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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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to your craving! happy now? ring dings! [music out] rain. the latest timeline hour by long it last. >> and the presidential hampshire. the message to voters plus a key endorsement. we have the campaign coughed. >> and the investigation into the death of a 3-year-old boy in roxbury. now details on the involvement of the department of children and families. >> big news for commuters who travel in boston. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz this morning. >> thanks for being here with us good morning.
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>> i am chris mckinnon 6:00 on your wednesday february 3rd we are expecting changes hope you packed your umbrella. >> danielle has the details. >> the ran arrives this afternoon and will be around for the evening commute. not around this morning that tends to slow things down. 36 in boston right now. upper 20s in taunton. 40 in chatham. not too bad by -- chatham. not too bad by february standards. clouds will thicken but we stay dry through the morning commute except for well north and west of the boston where we may get a couple pockets of rain from fitz fitchburg to orange and keene. that lifts northward and steady rain arrives west to east during the early to mid- afternoon. notice by 4 p.m. it's raining in a lot of spots. that continues through the evening. temperatures in the 50s all the while rising gradually. there may be steadier downpours through the evening and first part of the overnight and early tomorrow morning lingering showers that will wrap up temperatures still in the 50s heading into tomorrow morning.
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rain to expect coming up. let's get you on the road this morning traffic and weather together. hi robi. >> reporter: an accident and slow downs south of the city. the crash is down in braintree. 128 southbound at the braintree split that's backed up to route 37. the expressway is stop and go east milton square to columbia road. to the north that crash on 93 southbound in medford cleared and if i can get the map to come up. 93 southbound has slow pockets between river road and dascum and 128 and park street. sluggish between 495 and trouble cove. the primary push underway in new hampshire. tonight the two remaining democratic candidates take part in a town hall. >> on the republican side donald trump picked up a big endorsement. susie steimle is live with the details. good morning susie. >> reporter: good morning kathryn and chris. we are in front of the derry opera house where the
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o bernie sanders is in the lead for the dem -- face-off. bernie sanders is in the lead for the democrats and donald trump for the republicans. this is new hampshire a place that prides itself on being unpredictable. in iowa there was an upset on the republican side. >> i want to ask everyone here to look forward to january 2017. >> reporter: a near miss on the democratic side. >> this needs to be a contest of ideas about who is ready to be our president and our commander in chief starting next january. >> reporter: regardless of how they fareed at caucus all candidates came to new hampshire delivering what sounded like victory speeches. >> i went there and he think we did really well. we did really well. >> last night we began the political ref hewings not just in iowa not just in new
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>> come with me this week. make this journey with me. stand up for me. fight for me. and when we win, i will stand up and fight for you. >> reporter: candidates have 6 days to convince pry nary voters to take their side and in this state they might have a fighting chance. new hampshire pride itself on independent streak at times minds are not made up until days before the votes are cast. voters will be able to ask the democratic candidates any question at the town hall styledebate and many wait until the last few days to make up their minds who they will vote for onpry nary day and they say -- primary day and they say face time can make the difference. susie steimle, wbz this morning. checking in with other candidates marco robo will be on the -- rubio will be covering a lot of ground in the granite state over the next week.
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then he will speak with employees at a pittsfield plant and dover this evening. >> jeb bush is banking on a comeback in new hampshire following the 6th place finish in iowa lft night. he -- last night e targeted thefront-runners says cruz trump and rubio are untested. president. >> at a town hall in clairemont john kasich touted endorsement from 7 of the 8 newspapers in new hampshire. he is trying to position himself as the candidate who can deliver on promises to bring conservative reform to washington. chris christie is hoping to jump-start his campaign in new hampshire but in case he doesn't new jersey governor joked he was told by friend john bon jovi there's a opening for a tambourine player. starting tomorrow we will share results from the polls by finding out which qualities new ma'am sure voters like best in
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don't like. we will brie outexclusive poll numbers beginning thursday night on the wbz news at 11. new developments this morning, the marine corps says it found traces of dna from the marines killed when two helicopters crashed off the coast of hawaii. corporal christopher orlando from hingham was on one of the helicopters that went down. a spokeswoman says the families have been notified and the dna was found during search and rescue operations that end january 19th. we are following a developing story this morning. the death of a 3-year-old boy now under investigation by both baltimore police and child welfare officials. any coke jacobs is -- nicole jacobs is live with more on what we know. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you kathryn. friends tell wbz the 3-year-old boy was here visiting his father on the second floor apartment of the building when this incident happened.
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>> he he was a very happy-- he was very happy vibrant young baby. >> reporter: innocence of a child seen in his face. his smile, 3-year-old kani whyte died tuesday two days after he was rushed to the hospital with trauma. >> i donned understand how anyone can harm him. >> reporter: boston police are only saying it's a death investigation. as detectives continue processing the alpine street home wbz learned dcf is familiar with the family on friday social worker provided a report the toddler was well fed clean and void of behavioral issue. >> he was happy and couldn't harm nobody. >> reporter: he was happy friends say but he was visiting the home here when everything changed. >> as the investigation -- >> reporter: as the
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told dcf has custody of the 3- year-old boy's 5-month-old sister nicole jacobs wbz this morning. today the girl friend of whitey bulger will plead guilty to a federal contempt charge. she is serving an 8 year prison term for heeling hem avoid capture. the new charge comings from her reviews -- comes from her refusal to tell if anyone helped them on the 16 year on the run. 20-year-old will be sentence food arbad crash. nicklas papadopoulos was 18 when he crashed. he was driving almost twice the speed limit before the crash. a teenage riding with him was permanently paper identitiesed. -- paralyzed a father of three driving the pickup papadopoulos hit is unable to move or speak. boston fire chief says fed ex drive did the right thing when hydro chloric acid started
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it was a nightmare for traffic as well. he pulled over on beacon street and called 911. hazmat shut down the area while they cleaned up the leak. good news for commuters if you take the t. the mbta will reon the government center station on -- reopen the government center station on march 26th. skyeye was over the scene of the renovations yesterday. it was closed two years ago. the t says riders will see a safer modern and more accessible station there. 6:09. coming up, an unimaginable scene on board a airplane. >> a explosion that blows the hole on the side of the airport. everyone on board survivedch the stunning video -- survived. the stunning video and new information coming in. >> the zika virus taking a dangerous turn. case transmitted through sexual contact. >> and a strange sight in scotland. your eyes are not playing tricks on you. a water fall appeared to be flowing the wrong way. good morning danielle. >> good morning. temperatures slowly on the rise.
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again today but i am tracking areas of rain. they arrive through the yaiferl noon and -- early afternoon and i will will he out-- let you know what we are watching for
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nothing like tlc on wednesday morning. this is a water fall you can't chase. the wind moving across was so strong in scotland it blew the water back up over the ledge. this has been viewed more than a million times on facebook. doesn't look like a water fall. >> looks like steam or something. >> that's what i was thinking steam or i don't know. >> impressive. >> strong winds. >> wind must have been pretty strong to do that. >> i even heard the song -- i haven't heard the song in a long time. >> and we were doing the dance. >> you missed it at home there was a good dance going on. we will have to take a video behind the scene. >> share with the world. >> we have got our own wet
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but not until later this afternoon. so at least it's dry this morning. >> right. >> you know whenever we have rain during the morning commute it slows things down. let's look at the sit they of boston. -- city of boston. it's a quiet start and temperatures are in the 20s and 30s. check out currently at logan airport, 36 degrees. 40 in chatham. 26 nashua and taunton. clouds in place and the clouds will thicken up over the next couple hours. there's actually some pockets of snow back along the canadian border right now. but we are waiting on the rain just starting to advance into eastern new york now and western keck cut in the next hour and a half or so. so for us hour by hour, there may be a couple pockets of light rain outside of 495. notice by 11:30, worcester county as well manchester but steadiest rain moves in from west to east during early afternoon. it will be around for your evening commute. so plan accordingly. notice 5, 6:00 still areas of
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through the evening hours. there may be gusty winds with the downpours as well. and tomorrow morning leftover rain early and then actually some partial clearing comes in. there may be lingering showers on cape cod until late morning the projected rainfall is between a half an inch and an inch and half. there may be a few local higher amounts south of boston where the heaviest downpours sit over the same spot. the wind may be a concern as well. hour by hour through the morning, the wind is going to gust occasionally over 20 miles per hour and ramp up during the afternoon. so noontime today we may see gusts exceeding 40 miles per hour and that's the case through the evening. that's when the strongest wind comes in coinciding with the heaviest rainfall too and it will subside tonight heading into tomorrow morning. it's one wet day today and tomorrow one the showers actually clear out of here the sun will peek out. my one concern for friday is with the front not really far offshore.
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moisture coming up we may get pockets of rain or snow early on friday morning and southeastern massachusetts i doesn't think the impact is that great but it's something to watch during the friday morning time frame if more moisture comes in we could see a coating to an inch and we will watch that back edge closely out here. anything that happens on friday morning and we turn cooler for the end of the week. highs today, though, 50s again. and pretty warm it's gradual process to see the temperatures rise. and overnight tonight, we drop back to around 50. that is it. that's the starting ground tomorrow. 50 to 55 for most of us for high temperatures accu-weather 7-day cooler toned the week. weekend looks fantastic. 40s on saturday and sunday and colder and there's a threat for snow as we head into the tuesday and wednesday time frame too early to say details but it's something we are watching for sure. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: we have a couple accidents south of the city now in braintree on 128 southbound before the split.
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to route 37. expressway now jammed between adams and columbia road and that's a 20-minute delay. and another accident down in attleboro. 95 northbound just after route 1a the left lane is blocked. and to the north, 93 southbound heavy and slow wilmington to woburn and crawling from stoneham into the leverett connector. route 1 southbound hanging up between main street and route 199. route 3 sluggish between 495 and trouble cove. new this morning, officials say they have found no evidence so far of a criminal act of an explosion on board a flightch the blast happened short -- flight. blast happened shortly after take off. you can see it blew a hole in the side of the airplane. the cabin lost air pressure and oxygen mask dropped down. two passengers suffered minor injuries. police in new york are investigating a laser pointed at plane over long island.
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new jersey to providence monday night. officers searched the area after a report but didn't find anyone. about 6:18. alarming news didb the zika virus a person in texas was infected through sexual contact. the male contracted the virus through a female who just returned from venezuela. the virus is primarily spread by mosquitoes and is linked to a spike in birth defects in two dozen countries. a dangerous rescue in missouri what teenage fell through thin ice. you can see a police officer trying to reach the boy with a branch but it didn't work out. rescue crews showed up minutes later and they were able to bring him to safety. the teenage has hypothermia but >> wow. glad to hear he is okay. coming up, a nanny accused of stealing from a local family. >> ahead, the warning the parents want you to hear.
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register for a military draft? the powerful people behind the
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we have an update on a story a third man is in custody after a home invasion in brookline. police ahe turned himself in. court documents say the man lied to police telling them someone stole a white sedan he rented. but police say he actually used it as get away car in last week's home invasion ending with one man shot and two others stabbed. officers arrested two other men last week. a fourth suspect is still on the loose. nanny is facing charges accused of ripping off the family she worked for. over and over. catherine oppen faces four counts of larceny.
6:19 am
stole jewelry and put their son atrisk. dre rossi and chris hopkins found her on and said background check. >> i caution anyone looking for care for their children to really do some good research. because some of the answers you are looking for are not so easy to find. >> which is based in waltham closed opopinion's account and will ban her from again. combat jobs will be opened to women but now it could go a step further. top army and marine corps generals told senators yesterday women should have to register for the draft. much like men they suggested women be listed with the government to possibly serve at age 18. the proposal came during a status hearing on how the female integration was going and no word if congress will act on those suggestions. onto "healthwatch" this morning if your teen is stressed out now, they could be setting themselves up for a
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this say cording to a study in a british journal that stressed that teens that or says stressed teg and iers are 40% more likely to suffer from high blood pressure by the time they reach middle age. high blood pressure increases heart attack heart failure and kidney disease and stroke anddementia. changes to the eos lip balm we told you about a woman's claim that the egg shaped lip balm gave her blisters and a rash. the company settle the lawsuit yesterday agreeing to put more detailed ingredient information and instructions on the packaging. patriots rob gronkowski stopped by to see donean -- conan o'brien and he wanted to bring him a gift from the nfl shop at super bowl 50 but he had a little trouble. >> can i get one of those? not gronk worthy. >> gronk seemed to enjoy
6:21 am
a mess from dishes to a pinyatta and even a chandelier. look at this. >> eggs. >> there you go. >> cards. >> there's the chandelier. there he is spoiking it. he settles on a stuffed animal. >> they gave him saved going les by the time he spiked the shant leer. >> that's good stuff. >> and he gave one lucky audience member two tickets to super bowl 50. that person happened to be wearing a patriots t-shirt and he says here's to hoping they see another 43-8 loss for peyton manning and company. gronk is so funny. >> we will be watching on sunday. >> i know. the spike. every time. >> it's epic. lat more next half-hour. demanding answers at boston. >> a student rents out his emmerson college dorm rom and is in trouble. the uproar and who is coming to his defense.
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developing right now at 6:30. the investigation into the death of a three-year-old -- death of a 3-year-old boy and house he is remembered by neighbors. >> candidates in a new hampshire state of mind. primary push to get voters on their side. >> this is jon keller scott brown endorsed donald trump for president but how will that play with conservatives who have taken to calling brown a rhino coming up on wbz this morning. welcome back it's just about 6:30 on your wednesday morning.
6:26 am
>> i am kathryn hauser. we need to check the forecast. there's going to be changes on the way. keep the umbrella handy. >> absolutely. have it because the rain is going to move in by the afternoon. it's dry start this morning it's chilly start. kid at the bus stop don't have to deal with rain drops. rise at 6:56 and the rain does move in to western areas by the time we get to the end of the school and inside 128 there may be showers as well. currently 36 in boston. and 28 taunton to nashua. 35 to 40 on the cape. not too bad given the fact that it's the beginning of february. we are dealing with some pockets of freeing rain and snow back a-- freezing rain and snow back across upstate new york and northern new england. for us the leading edge of rain doesn't advance until later this morning and midday. by late this morning it's outside of 495. notice by 10 a.m. a couple hourshere and route 2 corridor and snow to the north. so we are all rain this time around. rain moving in west to east midday to early afternoon. and it will be around for your
6:27 am
will be gradually rising through the 50s all the while so it's going to be another warm one. look at downpours heading through the evening into the first part of the overnight as well. and the wind is going to be gusty too. we will look at winds hour by hour in a couple minutes. now on the roads to traffic and weather together what's the latest. >> reporter: an accident on the expressway and another on 128 making travel south of the sit they difficult right now. let's go to skyeye 4. the latest crash is on the expressway northbound. a two car crash in dorchester you can see the center lane is blocked there. we have a couple state police cruisers and i believe an ambulance. looks ike a two-car crash. earlier crash 128 southbound inbraintree that's cleared but 128 jammed between route 37 and the split. an accident in atel poreo 95 northbound and that blackup --
6:28 am
93 heavy from wilmington to the leverett connector. >> thanks very much. the new hampshire primary now less than a week away and republican donald trump picked granite state. >> and tonight the two remaining democrats will take part in a town hall in derry. susie. >> reporter: well good morning chris and kathryn. the new hampshire primary is 6 days away and true to the independent spirit of new hampshire a lot of voters are still undecided and the candidates here are trying to use that to their advantage. right now, bernie sanders is in the lead for the democrats by a double digit margin. and donald trump is in the lead for the republicans but there was the opposite. we know that's where cruz and clinton won even though she won by a narrow margin and marco rubio gained ground as a close third place. they are-- democrats are facing off in a town hall tonight.
6:29 am
hampshire making what sounded like victory speeches after their highs from iowa. >> i went there and i think we did really well. we did really well. >> i want to ask everyone here to look forward to january 2017. >> when i am the nominee we will unify the party and we are going to unify the conservative movement. >> i know what it takes to fight and win and that is what america has to do again. >> and last night we began the political revolution not just in iowa not just in new hampshire but all over this country. >> reporter: the town hall style meeting will be at derry opera house between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. voters have the opportunity to ask both candidates any of their questions and a lot of them are undecided. they say the face time with candidates over the next few
6:30 am
vbd -- wbz this morning. >> we told you about scott brown endorsing donald trump which is turning heads and jon keller explains why it might hurt trump in the long run. >> reporter: good morning i never put much stock in endorsements of politicians by other politicians. they rarely seem to make much difference with voters who for some reason prefer to make up take marching orders. but last night's endorsement of donald trump by former senator scott brown is at least worth talking about. brown has his fans in new hampshire where he lives and lost a challenge in 2014 and in massachusetts where he lost his senate seat to warren. and his warm words for trump may help the front-runner keep his lead after that iowa caucus fiasco. then again, maybe not.
6:31 am
day with john kasich on his campaign bus i asked him how he felt about being called a rhino republican in name only by his critics. nice animal he joked adding, i don't get too worked up about name calling but scott brown might feel differently. he was hung with the behindo -- rhino label quite a bit and a case can be made that it hurt him in the end. i am willing to bet there's quite a bit of overlap between the crowd that saw brown as not conservative enough and the current trump base in new hampshire. and you wonder if brown's endorsement might prove to be a negative with some of them. at a moment when trump's conservative credentials are under fire from some of the competitors. i don't have more use for name calling than kasich but as any school kid can tell you they can stick and hurt so heads up mr. trump.
6:32 am or via twitter at keller at large. >> let's look at why winning new hampshire is so important. in the past 4 primaries, the democratic winner went onto get the party's nomination. for the republicans a similar track record with 3 out of the 4 winners in new hampshire becoming the g-op nominee for president. stay with wbz news on air and online through the primary in new hampshire. we will get you closer to the candidates and issues that matter to you this election. we are following a developing story for you this morning. the death of a 3-year-old boy now under investigation by boston police and child welfare officials. nicole jacobs is lives with re- - is live with react. >> reporter: friends of the little boy's mother says he was visiting his father at the time of the accident on that second floor apartment there. here at this home you can still see remnants of the investigation. police tape and that type of thing.
6:33 am
whyte was rushed to the hospital with trauma injuries. we will toe show you a picture of the boy now. detectives have been in and out of the shoal over past couple days but police will only say aid death investigation. wbz learned dcf has been involved with the family in the past. in the most recent reports, two days before the little boy's death it was a positive note. a friend of the boy's mother is outraged. >> he was a very happy vibrant young baby. he was very happy full of life. he could harm nobody and i don't understand how anybody can harm him. >> reporter: in this recent report we are told a social worker confirmed the boy was well fed and clean and had no behavioral issues.
6:34 am
investigation is ongoing, the little boy's 5-month-old sister is also in dcf custody at this point. we are live in roxbury nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you. a deadly crash on vfw a driver ejected and trapped under his suv. 25 bystanders tried to flip the vehicle over. state police say some tried to use the jacks to lift up the vehicle. unfortunately that driver later died at faulkner hospital. two passengers suffered nonlife- threatening injuries. state and transit police investigating after a 13-year- old boy is hit and killed by a commuter rail train in d-edham around #:30 yesterday afternoon -- 4:30 yesterdayafternoonch accident temporarily impacted service. the t don't suspect foul play. black community leaders meeting with the superintendent.
6:35 am
the boston superintendent told community leaders the school is working to address their concerns. >> it was a very cordial meeting. i think a very frank meeting in terms of the issues that were raised. and i am heartened by the meeting we held today. >> community leaders will be a to -- plan to meet with the superintendent again down the road. 6:39. time for our daley talker a low -- daily talker. a local college student said he was looking to make extra cash. >> but now he is in trouble for renting out his dorm room. robi has more. >> reporter: jack worth is a 19- year-old sophomore at emmerson college. he claims he didn't know it was against school regulations to rent out his room to strangers and found out the hard way. according to his friends he used the website airbnb to advertise his crib was available. airbnb connects travelers were host willing to rent out rooms or the house. jab said he accommodated three
6:36 am
declined what today say what hecharged. policy prohibits students from renting or subleasing the rooms because of a safety ris. he said he never saw the fine print he was fined 150 bucks the post. his buddies posted a petition called free jack worth upset he is facing disciplinary action and maybe expulsion. one of his bros posted there's nothing criminal with providing cheap housing to travelers. let's see how that works out for them. and let's see what people are saying about this on the different social media platforms. susan on facebook says the dorm is not the y. meaning the ymca. the student brock the rules and -- broke the rules and sounds entitled. face the consequences and marie on our facebook page says manufacture my daughter -- if. >> i -- says if my daughter was in the room next door to the strangers not cleared by the school it would not be happy
6:37 am
idea to make money. we have had zero support for jack on the morning show so far. number of ways to comment website twitter facebook. jack wake up your bros and get them to chime in. >> thanks very much. just ahead, the girlfriend of whitey bulger heading to court. >> why the appearance could add more time to the 8 year sentence. >> also cleaning up from some dangerous storms down south. danielle is back in a few minutes with how this system will impact our forecast. (buzzer) hey, you're a lucky guy. you'll probably win the jackpot. (bell) you know, luck doesn't play any role in slot machines. the odds of winning are the same every time you play. (buzzer) if you lose money, just keep playing. you'll win it back. (bell)
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and money you want to spend. learn more about gambling and how to keep it fun. visit the gamesense info center at the plainridge park casino. (buzzer) hey, you're a lucky guy.
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the rain heading our way today is a part of the same system that brought severe weather to the south yesterday. this impressive video is from albalanca war tornado touched down near birmingham several homes damaged and some destroyed. multiple reports of tornadoes in mississippi and albamma. earlier it was whiteout conditions in nebraska strong wind and heavy snowfall forced officials to close several roads a strong system and it's the same one heading in our direction. >> look at the wind whipping around. >> seems like we are just lucking out. >> we are. >> el nino is our friend. >> for now if you like the warm air. >> knock on something when you say that. >> times in el nino you get moisture up the coast and if it coincide with cold air coming in it could be a big storm. so for this storm, it's rain. so that's the good news if you don't like cold temperatures. let's check out current
6:40 am
a plane is flying over boston. love we catch those. look at orange shading out there this morning. clouds in place and it's a dry start to the day. temperature wise we are in the 20s and 30s right now. nashua. you don't need wet weather gear currently but as clouds thicken up over the next couple hours we will start to saturate the atmosphere in areas of rain and will arrive from west to east. notice the back edge through ohio and down through kentucky. so all of this is going to work in our direction. by the time we get to late morning there may be a couple quick brief showers. 495 merrimack. showers in worcester county. rain advances inside 128 through early afternoon. notice the yellows and oranges too so it's going to pour at times with downpours and right on into your evening drive. we will get one more little area that comes up late this evening. and it might be a thin band
6:41 am
gusts as it comes through and overnight, the rain will slowly taper off and i do think we wake up to rain tomorrow massachusetts. and then showers left over on the cape and clearing partial that. progecked rainfall half an inch to an inch and half locally higher amounts south of boston where some heavier downpours do shape up this evening. forecast wind gusts will increase hour by hour through the afternoon and we may gust over 20 to 30 miles per hour and look at this between 30 and 50 and the gusts to 50 will be isolated but right at immediate coastline this evening back to the cape. gust over 40 miles per hour are possible in some of the heaviest downpours that come in. and then overnight tonight, that wind is going to start to shift around and that will subside as we head into the morning hours tomorrow. clearing comes in the one thing i am watching on friday one more wave comes by and we may get clipped with a little bit of light rain or snow early on
6:42 am
and clearing comes in after that. weekend looks awesome. mid to upper 40s with sun and clouds. well above average and than as we head into the start of next week, the colder air comes back along with the threat for snow. tuesday and wednesday could be a significant storm. we will keep you poaf on that. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: a crash on the expressway making the slow morning commute bores. -- worse. it's in braintree expressway northbound just the center lane is blocked. looks like they are going to get a vehicle out of there. expressway jammed from columbia road to adams street right now. to the north, 93 southbound crawls from woburn to the leverett connector, 25 minuteride there. route 3 southbound heavy and slow between 495 and trouble cove. we have an accident on mass pike eastbound at the tunnel. four cars are involved. left lane is blocked there. stop and go backup is to the alwayston brighton tolls. candidates hitting the campaign trail in new hampshire.
6:43 am
picked up an endorsement last night in milford. scott brown threw his support finisher in iowa. ted cruz and marco rubio have several stops across the granite state today. hillary clinton and bernie sanders in new hampshire after the virtual tie in iowa. the two will take part in town hall tonight followed by another debate tomorrow night. new developments in the marine killed in hawaii when the chopper went down. the marine corps says they found traces of dna from the marines killed when the helicopters crashed last month. 23-year-old corporal christopher orlando from hingham was on one of the helicopters. the dna was found during search and rescue operations that ended january 19th. the death of a 3-year-old boy in roxbury is now under investigation. kani. whyte was found unresponsive on sunday. he died yesterday at the hospital. the department of children and
6:44 am
involved with the child's family but a check last friday found him well fed and clean and no behaval issues. today the girlfriend of whitey bulger will plead guilty to a federal contempt. catherine greig is serving a 8 year term for helping him avoid capture and the new term is from refusing to tell if anyone else helped them on the 16 year run. the bruins return to the ice. >> and celtics in new york. nick of time. >> call it coldplay carpool karaoke. halftime show performer chris martin goes for a ride with james corden and it's a instant
6:45 am
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or lease f-150 for just $249 a month...just $249... at your new england ford dealers presidents' day sales event. bruins back in action hosting the maim leafs at garden -- maple leafs at the guard. he takes the consider garden. he takes the-- darden. -- garden e takes the shot. and -- he takes the shot. up 3-1 for the black and gold and you think that's good in the third but guess what, doesn't last toronto stages a big time come back force overtime and b's end up falling 4-3.
6:47 am
on knicks last night. c's trailed by 2 at the break. and zeller parked a. sparked a comeback. the green led by 5 after 3 and they didn't look back. turner with the jumper and finished the night with 20points and double, double. c's win this one 97-89. over to football anticipation continues to build for super bowl 50. between the panthers and broncos. out in santa clara california. both teams had hit the practice field today for the first time. wbz is your home for super bowl 50. watch all the action this sunday. starting at 6:30. >> i am pumped. >> can't wait. it's going to be a big one. >> i wish the pats were in it in bring in left over wings on monday. >> maybe i will. >> time for a choser look at what's coming up at 7 on cbs this morning. >> let's check in with gayle king.
6:48 am
sanders about the close fin initial iowan take to the water and air to look at security in place for super bowl number 50. the news is back in the morning. we will see you at 7 on the dot. >> thanks very much. straight ahead it's super bowl sized version of carpool karaoke. cold pray chris marten takes a ride on the wild side with
6:49 am
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[ music ] >> add another music superstar to super bowl 50. lady gaga will sing the national anthem and marlie matalin will perform the song in seen language. and coldplay hits the stage on sunday for the super bowl halftime show. >> and the lead singer hit road with james corden but the road trip edition had a couple of snags. they stopped at moatel to get sleep and when they woke up, the car was gone. >> what are we going to do? >> no way.
6:51 am
[ music ] >> and you can watch coldplayand the super bowl here on wbz this sunday at #:30. looking forward to it. is it bibbing karaoke. >> tandem bike karaoke if one of our cars broke down and we tandem biked to work. >> that might happen. >> that he had good handle on it. >> rain moves in later this afternoon. and we will be in the 50s again tomorrow too. >> sound good thanks. cbs this morning is next on wbz.
6:52 am
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