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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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would be a a new record high if we see it before midnight in boston. we are looking at conditions in the city at 55 degrees. we will see the downpours continue heading through tonight. as we look towards friday morning a. chance for some snowfall here not a huge event but something to track. full details on this coming up short thely. thank you. you can keep track of the rain with the cbs boston weather app free in the google and apple app stores. we have breaking news in the bill cosby case the judge saying bill cosby's sexual assault case can now go forward. cosby's lawyers are trying to get sexual assault charges dropped. a woman claims the comedian raped her in 2004. cosby says he made a deal with the former da to never face charges in the case if he cooperated for a deposition but the judge will not uphold that. now back to the race for the white house as candidates
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battle in new hampshire. paula ebben is live in manchester tonight. and paula the campaign for son now over and kicking into high gear for others. >> reporter: yes. very bessy day. campaigning in full swing at this point all of the front- runners except donald trump had events here in new hampshire today and there's thinning of the crowd on the republican side. there are reports former pennsylvania senator rick santorum will announce tonight on fox news he is suspending his race for the presidency. santorum ran for the republican nomination in 2012 but fell short getting support. rand paul also ended his run this morning for office he says he is now going to turn his full attention to the the senate reelection campaign. paul finished in 5th place in iowa and for the candidates who
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next 6 days they are crucial and each of them trying connect with voters like campaigning the red arrow and ahead of the crucial new hampshire primary and we are all over the state let's begin with jim smith who is following the republican race in goffstown new happen sure tonight. >> reporter: hi donald trump is not in the state tonight as you mentioned. in fact he is campaigning in arkansas of all places. but his opponents ted cruz and marco rubio they are here. and cruz is taking direct aim at trump. the media crush followed ted cruz to goffstown where he was needling up trump for passing up the last debate. >> the people of new hampshire a eagerly awaiting the news whether donald will join us he skipped iowa and lost god bless
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>> reporter: at a town meeting event cruz continued the conservative tone. >> if i am elected president, we will repeal every word of obamacare. >> reporter: marco rubio was just as active wednesday aiming hess rhetoric at democrats. >> we cannot afford to lose the election. we cannot afford to wake up in november to the news that we have a president named bernie sanders or president named hillary clinton. >> reporter: and escorting supporters of rand paul who now dropped out of the race. >> we would love to have everybody's support and would work hard to earn some of the support of the people that were helping him. >> reporter: and despite all of the rhetoric today the polls still show donald trump with a substantial lead up here but chances. he is going to be right back here in the granite state tomorrow. live in goffstown new hampshire jim smith. paula. >> reporter: jim it's going to heat up day after day now at
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thanks very much and tonight the democratic candidates take their campaigns to derry where at the opera house and face-off and christina hager is live tonight with that part of the coverage. christina. >> reporter: -the democratic side we are down to 2 candidates coming off that close call in iowa and now bernie sanders with the lead in the polls here in new hampshire hillary clinton spent the day trying to close the gap. >> so i am going to be out here making my case. >> reporter: hillary clinton admits she is on bernie sanders' new england home turf but with aschedule packed with selfies and babies she want to win over democrats whose hearts with are with sappedders. >> there's talk about whether voters will vote with their head or heart. let me ask you to vote with both. >> reporter: shooting survivor
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says she is the best candidate to beat republicans. >> he has a little edge but i think as we progress with the campaign that she will pull through. >> reporter: sanders spent the morning out of state with an evening news conference at union hall in concord. on cbs this morning he sound like he is not taking the new hampshire edge for granted. >> we are focusing on new hampshire where we are working really really hard to try to win that primary. >> reporter: both now expected here at derry opera house for a democratic candidate town hall event. in a few hours and a late ad both candidates agree to another debate in durham tomorrow night. christina hager wbz news now back to you. >> reporter: thanks and thisexcited young people in both parties. many vieting -- voting for the
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here in new hampshire. >> really exciting especially being a new hampshire resident we will see everyone come here. >> reporter: candidates flocked to the granite state and most of them make more than one visit here to the college in manchester many if you are a first time voter this school is the place to be. >> new hampshire is the way the become president and it's awesome to be a part of that. >> i think it's important for everyone to vote and get their better. >> my first time voting and i live in new hampshire and i get to set the tone. >> reporter: so the last republican debate will be held at saturday night and that should help some of the young first time voters make up their mind along with a lot of- decided voters in new hampshire. for now live from the red arrow in manchester where people are coming in camera crews are all over the place. now back to you in the studio. >> interesting. people are not always excited about politicians but there's something about the process that has people excited.
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in a bit. starting tomorrow night at 11, see the results of a wbzumass amherst poll. detectives are not saying how a 3-year-old boy found in serious condition at a roxbury apartment died. we are learning that kani whyne was with his stepmother and other family members and that's when they found him with life-threatening injuries on alpine street in roxbury and dcf had been involved with the family. >> we are told-- do we have the interview. >> this this case it's too early and too premature to work on dcf's involvement or lack of involvement but it's disturbing. >> he was a very happy so i brant young baby. and i don't understand how
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>> dcf and a caseworker recently reported the child was clean was well fed and had no behavioral issues. investigators now waiting on autopsy results to try to understand how kani died. a young boy in need of a rescue trapped and in trouble inside a burning building. still to come tonight, the concerning reason why the boy and others may have been inside the building. plus ramping up security ahead of the super bowl. federal officers say they are not taking any chances when it comes to keeping fans safe. and injured hockey player denna laing shows off incredible improvement in a new video. we will show you come up. coming up. d. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent... can't wait. the single mom who desperately needs a raise... can't wait. the student with a mountain of debt can't wait. we can make real progress,
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now at 6 a race to rescue a little boy trapped inside a burning apartment building in chelsea. bree sison is live on the crone and the -- scene and the fire was moving fast and firefighters were moving fast.
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they raised it to 4 alarms within minutes this morning. and they said the fire got into the walls and into the floors and ceilings. and they had to move quickly. >> i need ems right away on the street. i got two firefighters down. >> reporter: that's a call no firefighter wants to hear. only one firefighter was taken to the hospital with a sprained wrist and a broken wrist. but the crews made an important save in this eleanor avenue build nothing we removed a 3- year-old child trapped above the fire on the fourth floor balcony. >> reporter: a kid came down not by fire lad are but the inside stairwell and he may have been with his dad looking for clothes. >> we never go out you know. >> reporter: everyone else made it out and officials say they determined the cause was a plumber's torch used on the third floor. >> firefighters were doing a good job like they always do. >> the fire got into the wall
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>> reporter: the damage is extensive too. there are 24 apartments and contractors boarded up quite a few of the windows. they are here at this hour. red cruet is assisting the families who don't have a place to go tonight. live in chelsea bree sison wbz news. we have truss in the -- temperatures in the high 50s and rain coming down this feels like a late march and it's crazy. >> it's been bizarre. people have been sending in pictures of honey bees out and about and bulbs coming up again and rim nines nighsent to -- reminiscent to late dues and all the way -- december and all the i'll all the way to the crown. heavy rain along the pike 495 and if anyone is out there on the way home expect they will to be late. so heaviest rainfall along marlboro and 495 and pike enterchange and natick and framingham and towards boston
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heavier rainfall along the expressway. and into randolph and weymouth and braintree plight and wet spring like day. we will make a run at 60 in few towns before things wrap up tonight and that's g's going toget us close to record territory we may able to tie in worcester and boston. stronger gusts above 30 miles per hour. plymouth one of the peak gust up to 36 and the winds will continue tonight out of the south southeast some of the strongest winds could reach 45 miles per hour and it will be with us until early tomorrow morning. and as we head towards tomorrow morning, it switches more southwesterly and the peak gusts will die down a little bit so less of a story by the time you wake up tomorrow. in terms of the rain heaviestover the next few hours and more showerery for the rest of the night. in and out of rain showers and clouds very mild feel and still showers tomorrow morning especially for the southeastern part of the state. by the afternoon, working in at
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especially west of boston best chance of brightening skies and the temperatures are way up above average again tomorrow. most towns well into the 50s and in fact the actual high temps are going to be at midnight tonight. but they won't be dropping all that much. we are watching the same front that moves through tonight and it comes back at us. the on thursday night, initially it's warm outside still and this moves in as rain but quickly a colder air drains in and we switch over to snow. especially in the southeastern part of the state, and this could cause issues for the friday morning commute. and it would be a heavy wet snow temperatures right near freezing if not a little above that. and all that would scoot back out on friday afternoon. so winter storm watches have been posted by the weather service and the likely have a chains change to advisories and warnings including plymouth to cape and martha's vineyard and south coast. we are thinking about 2 to 4 inches of wet snowfall coming down and south shore down to the vineyard into the mid cape and outer cape to nantucket
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rainfall cutting down on amounts and coating to two on the north shore and down to the boston area and reaching over into providence. still time for the lines to move aa little here but the best chance of accumulating snow is in the south eastern part of the state. being a you weather 7-day chillier air. low to mid-40s and bright skies. next week we are keeping a eye on a coatal store. -- storm -- coastal storm. >> feels like san francisco weather speaking of let's go over to leb and reid to find out what's happening. >> everyone in somebody fran is wearing overcoats. -- everybody in san francisco is wearing overcoasts. don't find yourself in the middle of a prostitution ring. ryan murphy didn't get the memo. he was detanned by police as part of a sting in san jose. broncos sent him home and head coach kubiak has quickly moved on.
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it's been dealt with and whoa moved on. i dealt with it yesterday and disappointed for the young man but you know we are focused on what we have to do football wise and going to work this morning with the immediateings getting into the routines and we moved on. >> meanwhile it's a miracle peyton manning is playing. his body is in shamble we know about the weak arm and foot scrry also his doctor told him it's going to get worse. -- injury but also his doctor told him it's going to get worse. >> you are probably headed for a hip replacement at a certain time in your life and i said dock i didn't ask you and didn't need to know that at age 37 but thanks for sharing i look forward to that day. >> think peyton needs a new doctor. manning has not thrown a interception in the playoffs but panthers linebacker luke kuechly has two pick sixs this post season. cam newton says the work ethic rubbed off a on him from the
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>> luke is a fun person to be around and he is a ultimate professional. he is the -- as a matter of fact he he put so much pressure on me when he first got here staying late and watching extra film and making sure that everyone on the defensive side knows what they are doing and for me watching, it was -- it was competitive envy now is i grew wanes like danger gets it -- grew and i was like danger gets it. >> on sunday at 6:30, our steve burton is in the bay area for the game. his live reports start tonight at 11. celtics news the teams will deal or buy out lee by the trade deadline on february 18th. lee has not played in the last 1 games after falling out with a rotation. today the head coach says he is not worried about the trade rumors. >> we are all like listening
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figure out what's real and whatnot but not putting a lot of stock into it until someone knocks on our door. if danny wants to talk to me abouting -- about something he knows where to find me. >> they hot host the pistons tonight -- they host the pistons to be the. >> scott pelley joins because preview for the cbs evening news. >> great to be with you in boston. donald trump said today that the iowa caucus vote was stolen by ted cruz and he wants a do over. we will look at trump's prospects in new hampshire and the dust with up ted cruz and the rest of the world news all coming up on the cbs evening news in 10 minutes. >> and we will be watching scott thanks you. still to come she was badly injured during the women's outdoor classic but weeks
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underway for super bowl 50 and with the terror attacks in paris and san bernardino, on everyone's mind still federal agents are stepping up security. c about s tarry okita has the latest from san francisco. >> reporter: hfly armed officers are very visible at super bowl events this week. the san francisco bay area is expected a million visitors and keeping everyone safe has been
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state and local police agencies. >> the number one mission in special events is prevent acts of terrorism. >> reporter: on the ground, in the water, and in the air. police are using high tech equipment to search for explosives and watch out for any suspicious activity. >> put eyes on any one within the 30 nautical mile rateous. >> reporter: intelligence and data funnels to the fbi center not far from levi stadium. where police agencies can instantly share information. authorities admit suspects acting on their own are a concern. >> it's all about identifying the lone wolf before he or she acts. >> reporter: super bowl organizers say they want tight security but not so overwhelming that it becomes intimidating for fans. >> it maximum you feel safe but like you are in a foreign country. >> reporter: on super bowl sunday, 70,000 will pass the stadium -- pack stadium.
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credible threat but they are take no chances with the safety of fans and players on the nfl's biggest day of the year. teri okita cbs news san francisco. >> wbz so proud to be the home of super bowl 50. catch the action and the commercials here sunday starting at 6:30. and still to come keeping a close eye on the sky. the rain coming down on the evening commute. this is the view of the expressway. boy i expected it to be a lot worse. but how about the know heading or way.
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well before we go a quick check of the weather. >> rain moving through this evening. so slow travel if you out there heaviest rain is over next few hours.
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colder air moves in on thursday night and start snowfall in southeastern massachusetts and more coming up tonight at 11. >> thanks levan thank you see you back here at 11.
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