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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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when a 56-year-old man and 48- year-old woman were hit by a suv walking in chinatown. the man's injuries were serious by not life-threatening. he was at the scene. then aium minutes later's call from -- a couple minutes later a call from dorchester on columbia road where the witnesses followed driver as police say she dragged the female victim down i-93 for about a 3-mile ride ending in dorchester. here's what witnesses said. >> i called and i didn't know about his head or body it was a animal or someone under the car and the cops came over here but she was driving her for over like a mile. >> reporter: and that was for about 3 miles according to police. now amazingly the prosecutors said -- prosecutor said the female victim is alive. prosecutor said she got word from the hospital that it looked like doctors would be
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would have limited use of them. but good news she is it will alive and -- still alive and man hill at the same time according -- hit at the sal timeaccording to police has serious but not life- threatening injuries. bail is set at $5,000. christina hager now back to you. you know who they are candidates running for president have been campaigning for months raising millions of dollars and tonight they find out if it pays off. >> iowa caucuses will begin to give americans the first chance to cast a vote for a presidential candidate. craig boswell live where the count down is on. craig. >> reporter: the count down is certainly on guys. but there's an extra layer of energy and urgency to the campaigns and voters as candidates try to round up the last-minute voters.
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about turn out here tonight. democrat hillary clinton brought breakfast to thank her campaign workers in des moines. >> i am feeling so energized because of you. >> we are going to win. >> reporter: clinton is in a dead heat with bernie sanders in the latest polls. sanders says coming out on top depend on one thing. >> we will win tonight if the voter turnout is high. >> reporter: the polls show if first time voters caucus sanders and republican donald trump benefit. >> so this is it it's crunch time right? >> reporter: in waterloo trump thanked supporters. >> hopefully tonight we will have the beginning of what is going to be in a certain way a very positive revolution. >> reporter: trump is leading the g-op pack polling 7 ponts ahead of ted cruz who -- points ahead of ted cruz who held a rally in jefferson. >> if we stand together we can do it again and we can restore the last best hope for mankind.
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amber caulk us aed for -- caucused for obama and three weeks ago for republicans. >> have been feeling the need to make a change. >> reporter: like many in iowa, she has yet to decide on a candidate. we are here at the nerve center of the reporting of the caucus results. we will see them on the big screen behind us. republicans on the right democrats on the left. this is the reason for the urgency and energy. 25% of democrats are undecided and 45% of republicans say they lisa back to you. >> after all that campaigning. all right craig thank you. a few of the candidates who are not expected to get a strong showing in iowa are focusing on winning new hampshire before the primary in that state. one of the candidates is ohio governor john kasich who spent the day trying to win over voters in rochester by driving home the importance of
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on the numbers in iowa but he is count organize getting more traction new hampshire and is hoeding a town hall meeting in huffington and rally in a nashua. governor jeb bush will be in new hampshire all week kicking off the final round of campaigning before the primary with a town hall in manchester. now adele is scolding donald trump. she says she never gave him the green light to use her music in his campaign rallies he plays sky fall and rolling in the deep before he takes the stage. and it is not the first time he has been told to stop using popular music. steen steven tyler made it clear he doesn't have permission to use dream on. keep it tuned to cbs news and wbz for campaign 2016 coverage. we will be live in new hampshire tomorrow as they shift their energy to the granite state and tonight, we will have voter reaction. david. >> lisa thank you. turning to the weather at 5, and what's that? you didn't want another february like last year?
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on this day last year, february 1st we were digging out from the latest blast of winter weather. let's head over to barry and i would say i would take this year over last year. but is this just a fluke? >> no we could have another record high coming up on wednesday david. that's possible. you know what it's just going on and on we had a 65 degree reading today. that's unbelievable so we go from one, teem to the other. and -- one extreme to the other. last time we had 60 or better not that long ago on christmas day. we were in the low 6 -- lower60s. this iss average highs -- this is the average highs in may not february. we are one degree short of hitting the record of 66 degrees in 1989. and we have a shot at getting close to the record of 59 set in 1991 on wednesday as whoa have temperatures shooting up later in the day. maybe a struggling to get there through much of the day but they will shoot up quickly later wednesday afternoon and wednesday evening. right now, the temperatures have fallen back a solid does
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midday when we were ahead of the cold front. the front has swept offshore and you can see it's falling into the 40s off to the north and west and that's incredibly warm even for this time of the year. so 26 to 32 in the suburbs. and 34 degrees around boston tonight and then we will look at rain not for a groundhog day tomorrow but the rain will be happening on wednesday and it's going to arrive the first part of the afternoon. a strip of rain gets heavier and heavier going through the afternoon into the evening hours. and that's going to get the warmest part of the day into the evening hours when this pouring and we have a strong southerly wind. more about the forecast ahead. see you in few minutes. >> feels tropical thanks. we have breaking news the world health organization has declared the zika virus emergency. that virus is blamed for severe countries. brazil. >> reporter: the world health option is declaring the zika emergency.
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through latin america and caribbean and linked to a serious birth defect called microacceptly -- microacceptly -- selfly -- micro-- microselfly. >> it constitute an extraordinary event. and a public health threat to other parts of the world. >> reporter: it causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads. so far in brazil, more than 4100 suspected cases are reported. dr. chan says while link is not scientifically proven, there seems to be a strong relationship. >> all agree on the urgent need to coordinate international efforts to investigate and understand this relationship better. >> reporter: brazil is getting aggress any of trying to stop the spread of zika. public health officials have being a stows any home or building to get in and destroy
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home or building to get in and destroy the mosquito. pregnant women are taking extra procautions. >> i hope to finish my pregnancy well and i hope healthy baby. >> reporter: world health official estimate this may be as many as 4 million cases in the americas over the next year. cbs news, brazil. i have to show you this inferno. a commercial building going up in flames in l.a. the foyer swallowing up the building spanning a city block. flames are fueled by propane cylinders and wood pellets inside the business. what sparked it is under investigation. new at 5 the ntsb is out with the report on the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. lea mart-- liam martin joins us with the latest. >> reporter: it killed 8 and injured 200 and despite smongts of -- months of investigation the report is does not offer a cause. as the train entered a kerr of it was going -- kerr of it was
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105 miles per hour. the report shows the engineer has been extremely cooperative in the investigation despite first telling authorities that he could not remember what happened. lawyers for the victims of the derailment are questioning that man's changing story. >> one of the things that they want to know is what happened. to try to make sense of this. and to try to be able to deal with it emotionally. and when you have the chief culprit on the other side changing their story, that's a devastating insult to the people who are already devastatingly injured. >> reporter: that engineer is suspend without pay since thecrash but has not been crim fallly charge. ntsb will look atings in and release a probable cause around the crash anniversary in may. >> thank you. back here at home skyeye over a post office in plymouth where there's scarry moments earlier today. -- scary moments earlier today amount car came crashing through the front of the store.
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went to the hospital. happened. tonight two teens are charged with murdering another young man in everettt. investigators say two 17-year- old shot 19-year-old omar reyes and left him to die under the january 3rd. they were arrested over this weekend almost a month after the crime. breaking news tonight, a weymouth firefighter now 90 days without pay. that's a suspension for facebook post about the overdose reversing drug narcan. firefighter mark karen posted it's the worst drug created and i give no extra money for giving it and when talking about the people revived you should use lose. he deleted his profile but people grabbed the screen shot of the post which led to that suspension. aaron hernandez sending a message from jail. tmz says they have a letter the
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rotsent to a pen pal he puts down robert kraft calling him nonlittle and says he watches the tv in his cell to root for the patsch the letter claim his closest friend was tom brady and he loves him to death. speaking of football san francisco buzzing around this week answered big game. broncos and panthers arriving on the west coast. fans filling into the bay area ready to celebrate. >> it was awesome. i am super excited. >> why do you bring him? >> this is awesome. we are a big football family obviously. >> san francisco lit the bay bridge set off fireworks to kick off the week leading up to super bowl 50. wbz is the home for super bowl 50 catch the action on the field and get the great super bowl ads as well sunday february 7th at 6:30 and i am just starting to get over the fact that patriots are not there. >> seeing the happy people i don't want to know. i just don't want to know what we are missing. still to come a very sick
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tonight about a local kennel. >> tonight, why the dog's owners say they are not going to bring the dog back even as they paid enormous vet bills. >> and the new sunscreen partially designed in boston that does so much more than just protect you from the sun. >> heart stopping whiteout.
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to take back our government. tonight a new development in a wbzi team investigation another family is coming forward saying the new puppy got sick very sick days after they brought her home from a local kennel. >> as the i team revealed this kennel has a history of complaints. but as bree sison explains the owners insist they are not to became. >> hi sweetie. hi. >> hi, sweetie. >> reporter: jammy can't hold her 2 pound puppy cocoa who is sick with parvo less than week from bringing her home. >> we jut want her to come home. >> reporter: jammy and her boyfriend mark say they loved cocoa the instant they saw the 8 week old dog at love laughlin kennel in oxford with testimonials from friends they
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came with a 14-day health guarantee. >> the rough incubation speared is -- period is 3 to # days. >> reporter: they say there's no way to know where she caught parvo but in the five days she was at home she was not in contact with other dogs. when i called laughlin kennel one who said she was an office manager refused to talk to me. this is not the first encounter with unwanted attention. last year, they set up a facebook page called the truth about laughlin kennel specifically to refute false allegations. the kennel owner did eventually send a statement which says in part that "they requested the puppy be returned to us for a refund but the customer declined we regret this or any puppy became ill. jamie says they worry cocoa wouldn't survive a drive back to the kennel and they don't want to return her. >> to request us to present the dog to them is unreasonable and
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>> reporter: so far cocoa's vet bills 6,000 dollars. bree sison. >> word is chipotle e.coli outbreak is now officially over. center for disease control and prevention today announced the investigation has ended. the past several months customers got sick from sam sam nilo and e-- salmonella and e.coli and norovirus. next month they will close for one day for a special staff meeting about food safety. this was an extraordinary day in new england. not only did it feel great but smelled like spring. >> it does it felt like easter sunday neathly. yesterday we were under 60 and today well into the 60s. hard to believe it's february. from one extreme to the other. let's. >> let's keep it going. >> we will for a few more days.
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even the bees are confired many womeniam joseph -- confused. william joseph is showing this one. things have to change in weather for sure. it will eventually but not for a while. all of ash-- it's not going to be this warm tomorrow. the high in boston 65. these are the highs across the region a couple spots in the upper 60s south of boston. so it was quite a february 1st for sure and we are looking a a few -- at a few spotty rain showers across southern new england. might be a sprinkle light shower southern rhode island and southeastern massachusetts before it clears out later on tonight. and by dawn it will be colder. down to 34 in boston, 26 to 32 in the suburbs but last year at this time we were looking at temperatures in the single numbers and teens. that's the difference there. so for the morning drive, bright and chilly tomorrow morning. for groundhog day. sunrising at 6:57 around 30 degrees or so. by midday it's going to warm up again up to 44.
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second day of february. and clouds and miss g the state groundhog is going to see her shadow tomorrow. it will be a few clouds around especially in the afternoon if you like -- a few high thin clouds will show up. sunsetting a the 4:59 almost up to the 5:00 hour. so that will be happening the day after tomorrow. anyway, there's the cold front. earlier this afternoon before it struck and within the through mid-60s and then the temperatures started to tumble down about 12 from what it was earlier today. but we are watching this storm in the southwest. and that's going to be a big maker of news this week as it tranceits across the nation producing quite a bit of snow in parts of the rockies and it's going to move out in the plains and drop a swath of snow from the parts of the plans across places like eye -- plains across places like iowa but won't snow in iowa until tuesday sometime tomorrow and perhaps severe weather in the tennessee valley southward and for us it's just a warm rain which happens here on wednesday.
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most of it mid afternoon into early evening for the most part. so that will impact the home bound commute on wednesday for sure as we will be getting a half inch at least and maybe a few spots up to an inch of rain out of that. that batch of showers and the warm weather will be chased out to sea and colder weather will be here at the end of the week. another storm is forming but right now it looks like it will be offshore. we thought it would be closer in southeastern massachusetts could get snow out of that but right now it seems tonight case. here's my 7-day accu-weather forecast going back up to the upper 50s and on witness we may get that record tying high temperature but it wouldn't happen until very late afternoon or during the evening when the we have the surge of warmth and the rain and left overrain in the morning and you can see it's colder on friday but really not all that bad. it could be worse as we all now this -- know this time of the year. back to you. >> thank you we felt cold days. now to incredible video out of hawaii. look at this 40 foot wave in maui.
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the wave and loses it and crashes all the way down. he is a professional surfer and is expected to be okay. would feel like. >> right this suspension in midair knowing you will hit the water. >> when a wave catches you off guard like hampton beach. >> oh i am getting out. >> nothing like that. coming this summer to a beach pool or picnic near you. >> thescreen that protects your skin and coops you headlighty. >> shock and awe what lightning comfort. >> she is trying to cost to first boston marathon survivor to run the race. new at 6, training with
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car repairs, home improvements, a family trip... it's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. marco rubio: just too many questions. right to rise usa is responsible for the
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el nino has been serving mild weather but has not been so kind to california. high wind causing trees to fall hitting cars and some parts the state wind today 115 miles per hour -- topped 115 milester power -- miles per hour. we can tell you one driver was killed by a tree that fell on the car. despite the damage california needed the rain after # years -- 4 years of drought. a very close call caught on camera. two men storm watching from a boat house in sydney when, you are about to see it. lightning strikes yards away. they say they could feel the bolt and they are thankful they decided not to take the boat
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sunscreen and a whole lot more. a product created by a doctor here in boston now a commercial has closer it can can -- mallika marshall has a closer look. >> i burn easy. >> i have to wear sunscreen. >> you are supposed to put it on every day. >> reporter: many are getting the message sunscreen protects against skin cancer but some experts say all that sunscreen is creating another problem. >> and that is the major cause for the vitamin d deficiency epidemic worldwide. >> reporter: the doctor is an endough chronologist. >> sunscreen absorbs ultra violet light and if you put sunscreen with spf30 and absorbs 97 to 98% of the light, it will reduce your ability to make vitamin d in your skin by 97 to 98%. >> reporter: that can lead to a host of problems. including rickets
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introducing solar d a specially formulated sunscreen block harmful race but allows the voight minimum d permitting rays to get through. the doctor helped design it and says research shows it works. >> basically you can have your cake and eat it too take advantage of the sun protection factor as well as making some vitamin d in your skin. >> reporter: it has been fda approved and should be available in the u.s. this spring with an spf of 30 it should cost the same as traditional sun screens e has no financial stake but is excited about the product. he is concerned about our vitamin d insufficiency. >> you hear more and more people saying i have a vitamin d deficiency and what do i do and you say this is a pretty exciting product. >> reporter: it is and he says it affects most of us. so. >> next on my list. >> thank you. lisa dr. thank you. a police officer put the pedal to the metal and a driver
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still to come, the unusual traffic stop. and a shocking crime two college students charged with killing a teenage girl. tonight investigators are trying to figure out what happened. his life. and tonight boston police are trying to figure out what happened in the roxbury apartment.
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studios in boston, wbz news
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