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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston wbz news at 11:00 p.m. starts right now. >> a fire ball fills a kitchen of a restaurant. good evening. one worker was hurt in the explosion inside the kitchen this afternoon. jim smith is live with more on this accident. >> reporter: freak accident is a good way to describe it and very frightening. let me show you where this all unfolded early sunday afternoon. the uno pizzeria by the entrance to the outlets, this sunday afternoon. now let's show you pictures, taking you inside the restaurant moments after this happened. you can see the force of the
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of the unit itself. it was caused by a canof air solthat fell on to the -- can of air solthat fell on to the oven. the burst and created an explosion and a fire ball, badly injuring a cook. we spoke with the fire chief here. >> exploded inside the pizza oven. >> reporter: just burst. >> just burst. there was a flash fire. there was no secondary fire. the gentleman that was working in the cook, he suffered the exposure to the heat. >> reporter: that cook was taken by ambulance to rhode island hospital suffering from first and second degree burns and worried about inhalation
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they don't believe this was the case. all of this now under investigation. the fire chief said uno pizzeria opened up after they checked out the oven but there will be continued probe as to the cause of this and perhaps safety precautions that will be taken in the future. live, jim smith, wbz news. back to you. >> thank you. the first true test, the iowa caucuses take place tomorrow night and tonight presidential candidates made a final push for support. live in des moines tonight. voter turn out could make all the difference. >> reporter: there is a real buzz here in iowa now that we are less than 24 hours away from the caucuses. we have seen massive crowds but the question is which candidates can turn the support
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>> reporter: presidents candidates chris crossing iowa to seal the deal. . >> monday night could be an historic night for this country. >> reporter: democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton are separated by just three points in the latest poll. marco rubio is in third. if his supporters jump ship they could be the deciding factors. donald trump has a lead over ted cruz. >> commit tomorrow night to come out and caucus for us. >> reporter: on the campaign trail his bus got stuck in the mud and needed a tow and trump campaigned trying to win over evangelicals. >> if we could come out with a nice victory it is so important. . >> reporter: volunteers are
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making tens of thousands of phone calls. this late in the game volunteers should not be trying to change people's minds but making sure committed voters night. p.m. >> reporter: bad weather threatens the state but they are hoping it hold off till after the caucuses. >> reporter: and this year the caucuses are getting a twist, they will be reporting with a new app so we expect to get results quicker than before. >> thank you. candidates will be racing to new hampshire before the results are in. the first primary takes place one week from tuesday and donald trump is the frontrunner with 38% of the vote. according to a poll it is a
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ted cruz, jeb bush and marco rubio. to the democrats now, bernie sanders is holding on to his lead with 57% of the vote. hillary clinton is trailing in new hampshire by 20 points. hillary clinton will be looking for history to repeat itself. in 2008 she pulled up an upset over president obama and keep it here to cbs news and for complete coverage of campaign 2016. straight through to the white house we have you covered. breaking news. a three-year-old child has been taken to the medical center. the child is a trauma victim. hurt. police responded around 9:40 tonight. we will bing you more information as -- bring you more information as we get it. new tonight at 11:00 p.m.
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she suffered a spinal cord injury on new year's eve. tonight's nhl all-star game she had a message for the crowd. >> i have been absolutely blown away by this sport, the hockey community. people are writing in letters, i am their role model, i inspire them. >> she is still in the hospital, her family was in the crowd for the game, and got a after the video. new tonight at 11:00 p.m. two eastern toes accused of -- two eastern toes accused of -- two teenagers are accused of ripping up a field. weather now, a tail of -- winters. today temperatures near 60. melting away snow. last year there and we were
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of snow with more on the way. barry burbank, our warm up is only getting started? >> yeah. a few more days before it gets colder. 43 degrees at 11:00 p.m. january 31 in boston, southwest winds blowing, right now we are in the 40s. a couple upper 30s here and there. it will stay there all night long and we have 50s down here. almost into february and some of that will be coming our way tomorrow. tomorrow morning, 42 degrees. sun rising before 7:00 a.m. partly cloudy skies. fall jacket for sure tomorrow. by the end of school 57. a chance of a shower. more coming up in the forecast. >> thank you. an investigators into the social media post of a firefighter. the first responders was calling out the use of a drug
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people who od on heroin. it road i get no extra money get -- you use, you should lose. the post has been taken down but the fire department and the mayor are looking into the issue. the chief telling us the comments posted do not reflect the philosophy or values we hold as a fire department or town. remains hospitalized. a tree fell on the 74-year-old man yesterday. a nun heard his cries for help, called 911. he was rescued. his legs were pinned for two hours before help arrived. he is in good condition. two women will face charges for trafficking drugs out of a mice infested home while three children were inside. the children water found friday
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the children 6, 5, and 3 were surrounded by trash, mice and animal waste. the women will face a judge tomorrow morning. this week the girlfriend of whitey bulger will plead guilty. she refuses to tell investigators if anyone helped the couple during their 16 years on the run. she is serving an 8 year prison term. tomorrow mta riders will gate chance to sound off on the potential fair hike. a meeting will be held tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. at the state transportation building. they want to raise rates between 6 and 10% to cover a $242 million budget deficit. if approved it could take effect in july. coming up a college town stunned by the kidnapping and murder of a 13-year-old girl. police are now looking into the
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virginia tech students. >> bill cosby trying to get his case thrown out of court. the deal he said was made years ago. >> caught speeding, how fast this 19-year-old was driving. >> and warm weather still to come here. if we get enough sunshine tomorrow morning we may get close to 60 degrees. my forecast is coming up. >> coming up in sports, patriots season is over, what moves will they make for next year and red sox president.
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two verge techcollege students are under arrest in connection to the murder of a 13-year-old girl. the girl was kidnapped last week and her body was found 100 miles away. new information in this horrifying case. >> reporter: police announced the second arrest today and detectives are going through hundreds of leads as they try to figure out what led up to the 13-year-old girl's murder. >> reporter: police say david nicole lovell. natalie marie keepers is
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both are students at virginia tech. the body was found 90 miles from her home. >> investigating all types of things. social media included. lots of things coming in. led us to a general area. >> reporter: they were acquainted. her facebook shows she was a member of one teen dating site but police have not said if that is how they met. david eisenhauer is a virginia tech freshman and member of the cross country team. a station profiled him last march. >> i will not stop till i reach my peak performance. >> reporter: the family believes the girl locked her bedroom door and climbed out hir window -- her window thursday. before he body was discovered her father posted this message. >> honey, if you see this, if
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to me, i am not mad at you. i am worried about you. you. just come home. >> reporter: now her community struggles for answers. >> me is was also -- she was always the cutest little thing. >> police have not said how she was skilled. katie brace, wbz news. all three escaped inmates bars. police captured hossein and jonathan tieu yesterday in called mese. a third escapee turned himself in in friday. they broke out of jail january 22 in orange county. the bill cosby case heads back to court. he is charged in a sexual assault at a philadelphia home. the woman settled the lawsuit with bill cosby. the 78-year-old said investigators said if he
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would never be charged. prosecutors deny that claim and tuesday. a massachusetts teen busted for speeding along 93 in new hampshire. police say he was clocked at 116 miles per hour around 7:00 this morning. hampshire. once the 19-year-old was pulled over he was arrested. we may not have much snow here but crews are still getting to work. the team returned after digging out in washington, d.c. they sent two dozen drivers and equipment to deal with the historic snow fall in washington. the team melted 4,000-tons of snows. >> good thing they are getting practice because not much to do around here. >> practice makes perv. >> they had lot of -- perfect.
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[ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] we are going to have snow this month. pretty sure of that. but not this week -- [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> enjoy the next four days. enjoy it while it lasts. february preview. longer days. one thing to be happy about this month. we have an increasing amount of day light, 1 hour and 13 minutes. that makes everybody happy, i am sure. the average highs, averages based over many years, 36. we will be above that tomorrow. 41 by the end of the month. in february. well, we have club 58 here. highlands elementary school. and the old elementary school.
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and that is pretty warm. not up to the record of 62 set back in 1913. 21 above the average high. these were the highs. 50s. couple of 40s. look at how warm it is to the southwest, 60s and 70s. we have a shot of 60 in some spots tomorrow morning before the clouds roll in as the temperatures rising quickly tomorrow morning. the front will kickoff an isolated shower. 7:30 a.m. sunshine. noon to 2:00 p.m., the front will go through boston and the temperatures fall later in the day as it becomes partly cloudy. scattered showers produced by the front. then it clears out tomorrow night. and on tuesday it should be a nice day for ground-hog day. the clouds come in in the afternoon. and then we will have rain on
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the big story this week is the snow moving into the rocky mountains, the plain states. snow into iowa, at the same time showers and thunderstorms, the rain comes in to boston and eastern massachusetts wednesday afternoon. again look that contrasts. the high temperatures in the next 4 days. hit the 57 today. temperatures outrageous for this time of the year. way above the average. and it will be up to a record high, if it gets to 59, it will not happen on wednesday till late afternoon or early evening when it is pouring and rain on cape cod in the morning. we will be watching the next couple weeks for a potential storm development along the coast. enjoy the next four days. back to you. >> thank you very much. the celtics looking for six
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if they hit the mark they will have to beat a team they steam
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moved on from the patriots and focusing on the celtics. >> a lot of people wouldn't think that would be the case. >> 16 threes tonight only to come up short in orlando. they lost 119-114 on the road. into the 1st quarter we go. smarts, shooting the ball as as well as he ever has. third three-pointer. celtics by 8. when he wasn't hitting from the outside he was driving to the hole. tips in here. smart basketball. celtics by 7 at the half. the lead grows to 13 on this perfect pass play. celtics up 67-54. but orlando would make a run. and would tie it heading into the 4th quarter. >> attacked the offensive rebound to bradley. >> strip possession here. >> turner attacks the right side.
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got it. >> 95-90. boston by 5. >> great team basketball. this was all orlando from that point on. from deep. orlando 96-95 lead and they wouldn't trail again from that point on. back for the jam. orlando by 10. with 1:27 to play. celtics never give up. fouled. a four-point play. they can't get closer than three. winning streak ends 119-114 the final. all-star game. the story of the night was john scott. voted in by the fans as a joke. they let him play.
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what a story that is. >> college hoops. what a finish. forced a turnover. tie game. >> drives. throws it up. goes in at the buzzer. bu with the 75-73 win. sometimes you just get lucky. that is sports. you. >> thank you. still ahead mitt students,
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travel.first mitt students could be designing the futuref travel. -- future of travel. the students came up with a design for a pod that could travel up to 700 miles per hour. there is a look at it. this summer they will get a chance to build it and test it out in california. 700 miles per hour from boston to miami 2 hours. >> sign me up. >> there you go. >> especially in the winter. [ talking at the same time ] forecast, right after this. it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either. you just gotta find that balance.
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sun was chining. >> dream come true today. enjoy the next four days. they look good. although the warmest is wednesday, it will be pouring but it is a mild rain for february. that storm on friday, looks less and less likely but we will still be watching it. we may not have to worry about that one. >> i want to see the april -- >> that's right. see in april -- [ talking at
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>> sports final coming up. [ talking at the same time ] >> all right.
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