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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> feels likeapril beginning the may. normal temperatures in the morning should be in the 20s. it's 46 degrees in boston right now. the dew points in the upper 30s and wind is from the southwest at about 16 miles per hour. dragging in the warmer air and creating a real feel this morning but look at that. 30 in nashua keene are the colder spots. burlington vermont, 53 degrees right now. remarkable. 49 tawpton. 50 in falmouth and a few -- taunton and 50 in fall mouth. this warmth is coming out ahead of a cold front. we may get an isolated spritz or two that comes in later today. rising through the 40s and 56 by lunchtime topping out at 60 this afternoon. with a isolated shower still right around 50 heading into the ride home. traffic and weather together good morning. >> reporter: good morning. an accident north of the city the latest crash up in andover. 495 southbound at route 93. that's the very busy spot. starting to see backups develop now.
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pockets between river road and 125 and 128 and montvale avenue. 495 to 129 stop and go and to the south expressway now jammed east milton square to columbia road. 128 southbound bumper to bumper from logan express to the split. and route 3 northbound you will split. 6:01. we begin with the first true 2016. iowa caucuses are today. >> presidential candidates from both parties are busy making their final push for support. marlie hall is live in des moines this morning with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning chris and kathryn. for the first time tonight voters will have their say in the 2016 race for the presidency. and candidates will campaign until the very last moment. hoping to dampen donald trump's momentum ted cruz made his final pitch to iowa voters sunday.
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other people to the caucuses caucuses tomorrow. we will win the nomination and we will win the general election in november 2016. >> reporter: during an event in sioux city trump pushed back labeling cruz dishonest and flyer. >> voter violation like an official document being sent to that's terrible. concerned. >> reporter: forecast in iowa are calling for snow in parts of the state beginning tonight which could have an impact on voter turnout. volunteers for both bernie sanders and hillary clinton knocked on doors and made calls late into the night. as the two candidates made their closing arguments. >> here's a radical idea. together we will create an economy that works for all of us not just for 1%. >> i will stand up and fight for you every single day of the campaign and when we win i will
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>> reporter: clinton lost iowa in 2008. and political analysts say this time around former secretary of state is working on her likability. >> she is focused on her relationship with people and she is focused a little more on middle class issues. >> reporter: with polls showing tight races on both side the fight for iowa could come down to the wire. republican presidential candidates are planning rallies today throughout iowa. and on the democratic side, clinton and sanders are holding caucus night events. kathryn. >> all right thanks very much marlie. we will be watching. even before the results in iowa are in some candidates will be racing to new hampshire. the first of the nation primary takes place one week from tomorrow. according to a new poll, republican donald trump is a clear front-runner with 38% of the vote. the franklin pierce boston herald poll shows tight race second between ted cruz and jeb
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over to the democrats now. that same poll shows bernie sanders is holding onto his lead with 57% of the vote hillary clinton is trailing in new hampshire by 20 points. on wednesday democrats will take part in town hall meeting in derry and thursday another durham. keep it here and wbz and cbs news for complete campaign 2016 coverage from iowa to new hampshire and straight through covered. >> now breaking news in boston. police investigating accidents involving two different pedestrian. those crashes happened just two minutes apart. nicole jacobs is live at one of the scenes with the latest. good morning nicole. >> reporter: good morning to you chris. police received a call here in dorchester around 1:40 and they have been here investigating ever since. you can see they have got this stretch of mass avenue and boston streets blocked off with police tape.
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vehicle in question. but they he initially received a call from chinatown. we will get you to video from there. you can see investigators on the scene there. police tape blobbing off the stretch of nilon and harrison. a pedestrian was hit in that area and taken to boston medicalcenter with what we are toldnonlife-threatening injuries and it was a couple minutes later they received a call here in dorchester of a pedestrian pinned under a vehicle you can see in the video police looking at clothing on ground as well as they investigate this scene. our cameras captured a rolling investigation from interstate 93 south on exit 15 the columbia road exit. we did speak with a witness here in dorchester who says she
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>> i don't care about the body. [audio not understandable] it was someone under the car and the cops came over and she was dragging her for over like a mile. >> reporter: that woman says it took police 6 minutes or so to get the woman or the person pinned from underneath this suv you see live in the video. i can tell you according to million officials they are investigating two crones as a possible connection. -- scenes as a possible connection. it's unclear how a person here might have been dragged from the area. all of that is unclear but there's two separate scenes and two separate pedestrian hit. we will follow the story and bring you latest when we get it. live in dorchester. nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thanks very much. we are following breaking news in roxbury a 3-year-old
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police say the child is a trauma victim but right now it's unclear how that child got hurt. police responded to the home on alpine around 9:40 and officers were on scene investigating. we will bring you more when it comes into the newsroom. an explosion at a popular restaurant a chef is recovering from serious burns. it happened at the pizzeria uno around 1 yesterday afternoon. firefighters say that an employee was working near the oven when a can of aerosol nonstick spray fell on a conveyor belt and exploded. the explosion took out ceiling tiles and you can see from here. the employee has second and third-degree burns and is recovering at rhode island hospital. right now there's an investigation underway in the social media post of a weymouth firefighter. the first responder calling out the use of narcan. susie steimle is live and the
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>> reporter: it has been but that didn't stop people from screen shotting it before and sharing it multiple times over social media once again. another reminder that anything you put out there on the internet is permanent and people are very furious about the post that read in part "i for one get no extra money for giving narcan and these losers are out of the hospital using again in hours. you use you should lose of course narcan is the life saving drug for anyone with an overdose on openats or heroin. the comments posted don't reflect the philosophy of values we hold as fire department or town. a lot of backlash because of the comments. the chief and mayor are schedule to meet here this morning. a number of people online demanding the firefighter lose his job susie steimle wbz this morning. >> thanks very much. allegations of abuse at school for boys with disability. five people arrested in connection with the
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court today. 4 men are facing assault charges and one woman is accused of intimidating a witness and obstructing justice the abuse happened at eagleton school in great barrington that cares for boys with cognitive disabilities. a by dar warning to watch townsend. someone is throwing spark plugs and bulbs at cars. 10 incidents have been reportedch police are asking anyone with information to come forward. so far no one has been curt. two -- hurt. two wellesley teens are accused of ripping up a field. you can see what looks like tire tracks all over the field. the two teens are expected to face charges of malicious destruction. coming up on wbz this morning, a man rescued by a nun. >> the quick decision that helped to save his life and how
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>> a need for speed gets to new hampshire teen in trouble with the law. how fast police say he was driving. >> and zika virus getting a closer look from doctors around the world. the decision they are considering good morning danielle. >> good morning kathryn and everybody. the calendar says february but look at this hour by hour forecast rising through the 40s into the 50s through the afternoon. some spots may come close to 60 later on today. with an increase in clouds and a couple showers possible. we will take you through week ahead when we come back as we boston this morning. stay with us. you are watching wbz this morning. (buzzer) hey, you're a lucky guy.
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what a difference a year makes. temperatures near of 0 -- 60 yesterday. last year this time we were buried under 3 feet of snow withmore on the way. i like snow but i like the scene on the left better. >> me too. i ceft thinking if we could keep this when i was walking yesterday for a little while it would be nice. >> we will do it again today. hopefully you will enjoy it more and we will flirt with 60 this afternoon.
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>> more like april. a february preview temperatures inching milder typically in the mid-30s for february 1st. keep in mind we will be up around 60 this afternoon. by the end of the month, 41. we gain an hour and 13 minutes of daylight. sets at 4:58 tonight. and we will be 5:33 by the time we get to the end of the month. more snow average for february's 10.9 inches. last year we had 64.8 inches of snow for the record. february and record season overall. look at temperatures right now. there are cooler pockets for 30 in nashua and keene. 29 springfield but 53 degrees in burlington vermont. the wind out of the south southwest ahead of a cold front and it's dragging in the mild air 50 in falmouth as well. so, warma warm start. kid can leave the hat and gloves at home. wear the long sleeves underneath the fall jacket later this morning. and there is some moisture to the west.
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way from central new york down through pennsylvania. and they are losing a little steam so there's not a ton of moisture with the front. there may be a stray shower or two as we head into the early evening hours. especially along the south coast and anything that comes through will be brief in passing. the skies clear out tonight. tomorrow won't be as warm. but it will still be a beautiful winter day. sunshine a few cloud mixed in the afternoon. high pressure in control. and temperatures running in the mid to upper 40s. now by wednesday, that's when we turn wet and windy. areas of showers move in during morning. and ramp up to a steadier rain during the afternoon and lingering into evening too. so expect a damp day overall. by the time we get to wednesday night a code front approaches but slows down a bit. so wednesday night into very early on thursday we may get lingering showers before kicking front out and drag in cooler air for the end of the week. so look at these highs. 60 in norwood. same in taunton providence
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we won't hit record for most of us because the record to beat are in the mid-60s. we won't get this today. 58 at boston. well into the 50s here through southern new hampshire. tonight into the 20s. 33 boston and back into the 40s to near 50 for tomorrow which will still feel good. wednesday into the 50s as rain moves in and gradual clearing on thursday and 40s for highs and then upper 30s to end the week. and looks like we will start the weekend off and a normal note and time for a school visit video. pamela had a blast with the second graders at spring street school in shrewsbury and they have a head start starting to begin the weather unit. and they talked about tornadoes and snow as well. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: we have an accident and a lot of slow downs north of the city right u now.
6:17 am
southbound at route 93. not seeing significant delays there yet but 93 southbound you are heavy in andover between river and concord and woburn to medford. route 3 southbound stop and go between 495 and 129. let's check the south expressway jammed furnace brook 128 southbound crawls between logan express and the split and route 3 north you are sluggish. from route 18 to the split. and stoughton to 128. the bill cosby case heads back to court this week. he is charged in a 2004 sexual assault at his philadelphia home. before the charges the woman settled a lawsuit with cosby. the 78-year-old actor says investigator told him if he testified in the lawsuit he he would never be charged. prosecutors deny the claim and a judge will hear testimony on the issue tomorrow and decide
6:18 am
this week the girlfriend of mob because whitey bulger spec contempt charge. she refuse to tell investigators if anyone helped run. she is is serving an 8 year prison term for helping hmm avoid capture. the hearing is scheduled for wednesday. a wrentham man saved by a nun is recovering in the hospital this morning. a tree fell on the 74-year-old man while out in the woods behind his home saturday. a nun from mount st. mary's abby heard his cries for help and called 911. the man's legs were pinned under the tree for two hours before help arrived. he is now listed in good condition. a massachusetts teen busted for speeding along 93 in new hampshire. police say andrew tham of middleton was clocked at 116 miles an hour yesterday morning on 93 north and ashland new hampshire. once he pulled over he was arrested for reckless operation. 6:18 is the time.
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this morning police are combing a pond at virginia tech trying to search for answers in the murder of a 13-year-old girl. two virginia tech student have been arrested in connection with nicole lovell's death david eisenhower a freshman engineering major is charged with first-degree murder. 19-year-old natalie keepers a sophomore engineering student is charged with disposing the girl's body. police are not saying how the three are connect or what they areer is -- connected or what they are searching for. >> we are investigating all
6:22 am
social media included. there were lots of things coming in and led to us a general area. >> the girl's body was found in north carolina saturday. lovell's family believes she climbed out of a bedroom window thursday. we could learn details what led to a deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia. the video shows the moment it derailed. speed is a factor but they also want to figure out if the train had been hit possibly by someone throwing a rock. investigators are also looking at a curve in the tracks. 8 people died and 200 were injured. the three escaped inmates in california are now being questioned back behind bars. police captured two of the men on saturday in california after a tipster called police a third escapee turned in on friday and the men broke out of jail on january 22nd from a men's prison in orange county and before prison officials noticed.
6:23 am
>> an emergency meeting on the zika virus. world health-- an emergencies meeting on -- an emergency meeting on the zika virus. it's concerning for pregnant women because of a possible link between the virus and birth defects and neurological problems in babesies. there is no -- babies. there's no vaccine or cure. the virus has not been found in mosquitoes here in the u.s. scientists are starting to think of loneliness as public health problem. doctors say people who are more lonely are at increased rising for hart attacks cancer and -- risk for heart attack cancer and alzheimer's. shows who are isolated slow down in the production of antibodies to fight disease. president obama wants allamerican school kids to learn how to code. he is calling for 4 billion dollars to beef up computer science programs in elementary middle and high schools. some experts say the biggest challenge is training new teachers. there could be good news
6:24 am
and blogger for gas predicted gas prices could fall to the dollar -- 1.60 mark in some places this week partly due to the post holiday blues demand is down because the holiday travel season is over. q. store shell lfs get more color -- store shelves will get more colorful. coca cola is teaming up with hp for designs for 12 ounce bottles. the campaign is called mine. it's neat when they have the coke with you can buy a so thea -- soda with your name on it. it was effective. >> sunny -- funnyization and it will be interesting to -- funnysayings and it will be interesting to see what they lots more next hour. >> a look at preparations for down to the big game. >> and future of travel could be in the hands of m.i.t. students why they are getting high speed transportation system and would you travel on
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two pedestrians hit and two minutes apart at two scenes. active investigation underway. >> controversy over a social media post. the weymouth firefighter under investigation over what he reportedly wrote about narcan. >> two women heading to court over the danger inside the home. police say posed to the three children living inside. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you. thanks for being with you. i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. if you are into mild temperatures you want to hear this forecast. >> >> you can 4r50e6b the heavy coats and -- you can leave the heavy coats and hats and gloves at home. a little spring fever right by the end of the school. we should be running in the mid- 50s. and in fact we are 50 degrees
6:29 am
wide range depending where you are. 30 from nashua to keene. 46 in the city of boston right now. there are scattered clouds and some sunshine this morning before the clouds increase a couple showers to the west but not a ton of moisture with the front coming through later today. rising through the 40s with active southwest wind. and the clouds increase and 50s through lunchtime and some spots around 60 and then an isolated shower is possible for the evening commute temperatures still right around 50 atset. let's get you on roads. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: we have an accident and breakdown north of the city right now. the crash is up in andover. 495 southbound at route 93. the breakdown is in woburn a disabled car on the ramp to route 38. the 3 -- 39 southbound heavy and slow wilmington to the
6:30 am
jammed from the split to columbia road 15 minute delay. 128 southbound from route 37 to the split. 24 north is looking heavy from stoughton to 128 and 95 northbound bogging down between in a ponceit and 128. we are following breaking police investigating accidents involving two different pedestrian. >> it happened two minutes apart and nicole jacobs is live at the scene this morning with the latest on the ongoing investigation. nicole. >> reporter: we live at mass avenue and columbia road in dorchester. still an active scene with police blocking off this stretch of the the rote. the white suv is the vehicle in question. let's get to video from chinatown where police received the initial call of a pedestrian hit in that area.
6:31 am
boston medical center with nonlife-threatening injuries and they investigated that scene and within minutes they received a call from dorchester of a person hit here. taking a look at video you can see investigators looking at closing on the-- clothing on the ground. person hit in dorchester may have been dragged for some distance. our cameras captured a rolling investigation from interstate 93 onto the crumb why road exit which is exit 15. again, back here live, indorchester at the corn he of columbia road and mass avenue you can see investigators still here on the scene trying to piece together exactly what may have happened. we are told by a witness here on the crone she saw a person pinned under the vehicle and saw prior to that the person being dragged by that vehicle. that woman called 911
6:32 am
she says it took several minutes to get the person from pinned underneath the vehicle. what we are learning this morning is authorities are investigating. the chinatown and this dorchester incident as a possible connection. it's unclear exactly how if there are in fact two separate scenes where individuals were hit. we don't know how far the ped here might -- pedestrian here might have been dragged but two pedestrians have been hit and there are two investigations going on this morning. live in dorchester, nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you very much. this morning, two teens will be in court accused murdering a man in everet. omar reyes was shot and left under the bridge on january 3rd. later died. police arrested two 17-year-old for crime. we are expecting to learn more details today at their arraignment. an investigation is underway into the social media
6:33 am
first responder calling out the use of the antioverdose drug narcan. susie steimle is live in weymouth. what's going on with this one? >> reporter: the post has been taken down but not before people screen shot it and shared it online. people are furious that a firefighter would call narcan the worst drug ever created. it's of course the antioverdose drug for anyone who used heroin or openats and needs to be take -- opiates and needs to be taken to the hospital. the firefighter said on his personal facebook, i for one narcan and these losers they are out of the hospital and using again inhours. you use you should lose. weymouth fire chief responded saying comments don't reflect the philosophy or values we hoe as a fire department or town.
6:34 am
online a number of people sharing the post saying they are frustrated with the firefighters many some saying they think he should lose his job for saying something like this. susie steimle w about. z this morning. 6:35-- wbz this morning. two women are due in court after accused of trafficking drugs out of a home in squallor with three children in side. the children are ages 6, 5 and 3. they were surrounded by trash,mice and animal waste. they are now in state custody. today mbta riders get a chance to sound off on plans for a fare hike a public meeting will be held in worcester and they will talk about changes to the commuter rail schedule they want to raise rates between 6 and 10% to cover 242 million dollar budget deficit. if approved the hikes could go
6:35 am
time for daily talker. some of you are about to head out on the commute which will likely be a slow ride. >> but what if we told you someday you could travel to work at 700 miles an hour? here's robi with this one. >> reporter: if you are a regular rider on the t you probably would be psyched about 40 miles per hour. 700 a little scary. but some mit student believe they can make it happen. they won a huge competition to design space age trance for participation station of the future. it was to design the best pod in the sky to travel along the futuristic transit system by elon musk. pour than a thousand college competition. winners are student engineers at m.i.t. and the team told the globe they are excited to bringtechnology closer to reality.
6:36 am
them on a hyperloop track in california. would you want to zoom 700 miles per hour through a glass tube on your morning commute? while sipping coffee and reading the morning paper. david says there is not enough dram mean at cvs to get me on that thing and eric says what's 700 miles an hour maintenance going to cost? number of ways to comment on the daily talker the website twitter or facebook. we would love to hear from you>> thank very much. new this morning, cuba is going online with the launch of a broadband internet service. in two neighborhood it would bring internet into people's homes. right now home broadband is legal for diplomats and employees of foreign companies. the government will also let cafes bars and restaurants connect to broadband. google is testing solar powered drones that could deliver high speed internet
6:37 am
the project is code name sky bender seektive testing flightshave been conducted over newmexico. it can deliver internet service 40 times faster than the fastest service. francisco yesterday. >> the excitement for the big game is building. cbs jamie yuccas is there for the action. >> yeah. city. >> we want to welcome you and thank you and most importantly we want you to have fun. >> reporter: both got marching over the weekend. people from around the san francisco area came to play. like jennifer who is not shy about getting into the game or who she is rooting for. >> it was awesome i am super excited i did it for the broncos. that's what we will do we will score and spike the ball. >> reporter: security is tight at all the events.
6:38 am
dressed in swat gear are easily in thible but it didn't stop thousands from coming out. >> we expect thousands of people a day and thousands more over the week. >> reporter: the bonus weekend was touchdown for locals. they got a head start ahead of the thousands of football fans headed into town later on this week. both event have interactive exhibits and games and plenty of places to take a selfie. but for most families it was about having fun together. why did you bring them. >> it's awesome. we are a big football family obviously. >> reporter: the sit they got into the spirit relit the bay bridge and set off fireworks kicking off a week of memorable moments ahead of super bowl 50. jammy uke yuccas. >> we are proud to be the home for the super bowl 50 catch the
6:39 am
will ads sunday february 7th at 6:30. 6 days away. >> what are you cooking up. >> i am thinking chicken wings or dip. >> you started mastering both of those. >> i been working on it. >> my dad found a recipe for chicken parm dip. >> i would eat it right now. >> you have to let me know how that is. we are following breaking news in rox beery. >> a child rushed to the -- roxbury. >> a child rushed to the hospital. >> the iowa caucuses get underway mashing the official kick off to nominating the presidential candidate. >> checking in with weather watchers. and a lot of reports coming in so thanks as always to the weather watchers. temperatures coldest north and extremely mild for this time of the the year. denise 47 in plymouth. we are on our way to near near
6:40 am
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much of the snow around
6:43 am
crews have been at hard work. they returned after days of digging out washington, d.c. they melted 4,000 tons of snow and plowed out walter reed and they are getting used to the snow. night not bad here. >> it's 60 degrees today. >> those are the men and women you want because they were so good last year. >> experience counts. >> luckily we don't have to deal with that at all. >> it's nice i don't know what's going on but i like it. >> it's going to be nice. am i darker or is that me. >> the lights off? >> i feel leek i look like i am a different color. guys we will be up around 60 today like you said it's going to be remarkable. 46 in boston 30 in nashua and keene and it's colder. just a couple touches of black ice well north and west of boston where it's a touch colder. but it's 50 in falmouth and so it's remarkable and we have
6:44 am
poke up once the sun comes out this morning before 7 a.m. zoom out the view and there's a couple showers to the west. but it's a cold front from central new york to central p opinions vain yeah it slide east -- pennsylvania. it slide he'd and clouds -- east and clouds build in and high pressure builds in as well. tomorrow looks like a nice winter day. quiet weather sunshine and a few clouds mix in and won't be as mild. we won't be up around 60 but 50or close to it tomorrow. still another above average day. by wednesday, notice in the morning pockets of rain still in and steadier and heavier through the afternoon. it looks like a wet and windy and raw day although with that wind coming in from the south, we are going to be up into the 50s again on wednesday afternoon. cold front crosses the region by early on thursday morning and that will still mean a few lingering showers thursday
6:45 am
along with cooler air to end the week. look at the highs today mid to up he 50s from -- upper 50s. 58 in boston this afternoon. 50s through worcester hills so if you like the warmth this is for you. 60in norwood and taunton average for the end of april. the wind will shift to the northwest and be pretty light but we will clear out and be cooer and this morning. highs -- cooler and this strong. coming back into the 50s on wednesday as the areas of rain move in. and thursday, some clearing in the upper 40s and then quiet but cooler to end the week. weekend is looking quiet too. on sunday. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: an accident and
6:46 am
it's in andover 93 south bund before 49 5 in the active breakdown lane causing a backup to river oat. the 93 southbound is slow from connector. part of the ramp to 38 is closed where the breakdown is. to the south we go expressway jammed from the split to minute ride. 128 southbound crawls from 37 to the split and 95 north stop a go up to 128. chris and kathryn. >> thanks. checking top stories on this breaking news. some new information on a pedestrian crash from massachusetts state police. >> shortly after 2 this morning a person was hit in chinatown and that victim may have been dragged all the way to columbia road in dorchester. the woman wassic toen to the hospital with life-threatening
6:47 am
ems is telling us another nonlife-threatening injuries at crash scene in chinatown. we are following breaking news in roxbury a 3-year-old taken to boston medical center. child is a trauma victim but hurt. police respond to the home 9:40 last night at alpine street and they were on the scene throughout evening. an investigation is underway into the social media post of a weymouth firefighter. in that port he questioned the use of narcan to save overdose patients. it has been taken down. all eyes on iowa as they cheer the candidates to represent the republican and dem catic party. trump holds a 5% lead oaf ted cruz and clinton and sanders
6:48 am
keep it here to cbs news and wbz for compete coverage for 2015 for new hampshire and iowa we have you comfort straight through to the white house. sharing her message with the crowd. >> a big moment for denna laing that got hear standing ovation at the nhl all star game. >> and eye lights from the game.
6:49 am
celtics looking to keep the winning streak alive in or lano the 4th. bradley gets the 3 to put the celtics up by 5. but it wouldn't last. orlando goes onto win 119-114. the c's winning streak end at 5 games and will take on knicks in new york tomorrow. the nhl all star game in nashville last nice patrice bergeron the lone bruin representing the all stars but the story was john scott voted in by the fans as a joke. league wanted to ban him from the game but finally decided to let him play. scott scored 5 career goals had two last night and goats home -- goes home with the mvp and a special moment during the nhl
6:50 am
>> denna laing suffered a spinal cord injury at the winter classic and last night she had a special message for the crowd. >> i have been absolutely blown away by the support i've got from the community because getting letters that i am a roll model and i inspired them pu you are inspiring me. >> her family was in the crowd and got a standing ovation after that. the league and the bruins have donated money to help with denna's recovery a strong young woman and inspirational. #:53. time for a closer look at what's coming up at 7 on cbs this morning. >> let's check in with charlie rose. good morning charlie. >> good morning chris and kathryn. ahead on cbs this morning a team of correspondents on the campaign trail in iowa ahead of tonight's caucuses. plus, hillary clinton joins us
6:51 am
the news is back in the morning. see you at 7. >> coming up next, the police parody getting a big response from college students when we
6:52 am
phone >> police at the university of delaware want to get word out students. can why escort home or see something suspicious around campus they are there for them. >> they have the moves right and made a parody of drake's hotline bling and their is cop line bling. >> i know. >> this is amazing. >>i don't know if there's anything that hasn't used that music video as a parody it's all over the place. >> they could. >> it's great way. >> yeah. >> to connect with them. >> you get chris moves. >> yeah it's going to be up around 60 today. >> can't bloive it. >> it feels like end of april -- i can't believe it. >> it feels like end of april beginning of may.
6:53 am
out with the massachusetts state groundhog miss g. >> will she see her shadow. >> makes me nervous. >> she has a good track record and we will watch that. >> we are all about the data. >> and back into the 50s on wednesday. looks wet. areas of rain moving in and we turn cooler for the end of the week. >> the best thing about the 7- day is even on a monday we look ahead to the weekend. >> eye on prize. >> cbs this morning is next on wbz see you for an update in 25 minutes. >> have a great day everybody. gs. but i bought chips. ring dings! ring dings! ring dings! in the stomach! ring dings. yeah! drake's. listen to your craving! you happy now? yodels!
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devil dogs. devil dogs! but the game is tied. devil dogs! devil dogs! in the stomach! [music starts playing] drake's. listen to your craving! happy now? ring dings!
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