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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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right now at 4:30 tracking the rain. the latest high line hour by hour when it arrives and how long it last. >> presidential candidates take over new hampshire. message to voters and key endorsement. we have the campaigns covered. >> apartment investigation into the death of a 3-year-old boy in roxbury. new details on the involvement of the department of children and families. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning everybody it's 4:30 right now. nice and early. i am kathryn hauser.
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what day it is. >> hump day. >> and we are talking about rain. >> changes going on. tell us all about it. >> the timeline this morning is going to stay dry which is great news in terms of the commute. aid cool start. -- it's a cool start. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. 36 in boston. upper 20s from taunton to nashua at 28 degrees. clouds have been increasing but they are the high thin ones right now. they will increase and thicken during the course of the morning. rain advances across central new york make slow progress east. hour by hour through the morning commute, no worries about any wet weather. there may be a couple pockets of rain lifting through the region. early to mid afternoon the rain advances from west to east. notice temperatures rise into the lower 50s at that point. the steadiest rain will come through right during the evening commute. so it looks like after the evening drive we get down pours and a rumble of thnder from south coast cape and islands
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staring a -- tearing a few leftover showers on cape cod. rising through the 30s a little sunshine up near 50 by lunchtime and we want the umbrella rain advances from west to east and it will be around for the ride home. much more coming up in a couple minutes. >> thanks very much. in new hampshire. tonight the two remaining democratics candidates will take part in a town hall. >> on the republican side. donald trump picked up a big endorsement. kate merrill begins team coverage with republicans. >> next president of the united states donald trump. >> reporter: a local boost for donald trump. former senator scott brown backing him before a packed crowd of thousands in milford. and trump tries to defend his second place finish in iowa. >> we went there and think we did really well he. >> reporter: for trump, second place is okay. >> we did really fantastically and came very close to winning. >> reporter: his new hampshire
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>> i was disappointed but don't think it will matter. i think he will do well in new hampshire and will be first. no doubt. >> reporter: but many here including ernie say trump is still their best bet. >> you have to pick. you have to pick who you want and i think that mr. trump with all his good and all his bad is best for the job. >> what a victory last night. >> reporter: but for the man who did come out on top on monday. tuesday was about riding the wave into new hampshire. telling granite stateers he needs their help. >> there are americans across the country who are counting on you to make that determination. >> the new hampshire fans. >> reporter: and even for marco rubio who finished third in iowait's time to turn to new hampshire and kep his momentum going -- keep his momentum going. >> if i am the nominee we willbeat hillary clinton and it won't be by a flip of a coin. >> reporter: republicans have a
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to keep up with the rivals ground game. something he did not do in iowa and it cost him. in milford new hampshire, kate merrill wbz this morning. >> jeb bush is banking on a comeback following his 6th place finish in iowa. last night he targeted the republican front-runner saying ted cruz and donald a trump andmarco rubio are untested and lack experience to be president. in clairemont john kasich tout endorsements from 7 of the 8 newspapers in new hampshire. he is trying to position himself as the candidate who can deliver to bring conservative reform to washington. >> chris christie is hoping to jump-start his campaign. he has been told by john bon jovi there's a opening for a tambourine player. hillary clinton and bernie
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town hall meet and debate tomorrow. ken macleod picks up the coverage. >> reporter: massachusetts top prosecutor returned to the high school where she was a basketball star. >> nothing is more special to me that to be here back home with my community to support hillary clinton. >> reporter: and gunshot victim gabby giffords has help from her astronaut hubby to make a point. >> in the white house she will stand up to the gun lobby. >> reporter: both turned out to give hillary clinton a boost in new hampshire after squeaking out the narrowest of victories in iowa. >> i know what it takes to fight and win and that's what america has to do again. >> reporter: but with just a week until the primary polls show her trailing vermont senator bernie sanders by 30
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>> last night we began the political revolution not just in iowa not just new hampshire but all over the country. >> reporter: the republicans -- >> the republicans want us to have a case of collective amnesia. >> reporter: she urge the crowd to do what ever they could to keep a republican counterpart from turning back the clock. >> because the prospect of a republican back in the white house is frankly too grim to contemplate. >> reporter: with former maryland governor o'malley essentially pulling out of the race, the thursday night debate over at unh will be clinton versus sanders on stage goinghead to head. ken macleod, wbz news. >> starting tomorrow we will share results from the the wbzumass am hers poll we willfind out which qualities they like best and which will
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we will bring you the did them off. we will bring outdevelopments. marine corps found traces of dna from marines killed when the helicopters crashed off thecoast of hawaii a spokeswoman for the marines says the families have been notified the dna was found during search and rescue operation that is ended january 19th. boston police and child welfare officials are investigating the death of a 3- year-old boy. the department of children and families says kani white was well fed and behaved when they checked on him last friday but sunday night he was found unresponsive in a roxburyapartment. the victim of a trauma incident. >> he was a very happy vibrant young baby. he was very happy. full of life.
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don't understand how anybody could harm him. >> dcf has taken custody of a 5- month-old in the home at the time of the incident. boston police is asking anyone with information to contact the homicide unit or call anonymous tip line. boston fire chief says a fed ex driver did the right thing when hydro chloric acid started to leak from the back of the truck. the driver pulled over on beacon street near kenmore square and called 911. the hazmat team shut down the area during rush hour traffic to clean up the leak. you mate have -- might have been stuck in that situation. good news if you take the t, the mbta will reopen the government center station. the station was closed two years ago. the t says riders will see a safer modern and more accessible station. good news there. >> yeah. it's 4:38 right now on your wednesday morning. coming up on wbz this morning, an unimaginable scene on board an airplane. >> this is wild.
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everyone on board survives. we will show you the stunning video and pictures ahead. >> and the zeke virus taking a dangerous turn. the case transmitted through sexual contact. what health officials are
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4:41. a side of fiction with your children's next happy meal and taco beal mystery meat. >> an oil prices rattleing the markets. jill wagner joins us live with today's money watch. good morning jill. >> reporter: good morning. asian markets took a dive this morning following wall street's lead. 103. pricess. exxon mobile and bp watched prices plunge. mystery meat is on the menu at taco bell. the fast-food chain will be officially unveiling the meat sunday. preorder. taco bell says it's a blend of two foods they call it the big
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and how about a burger with a side of books. starting today, and until the middle of the month when you order a happy meal at mcdonald's you will get a book. million books. they will be pee teeth so they fit in the happy meal and they have a valentine's day themeincluded in the happy meal is the classic padding tin so parents could get behind that. >> that's a great idea i wonder >> why not. get a little book and read it. >> reporter: at least it's not mystery meat. i am with you on that. >> the mystery meat kind of throws you. >> that's not good. >> reporter: i want to know what i am eating. >> we will on super bowl sunday jill see you in an hour or so. thank you very much. >> we need a check of the forecast on this wednesday. and we were talking about maybe to keep the umbrella handy for later in the day. >> right. >> danielle. we resort to you. >> the morning is fine. it's great news for the morning.
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it's 36 in boston right now. 32 in worcester. upper 20s from keene to nashua and 28 in taunton. it's chilly but we are dry. clouds in maces as well that will thicken during the course of the morning and snow is back across vermont new hampshire and maine. notice moisture to the west. rain advancing across central pennsylvania and new york. that rain is going to advance in from west to east by later this afternoon. so let's time things out. through the morning commute we are fine. outside 495 there may be a couple showers manchester to route 2. by mid to late morning. but the steadier rain holds off until early to mid afternoon even. by 2:30 on the side of 128 but southeastern massachusetts is try. rain continues to shift in the evening hours. so the commute home will be wet for most spots. notice the one exception cape and islands a lighter rain that comes through. you're heaviest rain is after evening rush. look at that 10 p.m.
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thunderstorm can't be ruled out. and towards the predawn tomorrow that we wrap up the rain and some partial clearing comes in and we will have a leftover shower possible in the cape and island. it canly during -- particularly during the morning. rainfall tops out around or under an inch from the city through southern new hampshire. but most of us will end up keep in mind it's one depiction seithside of an inch of rainfall. some of the heaviest amounts is along south coast and south of boston. the wind will be gusty as well today. the hour by hour forecast, the wind starts to ramp up by midday and the afternoon. gust over to the cape and gloucester and the wind stays strong and diminishes tomorrow and turns lighter heading into thursday. the front pushes offshore but doesn't push very far offshore. so here's the concern on friday morning. it's a -- if the front lingers off the coastline another wave
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moisture up so on friday, we may get clipped with a little rain or snow early on friday morning. the greatest risk is the cape and islands because you are closest to the front. and then clearing comes in afterthat and we turn cooler heading into the end of the week. today's highs gradual process but look at this. we come into the as-- 50s again today and will fall shy of records that's going to be close as the warmth comes in. and tonight, overnight lows still right around 50 degrees and tomorrow, that is kind of our starting platform so highs come up into the low to mid-50s again. so aid very mild stretch -- it's a very mild stretch. the cool air comes in on friday and we will watch the chance to be grazed by rain and snow early on friday morning. the weekend looking fantastic you guys. mid-40s on saturday. and near 50 on sunday and then we turn cooler for next week. we will have to watch potential storm as we head into the tuesday and wednesday time frame.
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>> thanks very much for the update. it's 4:46 right now. this morning, investigators try to figure out what caused terrifying moments on a plane over east africa. an explosion on board blew a ho hole on the side of the planech the cabin lost air pressure and oxygen masks you see dropped down. the blast happened shortly after the plane took off from somalia. the pilot thought it was a plane. two passengers are recovering from minor injuries. police in new york are investigating a laser pointed at a plaint over long island on a flight from -- plane over long island on a flight last night. the officers search the area but didn't find anyone. alarming news. the zika virus a person in texas was infected through sexual contact. that male patient contracted the virus from a female partner who returned from venezuela. health officials say it's not the first time zika has been
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but say it's rare. the zika virus is primarily spread through mosquitoes and linked to a spike in birth defects in 2 dozen countries. a dangerous rescue in missouri what teen fell through thin ice. a police officers is -- officer is trying to reach the boy with the a branch. rescue crews showed up minutes later and they were able to teen has hypothermia but is expected to be okay. straight ahead, bill cosby going back to court today. >> the decision he is waiting to hear from a judge. >> and a man accused of stealing from a local-- a nanny accused of stealing from a family.
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welcome back. checking our top stories on this wednesday morning, the death of a 3-year-old boy in rox beery is under investigation -- roxbury is under investigation. cani-- kani hospital. the department of children and families says that it had been involved with the child's family but a check last friday found him well fed clean and with no behavioral issues. republican donald trump picked up a local endorsement in milford new hampshire last night. former massachusetts senator scott brown threw his support behind the second place finisher in iowa. winner ted cruz campaigned in the granite state last night as did marco rubio.
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sanders on the campaign trail in new sham sure -- new hampshire after the virtual tie in iowa. they will take part in a town hall tonight followed by another debate tomorrow night. a lot of attention on the primary so why? we want to give you a closer look. in the past four primaries the democratic winner went onto get the party's nomination on republican side of things a similar track record with 3 out of the last 4 winners in new hampshire becoming the gop nominee for president. of course stay with wbz news on air and online throughout the primary night in new hampshire. we get you closer to the candidates and issues that matter to you this election. today the girlfriend of mobboss whitey bulger is expected to plead guilty to a federal contempt charge. she is serving a 8 year prison term for helping bulger avoid capture. the new charge is from refusing to tell investigators if anyone helped the couple during the 16
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bill cosby and his lawyers are expecteded back in pennsylvania courtroom today. yesterday, the comedian asked a judge to throw out charges in a sexual assault case against him. his attorney argues cosby made a deal with the former district attorney 10 years ago that he would never face charges in the case. the judge is expected to rule on this when the hearing continues today. a 20-year-old will be sentenced today for a bad crash that happened two years ago. nicholas-- nicholas papadopoulos was driving almost twice the speed limit right before the crash. a teen riding with him was permanently paralyzed a father of 3 driving the pickup that he hit is unable to move or to speak. a deadly crash on the parkway in boston. a driver was egeek and trapped underneath his suv. 25 bystanders tried to flip the vehicle over to get him out from under it.
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tried to use their jacks to lift the suv. the driver died two passengers suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. a third man is now in custody in a brookline home enervation. police say he turned himself in court documents say the cambridge man lied to police telling them someone stole a white sedan he rented. police say he actually used it as a get away car in last week's home invasion which ended with one man shot and two others stabbed. officers arrested two other men last week a 4th suspect is still on the loose. a nanny is facing charges accused of ripping off the family she worked for over and over. kathryn -- katherine -- catherine oppen ripped off the family. >> i caution anybody looking
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really do good research becausesome of the answers are not the so easy to find. >> based in waltham says it closed her account and will ban her from listing services on the website in the newture. 4:55 is the time. up next, the super bowl national anthem singer revealed. >> coldplay karaoke in the car. halftime show performer chris martin goes for a ride with james corden and it's a instant
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today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders,
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there may come a day when in fact, we may both need help: with transportation, in-home care, preparing meals. where can i turn? woman: we're massoptions, a free resource for elders, caregivers, and individuals with disabilities of all ages. we link you to the services you need to live independently in the setting of your choice.
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add another superstar to the super bowl 50 lineupch lady gaga will sing the national anthem. majerle matalin will perform it in sign language. >> a lot of big starms. coldplay is going to take the stage for super bowl 50fort halftime show. >> and to get this on time the lead singer chris martin hitched a ride with late, late host james corden but the road trip hate new snags they stopped to get sleep and when they woke up the car was gone.
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>> what are we going to do? >> absolutely not. >> oh. oh [ music ] >> i feel like with each carpool karaoke it gets better and better. >> that was like a a cappella version. >> i love this. they have a good sense of humor. we want to remind you catch coldplay and super bowl 50 right here on this sunday at 6:30. and you've got good things you will make. >> yeah dad is going to get could be aing because he is in charge. he is got the chicken parm dip. >> how good does that sound. >> i would eat that right now. >> and pasta chips i am asyping. >> let me know how it goes or invite me over. >> i am bring some on monday morning. >> sounds good to 3450e. be to me. top stories-- to me--
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-- top stories and weather and
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