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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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in the section on beacon street at about 595. students are asked to stay in place. traffic is being diverted. there is no word on injuries. also breaking news, a deadly accident in dedham. a train hit a trespasser around 4: 30 this afternoon and it happened near the end okhotsk asian. trains were expected to move in both directions but with some delay. onto new schanzer -- onto new hampshire. some candidates are energized by iowa park >> there's an awakening sweeping this country. >> other candidates are looking to get back into the game. >> this is an election for the president of the united states. >> they are descending on the granite state. >> you all sort this out in your unique way.
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>> we are just one week away from the new hampshire primary. paula ebben is live in new hampshire with all the goings- on. >> reporter: welcome to manchester which is at a pretty comfortable 41 degrees. everywhere you turn here it seems there is someone running for president. the candidates quickly put the iowa caucuses behind them and came to new hampshire. next week will be a whirlwind, a rally, meet and greets, anything else candidates can come up with to win of all. the iowa caucuses handed a victory to ted cruz, donald trump 4 points behind him, marco rubio a close third. for the democrats hillary clinton was finally declared ago. margins. those were the results in iowa. here in new hampshire the polls suggest that the race here will certainly not be that close. a new tracking poll which was
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with a 33 point lead over clinton. her mission over the next week will be to try to close that gap. we have ken macleod covering the republicans tonight. >> reporter: we are here at when a conroe high school -- [ name indiscernible ] high school. people are waiting to get into this rally with hillary clinton. she is a monumental uphill climb here. >> are you ready for a radical idea. ! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: it was a weary bernie sanders promising to lead a rookie class revolution park >> together we are going to create an economy that works for working families and not just the rich.
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squeaker, hillary clinton is facing a 22 point deficit in new hampshire. >> stand up or may. fight for me. when we win, i will stand up and fight for you. and for the second time in a week or so she called on her favorite former president for an introduction and endorsement . >> you put your anywhere, in any job and she will find a way to do more good in that job than anybody else in the same job. >> with a week to go until primary day, there is ground to be made up. even her supporters acknowledge bernie sanders' lead. >> others are embracing his message and some just know him better. >> reporter: you can see young and old hillary clinton supporters.
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ground at 7:00 and bernie sanders is in clermont new hampshire. >> maryland governor martin o'malley has suspended his campaign after the iowa results came in. mike huckabee is the only candidate on the republican side who has pulled out after iowa. that leaves a crowded field for republican voters to choose from. kate merrill is live with that part of the story. >> reporter: all eyes are new hampshire right it. republicans have been here all day meeting and greeting the voters. donald trump has yet to have an even. this would be his first event tonight in new hampshire. we are in milford. you can see the crowd is starting to build. people are waiting for him to bill -- arrive. it should be interesting to see how he will bounce back from yesterday's second-place hill
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>> on to new hampshire.>> reporter: trump is moving on, has before. he is told voters not to worry. >> we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily build hillary, bernie.>> reporter: a solid third-place finish gives marco rubio the momentum he needs heading into new hampshire. >> we are going to unify this party when i am nominated and we are going to unify the conservative movement. >> what a victory last night! >> [ cheering and applause ]>> reporter: a rally for ted cruz telling voters that new hampshire has an important job. it is time for them to listen and pick a winner. >> that is what you are all doing. it is incredible. it is important. there are americans across this country who are counting on you to make that determination. >> reporter: besides the good
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has here tonight in milford, he also got good news from scott brown who will endorse in tonight. the two will address the media at 6: 45 tonight. we will bring you that tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. we are live in milford, new hampshire, kate merrill wbz news. the new jersey governor chris christie really took on marco rubio today and told reporters to start quizzing the candidate. >> when senator rubio gets here , i hope you guys asking some questions. >> christie only got 2% of the vote in iowa but he told supporters he is okay with that. he is pushing for a strong finish in new hampshire. he wants that to put him back in the race. that is the same strategy that ohio governor john kasich is using and it could be working. some polls show that it has putting in the mix for a
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jeb bush praised some of his opponents today. he told voters that they need however. he spoke in a townhall meeting and said that marco rubio and ted cruz are good speakers but have no record that they can need it. carly fiorina will not arrive new hampshire until tomorrow. rand paul will not be here until thursday. he chose to campaign today in south carolina. we won't see rick santorum until a townhall meeting which is set up for friday. ben carson has gone home although his campaign has insisted that he is not dropping out of the race at this point. today, as we were here in manchester, as you can see behind me, lots of positions for camera crews set up. the gathering of the entire
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focusing on new hampshire today. we decided to talk to a lot of the voters today and see what they were thinking after the result from iowa last night. >> it gets a little crazy. it is exciting. >> i think bernie sanders will do well in new hampshire. it's fun to watch. >> i would like to see a woman in the white house, but it is experience for me. >> i like marco rubio. i like his energy. i like his use. i think he is something different that would be good for this country. >> for what i -- from what i be shaken it. we need change. just like some of these businesses that shaken up every now and then, they need to shake up washington. >> here you see media members are gathering, the crews are beginning to descend on manchester. the candidates have fanned out throughout towns around new hampshire trying to get into those townhall meetings and
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the two words we heard the most today were change and then experience. beaux-arts on the top of people's minds in new hampshire this week. we will have more in a few minutes. -- the two words that are on the top of people's minds in new hampshire this week. we will have more in a few minutes. >> paula will be checking in in the little bit. breaking story on kenwood square -- kenmore square, a package on fedex -- a fedex truck is leaking hcl. 18 was -- a teenager was hit and killed on the train tracks in dedham. beautiful sunshine today,
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this is normally a portion of the 6:00 news in which we check in with eric fisher for the weather forecast. i don't know if we are still doing a tonight because the groundhog already gave us the weather. >> stirring the pot. >> the groundhog said early spring >> i think it's cute but as a scientist i am required to be terrified if you think this is an actual forecast. here is what we are looking at so far. last year we had over 1 foot of snow, a big snowstorm in the first couple of days of february. the last dose the rest of february saw 4 feet of snow last year. this is completely different. we don't have any snow until at least next week.
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cohen -- a come back. degrees today. 41 in boston right now, it will be chilly initially because of the clear skies. the clouds will roll in late. mid-20s to 30s and boston will be mid-30s by tomorrow. we have a large sprawling storm nation. this storm is going to track through the great lakes. that's the same track we've seen a lot this winter which puts us at the milder side. it does look like the rain won't arrive until later tomorrow morning, at least 9 am and well to the north and west. that will give us time to have bit. i don't think we will have any significant icing concerns tomorrow. as we had to the afternoon, the rain band will track its way eastward. worcester county as well as other new hampshire noticing the temperatures
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the 50s tomorrow evening, watching from southeastern massachusetts it will take until late in the day to get the rain fall. a lot of the day will be dry. areas of rain will continue till tomorrow night. we will be in the 50s to start thursday. we have a chance for some records. worcester's record is 57. i think our high will be in about 1159 tonight -- 11:59 at night. the winds will be gusty out of the southeast tomorrow morning. the strongest winds will be tomorrow evening and night. one could be 4250 miles an hour toward the cape and south coast in the islands. it's not enough to cost major issues and the winds will be dying down by thursday morning. the same front will stall offshore keeping showers in the
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nantucket on thursday. another wave of low pressure will come along on friday. that could bring a period of light snowfall than southeastern massachusetts. the best choices toward the cape in the islands and a lower risk for boston. there's really no risk for north and west. the next storm to watches early next week, monday through wednesday, a coastal low will be forming. we will keep an eye on this. accuweather seven day, friday is a chilly one in the 30s as we had for the weekend. the weekend will be nice, 40s. definitely some wintry intrigue next week. it much -- it looks much colder than what we saw this week. >> groundhog fighters you up. this is what fires me up. dan dibella still talking about "deflategate". >> [ laughter ] this is the one-year anniversary of the patriots being a seahawks in super bowl xlix. it's hard to believe that the flight gate is still not over with -- "deflategate" is still not over with.
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told rich eisen that really didn't find any problems with air pressure in footballs during all spotchecks they did over the past 2015 season. the dell didn't give any numbers were specifics related to the spotchecks -- roger goodell didn't give any numbers or specifics related to the spotchecks. the buzz continues in the bay area for the super bowl 50. cam newton is the favorite for winning the mvp. he hopes his success story will inspire people in all walks of life. >> for people who do not believe that whatever another person might say, they still know what they want to be. when they live it out like they want to, as for me, i am saying i want to give those people hope. >> you can watch of a 50 this sunday right here on wdc. game time is 6:30 -- wbz. game
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the bees are hosting the maple leafs at the [ indiscernible ] red sox were around town today giving back to the community. dave dabrowski and pedro martinez as well as many others were on hand for a baseball clinic at the school in brooklyn. pedro says it's important to get kids to be active. >> the most important thing is to try to get them to enroll in sports. if you ask me, it was the best job ever that i got. who knows? >> college hockey, the term it got underway last night, the defending [ name indiscernible ] are going to their 31st title and 64 years.
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- 2006-2007. boston college rallied to beat harvard last night. they're looking for the 20th being taught -- beanpot championship. the 38th women's beanpot tournament underway tonight at walter brown arena. topline the seat is beating harvard and -- at the moment. scott pelley has reviews coming up. >> it's great to be with you in boston. the cdc confirmed today the first transmission of the zika virus in the united states. we are going to have the story of what happened. we are going to talk to the head of the cdc about whether the zika outbreak is imminent here. we will take you to brazil where our dr. jon lapook is
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been the most hardest hit by the virus so far. that's all coming up in just 10 minutes. we will look forward to seeing you here in new hampshire. when we come back, when we say groundhog day in new hampshire primary, what do they have in common. car repairs, home improvements, a family trip... it's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records.
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage an america there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries i know if we listen to our conscience
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and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. there's a happy predictability to being fortunate enough to come up here every 4 years to cover the new hampshire primary, this important part of the american political process at the same time and in the same way. it reminded me of something. >> don't mess with me pork chop. what day is this? >> it is february 2. groundhog day. >> reporter: today is february 2, groundhog day. it is groundhog day.
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>> reporter: for the new hampshire primaries it's a little bit like groundhog day. every four years on cue the staging area, the counter crews -- the camera crews and candidates shaking hands. >> just like new hampshire, live free or die.>> reporter: instead of punxsutawney phil getting pulled out of his hole and telling us whether or not will have six more weeks of winter, we get to learn about who will possibly be in the white house. >> i think it is important. >> i don't look forward to it, to be honest. [ laughter ] >> have you ever had dij@ vu, mrs. lancaster. said i don't think so but i can check with the kitchen. >> -- >> reporter: one of the best movies ever. just like i was not, the same thing -- gobblers knob, we will have more.
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of the energy we buy for you has changed. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you.
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i want to give you an update on two breaking stories. the first is a hazmat situation your kenmore square, a bottle leaking hydrochloric acid outside -- inside of a fedex truck has actually caused the lease to tell -- the hazmat team to tell college students at bu to stay where they are. the second one is a teenager that was killed on the train tracks in dedham. the cloud will move back in and it will be warmer tomorrow then it was today. by the evening we will be in the 50s.
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afternoon and evening hours. two more days in the 50s. first we will have 50+ degrees here in february. you have the line of the day. roger goodell saw a shadow and said six more weeks of "deflategate". [ laughter ]
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