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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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studios in boston, wbz news starts right now. >> our top stories at 5:30. a woman hit by a car and dragged for miles. investigators say the driver hit two people overnight in chinatown and the woman was most seriously injured. a man is expected to recoverch the driver finally stopped on i -- recover. the driver finally stopped and the female victim is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. >> also iowa voters will caucus to help choose the next president in the united states. both candidates and their supporters spent the day working to get out the vote. donald trump leads republicans and for democrats hillary clinton in a dead heat right now in the polls with bernie sanders. >> a developing story now at 5:30. a 3-year-old boy in rox bshy -- roxbury rushed to the hospital. police say he's trauma victim but no one is saying how he got hurt. police arrived at the apartment after 9:30 and they are still there. >> the boy is at boston medical center.
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newest information in the case. >> reporter: david and lisa good evening. from sun up to sundown police remain inside the house trying to figure out exactly what happened to a toddler that left him with life-threatening injuries. overnight and throughout the day boston police posted outside of the alpine street home in rox beery. >> that's crazy. >> reporter: -- rox beery. >> that's craze -- roxbury. >> that's crazy. >> reporter: they rushed him to the hospital with life- threatening injuries. >> that's shocking. >> strange. how. >> if it's a kid and something bad happened that was not an accident it's bad. >> reporter: pd are not saying if a crime was committed but we watched detectives exit the house several times on monday. >> i came downstairs because i saw the police cars and emts. >> reporter: neighborhood association president lives across the street.
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traumatized or victimized it's extremely concerning. >> reporter: and the toddler is still alive. no word on his condition can or to the extent of his injuries at this hour. reporting live from roxbury. chantee lans, wbz news. >> thanks so much. let's talk about the weather here. 65 degrees at one point today. february 1st. we will take that right. >> unbelievable. it cooled off it's 52 but earlier today, people were on the common enjoining spring like temperatures but there were some people in shorts running. barry burbank joins ons if you are training for boston it doesn't get better than this. >> fantastic. so different than last year when they had to put up with cold and snowy weather to deal with training but it's different ball game this time around. hi lisa and david and everybody. we have a squadron of 6 5*s from wbz -- 65s from wbz weather watchers. peter and bob all 65s jack coming in with 63 degrees. how sweet it is.
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not all that cold as you can see. no cold snaps until the end the week and we will get back to the average highs for this time of the year. so you can see we one more shot at a warm day on wednesday. but that warmth is going to occur when the rain is falling on wednesday. so we may have a shot of a record tying 59 at that time. so, impacts from the storm on wednesday in the afternoon and evening hours, during the home bound commute heavy rain and street flooding and gusty winds out of the south and southwest. there won't be ice or snow from the storm down here. the rest of the forecast is >> thank you. we have a developing story tonight. two virginia tech students are now charged with murder he in connection with a horrific crime as jan crawford reports they are accused of kidnapping a girl and killing her and the road. >> reporter: police discovered 13-year-old nicole love leel
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a road they believe david eisenhower abducted and murderedher and natalie keep hears been charged with helping get rid of the body. >> eisenhower and nicole were acquitted -- acquainted. he used the relationship to abduct and kill her. >> reporter: loveel vanished last wednesday and they bleemed believe she climbed out of the bedroom window after knocking the door with a dresser she required daily medication following a liver transplant. her father issued a plea for his daughter's return. >> if you are out there, you can come to me i i am not mad at you. i am worried about you. >> reporter: lovell's facebook page shea shows she was member of a teen dating group but it was unclear when he met eisenhower on line. a local news station noticed the student athlete of the week. >> i will not stop until i reach my peak performance. >> reporter: sunday virginia
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and it's unclear for what. online lovell's father shared devastation writing i am so in shock i know nothing more to i am broken. the results of an autopsy are pending and authorities are trying to reconstruct a timeline in to the disappearance and death jan christiansburg virginia. five staff members at a private school in western mass abuse allegations. eagleton school cares pour boys with cognitive behavioral and developmental disabilities. investigators say students were subjected to physical and emotional abuse. prosecutors charged four men with assault and a woman with intimidating a witness and obstructing justice. tonight all three escaped inmates in southern california are back behind bars as san francisco police arrested two men on saturday and someone flagged down officers reporting a suspicious person and car at a whole food parking lot.
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found the other in the van and the third escapee turned himself in last week and this was the call to 911. >> i am calling about the man who is ready to turn himself in he just came and said he is scared to turn himself in and asked me to call. >> he is not the armed or anything he just wants to turn himself in peacefully. >> that's okay tell him not to be afraid we appreciate that he is turning himself in. i need him to understand that i have a lot of police officers on the way and i need him when he sees them i am going need him probably to keep his hands up. >> investigators say the 3 men broke out of santa ana jail on january 22nd in a escape plan. this was a role reversal on a highway. a driver pulled over an officer for speeding. claudia cas tee heo put the phone on dash to record the officer who says she was driving recklessly she says he was speeding past her at 100 miles an hour and fast enough to make her car shake.
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>> the roon i pulled you over -- reason i pulled you over i wanted to know what's the emergency. >> i don't know how favorite was going. but i can tell you i am on the way to work right now. i don't believe i was speeding. but like i said you are entitled tower opinion i saw you when you pulled over next to me which is why i pulled over and i thought you what emergency is everything fine. >> everything is fine it's your speeding. >> i apole joys and i will slow down then. -- i apologize and i will slow down. >> he owned it but the miami dade police department is investigating. >> he handled it better thane thought he might. -- better thane thought he would. how low can gas price g's? prices dropped another 3 cents this -- go? prices dropped another 3 cents. the average is 1.81 a penny more than the national average but some stations in massachusetts selling gas for as low as a buck 63. >> a legal loophole heaps
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>> the happy ending to a case that had strangers donating thousands of dollars. >> taking a big ris to being pursue her passion and it was the challenge she thought. how a boston woman made her running dream come true. >> and what was he thinking? cam newton's fashion choices
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on bz feed he may be a panther but seems carolina's quarterback is a fan of the zebra. >> he wears it well. cam newton made a fashion statement check out the pantsnewton was wearing in san jose when he got off the plane. decked out in gold zebra prints versace jeans full retail price about $900 and this morning, on cbs this morning charlie rose
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he would have-- 800 dollars he would have it. >> he said i would have the pants so. >> tune in tomorrow to see. a retiring police officer in colorado found a unique way to say bye to the coworkers. >> i love this story instead of other officers watch him walk out of the station he did this. [ music ] do the stanky leg break your leg. >> tony chuck how are you. >> he had an elevator dance party doing the whip and nae, nae until rank officer shows up and it's calm and as soon as the officer leaves the dance party is back on again. >> oh that's awesome. >> i love it. pretty good too. >> save the videos. scene from a popular 1980s movie has come to life. >> this had us smiling. take a look. a maniac -- maniac on the floor.
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the flash dance song over it posted it on flays book lastweek more than 3 million people have seen it. >> it's epic move by tommy boy as well andn that movie and. >> now the segal. meet a woman who got off the treadmill of a 9 to 5 job and put sweat and tears into what could be the next big fitness craze in boston. >> i think you could run outside today felt like spring. weather watchers network a lot of elation and comments high temps from the weather watchers brian in redding 63. hanover with arnold and 65 and more forecast coming up. >> and coming up tonight at 10 on my tv38 we will go on the air as the iowa results are coming in. we will have the numbers throughout the broadcast bringing to us new hampshire. candidates are there tonight. and we will breakdown what impact iowa has on voters in the granite state coming up at
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i think we know rubbing on a -- running on a treadmill could be tedious but a running studio is the brain child of a local woman who quit her job to find a better way to run. >> and what she came up with is great for runners. louisa moller has the first look at my stride. >> straight ahead look forward. >> reporter: feel that hill. >> get the speed behind the legs. >> reporter: relish the valley. >> keeping the shoulders back. >> reporter: at my strides in the north end the euphoria. >> keep it going. come on push. >> reporter: and pain of a run is packed into a 45 minute high energy class. >> that's it. >> reporter: each stride set to
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it's the first of it's kind a treadmill only workout studio. and owner and founder becca suddenner will tell you it took her pseudo marathon to get here starting 4 years ago with a spin class. >> after class i was like man, i really that's got to be just for running. >> reporter: a little googling she learned the concept was nonexistent and it would take her another 3 years and a lot of her own sweat to go from a sales job behind a desk. >> keep it going. push. >> reporter: well to this. >> take it all in strideers. >> scary to do that you know go from the steady job and paycheck and be like i am going to open up this dream i had and hope people come. >> feel it. >> reporter: but opening day a few weeks ago, wanna be strideers came jogging in. >> 3, 2, crime that mountain pick it up. up, up. up. up. push. pushp. >> reporter: i took a crack at
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>> down and up. >> reporter: a boot camp combining running with explosive floor exercises. >> come on get some height on that. >> reporter: in a few weeks my stride took off running. >> it hit me when someone said it's runner's dream and someone said that's the longest i consecutively run ever. >> that's it. >> reporter: her mantra. >> just try it do it. >> reporter: louisa moller wbz news. >> looks like a cool idea in looks fun like you could work in the other parts of the workout so you get more out of it. >> normally february 1st you have to be outside. >> this is for runners. >> amazing. >> i was outside and been a fat kid and i am not doing the marathon taking a break. i have to go outside today. it was tremendous. beautiful and a big change. we have can talk about the comparison last winter to this winter and look at them side by side and i tell people, this.
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>> yeah you know, it's funny because a lot of people who talk to me online are into weather and they are in agony which is crazy it's so comfortable. enjoy what you get. averages they are made by extremes and last year's so cold during the strep this year so mild and what's right in the middle, about what the averages are so that's what you end up seeing here. you are on both side of the aisle and you see a picture that doesn't tell exactly what a february is all b you can see warm spells like this and feel forward to the rest of the month. it inchs milder and i think we will do the the opposite thing this time around warmer air is up front and colder is towards the end. longer days we are getting more daylight and gaining over an hour of it. and then more snow typically last year we had 65 inches of snow just about. the average is 11 and there's no snow in the forecast here. and just a look at last february and so this was about the exact opposite of what we saw in december. remember every day but one was above average in december and
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for one below average and very different but things are going to change a little moving forward. so talk about the big picture here. so we have got a mild pattern this week all the way into the upcoming weekend. what we are going see next week is a huge plunge of cold air especially in the midwest down into the southeastern states. and that's where the focus is going to be with a cross polar flow air coming down out of the arctic. we are going to live on the edge. so we are going to cool down but i don't think we will see the harsh temperatures at least the core of the harsh air. it will be different than today. looking at the shorm term tonight -- short-term tonight one front is sliding off and another one behind it. the big storm is this one in the middle of the country. looking at the radar this evening, showing a few showers along the front. not a lot of it reaching the ground a few sprinkles especially in southeastern massachusetts. are likely during the overnight. but not expecting a lot. and temperatures won't drop back until after the rain moves out. by tomorrow morning we are in the upper 20s to low 30s not expecting any ice with any of
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tomorrow, it's crazy to think it's going feel cooler outside. it will be well above average we are into the 40s and a couple towns away from the water close to 50. but it's going to feel i think chilly outside compared to the 60s we had today. and the one storm to watch for the week is a front approaching on wednesday and with that the rain starts to move in by midday and into the afternoon picks up and in the evening and overnight and it's all rain and all the way to the north just like the one around christmas time. and then we will have to keep an eye on the front for the end of the week. it just barely moves offshore and close enough where we have to watch it for friday. so here's full accu-weather seven-day and it's mild until friday and we head back towards reality with highs in the 30s and 40s on saturday before an arctic front approaches on sunday. and that will usher in briefly colder air. our school yard shot out for today right now the spring street school in shrewsbury pamela visited the class second graders on thursday morning. students are about to gint weather unit and she gave them
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about hurricanes and clouds and the water cycle which is a big to nick class. >> and they ran outside for recess and rejoiced. >> no one is happier to pend time outside this time of year. >> and wearing shorts in the middle of winter. something about that. this just in, a bit of a scare for the denver broncos ahead of the super bowl. the buses were involved in a minor accident after practice at stanford stadium. no one was hurt here. of course broncos and panthers have the first media day appearances tomorrow so you know they will be asked about that. lisa. a rhode island boy battling terminal cancer is about to get his very own license plate. on wednesday, the dmv gave dorian murray and his family a special d strong plate. 8-year-old told his family he wanted to be famous in china before going to heaven and since they he received support from all over the world. >> a retired police officer in
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for four years matt hickey and ajax worked side by side hickey thought he would be able to buy the dog but the mayor said no. because ajax was city property and he would have to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. today, official in the town announced they will keep him on as an ox i willry member of the police department so ajax can stay together with hickey more than 66,000 dollars by the way was raided can be raised and that -- raised and that will buy bulletproof vest for the other k-9 officers a happy ending. >> i moon we say win-win. truly the definition of that -- i mean we say win-win truly the definition of that the. >> the one person that looks bad is the mayor. their story broke hearts. >> and there's a new story. the hollywood heavyweight about to hit the boston stage. >> next at 6, a developing story. what a firefighter wrote on facebook about saving drug useers that got him suspended.
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marathon bombings now she wants to return to the race as a runner. and a warning for wegmans shoppers.
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this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. more than 45 years after the love story began on screen ali mcgraw and ryan o'neil are reunited they were at harvard talk about the classic film and their careers.
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and costarring in a national tour of love letters. the play opens at in bostontomorrow and we have much more news ahead. news at 6 starts right now. now at 6 a fire storm over facebook. what a firefighter wrote about drug users and narcan that has him under investigation. >> ready to cast the first votes in campaign 2016. who's in line for a big night and which races will go down to the wire. >> and a boston bombing survivor takes on new challenge. >> this is the way for me to get back. >> running the boston marathon. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 6 starts right now. >> tonight firefighter has been pulled off the job for what he wrote on facebook. >> mark karen is on the front lines of the hello, overdecember crisis but look at what he wrote.
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i get no extra money for giving narcan. and about the people revived he wrote, you use you should lose. bill shields is live with the story in weymouth tonight. bill. >> reporter: facebook has lot of people in trouble this time a firefighter. he has a right to say what he feels however, in this case even his union representative said when you are firefighter you are held to a higher standard 24-7. >> when you become a fireman a firefighter fireman you are fireman 24-7. >> reporter: a 12 year veteran firefighter mark let world knowhe was tired of saving lives of overdose victims. but his rant got him a 90 day suspension without pay. >> we see this as a something that we hopefully will serve as lesson and learning process.
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