time it is a student at unc charlotte. university leaders say the student lives off campus and is in isolation at home.
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county health department there are three total cases of mumps in the county and four more possible cases. >> if you are sick stay at home. if your kids are sick keep them home from school. >> meanwhile matthews private school was forced to shutdown after dozens of staff members got noro virus. the health department says teachers at covenant day got sick from a lunch catered by jersey mikes. the restaurant is working with the health department to determine any cause. >> we are taking you inside the dark net. and asking why it's difficult to stop illegal guns and drugs sold on-line from ending up in your neighborhood. >> and new on primetime an alleged high school fight club exposed. the district's superintendent found out after videos were posted on-line. but could the club have been in operation for years and maybe a decade? we look into it at 7:00 p.m.
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>> for you all new at 11:00 south carolina governor haley firing out against donald trump
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>> that is not a party of our party and not who we want as president we will not allow that in our country. >> the controversial move by trump that has people taking aim and breaking news coming up at 11:00. >> now, wbtv investigates on-line shopping but not amazon or ebay. >> we are taking you to a part of the internet that is a black market where drugs and guns are clicks away it's called the dark net a world with no rules and law enforcement is often operating blind. jamie boll is here with more. >> we wanted to be clear we are not doing this story as a how-to manual but we are doing it because your kids probably already now how it worksment and drugs, guns, et cetera are already showing up in our neighborhoods. >> we'll call him riley. he did not want us to use his
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easy to figure out why. >> cocaine from peru. >> all of those things he bought on-line. all delivered undeteted straight to his home. >> the first time was to make sure everything was legit and we've heard stories about [inaudible] >> and the buys got bigger and more frequent. >> with the quality you kind of figure it will be coming [inaudible] >> and do not think for a moment this is rare. >> it's well-known within the addicted population. >> a counselor in charlotte. >> can you find the marketplaces that will sell you anything. >> and you mean anything. >> i mean anything. >> he will tell you that nothing surprises him. but o'dell heard this it was different. >> you can purchase in the privacy of your home with total anonymity in a way that cannot be tracked by anyone and have it
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it is a very, very scary scenario. >> this is the internet you know. news, social media, shopping. it's easy to use. but this is actually a tiny fraction of all that is out there on the internet. the vast majority of information is on what is called the deep web. >> the deep web is that is that enstructured part of the web. >> theresa peyton says stuff on the deep web does not pop-up with the google search. it would be the equivalent of leaving a major interstate highway to go on foot through a forest without a map. >> it was created to protect your bank account and the anonymity of those reporting human rights abuses. but those good intentions drew in bad actors who created the dark net. it is the wild west of internet commerce where through a simple software download digital
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impossible to track down who is the site and where same for the customers who visit. >> talk to your kids about. these are not monitored places this is not ebay. >> but it looks like it and it's not hard to get there. >> see what happens. >> it took us about 10 minutes to figure it out. >> right there for purchase. drugs, guns, you name it. sellers rated by reliability of delivery and quality of product. and if you think there is a money trail to follow... nope. transactions are made in digital currency, bit coin. >> money in escrow until you sign off and say it was good once you say soviet cool they get their money. >> and like the websites the currency's movement is impossible to trace. >> it does make law enforcement's job incredibly challenging. >> riley who is clean and sober and working knows it all too well. law enforcement is operating in the dark.
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>> the f.b.i. did score a victory in 2013. a marketplace called silk road was busted and gave us a glimpse how big it is. in two-and-a-half years in business that site pulled in $1.2 billion. and it still goes on this is not done? >> that did not shut anything down that website regenerated quickly and others popped up as well. just getting bigger. and we scratched the surface on this topic. and what does the f.b.i. think? and what should parents be on the lookout for? that information is right now on >> why can't police monitor it. >> because they can dust over the footprint. >> apple brouhaha. >> part of it. >> thank you. >> let's talk about our weather. it's been a beautiful day and we would love for it to continue but i understand we have rain in
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>> we do. and this might surprise you. how about a mention of snow in the forecast? let's get right to it. your weather net, 68 . what a spectacular sunset. the numbers if you are heading out in the 60s across the area. high country 52. and 11:00 p.m., temperatures will be in the low 50s. cooler in the i40 corridor, statesville, hickory and morganton, 41 in boone. and then during the overnight hours it will be cool but nothing unpleasant and leveling off 36 morganton and 41 in boone and blowing rock. through 8:00 46 and that is ok. by this time of the year. and then we take you up into the high country fair skies and chill lynn 41 for you.
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weathermaker and that is coming in late tuesday. noon, leading edge of the cloud cover working into the picture and could be spotty showers. i stopped it here at 4:00 p.m. but the main line of showers is west of us. again we are only looking for spotty activity through the afternoon hours but clouds will be increasing. 64 at noon and even with the limited sunshine we are going to manage to get into the mid-60s in the piedmont. in the mountains we go. temperatures well into the 50s during the day tomorrow. ahead of that rain. you have the best chance of seeing it. a 50% shot and 40% here in the foothills and back into the low 60s. about a 30% shot here in the piedmont. upper 60s and then we'll leave it at 20% on the eastern side of the upstate of south carolina. and still areas going to take a run at 70 tomorrow. now, tomorrow evening is when most of the action races through. i stopped it here at 11. if you have the plans on tuesday
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the rain. and off it goes. and we should clear out nicely. have a look at this. it is an overnight situation tuesday into wednesday morning we clear out and look at thursday we have a system racing back at us. 55 but overnight it will get chilly. how about a one-three inches of snow in the high country that is thrurts night into friday morning. and some of the foothills areas could get wet flakes. and beyond it we should clear out friday and that will set us up for a really nice weekend. how about the latest on the roads? here is tonya rivens. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. and let's head around 485 and i-77 a situation on the shoulder not impacting commuters. we have a lot of congestion around 485. ballantyne commons parkway and lancaster highway an accident. providence road west is a better
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volume on johnston road heading away from 485 and volume on 485 between ray and south boulevard. and in addition we have the accident on south boulevard at 485 creating congestion there and providence road we have a situation very close to providence it's a stranded motorist where the lane is partially blocked at ballantyne commons eastbound.
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when we nfl deadline for fran chiding players is tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. it's been thought that the cats would use the tag on josh norman. negotiations started last week and talks are ongoing. if they franchise him he would make $14 million and give the team more time to workout a long-term contract up until jewel 13th. the 28-year-old had a break out helping the cats make the super bowl for first time in 12 years. the hornets want success but they have to make the playoffs first to get some. now that the ciaa tournament has come and gone they return to time warner cable arena tomorrow night hosting phoenix. the hornets are coming off a tough road loss in atlanta with 24 games left, they are firmly on the bubble of making or missing the playoffs tied for seventh. 8 get in.
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the tar heels led by roy williams host syracuse tonight. the final week before the tournament play. johnson was named one of the 11 finalists for the oscar robertson trophy given to the men's basketball national player of the year. the south carolina native the only player in the acc shooting better than 60% from the floor. highlights of the game on wbtv news at 11:00. from bryce johnson to jim any johnson. back in victory lane. special celebration by jimmie honoring the late dale earnhardt senior holding up his number. jimmie tied the intimidator for 7th place on the all time wins list with the 76th victory. and the latest on nascar they head to las vegas go to the
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rain tuesday night and 68 tomorrow. >> we'll take it.
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>> cbs evening news is next. >> pelley: on the eve of super tuesday, trump clashes with black lives matter protesters. >> get 'em out. get 'em out. out. out, out, out, out. >> pelley: also tonight, a cop is gunned down on her first day on the job. the big chain food company pleads guilty to selling parmesan that had no parmesan. and david martin with an
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>> it's five bronze stars, two purple hearts? >> that's correct. >> pelley: and now the highest military honor of all. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: in candidate will clinch the nomination tomorrow, but super tuesday may generate irreversible momentum for hillary clinton and donald trump. they're favored many most of the 13 state primaries and toward certainty. for republicans another jolt in the party's identity crisis. polls show trump leading in at least six states, but he is trailing ted cruz in cruz's home state of texas. the republican race, heady, profane and unprecedented, now has prominent republicans talking of an independent candidate if trump wins the nomination. race became the weapon of choice today and major garrett is with the republicans.


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