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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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brought back jobs from mexico and china. that's john kasich, that's conservative, and that's presidential. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news starts right now. >> our top stories at 5:30 two firefighters are hurt and dozens of people are forced out
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alarm fire at a chelsea apartment building. firefighters also rescued a 3- year-old boy from a balcony. >> also tonight boston police looking for answers in the mysterious death of a 3-year- old boy. investigators spent the past three days collecting evidence from his roxbury home and speaking with his family but so far no arrests in the case. >> and two more republican presidential candidates are out. just days before the new hampshire primary. rand paul and rick santorum is are suspending their campaigns. at 5:30, family members say it's justice serve. families member of two permanently injured people in a horrific crash faced the driverch the man behind the wheel is headed to prison. vetsors say the 20-year-old was driving nearly twice the speed limit when he slammed into a pickup. >> beth germano shois us victim's family members says the sentencing was a long time coming. >> reporter: as nicklas papadopoulos is led out of
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hill serve one year sentence for the crash more than two years ago on the ashorway in jamaica plain that left kevin cellucci unable to sleep or walk e was brought to court as plead for lienencey. >> there's not a day that goes by i don't feel remorseful or wish i could change what happened that day. >> reporter: but the heart wrenching victim impact statements included this video of the cellucci family their three sons and wife tina in happier times and kevin today struggling with mobility. >> kevin has. [audio not understandable] >> reporter: so power if you kevin was taken from the courtroom and the mother of 17- year-old mark who was a passenger that day and now paralyzed blasted papadopoulos for withdrawing a guilty plea and going to trial. >> what about the sentence you imposed to mark he doesn't get a do over does he. >> reporter: alalong papadopoulos has insisted it
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him to swerve just before the accident. prosecutors say he was speeding when his car clipped a median and crashed into a pickup truck driven by cellucci n protest leaving court papadopoulos' father held up a state police map that he says illustrates what happened but the families affected say it's a fair verdict. >> sentences imposed on kevin and mark are life sentence roz a sent ep and -- sentence and 2,000 hours of community service. tonight we are keeping a close eye on the radar. we have rain falling in new england and we can expect pretty heavy down supports tonight. >> reiny and 60 -- reiny and 60 -- rainy and 60 but we are switching over to snow. >> we will start with the rain and warmth that feels like spring outside tonight and temperatures climb as we head through the rest of the night. here's radar. scattered showers some downpours. heaviest rainfall moving up toward the worcester area and providence.
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along 95 as well and shy of 495. timing that out moving to the north and east into the brockton area after 6, quincy 6:21. it's a very wet night. the 50s. warmest temps in the the vicinity of midnight and gusty south wind. miles per hour. the same front is in our hair for a while. it's offshore tomorrow morning start the day. and islands. it stalls out and another wave friday morning. so that will bring in the chance for snowfall to kick off it could impact the commute. it's a sharp edge as the wave moves out to sea and backing england. looks like 2 to 4 inches in southeastern massachusetts. lower for the outer cape and nantucket because it will start as rain lowering totals and a area. i am sure that line is going to
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and the weekend of course coming up in a bit. >> thank you. who is on first, a popular bar outside fenway park is closed for goodch the red sox making that announcement last night at a community meeting. it has been closed since a thanksgiving. red sox officials worked with the city the owners of the bidding and bar operators in coming to the phenyl decision. -- final decision. bill cosby was back in side a courtroom fored second day of a pretrial hearing to get sexual assault charges dropped a woman who claimed he raped her he says he made a deal with the former district attorney to never face charges in the case if he cooperated for deposition. with today's meeting on capitol hill over the water crisis in flint michigan was designed to get answer those absent made it impossible. congress subpoenaed the city manager and he oversaw the
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river in 2014. the river water was not properly treated and it was corrosive and -- corowsive and that made it -- corrosive and that made it possible to leak through the pipes and contaminate the drinking water. >> they continue to tell everyone the water was safe. >> in retrospect government should have done more. >> the governor of michigan is cooperating with the investigation and will propose a 30 million dollar rebate for residents who say they shouldn't have to pay for water they can't drink. tonight the university of connecticut is facing some backlash over its plans for a new dorm. the school is building a space that is for african american men. it will be called the scholars housley will -- which will have room for 40 students. the goal is to raise retention rates but some say it amounts to segregation and school leaders disagree. >> it's a space for african american men to one to come together and validate their
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number two it's a space where they can have conversation and talk with individuals who come from the same background who share the same experience. >> the scholars house will be in a building with hundreds of other students and those living there will need to apply. fall. how about this, good newsfrom jimmy carter tonight saying new scans show no sign of cancer. of course last year doctors die know-- diagnosed him with melanoma in the liver and brain and while the cancer is no long are detectable he says he plans to continue his treatment. the mystery surrounding a death thought to have -- desk thought to have belonged to president kennedy is tabled and the desk is on display again at jfk library. someone who thought kennedy used it in school geaive it to the library in the -- gave it to the library in the 70s and when they found out it was not jfk it went into storage. the history is unclear but it's part of the new exhibit with a new description.
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there is a change at the top of the cbs cbs corporation announcing l-es miewn vest is elected the next chairman of cbs replacing sumner redstone who resigned yesterday and appointed chairman and cb is s is the parent company of wbz. do you talk so fast that people have a hard time understanding you. >> next time tell people in other states to talk faster. how many other states? where we rank coming up. >> where's the cheese? tonight mcdonald's mozzarella sticks are the focus believe it or not of a multi million dollar lawsuit. >> then we all know patriots arenot playing in the super bowl but gronk is in california. how he used an appearance on late night tv to make a patriots dream come true.
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the bz feed the saying is crime doesn't pay.
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could put money in your pocket. >> leaders in washington, d.c. voted unanimously to pass a bill that pays people not to commit crimes. they have identified 200 people a year they say they considerate risk of committing a violent crime. >> if they complied behaval therapy and other -- behavioral therapy and other programs they will get paid but in a similar program california participants received up to 9,000. >> that's incentive. >> what do you think you basically pick out people who you think will cause trouble and say stay out of trouble and we will give you 9 grand. >> and a number of places are trying this. maybe the jury is not in whether or not it works but. >> isn't it your job as human to stay out of trouble. >> it should be but it's not that easy in mcdoubled donald's facing a class action -- mcdonald's faces a class action lawsuit over mozzarella sticks. >> mcdonald's say they are real cheese and mozzarella but a california man claims they
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we have seen dozens of social media posts from people who say the sticks no cheese. the 5 million dollar lawsuit claims the filler is causing the cheese to suddenly disappear. >> so people didn't take the cheese out they are saying itdisappeared in it disappeared. maybe mcdonald's is say you take it and fill it up with your cheese. >> lake a cup -- like a cup for cheese. have you been called a motor mouth? massachusetts residents are the fastest talkers in the country. >> analyst came up with ravenings and they are post online. number one this is hard to believe oregon followed by minnesota and massachusetts kansas and iowa. surprisingly, new york ranked 38th? and the slowest talkers are insouth carolina louisiana and mississippi. >> i believe it. we talk pretty fast. >> we do. >> we drive fast.
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>> seinfeld had the low and high talk are but not the fast talker. >> close look talker. >> good point. when we return aerosmith front man starring in a super bowl commercial. >> seinfeld is my favorite. let's look at weather watchers network. tonight temperatures up through the 50s and very warm evening and the rain is stacking up. especially in new hampshire brian in belmont over a inch and dave in temple started with freezing rain and now regular rain. the forecast is coming newspapercoming up tonight at 10, controversy on the campaign trail. ted cruz accused of fraud and dirty tricks. his gop rivals lashing out and the bay state ranking low in a list of places to get married. the reason why we are left to
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tonight the rains are coming done across new england. we want to give you a live look outside in boston. a pretty picture of the city isn't it? >> lovely on a not that lovely night. >> right. >> warming up outside and we have shown you extremes with the blizzard conditions and whatnot. you've got something we have never seen. >> this is wild. our producer showed this to me and i was like we have to air it. water falls appearing to flow backwards. >> oh, boy. >> some water is making its way down but the strong winds from storm henry is pushing the water and spray. >> where is that. >> in the uk i believe scotland. >> beautiful. >> unbelievable. >> looks like a geyser. >> 90-mile-per-hour winds. quite a sight that happens every once in a while. for those who have wondered about winter storm name in the united states. they have been naming storms in europe for years and years and that was henry. so it's interesting. not quite that windy but gusty
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rain up until the crown of maine where you run into know fall. but lawrence is up 53. port smith at 46. and we will make a run towards 60 degrees before the night is overch the question is if it happens before midnight boston's record is 59 and think we will tie it. worcester's record is 57 and we will come close to it on the hills. a mild spring like rain across the region and it didn't look too ominous. a try spell but heavier rain off to the west in and around wore store and it's -- wore store. and -- worcester. right in the city of worcester pretty good downpours and might be a fuel rumble of thunder and lightning strikes and temperatures will keep climbing. everyone is in the 50s heading later into the night. manchester and keene breaking the 50 cogee mark. on and off down -- degree mark. on and off downpour.
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like spring but it's going to be muggy and temps way up into the 50s. clouds and a few showers tomorrow morning. especially towards the cape and islands. and heading towards the afternoon. drier air will start to punch in and especially for those of you in central massachusetts a good chance of sunshine. winds very gusty peak gusts at30 to 45 miles per hour. isolated damage here and there but a spring like evening. winds will calm down heading into tomorrow morning. so once the front passes, our peak gusts will drop back tomorrow morning not as much wind. overall a spring pattern for now. but we transition to winter. heading into thursday. >> i colder air -- colder air supports down to the north. and after midnight rain comes back west. be a as we head into the morning hours -- and as we head into the morning hours on friday the colder air flips us to snowfall especially in southeastern massachusetts.
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the type that has a lot of moisture content in it and it moves back offshore heading into friday afternoon. a tricky back edge situation here. where is that line going to be? right now going a coating to 2 in boston north shore and westward to about # 95. that behind may have to move south and east or north and west over the next 24 hours. best chance for accumulating snowplows in the road and around buzzard's bay and the outer cape will have too much rainfall to to see bigger totals a coating to two inches there. drying out kelly friday afternoon. a peaceful weekend if you are traveling. low to mid-40s. the next system is a complicated setup next week especially for tuesday. another coatal tomorrow could form a that'ss story line for the primary. it's something we have to watch over the next few days. here's the seven-day forecast. after the spring tonight and
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weekend to enjoy and take in the super bowl on sunday perhaps. next week is colder so the spell of unusual warmth is going to go away for a bit. >> a return to reality. thank you. the late night talk shows are having fun ahead of super bowl 50. ron gronkowski stopped by to see conan o'brien. >> he wanted to bring him a gift from the nfl shop but had trouble. >> can i get one of those? [ music ] >> not grofng worthy. >> yeah. >> gronk seemed to enjoy testing out the gifts and making a mess. >> yeah. >> gronk seemed to enjoy testing out the gifts and making a mess. not sure how that worked out buthe settled on a stuffed monkey to give to conan. so there you go. he doesn't do that around the house and spike everything. did he give a lucky audience
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bowl 50 who happened to be wearing a patriots t-shirt i think it's more than >> that's fitting. nice. david we are getting a sneak peek at some of the big super bowl commercials. one ad for skitels features steven tyler. >> mr. tyler your skitels portraits. >> that's e to the z twidelly d sing. dream on >> higher. >> dream on. >> i think a little higher. >> dream on. >> pretty good. >> i like the lips don't move. well you don't have to have a bunch of beng minimums to go see hamilton. >> the one place you will be able to see a performance from the hit broadway show without going broke. >> and tonight at 6, covering of the new -- coverage of the new hampshire primary just getting started.
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this is great we found out the cast of the hottest show on broadway will perform live at the grammys. [ music ] [ music ] waiting in the wings never back down >> hail i willton cast is nominated for the best fuse rail recording performing the performance during the grammy it's the first time a grammy per-- performance will be broadcast via satellite. it's monday february 15th here on wbz. can't wait. we have much more ahead. the news at 6 starts now.
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studios in boston, wbz news at 6 starts right now. >> and now at 6, the sprint is on. >> god bless the great state of new hampshire. >> i will be out here making my case. >> that's why we have some momentum. >> we can't win if we are divided. >> i think we will finish first. >> less than a week to go in until the now ham sure -- new hampshire primary. paula is coming up in a moment. but first, we are closelywatching heavy rain at thissa-- as it moves through. the rain has been coming down for hours causing minored. >>ing in the area. making the roads wet and timing of the storm not great for the evening commute. let's give you a look at what it looks like outside. also the traffic maps if we can because you will see the rain
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here. nothing but red. north of town and on the pike route 1 eric you have been keeping ion on the storm and possibly snow as well by the end of the week. >> from spring to snow heading through the next couple days. we will start with the spring. tonight we are in the 50s rain moving its way through. and heaviest right now in the worcester area and moving farther east where we are approaching boston which has been in a dry spell. heaviest rainfall in foxboro and seeing the downpours along i-95 and walpol streets and he wouldn't be -- wall-- walpole. franklin up 495 and milford heavy rain all getting in on the action. a slow ride as we head through the next few hours. temperatures continuing to move up. keene at 5 #. and boston at 55. -- 5 5 #. and boost -- 54 and boston at 55. hour by hour, warming towards
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