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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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-- top stories and weather and traffic. >> the latest timeline hour by hour of when the rain moves in. >> primary push in new hampshire. candidates taking over the granite state trying to win over voters before the primary. >> police asking for help as they investigate the death of a 3-year-old boy in roxbury. the new details we are learning about the the case. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you. it's 5:00 i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. thanks for waking up with us on this wednesday february 3rd. changes in the forecast to talk about. danielle has it covered. >> good morning. so aid dry start but -- it's dry start right now but we are tracking rain that will move in. 36 in boston right now. 28 in nashua. 29 in taunton 34 in lawrence and freezing mark in worcester. clouds increasing and they will
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morning rain advances across -- advancing across central new york and pennsylvania as well. for us later this afternoon. the morning commute is dry and there may be a couple showers that develop orange to man chest are by mid to late morning. the rain comes in west to east between let's say 2 and 4 p.m. or 1 and 3ish in most of central and eastern massachusetts. the exception is the cape and islands. we wait later. aside from a couple showers that come in advance of the rain. temperatures into the 50s with steady downpour ace long the south coast and cape that will continue tonight and then we see that rain tapering off tomorrow morning. i will let you know how much to expect. we will get through the end of the week and get you on the roads traffic and weather together good morning robi. >> reporter: good morning to you. welcome to the midweek commute. let's look live over the expressway. very moderate to light volume now. braintree to boston no reportedbackups the major roots from the south -- routes from the the south look nice. lots of green. 93 southbound looks great
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early route 3 looks good coming and major routes from the north look like speed limit rides. >> thanks very much. we will check in with you in 15 minutes. the primary push now underway in new hampshire. donald trump getting a big endorsement in the granite state. >> and the two remaining democratic candidates set for a town hall tonight. susie steimle is live in derry with more on the battle for new hampshire. good morning susie. >> reporter: good morning kathryn and chris. we are live outsued the derry -- outside the derry opera house where the town hall will take place tonight. tonight. bernie sanders has a strong lead ahead of clinton thanks from his support from vermont but clinton is hopeful she can upset like 2008. she spent a lot of time campaigning here. as for republicans right now, it's trump's race to lose butcruz is gaining momentum off
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in iowa there was an upset on the republican side. >> i want to ask everyone here to look forward to january 2017. >> reporter: a near miss on the democratic side. >> this needs to be a contest of ideas about who is ready to be our president and our commander in chief starting next january. >> reporter: regardless of how they faired at caucus all candidates came to new hampshire delivering what sounded like victory speeches. >> i went there and i think we did really well. we did really well. >> last night we began the political revolution not just in iowa not just in new hampshire but all over this country. >> come with me this week. make the journey with me. stand up for me. fight for me. and when we win, i will stand up and fight for you. >> reporter: the candidates
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march did -- primary voters to take their side and in the state they might have a fighting chance. new hampshire prides itself on independent streak oftentimes minds are not made up until days before the votes are cast. voters will have the opportunity to ask senator sanders and hillary clinton questions at this town hall tonight. they are hoping that some of the undecided voters will move to their side just 6 days before the primary. live in derry susie steimle wbzthis morning. jeb bush is banking on a comeback following the 6th place fin initial iowa. last night he targeted the retub can front-runners -- republican front-runners saying they areuntested and not fit to be president. there will be a town hall thismorning and he speaks to
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after that and dover this evening. a town hall in clairemont. john kasich touted he received endorsements from 7 of the 8 newspapers in the state. the ohio governor is trying to position himself as the candidate who can deliver on promises to bring conservative reform to washington. and chris christie is hoping to jump-start his campaign in new hampshire. in case he doesn't the new jersey governor joked he has been told by friend john bon jovi there's an opening in the band for a tamor even -- tambourine player. we will show you why winning new hampshire is so important. in the past four primaries the democratic winner won the party's nomination. for the republicans it is a similar track record with 3 out of 4 winners in new hampshire and becoming the gop nominee for president and starting tomorrow we will share results
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we will show you which candidates they like best and which they don't. stay with wbz through primary night in new hampshire as we get you closer to the candidates and issues. we are following a developing story this morning. boston police and child welfare officials are both investigating the death of a 3- year-old boy. nicole jacobs is live in rox beery and police are asking did -- rox beery and police are asking for -- roxbury and police are asking for the pb lake help -- public's help. >> reporter: we are told the boy was visiting his father at the second floor apartment when the incident happened. now boston police are investigating and so is dcf. >> he was a very happy vibrant young baby. >> reporter: the innocence of a child is seen in his face. his smile, 3-year-old kani whyte died tuesday two days after being rushed to the hospital for trauma. >> i don't understand how anybody can harm him.
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not saying much only that it's a death investigation. as detectives continue processing the alpine street home, wbz learned dcf is familiar with the family. on friday, social workers provided a report far from concerning. the toddler was well fed, clean and void of behavioral issues. >> he was very happy, full of life. he could harm nobody. >> reporter: he was happy friends say but he was visiting the home here when everything changed. this investigation continues. dcf has custody of the 3-year- old's 5-month-old sister. we are live in roxbury nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you very much. it's 5:07 right now. a deadly crash on the vfw parkway in boston a driver
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25 bystanders tried to flip the vehicle over. state police tell us some even tried to use their jacks to lift the car up. unfortunately the driver later died at the hospital. two passengers suffered nonlife threatening injuries. state and transit police investigating after a 13-year- old boy is hit and killed by a commuter rail train in dedham around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. the accident temporarily impacted service on the franklen line. the t -- franklin line. the t doesn't suspect foul play. 20-year-old will be sentence for a bad crash two years ago. nicklas pop dop las was driving almost twice the speed limit right before the crash. a teenage riding with him was prm innocently parrel -- permanently paralyzed and a father of three driving the pickup truck he hit is unable to speak or move. today the girlfriend of whitey bulger will plead guilty
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katherine greg is serving a 8 year prison term for helping bulger avoid capture. the charge is for refusing totell investigators whether someone helped them while they were on the run. the marine corps found traces of dna from the marines killed when two helicopters crashed off the coast of hawaii. 23-year-old corporal chris for orlando from hingham was on one of the helicopters. -- christopher orlando from hingham was on one of the helicopters. the families have been notified the dna was found. terrifying moments to show you in the sky over east africa when an explosion ripped a hole in the side of an airplane. the blast happened shortly after the plane took off from somalia. the pilot was able to land the plane safely. two passengers suffered minor injuries. and investigators are trying to figure out exactly what happened. here's alarming news on the zika virus. a person in texas is infected through sexual contact.
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virus from a female partner who recently returned from venezuela. health officials say it's rare to spread through sexual contact. the virus is linked to a spike in birth defects. coming up, a nanny accused of staig from a local familiar -- stealing from a local family she was working for. >> and new questions about a popular child care website. >> and community leaders demand a sit-down with the boston school superintendent over allegations of racism at one of the most prestigeous schools. >> good morning everybody. grab the raincoat and up bremas. dry start but rain moves in and 50s. we will let you know what i am watching for the end of the week -- we will let you know what i am watching for the end
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severe weather striking parts of the south and the system is headed our way. this video remarkable from last night in alabama. so a suspected tore 2345eudo touched down near -- suspected tornado touched down near
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other parts of the country dealing with near whiteout conditions and this was on the backside with the snow strong winds heavy snowfall forced officials to closed several roads. for us, it won't be nearly as bad. we are talking about areas of rain that move in. >> perspective for you. >> although snow lovers are like where's the snow. >> i feel like it's been a funny week. we had the warmup and that was the teaser and back to reality. >> yes. >> and what i am watching is we may get graze ed by rain and snow. >> there's never a dull moment in the weather department. >> always fun and keeping active out there. >> let's look and i will show you what's going on in terms of current temperatures. now. 36 in boston, 29 in taunton. 28 nashua and 32 in worcester. it's chilly dry start. satellite and radar shows increase and thickening. we have areas of snow in northern new england but moisture back to the west. rain advancing through central
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to come through philly that. moisture is working in our direction. most of the important is dry notice 10, 10:30 a couple showers here southern maine back to new hampshire sea coast and wayne into western new england advancing east by the time we get to early afternoon. so notice eastern massachusetts stays dry until about 2:30, 3 and then rain comes in and will be with us for the evening commute home. heaviest rain right now comes in south of boston and then in through eastern massachusetts. during the late evening and first part of the overnight. so we may get rumbles of thunder and leftover showers tomorrow morning early and we will taper off and embrace the sunshine. this is one depiction but most of us end up with a half inch to an inch and a half of rain. the wind is an issue today as well. notice hour by hour occasional gust over 20 miles per hour but it's through the afternoon and evening that south, southeast wind cranks up gusting over 40 miles per hour in eastern
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out overnight tonight and earlytomorrow morning the wind will subside. the front though doesn't go all that far. this is what i want to show you on friday. with the front stalling offshore one more little round of moisture comes in. early on friday morning. so we may get rain or snow that mixs in far southeastern massachusetts early on friday. i am not anticipating a significant impact but it's something to watch if it backs up a little more notice a who the of eastern massachusetts may be into pockets of rain and snow on friday morning. and then the sun breaks back out. we will turn cooler as we head into the week. and end of the week on friday. not today. we gradually rise through the 50s. i think we will fall shy of records but some of the highs will be reached later on this evening as warmer air pushes in and we stay around 50 overnight tonight. tomorrow, back into low to mid- 50s we go as well. another couple warm days here in the accu-weather 7-day forecast. by friday, we do turn
5:17 am
chance of rain or snow in far southeastern massachusetts and temperatures in the upper 30s and weekend looking good. sunshine quite pleasant 45 on saturday and sun and clouds 48 on sunday and then next week, it locks like we will have to watch tuesday and wednesday-- looks like we will have to watch the tuesday and wednesday time frame there may be a storm potential tuesday and early wednesday. we will keep you posted on that. robi. >> reporter: how's our pal miss g doing. >> getting a break this morning. >> reporter: a lot of media attention yesterday. >> it was a busy day for her>> reporter: stressed her out. hope she is chilling out today on this reiny day. still very quiet dan -- rany day. still very quiet day. early bird commuters the only one headheading to work. light volume woburn to boston. 93 southbound has no reported backups the major routes from the north look fine. the south lots of green and expressway and 128 southbound both getting busy but that's
5:18 am
no slow downs reported yet. chris and kathryn. >> thanks very much. a third man is now in custody in a brookline home invasion. police say he turned himself in. court documents say the cambridge man lied to police telling them someone stole a white sedan he rented. but police say he used it as get away car in last week's home invasion which ened with a one man -- ended with one man shot and two others stabbed. two others were arrested and a fourth suspect is on the loose. a nanny is facing charges accused of repeatedly ripping off the family she worked for. catherine oppen stole jewelry and put their son at risk. dre rossi and chris hopkins found her on and say they should have done their own background check. >> i caution anyone looking for care for their children to really do some good research because some of the answers you
5:19 am
>> which is based in waltham says it closed catherine oppen's account and will ban her from listing service on the website. african americans demanding a meeten over the situation over boston latin student started to raise concern there was racism in the school. the boston school superintendent told community leaders the school is working to address the concerns. >> it was a very cordial and frank meeting in terms of the issues that were raised. and i am heartened by the meeting that we held today. >> community leaders plan to meet with the superintendent again down the road. coming up next, both the b's and c's in action but only
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>> comments roger goodell made about football air pressure that's turning a few heads this morning. devil dogs. devil dogs! but the game is tied. devil dogs! devil dogs! in the stomach! [music starts playing] drake's. listen to your craving! happy now? ring dings!
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yodels. yodels! not now. i'm watching the game. yodels! in the stomach! you're right. yeah! drake's. listen to your craving! happy now? funny bones. in your stomach! boom! [music out] good morning. celtics take on knicks in new york.
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after the all star break. dan roche has more. >> good morning. with the all star break behind and bruins got back on the ice hosting the maple leafs with 33 games and clinging to a wild card spot each point is vital from here on out. start of the third tied at one, 55 seconds in and he faced the shots and finds him front for the tap in. second of the game. 2-1b's and 26 seconds later making it 3-1 black and gold and they are looking good. later in the third, 3-2b's and he scores the second of the game beautiful redirection. tying it at 3 and we are headed to ot in the extra session, they capitalize on the 4 on 3 power play. the backhand and that's it. the comeback 3-1 down in the third to win it 4-3 in overtime. celtics in action last night in
5:23 am
trailing by 2 at the break by zeller sparked the c's in the second half. finishing strong a double, double 16 points and 10 rebounds. led by turner had a big night here with the j a double double et14 points and 10 rebounds and thomas isaiah thomas the nail in the coffin and hits the pullup jumper finishing with 20 points along with 8 assists celtics get back in the win col womb 97-87 victory football anticipation continues to build for super bowl 50 between the panthers and broncos. out in santa clara california. both teams will hit the practice field today roger goodell telling rich eisen that the league didn't find problems with the air pressure during the 2015 season he
5:24 am
specifics related to spot checks saying they weren't conducting a research study. we are home for super bowl 50. kick off 6:30 sunday on wbz and women's college hockey bc bested harvard 8-0 and northeastern won. and bc and northeastern meet in the finals next tuesday night. that's it in sports for now. dan roche wbz sports coming up next in the next half-hour, bill cosby's sexual assault case heading to court. >> the big decision a young is expected to make -- judge is expected to make today. >> this is jon keller scott brown endorsed donald trump for president but how will that play with conservatives who has taken to calling brown a rhino coming up on wbz. >> good morning. 30s out the door. dry start but areas of rain move in and warm temperatures too coming into the 50s today. we will time out the rain to
5:25 am
right now at 5:30. two investigations into the death of a 3-year-old boy in roxbury. what police are asking the public to do. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders hitting the campaign trail in new hampshire. what they are doing to try to win over voters before the next week primary. >> donald trump picking up an endorsement in new hampshire. why jon keller says it won't help him get votes. >> from the the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning everybody. welcome back. i am kathryn hauser.
5:26 am
it's about 5:30 on your wednesday morning. miss g says spring won't be around for a while. >> you are upset. >> we received no shadow. >> and miss g. >> if winter goes this way it's okay. >> yeah. >> today is going to feel like rain-- like spring. >> yes, it is. we are in the 0s again today and we will do it again tomorrow and the rain will move in from west to east later this afternoon. kids at the bus stop may want the umbrella. live look at boston where it's a quiet start and temperatures are in the 30s this morning. sunrise coming up at 6:56. rain advances west to east later this afternoon. temperatures in the bus stop forecast is in the upper 40s by the time we get to the end of school. kids will want the wet weather gear. 36 in boston 28 in nashua. 32 in worcester and the clouds are in place and will thicken up this morning. rain advances through new york. watch what happens between now and late morning. maybe a couple areas of showers
5:27 am
manchester but we wait generally early to mid in. 50s. evening commute. this south coast will be the exception in terms of the steadiest rain arriving after 8 and look at downpours that come in right around midnight and eastern massachusetts and then the rain tapers off gradually heading into the morning tomorrow a few leftover showers on the cape. more on the forecast coming up. let's get you on the roads. traffic and weather together how is it looking. >> reporter: we are seeing the usual spots. mostly to the south. 128 southbound in the braintree stretch like clockwork between 37 and the split expressway and columbia road. everything else is normal. check 93 southbound a little heavy in the andover stretch no chris. >> thanks very much. 5:31. checking top stories both boston police and dcf
5:28 am
year-old boy in rox beery. ka -- kni whyte was found unresponsive but died at the hospital yesterday. the department of children and families says it has been involved with the child's family. but a check last friday found him well fed and clean. police are asking for information about the investigation to call. hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the campaign trail after the virtual tie in iowa. they will take part in a town hall tonight followed by another debate tomorrow night. republican donald trump picking up a local endorsement in milford new hampshire last night. former massachusetts senator scott brown threw his support behind the second place finisher in iowa. ted cruz and marco rubio campaigning in the granite state last night. >> and the endorsement is turning head. jon keller explains why it
5:29 am
>> reporter: good morning. i never put stock endorsement by politicians it rarely makes difference with voters who prefers to make up their minds rather than take marching orders but last night's endorsement by former senator scott brown is worth talking about. brown has his fans both in new hampshire where he lives and lost a challenge to in 2014 and in massachusetts where he lost his senate seat to warren. and his warm words for trump may help the front-runner keep his lead after that iowa caucus fiasco. then again, maybe not. during the interview the other day with ohio governor john kasich on the campaign bus, i asked him how he felt about being called a rhino republican in name only by his critics. nice animal he joked adding i don't get too worked up about
5:30 am
feel differently. he was hung with the rhino label quite a bit during the campaignand a case can be made that it hurt him in the end. i am willing to bet there's overlap between the crowd that saw brown as not conservative enough and the current trump base in new hampshire. and you wonder if brown's endorsement might prove to be a negative with some of them. at a moment when trump's conservative credentials are competitors. now i don't have anymore use for name calling than kasich does. but as any school kid can tell you they can stick and hurt. so, heads up mr. trump. talk back to me online at or via twitter at keller at large. bill cosby sexual assault case taking center stage in a today. yesterday, the comedian asked charges. his attorney argues cosby made a deal with the the former
5:31 am
this he would never face charges in the case. the judge is expected to make a ruling today. a scarry scene yesterday theboston fire chief says a fed ex driver did everything right when hydro chloric acid started to leak from the truck. he pulled over and called 911. a hazmat team shut down the square during rush hour to clean up the leak. good news for commuters in the boston area. mark your calendars. nb-ta says the government march 26th. skyeye over the scene of therenovationsien. renovations. it has been two years since it was closed the t says it will be a safe modern facility. chipotle trying to bounce back. >> how much the health scares cost the company. >> there are just 6 days left before the new hampshire primary. and a lot of voters are still
5:32 am
a town hall for democrats tonight coming up. >> remember the college dorm room like living in hotel right? but would you even rent that room out? one local college kid did and he is in big trouble. aunt premuir or -- entrepreneur or rule breaker you decide.
5:33 am
come on [ music ] kick off your morning with lady gaga. well you can add her to the
5:34 am
super bowl 50. anthem. >> and marlie matalin will perform the song in sign language and watch the game and all the sax sunday night here on wbz. she is going to be doing a tribute to david beauie which is also going to be airing here on wbz. >> that is fun time of year because we are in the middle of winter but we have a lot of watch on tv. eat the food for super bowl. >> that's one of the best parts especially when the pats are not in it that's all we care about is the food. >> the best benefits offered by companies here in the u.s. >> and how an e.coli outbreak is hurting chipotle's bottom line. jill wagner is live with today's money watch. lay it on us jill. >> reporter: i will tell you that i am with you i am excited for the food and some of the commercials too but anyway, i digress. chipotle feeling the pain from the food born illness outbreak.
5:35 am
investigation into a norovirus outbreak in california has expanded also sales fell more than 14% at the end of last year. that is the first sales drop since going public a decade ago. mystery meat is on the man yew at taco bell. the fast -- menu at taco bell the fast-food chain will release the meat. and james harden is in the commercial says he doesn't know what it is. that mystery meat is available for preorder right now. taco bell says it's blend of two foods which they call the biggest creation jet. and companies are raising the bar when it comes to perks and benefits to attract the best workers. glass door compiled the best and netflix offers year of paid maternity and paternity lead. spotify covers egg freezing arei two paid days off yay days to enjoy their outdoor activity and burton employees gets
5:36 am
hit the slopes and i was happy kidding. >> i want yay days. >> that sounds fun. >> i could get into that. >> i guess we will have to say saturday and sunday are our yay days. >> exactly. those are our yay days. >> thanks very much jill have a great morning. coming up, a check of traffic and weather together and look at top stories. >> and parents we have a health alert about your stressed out teenagers. >> reporter: a 3-year-old is dead this morning following a weekend incident. still under investigation now by police, and dcf. that story is coming up. >> checking in with weather watchers this morning. great to see so many people up. look at the observations coming in right now. 20s and 30s out the door for most of us. and 33 degrees in we have clear skies and a few high thin clouds but rain moving in by later this afternoon. we will time it out and let you
5:37 am
congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight
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look at this. this is a dangerous rescue in missouri. a teenage you can see fell through the ice there. you can see police officers trying to reach the boy with a branch but it didn't work. >> rescue crews showed up minute later and they were able to bring him to safety.
5:39 am
expected to be okay. >> wow. >> something about ice it's deceiving when you think. >> especially we had some cold weather so things froze over and now we have the warm during the day and cold at night so it's unsafe out there. >> it is. we need to get a check of your forecast. danielle we have got changes coming today. >> we do. aid dry start right now. but, rape moving in by mid afternoon for most of us. 36 in boston and upper 20s nashua to taunton. 32 in worcester and clouds are high thin ones that will thicken up over next couple hours. satellite array dar shows the rain -- and radar showing the rain advancing in eastern philadelphia and snow on northern side. we won't deal with snow because we will be so mild and temperatures will be climbing into the 50s. staying dry right on through late morning and there may be a shower to man chest are along to route 2 corridor.
5:40 am
by one or two the rain is coming through eastern massachusetts and 3 p.m., right around that give or take into the city of boston. it will be steady for the evening commute and we got one more wave that comes up too. this evening heavy downpours particularly in southeastern massachusetts. and the rain tapers off by tomorrow morning with leftover showers and a much drier day with a few showers in the morning and increasing sunshine. so in terms of projected rainfall this is a half an inch to an inch and half. a couple locally higher amounts. the wind will be the story. playthings out for you and watch what happens. the wind starts to gust and out of the south southeast over 30 miles per hour and gusts over 40. this is this evening and overnight tonight. that's the strongest core of wind comes n doesn't think it will be damaging but there may
5:41 am
that occur at the coastline late this evening. tomorrow morning 8 a.m., the wind gusting occasionally over 20 miles per hour. but we will be much more relaxed through the course of the day. speaking of tom, sunshine end -- tomorrow, sunshine comes out but the one thing i am concerned about for friday. another wave of low pressure with the front offshore stalling out so friday early in the morning there may be leftover rain and snow that grazes us and we will see how close the next wave gets but there may be a period of snow showers heading into on friday morning. today's highs, topping out in the 50s. and tonight, look at that. we only drop back to about 50 degrees. tomorrow back into the 50s we go again. and then we turn cooler to end the week. upper 30s on friday and stat and sunday great. mid to upper 40s fantastic weekend and next storm is colder air comes in for areas of snow on tuesday potentially into wednesday. traffic and weather. >> reporter: the first reported
5:42 am
the north and south of the city. of course the poorly named expressway is on the list heavy and slow between the split and columbia road at least 10 minute. 128 southbound crawling in braintree stretch between 37 and the split. to the north, just hearing about an accident in medford. 93 southbound at mistic avenue route 28 exit. not hearing about lane closures and 93 southbound has one other slow pocket heavy up in the andover stretch between river road and dascum road. police investigating the death of a 3-year-old in roxbury. >> and the push for the primary continues in new hampshire. here are your top stories on this wednesday morning. >> reporter: good morning i am susie steimle live in derry new hampshire in front of the considery opera house where democratic candidates will face- off in a town hall -- derry opera house where dem candidates will face-off in the town hall.
5:43 am
she can upset here like she did in 2008. she spent a lot of time campaigning in the granite state. as for the republicans, right now donald trump is in the lead also by double digits but cruz is gain after the win in iowa trying to hang on to the momentum. marco rubio came in third place holding onto momentum from that as well. new hampshire is a place where there's undecided voters. many decide who they will vote for days before the primary. live in derry new hampshire, susie steimle wbz this morning. a man convicted of killing his son is trying to get out of jail on parole. in 1986, richard seymour pleaded guilty to the crimes. he was sentenced to hive in prison but allowed -- life in prison but allowed to ask for parole after 15 years. past three requests have been denied. >> reporter: i am nicole jacobs
5:44 am
investigate the death of a 3- year-old little boy. it was sunday when little kani whyte was rushed to the hospital with traumatic injuries. detectives have been in and out of the home but police will say it's a death investigation that's all they will say. wbz has learned dcf has been involved with the family in the past. most recent report two days before his death was positive. coming up at 6, hear from a friend of the little boy's mother. we are live in roxbury nicole jacobs wbz this morning. new details in the murder of a 13-year-old in virginia. police believe nicole lovell was stabbed david eisenhower is charged with the murder. natalie keepers is charged as an accomplice before the death. a neighbor says lovell said she had an 18-year-old boyfriend named david they believe eisenhower and lovell met online. the fbi is involved in the
5:45 am
watter in flint michigan. agents are trying to figure out if there were federal violations. corrosive water caused pipes to leak with lead into the drinking water supply forcing the community to now rely on bottled water. if your teen is stressed out now, they could be setting themselves up for a lifetime of health concerns. according to a study in the british journal, stressed teens are 40% more likely to suffer high blood pressure by the time they reach middle age. high blood frshure can increase a ris -- pressure can increase kidney disease stroke and dementia. it's 5:51. it's time for our daily talker and this morning we are talking about a college student who said he was looking to make extracash. >> now he is in trouble for renting his dorm room. robi is here with more. >> reporter: his name is jack werth a 19-year-old sophomore at emmerson he said he didn't know it was against regulations to rent his room to strangers
5:46 am
according to his friends he used air b and b to advertise his crib was available air b and b connects hosts with those trying to rent out the room or house. he declined to say what he charged them. emmerson residence hall policy prohibits students from subleasing or renting the rooms because of safety risk. jack told the glob he never saw the fine print and air b and b fined him 150 bucks after he took down the post and his buddies posted free jack werth on and they are upset the pal is facing disciplinary action and maybe expulsion. one of the bros posted there's nothing criminal with providing cheap housing to travelers. maybe not criminal but he is breaking the rules at the school. let's see what people think about this on the website. liz writes, the college has a right to make rules they own the facilities and are
5:47 am
in them. and lee on the facebook page says in this day and age, safety must come first. number of ways to comment website twitter facebook and hit us u more comments coming up at 6. >> thanks very much. still to come, a special super bowl edition of carpool karaoke on the late, late show. >> how james corden is helping chris martin and coldplay get
5:48 am
it's getting harder for me to stay in my home, anywhere else. taking medications, using the stairs, or getting washed and dressed. woman: we're massoptions, a free resource for elders, caregivers, and individuals with disabilities of all ages. to the services you need in the setting of your choice.
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coldplay is going to take the stage for the super bowl halftime show. >> so to get there on time the lead singer hitched a ride with the james cord n but the road trip edition of carpool karaoke hit a few snags and they stopped at a hotel to get some sleep and they woke up and the car was gone. >> what we going to do? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. oh
5:50 am
bike. catch them and super bowl -- coldplay and super bowl 50 on wbz this sunday. pretty good. james corden brings it. >> he brings it every time and better. something happens it would be fun to hitch a ride even if we sat in the back seat. >> i would love that. >> it would be col. keep it here. top stories straight ahead. ring dings. but i bought chips. ring dings! ring dings! ring dings! in the stomach! ring dings. yeah! drake's. listen to your craving! you happy now? yodels!
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our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand?
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