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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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feet of snow with more on the way. >> so how long will the warm temps hang around? let's get a check of the forecast with danielle. good morning. >> good morning a few more days. it was nice yesterday going out for a walk and temperatures up around 60 again today. plenty impressive. right now it's 45 in boston of the real feel is a touch colder the southwest wind at 16 miles per hour. so it's a very mild start. we are 50 in falmouth and there are some cloud in the mix. the clouds will increase during the day today a couple showers will be isolated later on so aid quiet start. we rise into the 50s by lunchtime topping out near 60. stray shower heading into the ride home. temperatures in the upper 40s at that point many we will go through the rest of the week coming up. let's get you on the roads traffic and weather together. >> reporter: good morning. happy monday morning to the folks out there. let's look live over the expressway. we have moderate volume on the northbound side. other major routes from the south are looking fine. quick look at north map.
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93 is smooth ride from wilmington no issues on route 3 or route 1 south and 128 looks like a speed limit ride as well. chris and kathryn. >> thanks very much for theupdate. we begin with the first true test for candidates. iowa caucuses today. >> presidential candidates from both parties are making their final push for support. marlie hall is live in des moines with the very latest. good morning marlie. >> reporter: good morning chris and kathryn. for the first time tonight, voters will have their say in the 2016 race for the presidency. and candidates will campaign until the very last moment. hoping to dampen donald trump's moltium ted cruz made the -- momentum ted cruz made the final pitch. >> if everyone brings 9 other people to the caucuses tomorrow night, we will win the caucuses tomorrow and we will win the
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general election in november 2016. >> reporter: during an event in sioux city trump pushed back labeling cruz dishonest and flyer. >> voter violation it's like an official document sent to people in iowa. that's really terrible. aid fraud as far as -- it's fraud as far as i am concerned. >> reporter: forecast is calling for snow in parts of the state beginning tonight which can impact voter turnout. volunteers for both bernie sanders and hillary clinton knocked on doors and made calls late into the night. as the two candidates made their closingering aments. >> here's a -- arguments. >> here's a radical idea we will create a economy that works for all not just 1%. >> i will stand up and fight for you every single day of the campaign and then when we win, i will fight for you in the white house. >> reporter: clinton lost during the presidential bid in 2008. political amists say this time -- analysts say this time
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likability. >> she focused a lot on her relationship with people and she focused more on middle class issues. >> reporter: with polls showing tight races on both side, the fight for iowa could come down to the wire. republican presidential candidates plan to have rallies throughout the day and on the democratic side sanders and clinton will hold caucus night events. >> a busy couple hours some candidates will race to new hampshire before the iowa results are inch first primary takes place one week from tomorrow. >> that's right according to a poll donald trump is the clear front runer with 38% he of the vote but according to the franklin piece boston herald poll it's a tight race for second place between ted cruz and jeb bush and marco rubio. on the democratic side bernie sanders is holding onto his lead with 57% of the vote
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according to that poll by 20%. on wednesday all three democratic candidates will take part in a town hall meeting in derry and thursday, they will face-off in yet another debate. keep it here cbs news and wbz for complete coverage of campaign 2016. we have it all from iowa and new hampshire to the white house. in roxbury a 3-year-old taken to boston medical center. police say the child is a trauma victim but it's unclear how the child got hurt. police first responded to the night. officers were on the scene we will bring you more information as it comes in. >> also breaking this morning a pedestrian hit and possibly dragged by a car in dorchester. crews this morning are on the scene investigating. >> let's get to nicole jacobs who is live in dorchester. what can you tell thus morning. >> reporter: chris, kathryn, authorities have been here on the scene in dorchester for several hours. you can see here the police tape blobbing off this stretch
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this stretch of the roadway. the white suv is the vehicle in question. this is the vehicle police believe may have hit and dragged a woman. but the call initially came in from chinatown. i want to get you to video in chinatown where you can see police tape blocking off an area there on kneelan and harrison. you can see authorities investigating that scene. we are told a man was hit and suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. it was a few minutes later theyreceived a call here in dorchester. we will show you that video here closer. i can tell you that according to witnesses here on the scene a woman may have been dragged and you can see fire officials and police officials looking at clothing there on the ground as they investigate this scene here. our cameras also captured a rolling investigation from state police on interstate 93.
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columbia road exit and again, witnesses here in dorchester say they believe the woman may have been dragged. let's listen. >> i. [audio not understandable] don't know what's going on. like a animal or something under the car and the cops came over here. but she was driving her for over like a mile. >> reporter: so taking a live look here in dorchester. i can tell you right now authorities are investigating a possible connection between the two scenes chinatown as well as the one here in dorchester. it's unclear exactly how the two maybe connected if it's the same vehicle or if perhaps that woman who was dragged here possibly may have been initially hit in that china town scene. all of this developing this morning and we will keep you updated as soon as we learn more. that's the latest in dorchester. nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thanks very much.
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an investigation underway into the social media posts of a weymouth firefighter. the first responder calling out the use of narcan. susie steimle is live and the post has been taken down. >> reporter: it has but this is just another reminder that everything written on the internet is permanent. this post did not go over well with the general public. a firefighter on his personal facebook page calling narcan the worst drug saying people whooverdose should be left to die reading on a his personal page, i for one get no extra money for giving narcan and the losers are out of the hospital and using again in hours. you use, you should lose. weymouth fire chief trying to dispel the frustration from people in the general area saying the comments posted do not reflect the philosophy or values that we hold as a department or town. he is scheduled to meet with
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people online are saying the firefighter should lose his job. we are live in weymouth. susie steimle. >> thanks we appreciate it. an explosion at restaurant in wrentham. this happened at uno pizzeria at one yesterday afternoon. an employee was working near the oive when -- oven when a aerosol can of nonstick spray fell on the conveyer. the employee has is second and third-degree burns and is recovering at a rhode island hospital. a search for answers after a missing man is found in the bottom of a pond in mansfield. they got a call for a man on route 106 saturday rather saying they hadn't heard from their adult son after a search his body was found in millpond. his name has not been released but his death does not appear
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boys with disabilities. connection with the court today. four men are facing assault charges while one woman is accused of intimidating a witness and obstructing justice. it occurred at the eagleton school in great barrington that cares for boys with cognitive behavioral and developmental disabilities. five people were released on personal recould go zan. two -- recognizance. two women are accused of trafficking drugs with three children inside. the children were found friday night during a drug raid. they were ages 6, 5 and 3 and were surrounded by trash mice and animal waste. they are now in state custody. this week the girlfriend of mob boss whitey bulger is expected to field guilty to federal contempt. she refuses to tell investigators if anyone helped them during the 16 years on the run.
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prison term for help bulger escape capture. two teens are expected in court. 19ee old omar reyes was shot and left under the bridge on january 3rd and later died on saturday. police arrested two 17-year-old for the crime. we are expected to learn new details at the arraignment. in townsend watch out for flying car parts. police say someone is throwing sparks spark plugs and bolts at cars. 10 incidents have been reported in the last several weeks. police are asking for tipsters to come forward. no one has been hurt. two wellsy teens are accused of ripping up a dover field at the elm bank property yesterday afternoon. psych what looks like tire -- you can see what looks like tire tracks. they are expected to face charges of malicious destruction. it's 5:10. today mbta riders get another chance to sound off on plans for a fare hike on the t. a public meeting will be held in
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possible changes to the schedule. mbta wants to raise rates between 6 and 10% to cover a 242 million dollar budget deficit. if approved, the hikes could take effect in july. an emergency meeting on the zika virus. >> why the world health organization is considering declaring a global emergencies. >>-- emergency. >> and madeleine albright taking a stop at a college. >> i am confused. what month are we in again? we are talking about highs near 60 this afternoon and 40s this morning too. kids at the bus stop can get away with a fall jacket. i will let you know how long the warm air will stick around when we come back. yodels! in the stomach! you're right. yeah! drake's. listen to your craving! happy now? funny bones. in your stomach!
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ring dings. but i bought chips. ring dings! ring dings! ring dings! in the stomach! ring dings.
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listen to your craving! you happy now? yodels! in your stomach. ooh. [music out] we may not have snow here but massdot is getting krause returning. >> this is after a few days digging out massdot sent two dozen drivers and snow melters to deal with the historic snow in washington. the t melted about 4,000 tons of snow and plowed out walter reed medical center. >> that's a lot of snow. >> yeah you've got that right. >> much different scene here. yesterday, i have a pinch me moment of we are walking outside and i am like what's today. >> i was out with the dogs and it was so nice and i started to think it's not even february yet.
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spring so you know we will get hit with something. >> maybe not. >> you don't think? >> this year el nino year is remarkable. and now you figure it's february 1st we will be near 60 again today. that's not to say we don't have a few more chances for snowy scenes towards the middle and end of the month. a mild stretch through the course of the week. our average high temperatures for month of february is starring to go back up. so from 36 today to 41 by the end the month. we get longer days we get an hour and 13 minutes of daylight. sunset goes from 4:58 today to 5:33 by the end of the month. the average snow typically in the normal february is 10.9 inches. remember last year. memories right? 64.8 inches of snow for record february and record season. remarkable. 45 degrees right now. it's about 10 degrees above the average afternoon high temperature. very warm start. southwest wind at 16 miles per
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north and west of town. most of us in the 40s and even 50 when you get back down to parts of the cape it's 42 in chatham. 49 in up to theon and -- taunton and falmouth is 0. yesterday it was mild. we -- 50. yesterday was mild and we almost hit 60 in spots. there's scattered clouds that will increase during the day today out ahead affront that's bringing a couple -- a front that's bringing a couple rain showers many we may see one or two but there's not a ton of moisture. winds will shift to the northwest later on. you will notice the clouds increase, chance of a shower is greatest along the south coast this evening. and then clearing comes in tonight and tomorrow like another beautiful day. we won't be as warm as today. sunshine will be out in full force and temperatures in the mid to upper 40s as opposed to near 60 this afternoon. and then no change in the terms of the fact wednesday looks wet. we get a dry start very early in the morning and showers move in by the tail end of the morning commute.
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wednesday afternoon. and will linger into the evening. no worries about snow that we will be warm again. 55 to 60 on wednesday afternoon. and the front does cross the reasoningon wednesday night. so there will be a few lingering showers and a couple of those may linger into the first part of thursday before clearing comes in after that. so look at these highs. near 60 bedford taunton at 60. 50s on the cape and 57 in boston. 20 degrees above the average for this time of the year. we will be colder tonight. 20s in the suburbs. 34 downtown and highs tomorrow do manage to climb into the mid to up 40ers. a lot of sunshine and it looks like a beautiful tuesday and above average through the middle and end of the week. wednesday the wettest day and thursday we get clearing that comes in after some morning showers linger and friday more normal for this time of the year. the weekend looks good and the sun and clouds rising into the 40s by sunday.
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visit second graders last thursday as the spring -- ready spring street school. in shrews beery -- shrewsbury. they are about to begin the weather unit and they learned about clouds and hurricanes and tornado and pamela what blast. traffic be aw -- and weather. >> reporter: shrewsbury the home of paula ebben. a little bz trivia. >> you were. >> reporter: in clinton. >> awesome. >> reporter: i was playing football with my sons. >> it will be beautiful again today. >> reporter: i had to delayering taking off. >> fine with the short sleeves today. >> reporter: it was fantastic. thank you for that. >> do it again. >> reporter: pretty quiet right now but we are hearing about an accident south of the city right now. it's down in 495 southbound at route 1a total traffic network says two right lanes are blocked down there. that's a busy spot for the morning commute. let's hope they clear it up soon.
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>> thanks very much, 5:18. an emergency meeting on the zika virus. today the world health organization is discussing whether to declare a global health emergency. it's concerning for pregnant women because of a possible link between the virus and birth defects aron neurological problem in babies. there's no vaccine or cure. the virus has not been found in any mosquitoes here in the u.s. u.s. supreme court justice john roberts will visit boston this week to speak at new england law. it's part of the school's annual law day celebration. it's on wednesday. roberts will meet with students during classes and participate in a 30-minute question and answer session. expected to talk about his legal career and give advice to students. former secretary of state madeleine albright speaking at wellsley college yesterday. it was part of a forum on globalinequality and took up
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>> i believe that it's very important to always question your assumptions. don't assume everyman is wrong and every woman is right. i would rather spend time with marc brown than sarah palin. >> she continued by saying the next generation should be curious and good problem solveers. she graduated in 1959 from wellsley. it's 5:20. up next the celtics looking to extend the winning streaks. >> were they able to keep the magic alive in orlando? >> plus the best in hockey takes to the ice.
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight
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welcome back. the best in the nhl take ice for the all star game. >> and celtics head to orlando with the winning streak on the line. steve burton has more in morning ?oorts good morning. -- sports. >> good morning. relettics -- celtics hit 13, 3s and lost on the road. into the first quarter smart he
5:22 am
ever. since coming into the league his third 3-pointer celtics by 8 at the end of one. and when he was not hitting from the outside he was driving to the hole. gipson a -- gibson a mis. cell, by 7 at the half. lead grows to 13 on the perfect fast break. bradley and celtics are up 67- 54 but orlando makes a run and we are tied heading into the 4th. >>. and to bradley and returns to turner new 24. >> extra possession we will see what happens. >> turner attacks the right side and pass to avery for 3. 95-90 boston by 5. 6:had 43 to go. >> this was all orlando from that point on. orlando gets the 96-95 lead and they wouldn't trail again.
5:23 am
right? celtics never give up. smart throws up the three and point play. but they can't get any closer to within 3 winning streak ends 119-114 the final. nhl all star game in nashville star. as a joke. the league wanted to ban him from the game but rescinded and let him play. the owner of five career goals had two last night. and goes home with the mvp of the game. what a story there. my friends that's sports i am steve burton over to you. >> 5:25. >> that's right. and at the all star game it featured a special moment from injured hockey player denna laing. >> she suffered a serious
5:24 am
at last night's game she had a very special message for the crowd. i have been absolutely blown away by the support i got from the community and people writing in letters i am their role model and i inspire them but they are the ones that are inspiring me. >> her family was in the crowd and got a standing ovation right after that video played there. you are an inspiration to us. she is amazing. >> her spirit is top notch. still to come, an update on two breaking news stories. first a child hospitalized in roxbury. >> a pedestrian hit in dorchester. the latest on the investigation next. >> and good news about gas prices. they are already dropping but
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breaking right now a child in rox beery taken to the hospital as -- roxbury taken to the hospital as a trauma victim. >> a ped hit by a car in dore chest -- pedestrian hit by a car in dorchester. >> the first big test of campaign 2016. presidential candidates making
5:26 am
today's iowa caucuses. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning. welcome back i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon type to flip the page on the calendar. >> feeling more like april. >> confusion the calendar confusion when you feel the temperatures. >> did you do something nice outside. >> i did. >> amaying. >> did you feel. >> i -- amazing. >> it did feel nice. >> it will be up to 06. >> that's my plan a nice walk. >> the temperatures this morning it's 45 degrees. 45 degrees right now. our average morning lows are typically in the 20s. so it's an extremely warm start. wind from the southwest at 16 miles per hour right now. so it's creating a real feel that's cooler in the the upper 30s. 49 in taunton. 50 in falmouth and cooler north
5:27 am
keene at 30. we will see some sunshine once it comes up this morning before 7 a.m. now. cloud will be on the increase the west. and it will bring a isolated today. a mild start sunrise at 6:58 this morning. and spring fever in the air as clouds on the increase. 56 by lunchtime. we will top out near 60 in several communities and isolated shower greatest risk along the south coast for the ride home. shouldn't be a big deal. sun sets at 4:58. and temperatures still in the upper 40 at that point. traffic and weather together how is it looking. >> reporter: pretty quiet out there most of the major routes but we have a crash on 495. it's down in wrenth a.m. two right -- wrentham. also to the south let's look live over the expressway.
5:28 am
to boston but no reported backups. 128 southbound is crowded between logan express and the split. we are following breaking news. police investigating two pedestrian accident one if dorchester and the other in chinatown. in dore chester's woman was hit -- dorchester a woman was hit and possibly dragged. the woman was taken to the hospital and we are told she has life-threatening injuries. police also investigating another person hit by a car that came in just two minutes before that one in dorchester. this one in chinatown. okay. police have checked out both possible connection. more breaking news this time in roxbury a 3-year-old taken to boston medical center. and police tell us the child is a trauma victim. but it's unclear how the child was hurt. police first responded to the home on alpine street around 9:40 last night. officers were on the scene throughout the night investigating. we will have more information as soon as we get it.
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combing a pond at verge tech trying to search for answers in girl. two virginia tech students have been arrested in connection laveal's did he. >> david eisenhower is charged with first-degree murder. 19-year-old natalie keepers a sophomore engineering student body. three are connected. what they are searching for. >> we are investigating alltypes of things social media and lots of things coming in and led to us a general area. >> the girl's body was found in north carolina saturday. the family believes she climbed out of the bedroom window wednesday. all three escaped inmates in california are back behind bars. police captured both men on saturday in california after a tipster called in to police. a third escapee turned himself in on friday. they broke out on january 22nd from a man's prison in orange county.
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prison officials noticed. to court this week. he is charged in a 2004 sexual assault. before these charges the woman settled a lawsuit with cosby and the 78-year-old says investigators told him if he testified in the lawsuit he would never be charged. prosecutors denied the claim and a judge will hear testimony on the issue tomorrow and then decide if the case should go to trial. there could be good news for drivers this week an adolescent blogger for gas predicts prices could call to 1.60 in some places this week due to the post holiday blues. demand is down because holiday travel season is over. it's 5:34 on your monday morning. super bowl 50, 6 days away and both teams arrived in san francisco yesterday. >> the excitement for the big game is building. jamie is there with a closer look at the action. >> reporter: the nfl
5:31 am
>> reporter: and super bowl city. >> we want to welcome you and thank you and most importantly we want you to have fun. >> reporter: both got marching over the weekend. people from all around the san francisco area came to play. like jennifer who is not shy about getting into the game or who she is rooting for. >> it was awesome. i am super excited. i did it for the broncos we will score and spike the ball. >> reporter: security is tight at all the events. officers with long guns and dressed in s.w.a.t. gear are easily noticeable. but it didn't stop thousands of people from coming out. >> we have tens of thousands every day probably a million people or more to the region over the course of super bowl week. >> reporter: the bonus weekend was touchdown for locals. they got a nice head start ahead of all the thousands of football fans headed into town later on this week.
5:32 am
exhibits games and plenty of places to take a selfie. but for most families it was about having fun together.why do you bring them. >> it's awesome. we are a big football family obviously. >> reporter: the city got into the spirit. they relit the bay bridge and set off fireworks kicking off a week of memorable moments at super bowl 50. >> don't foreget wbz is your home for super bowl 50. catch the action here this sunday february 7th at 6:30. 5:36. still ahead good news for a emoji lovers. >> a option apple might add. >> a first responder on his facebook paining calling -- page calling narcan the worst drug created. his facebook comments lighting up the internet in weymouth. more details coming up. >> your monday morning commute
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what if you could go 700 miles per hour. some student engineers at mit won a contest designing futuristic travel but would you want to go that fast? let us know.
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good monday morning this will make you happy. you could have emojis on your iphone. >> president obama trying to expanned computer sciences in school. jill wagner is live at the new york stock exchange with
5:35 am
>> reporter: good morning. president obalanca wants all american -- obama wants all american school kids to learn how to code calling for 4 billion dollars to beef up computer science programs. experts say the biggest challenge is training new teachers. colorful. coca cola is teaming up with hp to print one of a kind designs for 12 ounce diet coke bottles. campaign is called it's mine. and for everyone who loves texting emojis here's some of the new images that could be making their way to your phone at the end of the year including an avocado fingers crossed black heart and butterfly and clinking glasses. i have to say i thought of you immediately kathryn when i saw this story. >> i love using emojis in tweets and text. >> she does. >> and facebook. >> it's fun when you get a text from kathryn. >> reporter: what do you think of the new ones. >> they are pretty good i like
5:36 am
>> i am trying to decipher your text message that are only emojis how it could play into it. >> test your brain. brain games. >> thanks very much. >> reporter: i think the black heart is interesting. >> there you go. >> reporter: just in time too. thanks very much we will see you tomorrow morning. coming up, we have a check together. >> and a look at the top campaign 2016. candidates making last-minute stops for today's iowa caucuses. >> two pedestrian hit in the early morning hours. authorities are now investigating a possible connection. that story is coming up. >> checking in with the weather watchers this morning. and it doesn't feel like february 1st. now. charles checked in with 45 and milton on the way to 60. tracking rain for the middle part of the week. we will breakdown the weather
5:37 am
4, 3, 2, 1, and the. >> and they are off. longest dog sled race from the lower 48 states is now in progress. >> the race is taking place in minnesota and it's expected to be tight this year. 4 defensing champions are in the running for the top spot. >> do you remember last year when we had more snow in boston
5:38 am
said we should have the iditarod. >> it didn't stop coming and now we have. >> spring fever. >> almost up to 60 degrees today. what is going on danielle. >> it's crazy. the snow melted off my lawn and -- melted off my lawn. robe said he went to the beach and -- robi said he went to the beach and we were 57 in boston and we will do it again. a lot of the numbers we will beat them again. we will fall shy of the record. we won't get there. it's 32 in nashua and 30 in clean the coldest spots this morning. cool in springfield vermont. but 45 in boston. 52 in burlington vermont right now. remarkable warmth coming in. southwest wind about 5 to 15 mice per hour. the warmth is ahead of a cold front with a couple scattered showers from new york back to pennsylvania. and there's not a ton of moisture with the front. we may get an isolated shower later today but it's not going
5:39 am
coming through briefly and isolated as we head into the frame. clearing comes in tonight tomorrow looks like a pleasant wint are day. not as warm as today. temperatures top out in the mid- 40s and by wednesday whoa start with clouds and a couple showers spreading from west to east as a steadier rain by late morning through the evening. it locks like a damp wet and windy day on wednesday. but with the wet weather that comes in so does the warmth again. so we will come back up into the 50s on wednesday. this cold front crosses the region slowly wednesday night into thursday morning and there may be a couple lingering showers early on thursday before that front clears the coastline. in the meantime, an isolated shower through today but a lot of the day will be spent dry. look at highs. 59 in bedford. middle to upper 50s from nashua to lawrence 58 in boston this afternoon. 50s from worcester hills and
5:40 am
60 in norwood and we could top out over 60 in taunton. and in the 50s on the cape and islands. tonight, we cool back a bit. 34 downtown so it won't be as warm as this morning the middle 30s -- 20s with clearing skies and tomorrow again not as warm but still by february standards not too bad. a pleasant winter day with a blend of sun and clouds and light wind and temperatures topping out in the mid-40s. you will see in the accu- weather 7-day back into the 50s on wednesday and even on thursday we should still be running in the 40s. the week. and it starts off the weekend in the up 30ers back into the 40s though by the time we get to sunday. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: an accident on 495 tops the news of our monday morning commute. down in weren'tham 4 -- wrentham 495 to route 8 the two right lanes are blocked. to the south the expressway hangs up between granite avenue
5:41 am
128 southbound bumper to bumper from logan express and the split. 39 south wound two -- southbound two slow pockets. and between 128 and montvale avenue. >> thanks very much. it's 5:48. a weymouth firefighter is under investigation. >> we begin with breaking news. two pedestrians hitments apart. here are your top stories on this monday morning. >> reporter: i am nicole jacobs where authorities are investigating a ped hit at columbia and mass avenue. that white suv is the vehicle in question. taking a look at video in chinatown we are learning this morning of a possible connection to what's there where a pedestrian was hit and suffered nonlife-threatening injuries a few minutes later in dorchester, a second call of a person hit and possibly dragged.
5:42 am
taking another live look here see the scene still very active. the white suv perched on a tow truck there coming up at 6:00 hear from a witness who called 911 here in dorchester. live this morning nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> reporter: good morning i am susie steimle live in front of the fire station in weymouth war fire fighter is criticize-- where a firefighter is criticized for comments on his personal facebook page he called narcan the worst drug created. narcan is the life saving drug for someone who overdozed on hairin e said if you -- heroin. deserve to lose. a number of people say he should lose his job. hear what city lead verse to say coming up at 6. susie steimle wbz this morning. all eyes on iowa as voters choose the can do it to democratic parties. the latest poll shows a tight race.
5:43 am
sanders are neck in neck within the margin of error and now analysts say turn out will make all the difference tonight. that's onto new hampshire for the next primary. a massachusetts teen busted for speeding. andrew tham was clocked going 116 miles an hour yesterday morning. this happened on 93 north in ashland new hampshire. once he was pulled over he was arrested for reckless operation. it's 5:50. time for our daley talker on this -- daily talker on this monday morning. some of you are heading out on the commute which will likely be a slow ride. >> what if we told you someday in the near future you could travel to work at 700 miles per hour. robi is here to tell us about that. >> reporter: if you are regular rider on the t you would be psyched about 40 miles per hour. 700 might be scarry. but m.i.t. students believe it can happen
5:44 am
design a space age transportation of the future. it was to design the best pod in a sky traveling along a futuristic transit system call the hyperloop. it was proposed by elon musk more than a thousand college students took place in the competition and there's the mi -- m.i.t. team the winners all engineering students. they said they are excited to bring technology one step closer to reality. some m.i.t. winners will build pods and test them on a hyperloop test track in california. if this happens, we want to know would you want to zoom 700 miles per hour through a glass tube on your morning commute. okay. marie says sounds awesome. knowing my hustle probably continue to travel the old fashioned way, drive. and steve says mbta? take note. number of ways to comment the website twitter or facebook.
5:45 am
we see the the t going 700 miles per hour. >> it would be. >> reporter: they should work on 30. >> i wouldn't want tonight first one to test it out. >> you are always thinking. >> work out kinks. >> yeah there you go. 700 miles an hour is fast. still to come, one couple giving new meaning to the saying love at first sight. >> two people who never met decided to tie the knot.
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devil dogs. devil dogs! but the game is tied. devil dogs! devil dogs! in the stomach! [music starts playing] drake's. listen to your craving! happy now? ring dings!
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a lot of people say it was love at first sight but would you marry that person. >> a woman in california did just that friday night. her name is erica harris and randomly connected with man she met over instagram and the only problem is he lives in new york but for month they traded messages until he bought a one way ticket to california proposed and married her on the spot. >> hi i am erica don't drop me. nice to meet you. >> hi. >> don't listen to your thoughts or head follow your heart. follow your soul. >> for anybody who doesn't believe in fairy tales who am i and it can happen to you. >> how about that just like that saw each other at the >> all right.
5:49 am
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sfx: finger snap wegmans family pack. we do it because we're family too. breaking news right now at minutes apart. the investigation underway. >> and breaking this morning a 3-year-old rushed to the hospital. underway. >> and ready to caucus. big victory. we are live with the latest. >> the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz this morning. >> good morning. it's 6:00 right now almost on the dot i am kathryn hauser. >> it's chris mckinnon it's monday february 1st you may not believe it. >> the temperatures don't match
5:52 am
>> feels likeapril beginning
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