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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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watching like a hawk over the hawkeye state. voting in 2016 starts right here. right now in iowa. >> make sure you all caucus tonight. >> it's the first test in a make it or break it night for some hopefuls. and it's a very good night for ted cruz. he has won in iowa. defeating donald trump. >> as for the democratsing right now too close to call. we want to the show you the numbers. the texas senator made a play for iowa's voters and it paid off for ted cruise. he beat trump by 4%. >> and florida senator marco rubio coming in third with 23% of the vote. much higher than the polls
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>> andiveen tight -- even tighter for the democrats. right now too close to call. less than a point separating hillary clip ton and bernie sanders. and our coverage continues live with craig boswell. >> reporter: the voters of iowa have spoken. and already some candidates have dropped out. tonight was ted cruz's night. cbs news projects ted cruise will finish first in the iowa caucuses. the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is too close to call. >> i voted for hillary because i have five granddaughters. >> [ no audio ] >> reporter: turn out has been very high. reporting crowds double and triple what they expected. the gop says it saw record turn outs.
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caucus sites ran out of registration sites. some voter voters, changed third party affiliation. >> i don't hear a lot about my kid's future coming from the republican side so i switched to democratic tonight. >> reporter: martin o medical mal -- oh malley and mike huckabee suspended their campaigns. with now less than 1 point separating bernie sanders and clinton. it could take some time to determine who won. live in iowa. back to you. >> we already know that iowa has narrowed the field. >> reporter: it has. and that's what iowa is known for. they say there are three tickets out and that happens you get your first, second, and third. but what really happens, iowa puts and tend to some campaigns.
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huckabee and martin omalley. we may see more before the morning comes. and as we're talking, we're hearing the republican party chairman here making announcements here tonight. congratulating ted cruz with his win. there's still a lot more to come. even though most of those numbers have come in and watch this race. this raiser thin margin between clinton and sanders. >> all right. thank you so much. we are already starting to hear from some of the candidates. >> we are waiting to hear from ted cruz at this point. but we did hear from donald trump a few moments ago. >> do not go to iowa. you could never finish even in the top ten. and i said, but i have friends in iowa. i know a lot of people in iowa. i think they'll really like me. let's give it a shot. they said don't do it. i said i have to do it and we finished second.
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i'm just honored. i'm really honored and i want to congratulate ted and all of the incredible candidates including mike huckabee who's become a really good friend of mine. so congratulations to everybody. >> i thank you here in iowa. because tonight we have taken the first step. but an important step. towards winning this election. if i am our nominee, and i will had been thanks to what you have done in this great state, when i am our nominee, we are going to unify this party and we are going to unify the conservative movement. >> clearly marco rubio feeling empowered with the third place finish. what happened to donald trump. he was ahead in the polls. >> he was ahead by a margin. and while i think it would be
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think the bottom line is, in the end, iowa voters value values. and they tell poster, they think it's important they shirt values of those they vote -- share the values of those they vote for and donald trump fell at the bottom of the pack in terms of voters that felt he shared their values. >> in the meantime, we have talked about the fact that it would be close between sanders and clinton. i don't know if we knew it would be this close. 50% for both right now. >> yeah. and there are some throughout spinning this as actually a good night for clinton. iowa was more suited to sanders and so fort. i am not buying that the all. it's one thing to look at the new hampshire where sanders has
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but i think this is a bad night for hillary clinton. it speaks to the weaknesses that she has. she's not seen as someone who shares, who really cares about the voters to a large extent. and while she's holding onto a 12 point gender gap over sanders, in the entrance polling, she's getting killed amongout u younger voters and male voters are breaking against her too. she's got a lot of work to do. with new hampshire looming where she's down by some accounts 30 points. >> okay. so what does tonight mean as we look ahead? >> well, you know, new hampshire is a whole different animal from iowa. and very often, thigh -- they dispense the iowa results and go their own way. however, i think you'll see marco rubio coming in now and getting a second look as possibly the establishment alternative and donald trump, he better be careful that his
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thank you. >> even with the snow moving into iowa tonight, most of the candidates who are in that racing to new hampshire. >> we can give you a look now who will be there tomorrow. they'll spend the next week. kiss crossing the state, trying to win over voters a week from tomorrow. some of the candidates, already in new hampshire. tonight, republican jeb bush attended a town hall meeting telling his supporters that the world. >> crist christie held a town hall until new jersey. urging voters to not to put another first term senator in the white house. >> and jon kasich skipped iowa. iowa. the state ready for the parade of candidates? >> the focus turns here tomorrow morning.
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this will be a wild week and they're ready, they said. even before iowa is over, the final push in new hampshire is on. jeb bush rallying during the caucuses small away in a small hall in manchester. people here can already feel the shift in the race. >> it's been crazy. >> reporter: even at red arrow diner where the candidates cover the walls, they know this is their week. >> it is a lot of pressure. it is. but it's exciting. >> reporter: an exciting seven days ahead for granite staters. the biggest political race in four years now focused squarely on them. and they do not want to disappoint. >> i'm very nervous for this primary coming up. i think it's one of the -- i think everyone is nervous. i can't think of one that's very nerve racking. >> with iowa in the area view, it's time to make time in their daily lives to decide.
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like to do until the very, very end. >> i'm going to be be getting attention for the next weekend and see what they have to say. >> i really like to weigh all of my options. i still haven't made a decision yet. >> and that's why places attract so much political power. a direct line to the locals. this week more than ever. >> it is nice to meet them to meet them first hand. i do enjoy that. i think that's very important. >> reporter: in typical listen fashion, we couldn't find anybody who has made up their minds. which is why the candidates will have to work so hard. because what happens in iowa will most likely stay in iowa. that's the new hampshire way. >> excellent point. thank you. stay with us for complete results from the iowa caucus. we'll have a full run down starting tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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big issues in the campaign and where each candidate stands. that begins tomorrow at 5:00 with the issue of the border wars and immigration. david, tonight a woman hit by a car in boston and dragged for three miles is in critical condition. while police say the woman who hit her is facing charges. live in china town tonight. where police say that driver hit two victims. >> reporter: that's right. and defense attorney said today the woman didn't know exactly what was under her car. but then a witness saw her get out of the car. look underneath the car and get back in and hit the gas. bail. >> a witness heard what he believes to be a car alarm. when he was witnessing this and victim screaming.
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believe unveiled in a boston can courtroom -- courtroom. on monday, 44-year-old zau ying g zu facing charges. >> multiple witnesses did see the victim's leg pokes out from the car. >> reporter: police say early monday morning her toyota rav4 careened into a 56-year-old man and a 48-year-old woman. who were crossing the street in china town. according to cops what happened next s extremely disturbing. one became stuck around the car and was dragged roughly 3 miles. and she drove through china town. a trail of tattered clothing, evidence of the gruesome scene. her attorney claims she had no idea she was dragging them over a distance. >> thought the car was
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she pulled out of the exit and at that particular point in time saw the person and tried to assist them. >> reporter: the damage is done. each this afternoon, listed as fable until stable condition. and the other in "deep critical ." just a short time ago the d. a. reported that both were still alive but it was unclear if one's arms could be saved. and zu is expected in court again february 26th. live in china town. wbz news. and a local lawmaker enjoying a quiet night at home when suddenly she found herself in the middle of a real life police drama. >> reporter: katherine clark is in dc now. but late sunday night she was
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room when -- >> we saw lights flashing outside of my house. and i went out to explore. there were a number of police cruisers. there were police visible with long guns on my front lawn. >> police told her they had gotten a call about an active shooter and shots being fired at her home. >> knowing i had two of my children upstairs asleep. there was a real moment of panic. >> but it was all a hoax. the congresswoman had become a victim of swanning. when someone calls 911 to report a bogus incident. in this case the anonymous call was computer generated. >> it really -- i really became angry that somebody would go to these lengths. >> because clark is perhaps best known for trying to crack down on line abuses. including the introduction of a bill that would make swanning a federal crime.
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country every day and it's happened in cities and towns throughout the commonwealth. the congress woman believes she was targeted because of her efforts. >> unfortunately for them, they don't know me very well and it's really going to only increase my commitment. >> reporter: wbz news. >> tonight a local firefighter is off the job because of what he posted on social media. >> what he said about drug addicts online that left him suspended without pay tonight. >> and at this time last year we were celebrating a patriot super bowl victory and expecting a blizzard. a little different this time around unfortunately in both departments. we'll take a look at the forecast coming up. ramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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is happening at dunkin'. come in today to get any sandwich for $2.99 after 12:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. back now and want to give you andup date on the numbers out of iowa for the caucus. the big story that still remains right now. the numbers say it all.
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the precincts still left to report. so we just don't know which way it'll go. clinton did have a pretty good lead earlier in the night. >> if we get new information we'll bring to you. and of the republican side, a very big night for ted cruz. beating donald trump by 4 points and beating marco rubio who also had a strong showing, fourth. local news now. tonight. suspended for what he wrote on facebook. >> sparked controversy by posting about drug addicts online. >> the firefighter now suspended for disparaging online comments he made about addicts and the overdosing drug narcan. quote it's the worst drug ever created i get no extra money
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you use, you should lose. he deleted the facebook profile but it was too late. >> people don't understand. they think the nican is wrong. it's totally wrong. it saves people's lives. saved my son twice. >> karen will be suspended from the force for 90 days. more than 1000 people have died of overdoses just this year. here in the commonwealth. >> all right. thank you so much. well, today was just a ridiculous treat for us. wasn't it? >> ridiculously lovely. we'll talk about in a second. but what i'm hearing is we'll be tossing to ted cruz who is addressing people live in iowa. there he is. the winner of the iowa caucuses. >> this was a fairly big surprise. almost every poll had trump winning by 5%. of course, we have learned through the years the polls don't always tell the truth. but this is a big win for ted cruz and it'll be interesting to see.
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already drop -- huckabee has already dropped out. it'll be interesting to see who else. >> and as you see ted cruz shaking hands there. we also may find in the coming day, that he plays up the fact that donald trump missed the last debate. trump felt he did the right thing. but ted cruz was able to gain some traction and the first question of the of the block that night was to him. so we'll have to see if that has an effect going to guard. so a very happy man and a winner. >> and the other candidate that was very happy was marco rubio. who as you mentioned, finished at 23% of the votes. only 5% back from ted cruise. -- cruz. and only 1 from donald trump. we're going to pop back into this speech as soon as we can but let's check with eric to
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temperatures in the 60s. a beach day. steve sent that picture in. playing with house money in february. so i love this picture. from bridge water state. nick sent this one in. a nice, green lawn. you can go out and soak up a feeling of spring. it won't all be like this. it does get warmer. average highs start so gain up and more snowfall and not as much as we saw yesterday. 65 inches last february. it was the snowiest month. still 45 in boston. that cooler air will continue to move in and we're also pushing the rain showers out. off of than ticket. door. upper 20s to middle 30s. not bad by february standards. but still a very comfortable day. bright day. temperatures in the mid-40s. as we head into the afternoon. and not a whole lot of wind.
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going for high of 45 on boston. closer to 43. new bedford up to 47-degrees. next storm system to watch, one that arrives on wednesday morning. could see a little bit of -- looks like a little bit of ice on the on set. but changing over to a mostly rain. here's your seven day. weekend right now looks quiet. and chillier by sunday. back to you. >> all right. thank you so much. and right now we want to dip into ted cruz's speech addressing supporters after winning the iowa caucuses. >> we'll not be chosen by the washington establishment we'll not be chosen by the lobbyist. but will be chosen by the most
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all solve earnty resides in our nation, by we, the people. the american people. tonight, thanks to the incredible hard work of everyone gathered here. of courageous conservatives across this state, we together earned the votes of 48608 iowan iowans. iowa tonight. we'll be back in just a moment
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welcome back. the every year the first two weeks in belong to college and hockey. the tonight the semifinals of the bean pod tournament. the defending champs boston university taking on -- tonight. he was standing behind the goal. what a finish.
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drop pass. then goes top shelf. lead it 2-0 after one. stayed that way until late in the thursday. john stevens finally get the huskies on the board with 3-12 to play. it's a 2-1 game. nether. they win 3-1 tos have to the championship bc next monday. >> always been a dream of mine to play them in the finals. it's kind of how you draw it up. and we definitely owe them after a few weeks ago. >> eagles jump up to a 1-0 lead. look at ryan. the other way. and just like that, we're tied at 1-1. then 5 minutes later, gets checked into the goaltenders. slides all of the way into the creek. just as he's about to clear. gives harvard a 2-1 lead. his first goal. same score, second period.
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power play. loose puck in front. we're tied at 2. four and half minutes later, we go. another eagles power play. collin white. takes the pick to the net and puts it home. d. c. wins it by a score of 3-2 and they move on to the final as well. >> collin, begin with how nice it was to get out of here and get it the to championship? >> it's huge. that was our goal coming in and being able to do that and play full 60 minute game was huge for us. >> once again. b. c. and bu. one year ago tonight, the patriots beat the seahawks in super bowl xlix. we'll be right back. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts.
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we want to listen in to hillary clinton. with 95% reporting, she is 1 point ahead of bernie sanders. >> i know we come back climate change and be the clean energy super power of the 21st century. i know we can make our education system work for every one of our children, especially those who come with disadvantages. i know we can make college affordable ant get student -- and get student debt off of the backs of young people. and i know we can protect our rights. >> we have not yesterday heard from bernie sanders tonight. probably waiting to see if he ask still pull out the victory again. 1% point between the two. we'll be right back. w - caf\s. where you can unwind with free
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without all the mumbo jumbo. free checking accounts. no minimums, fees or gimmicks. and a top-rated banking app that lets you handle your financial needs... right here. that's banking reimagined.
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we do want to talk a little bit more about our weather. because it is lovely.
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