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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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i'm kathryn hauser. >> and i'm chris mckinnon. it's groundhog day. hoping for an early spring. >> yep. >> danielle nile, is live at the home of our own groundhog here in massachusetts, ms. g. >> reporter: hi you guys. i'm just getting a sneak peek in the next half an hour of her. weatherwise, beautiful clear skies overhead here. it's clear across a lot of southern new england right now. mid-20s for the suburbs. a little frost on some of the grassy surfaces this morning, otherwise, we are in for a another great day. temperatures not as warm as yesterday. a couple of clouds mixing in yesterday afternoon, and smooth sailing in the 40s through lunchtime, and a light wind. topping out in the mid-40s for most of us. a few scattered clouds headed into the ride home.
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you out on the roads with traffic and weather together. >> slowdowns to the south of the city, and then an accident due to a work crew. the crash is down in braintree, and this is just before the split. traffic backing up to route 18. norwood, the work crew creating problems from coney street to the expressway jammed to columbia road. that looks like a 15-minute delay. 128 packed from the southbound to the split. from the north, let's look there. one map too far. there's the north right there 93 southbound has slow pockets from river road to 125 and 128 and park street. campaign 2016 now, and the voters of iowa have spoken. on the democratic side, hillary clinton claiming victory with a
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sanders. clinton with 49.9% to sanders' 49.5%, and no official word on the winner. a victory for ted cruz, edging out donald trump with 28% of the vote. voter turnover was extremely high in iowa. >> two of the candidates have ended their campaigns, and marley hall is live in iowa with a closer look at all the results. good morning, marley. >> reporter: good morning chris and kathryn. hillary clinton's campaign says it was definitely not a tie on the democratic side. the former secretary of state has declared herself the winner in a very tight race. the democratic contest in iowa remains unresolved this morning with hillary clinton and bernie sanders locked in a draw. both candidates addressing supporters late last night as the numbers were being counted. >> i will keep standing up for you. i will keep fighting for you. >> we are going to create an
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families, not just for the billionaire class. >> reporter: the virtual tie means both candidates will likely leave iowa with the same number of delegates, and pundits say the numbers don't bode well for sanders. >> it was a must-win night for bernie. a tie is probably not going to cut it he didn't turn out the obama coalition as he hoped for. >> reporter: in iowa they shattered records as voters handed victory to ted cruz over donald trump. >> tonight is a victory for iowa. >> we finished second, and i want to tell you something. i'm just honored! i'm really honored! >> reporter: all eyes are now on marco rubio who pulled away with the third place finish last night, only trailing trump by 1%. >> the big target is on marco rubio's back.
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rubio going after trump, but others are going after rubio. >> reporter: now the focus shifts to new hampshire where they will have the first primary next week. this marks the end of the road for huckabee and o'malley after they announced last night they will be ending their presidential bids. >> such a tight race on the democratic side. again, 49.9% for hillary clinton and 49.5% for bernie sanders. now we go from iowa to new hampshire, and here's the candidate in the granite state today. they will spend the next week crossing the state, meeting with voters ahead of the primary, 1 week from today. susie is live in manchester this morning. and susie, some candidates are already there? >> reporter: there have been a number of candidates here and the ones who didn't think they would be successful in iowa showed up here early. don't expect to see the results from iowa have much of an
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the voters here have always prided themselves on being independent and unpredictable, and a number of voters have yet to make up their minds. >> reporter: if they knew they couldn't win in iowa, some candidates came to the granite state early to focus on the next round. >> it's a lot of pressure, but it's exciting. >> reporter: voters can feel the tension as the candidates and cameras turn their attention on the first in the nation primary. >> i'm very nervous for the primary coming up. i think everyone is nervous about this one, but i can't think of one that has been this nerve wracking in a long time. >> reporter: at the red air -- arrow diner, many of the candidates cover the walls. >> i'm a regular here. just recently a few weeks back, i saw the governor of virginia was in here. >> it's just nice to see that you can go to as many rallies or get as much information as you can. >> reporter: most here are
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candidates can still make a big impression in new hampshire and across the country. >> i'm going to be paying attention for the next week to see what they have to say. >> i really like to weigh all my options. i have still not made a decision on where i'm going to lean. >> and right now bernie sanders and donald trump are leading in the polls in new hampshire, but all of that can change as we saw in iowa. timing, the weather, turnover, and the next 7 days can make a big difference. live in manchester, new hampshire, susie steimle. >> thank you, susie. as we approach the primaries in new hampshire, john keller will look at the big issues in the campaign and where the candidates stand. his reports will begin tonight at 5:00 with border wars and immigration. we have been following breaking news overnight. police are investigating a deadly motorcycle crash at main street and border street just before midnight. police say a biker was killed
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with the parked van. no word on what caused the crash. also this morning a driver behind bars, and a pedestrian in the hospital as we learn more about hit-and-run investigation that stretched nearly 3 miles. nicole jacobs is here with a closer look at what happened. nicole, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, kathryn. authorities were led to two different scenes. the same driver was behind both of them, allegedly dragging a woman under her suv and having to be chased by witnesses before she stopped. >> reporter: with her head covered, 44-year-old xiao ying zhou stood before the judge just hours after prosecutors said she was behind the wheel for a horrific chain of events. >> thought the car was operating in a strange way, and she pulled out of the exit. at that particular point in time shark saw the person and tried to assist them. it was in chinatown around 1:30 on monday morning. zhou hit a 56-year-old woman
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>> a witness heard what he believed was a car alarm, when he was witnessing this, and that turned out to be the victim screaming. >> reporter: that was in dorchester, more than 2.5 miles for the initial chinatown crash. the victim became trapped in the undercarriage and dragged for miles. >> multiple witnesses saw her legs dangling from the car. >> reporter: the man suffered nonlife threatening injuries, and the woman was in extreme check. bail. >> thank you, nicole. a weymouth firefighter suspended for comments he made on facebook about addicts and narcan. mark karen said narcan is the
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i get no extra money for giving narcan, and when he was talking about the people he revived, he said you use? you should lose. last year the firefighters responded to 183 overdoses and used narcan to save 114 people but 24 died, and one was bill hill's son. >> people don't understand. they think the narcan is wrong, but it's totally wrong. it saves people's lives. it saved my son's twice. >> karen deleted his facebook provile, but it was too late as users got screen shots of the post. karen will be suspended for 90 days. new details about a toddler seriously injured at a roxbury apartment. first responders brought the 3- year-old to the hospital on sunday night. he's fighting for his life. there's no word on how he got
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out of his alpine apartment yesterday. dcf has custody of the boy and another child in the apartment, but they will not say if the department has a history with the family. a massachusetts congresswoman taking on so- called was just s.w.a.t.ed herself. hearing from aaron hernandez from mind bars. the jailhouse letter, and what it reveals about his feelings about an old teammate and the patriots' owner. there's a warning about the zika virus as the world health advisory. >> reporter: 6 more weeks of winter or an early spring? we will talk to the official state groundhog, and we will have more with the weather when we come back.
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what would you do
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[music] it's groundhog day, in case
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the country's mesopore lar -- country's most popular groundhog punxsutawney is likely still sleeping. >> if he sees his shadow, there will be 6 more weeks of winter, but who needs phil when we have massachusetts. >> danielle niles is live where she lives. we are team #noshadow, in case you're wondering. >> reporter: i had a feeling. i'm with you guys, too. ms.g. is way cuter than phil. she will make her prediction later this morning, and we will talk about the festive if -- festivities in a moment. it's not as mild as the warm temperatures we had at this time. 20s and 30s out the door. 25 in keen and taunton, and the
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clear skies overhead. we have building clouds in the berkshires back there maine. a few clouds to mix in this afternoon. look at that storm for the central part of the country, and the heavy snow from nebraska and iowa right now, and that's the weather maker for tomorrow, but it will be rain coming into southern new england. beautiful weather today, not the 60s from yesterday, but still, pretty nice by february standards, and high temperatures tomorrow it will climb 55 to 60, and we are thinking the high temperatures will be reached in the evening hours with the rain coming in, and the gusty southerly wind gusting at 40 miles an hour. here's the time line on the morning. rain advancing west to east, and steadiest during the afternoon and evening. a rumble of thunder cannot be ruled out. wrapping up wednesday night into early thursday morning,
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that lingers in south eastern massachusetts on thursday, and then we do turn gradually cooler to end the week. friday in the upper 30s, and saturday and sunday, never too early to look forwards the weekend. around 40 with a couple of flurries on sunday. i'm joined now by dawn mckassin. thank you for getting up early with us this morning, and you have an awesome instrument. >> this is what we use to tell when it's cloudy and clear for every hour of every day throughout the entire history of blue hill in 1885 when he open, and it's how we can tell if the ground hog saw his shadow or not. it's an official instruction here. will you see this later this morning? >> we have one on the fop of the observatory doing its job right now there, and this one will be set up here to watch it burn on the sun card that will tell us if it's clear or not. >> reporter: you have the sun
6:17 am
>> this is the cards from the groundhog days of past years, and we can see if there is a down here, cloudy day. >> reporter: is this a way to tell forecast verification if ms. g. is correctly predicting what is going on with the clouds and the sun in. >> exactly. we started to work with audbon in 2007, but we went all the way back to check her record, and she had a good record until last year. >> reporter: she is pretty accurate, but last year, worst winter ever. we will talk to her before she comes out. i think it's great we use tools for the 1800s. all the festivities here and ms. g. is making an appearance. her breakfast is being served inside. back to the roads. traffic and weather today. do you want kale for breakfast. >> i love kale but not after
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an earlier crash down on braintree, route 3 northbound, the backup is now route 18, and the expressway is jammed to columbia road, at least a 15 minute delay. stop-and-go from 137 to the split this is 93 in somerville, and it's heavy and slow down to wilmington square, and this is bumper-to-bumper. chris? >> reporter: 6:18 right now. a massachusetts representative trying to crack down on so called becoming the victim herself. congresswoman catherine clark was inside of her living room when she saw lights flashing and police officers with guns drawn on her lawn. police said shae got a call about an active shooter. >> reporter: as a mom, knowing two of my children were upstairs asleep, there was a real moment of panic.
6:19 am
was the victim of the so-called, where someone calls 911 to report a bogus incident, eliciting an enormous response, clark has introduced a bill to make illegal. bill cosby is headed to court to ask a judge to dismiss the sexual assault charges against him. before the charges were filed, the woman settled a lawsuit with cosby. he says he was told if he testified in the lawsuit he would not be charged. prosecutors deny the claim. a judge will decide today if the case should go to trial. we are getting a closer look at a letter that aaron hernandez apparently sent from behind bars. tmz obtained the letter, and in it, hernandez attacks robert kraft calling him nonloyal and also claims he was close with tom brady and said he still
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the world health organization declared the zika virus a world emergency. they are investigating the link between the virus and a surge of birth defects in south america. a new travel alert has been issued, including costa rica and nicaragua. all the new places should have travelers taking extra precautions, and honduras has declared a state of emergency. 3500 suspects cases of the zika virus there in the past 3 months. 6:20 now on this tuesday morning. a bittersweet meeting. >> heart felt bond with the meeting of two mothers. their emotional story coming up. one boston marathon survivor's message this
6:21 am
welcome back. it's 6:23 right now. an emotional reunion with two moms who share a unique pond. -- bond. heather clark donated her son's organs when he was just 7 months old. her son lucas died and she made the difficult decision to donate his organs. jordan got her son's heart, and jordan was suffering from a congenital heart defect. >> there's another family feeling something like what i'm feeling somewhat, and there's a feeling to have them not go through what i'm about to go through. >> she would be so selfless to think of another family going through her grief. >> two mothers found each other online, and as a thank you, jordan and her mother gave lucas' mom a teddy bear with an audio recording of lucas' and now jordan's heart beat.
6:22 am
a rhode island boy is about to get his very own license plate, and on wednesday the dmv will give dorian murray and his family a special plate. he said he wanted to be famous worldwide, since then, he has received support from all over the globe. a marathon survivor says she is not running for herself, but for those who lost a limb. adrian lost part of her left leg in the bombing, and now she is raising money for limbs for life, raising money for amputees who cannot afford a new limb. >> this will give them the chance to dream big, run, dance, and do whatever they want to do. you feel so hopeless when you don't have a leg. >> this is a way for her to give back. she doesn't want to just physically run the marathon, but to say thank you to everybody and remember those
6:23 am
70 years after appearing in "love story" ally mcgraw and ryan o'neal are reunited. yesterday they talked about the classic film and their careers. they are touring in the national show of "love letters." it hopes in boston today. danielle is live with ms. g., and we have much more coming up in the next half an hour. >> the daily talker is also about animals. are you a dog person? cat person? what it could say about your happiness. this is john keller. the early presidential voting is exciting, but it's important not to loose prospective. we will have more coming up this morning. (buzzer) hey, you're a lucky guy. you'll probably win the jackpot. -- lose prospective. we will have more coming up this morning.
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and i love it. the path to a healthier you starts with nature's path pumpkin flax granola. crunchy clusters of delicious organic oats, flax and pumpkin seeds, with all the goodness to nourish you and your family. nature's path granola. t enjoy your path. right now at 6:30, a virtual tie between sanders and clinton, and who is declaring victory? >> god bless the great state of iowa! >> plus a big win for ted cruz, and we will hear from him, plus
6:27 am
on the republican side. >> the mad dash for new hampshire. several candidates are already there. more arriving today, just one week before the first in the nation's primary. we are live with the latest. good morning to you. it is 6:30 on the dot. i'm chris mckinnon. >> and i'm kathryn hauser. happy groundhog day to you. danielle niles is live.
6:28 am
>> i may have just gotten a out the door this morning, clear skies overhead, and yesterday either. the 60s. 28 in boxford, and 31 in braintree, and stoney brook is light wind today with sunshine and a couple of clouds mixed in, no weather-related issues, and low 40s headed into the ride home. we have a special guest with us this morning. mitch mish -- mish michaels. >> this book is my legacy piece, and my daughter and i wrote it together. it's the true story of how ms. g became the state groundhog. >> it was a long process. i used to come here all the time to interview scientists, and i came to know about a groundhog who lived here, and i thought we need a local groundhog with local expertise for groundhog day, and the campaign began once my daughter
6:29 am
the kids at her elementary school with mass audobon ran the campaign and took the idea and made it into a law. they made history. that's exciting for them. they will be here very soon, for the big ceremony. >> reporter: they are waiting for the bus to pick them up. we have the bus tons and the pins -- we have the buttons, and the pins on, and the kids are ready to go. >> reporter: early spring? winter 6 more weeks? she will let us know. we are just hearing about a tractor trailer rollover on 128. this is 128 southbound, and it's at highland avenue, and a
6:30 am
and it's blocking the highway. produce has spilled out of the back of that. popping up to the north map to show you what is going on there 93 southbound, middle of the screen, that's jammed back to wilmington. to the upper left of the screen, an accident route 3 southbound at trouble cove. we will have a lot of problems to the north of the city coming up, guys. >> thank you very much. keep an eye on it for us. our top stories this morning, campaign 2016. this morning, hillary clinton is claiming victory in iowa, but we are waiting to hear from officials there. >> right now, it's a virtual tie for clinton and also bernie sanders. clinton has 49.9%, and sanders has 49.5. third place finisher, martin o'malley has suspended his campaign. both clinton and sanders spoke to their campaigns last night. >> i'm honored to stand in the long line of american reformers who make up our minds that the
6:31 am
>> i think the people of iowa have sent a very profound message to the political establishment. >> to the republicans now, ted cruz celebrating a big win in iowa, the texas senator got 28% of the vote, and donald trump was in second place with 24%, and a very close third place with rubio finishing with 23%. here's what trump and cruz had to say about the vote. >> iowa has given notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the media! [ cheers ] >> we finished second, and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored! >> now that the first votes of 2016 are in, our john keller can take a breath. >> he's explaining why the race is still very far from over. >> reporter: good morning. as you mull over the results from iowa last night and look forward to what new hampshire
6:32 am
idea to keep a little prospective in mind. presidential races tend to be like football seasons, there's a lot of excitement when they begin, and if the team runs off a few quick wins or losses, the fans are excited or despondent depending on their allegiance, but the super bowl champions are not decided in the fall or before the holidays. the season is a long slog through months and months of hard work and events both lucky and unlucky. it's rare that the early gains dictate the outcome as the patriot fans learn to our dismay, the unstoppable juggerknot can, with usual injuries, become the disappointment of early january. the winners in iowa of the actual caucus county may or may not be evaluated by tonight. the granite staters have been known to specifically overturn
6:33 am
are new englanders, and times we like to be counterintuitive. long after iowa and new hampshire are forgotten, this race, more likely than not will be contested. it's been awhile since the nominations were in doubt when california votes in june, but how much more evidence do you need this is not your normal election year? we want you to stay with us for wbz coverage all yearlong, so we make this promise. we will try to keep things in prospective, no matter how much pressure there is to lose it. you can always share your prospective with us, via e-mail at the from iowa to new hampshire, the candidates are wasting no time to get to the granite state with the first in the nation primary just a week away.
6:34 am
and some of the candidates are already there? >> reporter: a lot of them are, and a lot of them came in early. some were here during the caucus last night, and a they thought if i can't win in iowa, i might as well get my ground game going or continue to keep up with my ground game in new hampshire, and that may not be a bad idea because there's ground to gain here, and new hampshire voters are historically independent and like to be known as unpredictable, and they often don't vote with a particular party, and a number of them are still undecided right now. >> i'm very nervous for the primary coming up. i think it's one of the most -- i think everyone is nervous about this one. i can't think of one that has been this nerve wracking in a long time. >> i like to weigh all my options. i have not made a decision on where i'm going to lean.
6:35 am
hampshire voters are known to be independent, they do often favor their neighbors, and that's how it is looking right now. bernie sanders is leading for the democrats in double digits, and donald trump leading for the republicans, but a lot can change from now to next tuesday. steimle. >> be sure to keep it here on cbs news and wbz for complete coverage of 2016. a hit-and-run investigation that stretched nearly 3 miles. we are learning more about the driver who is accused of hitting and dragging a woman under her car. nicole jacobs has more. >> reporter: a 58-year-old man and 46-year-old woman were hit in chinatown, and as two investigation led authorities to the same woman they said was responsible for both. 44-year-old xiao ying zhou was charged with leaving the scene
6:36 am
injuries and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. authorities said she hit a man and a woman, i should say n chinatown. the woman became lodge in the undercarriage and ultimately dragged 3 miles to dorchester. her attorney says all the while she had no idea. >> the car was operating in a strange way, and she pulled out of the exit, and at that particular point in time, she saw the person and tried to assist them. >> reporter: here's what we know about the victims' condition. the man suffered nonlife threatening injuries, and the woman at last check was in extreme critical condition. bail. >> thank you very much. it's 6:39 right now. the new locomotives are apparently plagued with problems. boston globe analyzed the consistent problems.
6:37 am
manufacturer to fix at least nine deficiencies. 6:39 is the time. time for our daily talker. are you a cat person or dog person? a question people are often asked. >> according to a new study you may not have to ask. you can tell by how happy a person is. >> reporter: the three of us are dog people, and if you believe the results of the new study, we are much more satisfied with our lives than the that neurotic shutin cat people. if you agree with the study the dog people are happier than the people who own an animal who goes to the bathroom in the house 2. 63 adults were polled from the ages of 19 to 68. study authors say dogs have more benefits to their owners than cats. cat owners were more anxious and introverted, dog owners had more positive emotions than cat people who tended to skew negative. we want to find out what you
6:38 am
a lot of emotions out there. john on facebook says i'm recooperating from a medical procedure, and my hendrie, my cat, has not left my side. and this joke, i also get a daily catscan for free. jay says both are better than most humans. i would agree with you, jay. humans. there's ways to comment, facebook, twitter, and our website. you can comment all day long. back to the dog people chris and kathryn. there's always an media. the fallout from a social media post. a firefighters punished over controversial comments about a life-saving drug. a scary scene at a congresswoman's home. how she got a first-hand look at the exact thing she is
6:39 am
good morning, everybody. it's6:44 right now on tuesday, also groundhog day. >> that is it. danielle niles is live this morning where ms. g. is about to make her presixth if we will get an early spring or 6 more weeks of winter.
6:40 am
>> reporter: i moved inside now, and i feel like i need to whisper, but she is active and just took a bite of her carrot. there's ms. g. she's getting comfortable before the crowds arrive. we will talk more about ms. g in a second. i want to get you out the door weatherwise. temperature in the 20s, 30s, time yesterday. the suburbs are colder, frost on the ground this morning, and mid-20s to the north. west. to southern new hampshire, patchy fog as well. look at this storm wrapping up. the counterclockwise spin. iowa. when it arrives tomorrow it will be in the form of rain. today is beautiful. sunshine and clouds, not the 60s of yesterday, but a really nice day by february standards, and light wind this afternoon, 45 in boston. 55 to 60 for the high temperatures tomorrow, and i
6:41 am
be reach in the evening as the southerly wind pushes in the warmth, we will see gusts to 40 miles an hour tomorrow evening. hour-by-hour, the time line of the rain looking like it will morning commute tomorrow. arriving west to east tomorrow afternoon, the steadiest rain fall for the evening. you can see the yellows and oranges and the isolated rumble of thunder cannot be ruled out. half an inch to an inch in a lot of the communities, and there may be lesser amounts back down. we will get showers that linger thursday morning for south eastern massachusetts, and then clearing and breezy. the weekend is looking good. not much wind on saturday, and a flurry or two on sunday. i'm live inside here with the director, arnetta pompoey. you know ms. g better and the other animals here. >> i do. this is my ninth forecast with ms. g., her second official,
6:42 am
time of the year. >> reporter: the weather cooperating today. last year it was a different story. can you tell us more about ms. g? >> she's very active. normally this time of the year the woodchucks would be hibernating. their body temperature drops to 40 degrees, and it's cold winter for them, and they are asleep this year, obviously the weather is warmer, and ms. g lives here, and she is in a warmer environment, and she is up today, ready to make the forecast today. >> reporter: she just had a bite of a carrot. i know she likes kale, right? >> kale and broccoli is a close second. care rot -- carrots a close third? >> it seems like it today. >> reporter: we will bring you ms. g.'s forecast all morning
6:43 am
we will send it back to the studio for traffic and weather together. i just lushed out here from -- rushed out here from the traffic center. we go to sky eye 4 to check this out. a tractor trailer carrying produce rolled over 128 southbound, and you can see the offramp to highland avenue is closed right there, and if we go to the map really quick, on the northbound side of 128, on the other side, we have a crash blocking the left lane, and the bumper-to-bumper backup there is to route 135. in the area of 128 in both directions, and it's crazy busy for the morning commute, we have problems on both sides of the highway. chris and kathryn? >> thank you very much for the update. breaking news overnight, and police investigating a deadly motorcycle crash in wooburn near main street and border streets, just before
6:44 am
biker was killed after the motorcyclist collided with a parked van. a victim said a man with a gun approached him after being called to a home on stockton street last night. the cabbie was shot, and right now he's in stable condition. checking our top stories right now. campaign 2016. the voters of iowa have spoken. >> this morning hillary clinton is claiming victory, but there's no official word on the democratic winner, and we will break down the numbers for you. clinton and bernie sanders in a virtual tie, and right now, clinton with 49.9% of the vote, and sanders with 45.5%, and let's look at the republican side, clear win for ted cruz, edging out donald trump for 28% of the vote. marco rubio was a close third. a weymouth firefighter
6:45 am
comments he made on facebook about addicts and the drug narcan. mark karen posted this saying narcan is the worst drug ever created. i get no extra money for giving narcan, and then he said you use? you should lose. last year the weymout this firefighters used narcan to save lives in 114 cases. a massachusetts representative trying to crack down on became a victim of it herself. the congresswoman saw lights and officers with guns on her lawn after they got a call about an active shooter there. the highlights from the bean pot face-off.
6:46 am
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. welcome back. superbowl week is officially underway in the bay area, but instead of having media day on tuesday as usual, they held it last night and gave it a new name, super bowl opening night it took place in san jose.
6:48 am
bowl 50, and it's this sunday at 6:30. our own steve burton will be there in santa clara for all the action. >> you can't miss that. a big night for college boston. the defending bean pot champs, boston university taking on north eastern, and it was the early lead here 2-0 after the 1st period. north eastern to would pull the goalie late in the 3rd, and b.u. has another one with the everyone it i nether there. they win it 3-1. the early game was boston college and harvard. back-and-forth battle with these two teams, but boston college stored 2 goals -- scored 2 goals. >> that's quite the rivalry there. 6:54. a closer look at what is coming
6:49 am
>> we will check in with norah o'donnell. >> we break down the virtual tie with the democrats, and we will show you how the super bowl has changed from a humble beginning, and the news is back in the morning. we will see you right at 7:00. skincare now becomes skinactive. new garnier skinactive introducing clearly brighter. a new active daily moisturizer to brighten dull skin. packed with antioxidant vitamin c, e and active lha. it does more than moisturize, it actively smoothes, boosts radiance and protects with spf 15. clinically proven. see brighter skin in just one week. new clearly brighter
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groundhog day. >> happy groundhog day to you. >> danielle niles is live in lincoln. we said it's ms. d. with ms. g. that makes sense. >> reporter: i like that! did you notice behind me it says let it snow? i don't know if that has anything to do with her forecast, but the official forecast at 10:00 a.m. here. we will get the posters up, and that's the massachusetts state groundhog. the 7-day forecast around 60 tomorrow. the rain moves in, and quieter by the weekend. cbs news is next. we will see you with updates in about 30 minutes.
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