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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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upset in iowa, ted cruz eating out donald trump in the first major test of campaign 2016. a razor thin win for hillary clinton, and other racemic candidates come to new england. not in the 60s like yesterday, but still close to the 50s that's pretty good for this time of the year. my forecast just ahead. bill cosby incorporated the comedian goes before a judge of fighting to have sexual assault charges thrown out. why he says a promise from a
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have kept him out of court. campaign 2016, now onto new hampshire. the presidential race now focusing in on the granite state. >> thank you for being here. the candidates rushed to new hampshire after the iowa results rolled in. let's take a look. ted cruz pulling off the upset, beating donald trump were 28% of the vote, trump came in second followed by marco rubio. the democrats split the votes nearly 50-50, but hillary clinton is taking iowa as a win. nation's first primary. the candidates on both sides of the aisle, are putting on the >> we have team coverage starting with the susie and windham were ted cruz will be >>reporter:ted cruz will speak here at the crossing lights church in about 30 minutes. iowa. as we talked to voters here
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undecided. they are hoping that meeting face over the next seven days will help make up their minds. >> god bless the great state of >>reporter:in an unexpected upset, ted cruz won in one in iowa. he's hoping to take that caucus energy to the idea lick farm towns of the granite state. >> we will continue to campaign the same way, sitting down person to person, leader to leader, vfw hall to dunkin' donuts, returning to the great state of new hampshire. >>reporter:while his camp at rallies at a church and windham, donald trump will lead trump still leads the new hampshire polls, but that was caucus. >> we finished second, and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. >>reporter:marco rubio gained
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other republicans had been in new hampshire for days. they know there is ground to be gained here, as many voters are undecided. >> i have no idea yet. >> i'm undecided. i haven't had a chance to think it through >>reporter:in this state, that doesn't abide by party lines, it's really anyone's race. >> we have a strong, stubborn independent streak appear. >> the polls are not that accurate, the end of the day comes down to the people showing up and voting. >>reporter:that independent streak in new hampshire often brings with it upset, while trump leads in the polls now, we can certainly see that -- different -- results come primary day. >> thank you very much. it's a dead heat on the democratic site, 50-50 split between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. as the pressure on hillary clinton, she is in nashua campaigning with her husband, former president, bill clinton, christina hager is there life
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>>reporter: hello, candace clinton just took the stage here, the first thing she said was i'm so happy to be here in new hampshire, after winning iowa. with the iowa caucus now in the books, hillary clinton is clearly using what she calls a win albeit by a very thin margin pushing through the next week to this primary. the first in the nation primary and her husband, bill clinton, took the stage before her. here to help her,-- to help her win over everyone on the fence are undecided. to that., i got a chance to speak with some of the voters here before the clintons arrived about what they make of iowa, and how it might translate here new hampshire? >> i don't think it is going to change much. vote how they want. be that affected by what
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>> i would say the ability to be elected is a pretty important aspect, and i think a lot of people are just devoting with their conscious. >>reporter:from here, the clintons will go to what campaign insiders call the rope line where they shake hands with some of the voters who are here to support them, and maybe take some questions. then it is onto a high school where they will be addressing more supporters and more curious onlookers who just want to look in on the political process tonight. hillary clinton, no stranger here to new hampshire, she has done a lot of campaigning here. but now it's a full-court press to the primary. live in nashua, christina hager, wbz news. back to you. bernie sanders, by the way, is in new hampshire today arriving on a plane from iowa early this morning. sanders told supporters that he
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again. the primary in the grand state. he is also scheduled to be in keene and claremont today. be sure to keep it to cbs news and wbz for campaign 2016 coverage. tonight at 5 p.m. we will have much more from new hampshire including a closer look at the issues of the campaign as we move forward. it's turn our attention to the weather now. alive look at boston. another great day out there. not quite as warm, that is the only difference, but the sun is certainly out and that's a good thing, right? >> especially on this groundhog day out there. let's check in with the barry burbank and see what's going on in the meteorological world. it looks good to me out there, feels good as well, it's not as warm as yesterday, 47 degrees in boston but that's about 10 degrees above the average for what it should be out there, like northerly wind making it feel pretty nice.
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all 40s right now, couple of spots flirting with the 50- degree mark and they might make it and boston michael up a degree or so. the winds may come in from the ocean, watch the temperatures this afternoon. they are pretty much holding in place and start going down by later this afternoon. this evening, as it's going to be sunny all afternoon. as far as the visible satellite, we see the clear sky over new england right now. here is our storm out was producing some heavy snows in iowa and showers and thunderstorms that is what will give us our rain here later tomorrow. i will be back with a timeline on that in my seven day after the forecast. bill cosby is in court trying to get sexual assault charges tossed out. the comedian arrived in pennsylvania this morning to try to fight the first criminal case fight -- filed against him. nicole jacobs is following the story and joins us live in the
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>>reporter: already this the proceedings when a former district attorney, who had made a deal with bill cosby to never prosecute him in this case, was called to the stand. more on that in just a moment and we will get you right to some video right now of cosby arriving at the pennsylvania courthouse this morning. once again, needing assistance a mob of media was staked today's hearing stems from accusations more than one decade ago where former temple university employee says cosby drugged and raped her. the district attorney then said there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute him, in fact, he cosby. to never charge him in this incident. despite the now 78-year-old's admission in a deposition that he did give the woman pills, they did have a sexual e ncounter, but he says was consensual. the prosecutor was called to the stand, this morning, and when asked about the woman's credibility as a witness more than a decade ago, he reportedly suggested to the judge that line of questioning private.
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for a recess. nicole jacobs, wbz news. in east boston, emergency crews are on the scene after a scaffolding. take a look at this happened at porter street, the jeep wound up in the building after a two-car accident, the scaffolding now has to be dismantled with a crane before the jeep can be removed. police investigating a deadly motor cycle class -- crash just before midnight. a motorcyclist was killed after colliding with a parked van no word yet on what caused the driver to crash. was the police searching cabdriver. the victim told police the man with a gun approached him after stockton street last night. the gun man try to rub the began to struggle, the cabbie was shot. he is in the hospital, right now, in stable condition a driver is behind bars facing charges in a horrific
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police a 44-year-old [ name indescernible ] hit two people a 56-year-old man and a 48 you- year-old woman in chinatown. a woman was caught under a white suv and dragged for more dorchester. shockingly, the woman is still alive and doctors say they may be able to save her severely damaged arms. >> eyewitness heard what he believed to be a car alarm, when he was witnessing this, that turned out to be the victim screaming. >> the defense believes another car hit the victims, and that woman. month. a firefighter suspended, without pay, after a facebook posting calling out the use of the drug narcan, saying drug users shall lose. he deleted his facebook profile but not before facebook users grabbed screenshots of the post. karen will be suspended for 90 days or. a massachusetts representative tried to
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victim of it herself. congresswoman catherine clark was inside her melrose living room, and she saw flashing lights. police cruisers, and officers with guns on her front lawn. police say they got a call about an active shooter. she spoke with us from washington, dc. >> is a mom, knowing i had two of my children were upstairs, asleep, there was a real moment of panic. >> again, congresswoman clark was a victim of swatting. someone call 911 to report a bogus incident prompting an enormous police response. clark has introduced a bill that would make swatting illegal. a super -- a super bowl week is underway in the bay area, and things are different this year. instead of media day, last night was dubbed super bowl opening night in san jose. the panthers and broncos were introduced on a stage that looked like the golden gate bridge.
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until he's 90, maybe i hit the fountain of youth in the next month and play another 10 years. maybe we play in 10 more championships against each other, but just in case we do not, i took the time to tell them both man-to-man, shook their hands, look them in the eye, i'm glad that i did it, because it was important to me that they knew that. >> wbz is the place to watch super bowl 50, this sunday, at 6:30. we will be there in santa clara for all of the action. coming up, a growing problem, the international crisis surrounding the zika virus. the new travel restrictions for pregnant women. the new challenge for one marathon bombing survivor as she prepares for a 26.2-mile j ourney. a long winter, or an early spring, we've got the answer from our own estate groundhog.
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america
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all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. welcome back, the zika virus now being called a global emergency by the world health organization. doctors say mosquitoes are spreading the disease so fast, it could affect up to 4 million people, this year. scientists are investigating the link between the virus and a surge in birth defects in south america. there's also a new travel alert because of the zika
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american samoa, costa rica, nicaragua, have been added to the list of places where travelers should take extra precautions against the mosquito borne virus. the government of honduras has declared a state of national emergency with more than 3500 suspected cases of the zika virus and just the past three months. today's the big day for punxsutawney phil, the groundhog predicting an early spring. phil did not see his shadow this morning, on gobblers knob, it's a tradition that dates back to 1887. since then, he is only forecasted an early spring 18 times. by the way, here in massachusetts, we have our own state groundhog, ms. gee. she lives in drumlin farms and making her own winter productions. daniel niles was there with dozens of school kids as ms. g made her debut. >>reporter:she sees her s hadow.
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about make a comeback. six more weeks of winter. >> what you think about ms. g's production? >> i think she is right on. doesn't mean we will have a content to it -- continuous winter weather for the next six weeks, but there will be spells, or episodes of wintry weather in the next six weeks, if not more. >> yesterday's temperatures were a temporary tree? >> yes. it was wonderful, wasn't? it is not that bad today, we have temperatures close to 50 degrees right now, let's see what happened on groundhog groundhog day last year. oh yeah, one of those lizards. look what boston had, 16.2 inches of snow. that swath of 12-20 inches of fluffy snow. i remember last year, every single snowstorm was a powder storm that just does not happen here like that. that was incredible winter,
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for another -- decades, probably. like once a century winter, we have another storm on the map right now, it is not going to give us snow, trying to give us rain. up through iowa, it is snowing and exiting out of nebraska where they got a lot of snow. into iowa, and eventually going up to minnesota and perhaps into wisconsin so on and so forth as it turns out well to our west impose the warm air back up the coastline again. not that it's gotten cold anyway, high pressure to the north you would expected to be colder right now, it really just isn't. the cold air is locked up in canada for the time being, belief in me next week it will weekend. have readings 45-50 degrees right now, it's only 10 and the these are the temperatures in colder up in canada. we will drop down to 30-36
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very slowly, these high temperatures you see here for tomorrow what not happen until probably tomorrow evening. it is going to slowly rise up to the 30s and 40s tomorrow morning and the deeper into the 40s tomorrow afternoon perhaps lower 50s by the end of the afternoon and then it surges up to what might be a record high temperature tomorrow evening, 59 was set back in 1991 in boston and wister might be close to a record as well for the record set back in 1909. rain is going to be falling without warm air, it's not going to be coming in here in the afternoon. we really will not have to much rain in boston until late in the afternoon pretty can see that ribbon of rain tomorrow afternoon, slowly sinking southeastward so southeast of massachusetts will not get any rain until tomorrow evening. this rain comes there tonight, and then slowly shifts off shore on thursday morning. could be some showers first thing on thursday morning. the greatest impact will be late tomorrow afternoon around s ix-10 o'clock when we will
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boston. this? it's not going to be prolific, looks like .50 inches maybe an inch coming up, there is going to be some strong winds as you can see right here starting tomorrow afternoon. especially running around 1 5- 45 miles per hour. again, the high temperature tomorrow will it's going to be warm all night thursday morning, falling in the upper 40s during the day. colder on friday, the weekend is looking just fine right now with a couple of snow flurries on sunday morning. that is it for now. a marathon bombing survivor is now trying to become the first to run the entire boston adrianne haslet lost part of bombing. now she is training for this year's marathon, and she says she is not running for herself, but for those who have lost a limb. raising money for an organization providing limbs to amputees who cannot afford it. >> this will give them the
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run, dance, do whatever it is that they want to do. do not have a leg. >> she says this is also a way to give back but she wants to run the marathon as a thank you for the support, and remember those who are still having trouble after the bombings. stella had, from the vatican to a movie set. we will tell you about the new
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will soon add a new title, >> according to the variety of the head of the catholic church will play himself in a new religious movie called, beyond the sun. it is based on the gospel, this will be pope francis' first acting role. it's also the first time a pope has appeared in a film. chris martin of coldplay is prepared to perform at this weekend's super bowl 50. he's getting a little help from a friend with a ride to the big game thanks to james korten. >> how much further? >> 400 more miles. >> i am having a blast. [ music playing ]
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chris on the late show with the james korten today here on wbz it starts at 12:37. >> they have so much fun. coming up, a bet made between charlie rose and gayle king. the must-see moment of cam newton's pants coming up next. the american people can't afford to wait sound good on paper...
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the grandmother who has to paying for medicine and paying rent... can't wait. the single mom who desperately needs a raise... can't wait. the student with a mountain of debt can't wait. we can make real progress, right now for people i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. car repairs, home improvements, a family trip...
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what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. marco rubio: just too many questions. right to rise usa is responsible for the
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a pretty great moment, a full fashion statement today on cbs this morning. >> yesterday gayle but charlie rose he would not wear those colorful pants cam newton had on, but today charlie rose lived up to his word. take a look. >> verse rosati -- what you think. >>reporter: >> that's awesome. >> oh, my god charlie, that is awesome. [laughter] >> they made a bet. i think the pants are worth $800. >> i would be nervous just wearing those. that i would spill coffee on them and ruined them or something like that. >> they look a little bit like
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>> there you go. >> enjoy the afternoon. >> that will do it for us today p.m., we will see you tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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there may come a day when in fact, we may both need help: with transportation, in-home care, preparing meals. where can i turn? woman: we're massoptions, a free resource for elders, caregivers, and individuals with disabilities of all ages. we link you to the services you need in the setting of your choice.
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