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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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break news at noon a chelsea building up in flames. a little boy stuck inside. heart pounding rescue ahead. >> a toddler tragedy a roxbury boy dies days after being rushed to the hospital. what we are now learning about his home life and his family's involvement with dcf. >> and counting down to the new hampshire primary less than a week to go. candidates making a big push and the democrats preparing for a showdown tonight. >> and tracking the rain. updated hour by hour forecast and what i am keeping an eye on for the end of the week. >> live from the channel 4
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noon starts right now. breaking news right now at noon a. daring rescue and child pulled from a balcony as fire tears through a chet chelsea building -- chelsea building. scene. good afternoon i am kathrynhauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. two for fighters got hurt but they will be -- firefighters got hurt but they will be okay. susie steimle is at the scene. >> reporter: this has been a active scene since firefighters got the call just after 10 this morning. they say there were two major issues with the fire that trapped inside. large building. and the fire spread very quickly. second of all, a number of tenants didn't believe that this was a real fire at first. >> you know the fire spread emicker -- quicker than crews could control it required four here. >> reporter: three firemen
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rescued at 43 eleanor street. >> we didn't see the child when we pulled up and we sent crews immediately up and they were able to get him out and escorted him out. >> reporter: the spread of the cried wolf. >> so what happens itcally in these buildings, the fear alarms activate frequently and -- typically in these buildings activate frequently. >> it goes off all the time and we don't listen to it. >> reporter: linda lives on the fourth floor and she and everyone else made it out with the exception of someone important to her. >> my cat is up there. of there. quickly remedied. as for where the 60 must soon to tell. as you can see they are working feverishly out here. deputy chief went inside to assess the damage. he believes this started on the
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contractors were working in an empty apartment. as for the status of the building they do believe that it is going to be uninhabitable for the 60 plus people who live here. live in chelsea susie steimle wbz news now back to you. >> turning to the weather now, we are getting ready for the rain. our team tracking showers and locks like it's going to be a wet -- looks like it's going to be a wet ride home from work. >> it's about the timing but the rain will come with mild air. danielle niles joins us -- joins because first look at the forecast. >> it's crazy we talk bahrain storm and warm temperatures on february 3rd. there are areas of snow through central new hampshire and this extends to the mid-atlantic. notice a lot of the rain showers have been focused north and west of the boston. 495 north and west so back through southern new hampshirefrom lawrence and salem and concord and we have light to some moderate pockets
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and when you travel back across the region and through route 2 corridor as well. these showers are going to fill next couple hours. between now and 3 p.m. the rain advances in and temperatures rise so it's gradual process here today. with the temperatures coming in to the 50s and heading into the evening your commute home areas of rain even a few downpours as well and he think the rain will taper off -- i think the rain will taper off somewhat. but there's pockets of wet weather around. right on through the evening and steadier downpours skirting along the south coast during the first part of the overnight. and temperatures continue to rise so it's going to be remack markable warmth and we may approach record highs around midnight and then tomorrow morning, this is the map extremely mild start still in the 50s with pockets of showers and that will taper off toward the tail end of the commute and the linger longest on cape and islands until late morning or
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coming up. get the weather app any time free on the google and apple app stores search it there and get it for free. video is on there too. back to you. >> thanks. developing now, at noon the death of a 3-year-old roxburyboy remains a mystery. investigators are continuing to search for answers. nicole jacobs is hive in roxbury with the latest. the latest. medical examiner has not come back with the cause of death for 3-year-old kani whyte. he was taken from this home on sunday. the second floor there where we are told he was visiting his father. injuries and unfortunately succumbed to the injuries yesterday. you are taking a look at a picture of the toddler. here's what we know so far about the investigation. detectives have been in and out of the home over the course of
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but will only say at this point this is a death investigation. i've been in touch with dct this morning and they will con- - dcf this morning and they won't confirm anymore information than they told us that they are familiar with the family and visited and reported as recently as friday war social worker said he was well issues. and that the department continues to investigate this situation. we did speak with the mayor today regarding yet another tragic death of a child. >> same time you are dealing with a little child and there's so many loving people that would love to be there for a lot of the kids that go through very tragic situations and pass away. and in this case here again, it's too early too premature to comment on dcf involvement or lack of involvement but it is disturbing. >> he was very happy.
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he couldn't harm nobody. doipt understand how anybody can harm him. >> reporter: -- i don't understand how anybody can harm him. >> reporter: and looking live here at the roxbury home, the last voice is a friend of kani's mother we are told. i did speak with dcf as i mentioned, and they will only say again that they are vegging the situation. they do confirm they have this home. we learned that is kani's 5- month-old baby sister. i can tell you the district torn's office -- torn's office is -- attorney's office is also involved in the investigation. nicole jacobs wbz news. break news rand paul ends the -- breaking us, rand paul ends his run for president announcing the decision this morning saying he is turning full attention to his senate reelection campaign. paul finished 5th in iowa.the race for the white house rolls on for the remaining
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>> we are 6 days out for the new hampshire primary having the remaining hopefuls crisscrossing and getting rade for the last-minute town hall. live team coverage for you. both sides of the aisle today we will begin with our jim smith who is with ted cruz jim. >> reporter: kathryn and chris busy up here. as you imagine this morning, and for the balance of the campaignuntil next tuesday's primary election, all of the candidates very, very intently crisscrossing the state. here in henicker at new england college ted cruz held a town meet and let's look at how the morning went for senator cruz. he held the meeting in front of 300 people here and ran down his usual lawnry list of coniser is have ative goals like repealing obamacare and abolishing the irs and likened
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and then he took one more opportunity to revel in the performance in the iowa caucuses. >> we saw a record shattering turn out. as conservatives across the state of iowa came out stood together and put the country on notice the media is not going to pick the next republican nominee or president of the united states. >> reporter: and that was a recurring theme saying the media will not pick the nominee and it will be the people. we the people. a constant theme for senator ted cruz this morning. as for marco rubio he was alsobusy this morning in new hampshire as well in boe the big for marco rudeo was more concerned about rand paul and
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rand paul supporters despite differences between the two, in the field of foreign policy. back out live here at new england college in henker-- henniker, we hope to get reaction a little later on today on rand paul's decision to withdraw from the race. live in hennicker jim smith now back to you. hillary clinton has three campaign stops and town hall tonight. we call out -- caught up with her in derry new hampshire rally in derry. >> so i am going to be out here making my case and answering your questions doing everything i can can to persuade you to come out and vote next tuesday. because i really do believe so
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election and when you strip it away, the most important thing is to prevent the republicans from taking back the white house. >> donald trump back on the republican side spending the day in arkansas. last night he picked up an endorsement from former massachusetts senator scott brown. trump will be back in new ham tomorrow. stay with us throughout primary night we get you closer to the candidates and the issues that are important in this election. breaking news into the newsroom a 20-year-old has been sentenced for who are revving car crash on the ashorway he was given a two year sentence prison. every day an investigators say he was driving almost twice the speed limit when he hit a pickup truck and a teenage riding with him was permanently paralyzed. the father of three driving the
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in a few hours a girlfriend of mob because whitey bulger is expected to plead guilty to a federal contempt charge. catherine greig is serving a center for helping him escape capture. the new charge is for failing to reveal if anyone else helped them on their 16-year-old run. a important message from a family as their former nanny face charges. >> a passenger sucked out of an airplane when an explosion rapes hole mid flight. what we are learning about the terrifying flight. super bowl 50. the news new star set to perform and how it is making a change to the life of one
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. >> new details to tell you about a terrifying flight. a passenger ripped out of a plane in midair when some sort of explosion tore open the side of somalian airliner in the skies over east africa. somalia authorities say so far there is no evidence of criminal activity.
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hole shows signs of a bomb. a nanny is faces charges accused of ripping off the family she worked for. a whalen company says catherine oppen stole jewelry and put their son at risk. they found her on the website now they regret not doing their own background check. >> i caution anyone that's looking for care for their children to do good research. because some of the answers you are looking for are not so easy to find. >> based in waltham closed her account and will ban her from listing services again in the future. >> it's time to check-- >> it's time to check the weather it's february 3rd but we are talking about showers and like popping up in the high 50s. >> by the evening by midnight tonight we may be talking about record high temperatures. so it's certainly not feeling like february out there. >> we are on a roller coaster ride. >> we are. up and down.
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let's go to current temperatures running in the 30s, 40s and 50s so depends where you are. nashua at 34. 41 in lawrence. er will 50s from taunt -- lower 50s from taunton to falmouth. gusty wind are picking up. current wint wind gusts over 20 miles per hour. over 32 from chatham to taunton. we will talk about the wind in a second. the live doppler a lot of southeastern massachusetts finding a band of showers that's still with us. when you get north and west of boston. it makes a curve inside 495. a couple showers inside 128 as well. zoom in a little bit and when you get from whalean -- whelan to nadic. traveling along 95 from georgetown and port and southern new hampshire and there's steadier rain to the west. we have a ways to go and the
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process rising through the 40s into the 50s through the evening midnight 59 is the record to beat. we may come close to it and even tomorrow morning, we are the mid-50s. very warm start to the thursday. now there are areas of snow back across central new hampshire and western and northern maine. so ski country is not all out time around. notice the back j true central yeah. between now and 2 -- opinions vain yeah. >> between now and 2 or 3-- pennsylvania. between now and 2 it may let up. especially towards the tail end of the commute. there will be pockets of light rain and showers and that will be the case into the evening. downpours may consider the along the south -- may skirt along the south coast with downpours overnight as well. wet roads.
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mid to late morning for most of so projectd rainfall, either side of about half an inch 3/4 of an inch. maybe lesser amounts. let's say half an inch to 3/4 of an inch in general from the rain that comes through today and the wind continues to ramp up to gusts 20 to 30 but this evening any of the heavier downpours we may see some gusts exceeding 40 miles per hour because the wind above our head is strong. so any downpour also drag that down to the surface it canly overnight right after midnightcape anlands" could see gusts over 40. i don't anticipate widespread damage. the front stalls off the cost behind and look at that. next wave of low pressure comes up on friday. could be grazed with a little bit of light rain or snow on friday. the weekend is looking great. but keep this on your radar for friday morning. there's a greater risk of picking up maybe a sloppy wet coding to perhaps as much as few inches depending on the
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the road impact is minimal. weekend looks great and tuesday time frame next storm to watch colder air coming in could be a significant storm on tuesday. we will keep you posted. now back to you. >> weekend looks nice but back to reality next week. stuff. >> the throwbacks for airline
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welcome back. friendly skies getting more snack friendly. american airlines says it will offer free cookies and pretzels to passengers on mostic -- ghostics flights in april -- domestic flights in april. today the broncos and panthers hit the practice kneeled and there will be big stars -- field. >> and there will be big stars there. lady gaga will sing naughtsal anthem -- sing the national anthem and marlie matlen will perform it in sign language. >> jamie yuccas shows us a change for a bakery owner. >> reporter: for ten years yvonne hines opened her
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san francisco public. >> don't act up when company is around. we are talking to my brownies. >> reporter: last week she learned the nfl will give her the biggest order of her life. >> i couldn't fumble. i couldn't fumble this. i cannot. >> reporter: 2400 baked goods through the business connect program for on-site meetings. super bowl contracts are worth a lot of dough more than 3 million dollars went to hundreds of san francisco area businesses. and just because super bowl week has started, doesn't mean more orders couldn't come in. >> there are businesses that this week are still submitting invoices and getting contracts last-minute i am getting requests now and so we will tally that up after super bowl. >> reporter: the economic impact from super bowl is often debated but jason with the host committee says the local businesss are hireed it's easy to tally how much they earn. >> are you-- are you rooting >> san francisco.
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because the added business is not just a win for her but for her community. jamie yuccas. >> and wbz is proud to be your home for super bowl 50. catch the action and commercials. right here sunday night starting at 6:30 on wbz. all right. get out the crock pot. >> that's what i am saying. buffalo chicken dip bring it on. >> chicken parm dip i am pumped for that. up next call it puppy love. >> a dog sneaks out and you
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you talk to people that talks fast and has a tough time understanding them. coming up at 5 where massachusetts ranks on the fastest talking states and danielle says she can relate a that. >> yes. >> all right. >> we will get to her in a second. >> she is waiting. >> right. call this next one puppy love. >> a dog sneaks out of the kennel in the middle of the night security video from a canadian pet motel caught maggie heading down the hall into the puppy area to comfort some crying puppies. who had just arrived. the own aer saw it and let them pend the -- spend the night together. >> quickly. >> i got to fill it in. that's the thing i feel like there's so much weather to talk about. rain comes through today.
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weekend looks good lots to watch in the 7-day.
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