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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking right now, pouring rain and gusty winds causing the problems tonight. the same systems bombing severe weather down south. the strong winds knocking down trees and leaving thousands in the dark in massachusetts. >> the storm at one point knocked out power for 14,000 people. >> once we clean up, we will get a blast of winter weather. eric fisher is tracking at all tonight. >> there is a lot going on. look at some of the reports. rockport, a more exposed area just gusted to 65 miles per hour. was of our gusts have between
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per hour. if you look at the map, it's been an interesting night. most reports haven't been all that terribly high but many of wind howling. the winds saying strong -- staying strong and the winds overnight. the focus after midnight will island. strong winds will linger. out of the south until tomorrow morning. we could see a few more power outages in those spots before all those gusts become a lot more manageable. the other story is the rain. we have seen hefty amounts out there. thrust of the rain is now shifting south and east. that will be winding down in about two hours. that's the rain part. temperature wise, way up into the 50s and it will still be in the 50s with a couple leftover showers out the day tomorrow morning. another want david after this, we are talking snow for friday
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we're tracking dozens of reports of downed trees and as you mentioned, thousands of power outages. >> tule won is live in lines where homeowners were hit the hardest.>> reporter: firefighters pretty much have this under control but at one point, this fire was really going in lawrence. it happened when a limb from not large tree to the left of the house came crashing down and fell on the suv in the driveway but it also took down some power lines. those powerlines hit the side of the house started sparking and eventually the entire house went up. there were several people inside at the time, everyone fortunately did make it out okay. several pets had to be rescued. winds were up words of 40-50 miles per hour went this all happened.
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then boom,. >> reporter: fortunately, a really scary incident but everyone is okay. one firefighter was transported but he seems to be fine. he was alert and conscious when he was taken away. the home is a total loss. the residents will unfortunately have to find a new place to stay. we have more breaking not -- news on the north shore. another house fire, this one on banks road. firefighters say the fire is under control. national bridge is responding but crews are warning the power could go off again in this area as they were to clear that scene. two people were rushed to the hospital after a house fire. these injuries not considered life-threatening. it happened shortly after power was restored in the area. getting a little testy for
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in new hampshire. ted cruz coming back hard against donald trump expect really dishonest. >> this is lori's ----- as bernie sanders. >> ted cruz, donald trump throwing political punches despite being miles apart. >> katie brace is live in nashville where ted cruz took on trump's your accusations. >> >> reporter: ted cruz's last event wrapped up about an hour and a half ago. while he and trump continued to trade barbs, i spoke with a lot of undecided voters who are fed up with it. >>reporter: ted cruz attracted several hundred voters to his town hall meeting in nashua. >> i don't think people are interested in a temper tantrum
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ted cruz his campaign sent out a tweet saying ben carson had dropped out, which was untrue. they later said it was a misunderstanding. donald trump went on the attack. trump campaigned in arkansas today. >> voter fraud. these politicians approval. >> reporter: in nashua, many undecided voters were looking for more. >> tired of all the back and forth. we would like to see his leadership on stage. >> reporter: marco rubio also sent the day campaigning. >> barack obama wants to change america, he wants it to be more like the rest of the world. >> reporter: voters like this couple plan to see the mall. what are you looking for to sway your mind? >> i'm not sure. candidates. >> how they conduct themselves.>> reporter: ted cruz has four events scheduled here in new hampshire.
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>> they are all busy. the republican field is less crowded tonight though. former pennsylvania rick santorum suspended his campaign and said he will endorse marco rubio. >> rand paul also out. he ended his presidential campaign thing he will now focus on running for reelection. to the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders took questions from voters at a town hall forum. >> ken macleod picks up our >> reporter: tonight's town hall meeting at the dairy upper house has just wrapped up. as you mentioned, each candidate fielding questions for an hour or so and they continued a verbal spat that began to take shape about four hours ago. when a campaign staffer fainted, bernie sanders was in the middle of facing criticism that
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>> as disappointed yesterday. it was kind of a low blow. >> reporter: that was hillary clinton's response to center's sarcastically calling her progressive on sundays and then pasting her for taking campaign money from wall street and super pacs wealthy only takes small donations from individuals. >> he is not beholden to the special interests. >> at a wide-ranging town hall meeting in derry, the progressive debate popped up again. >> i was somewhat amused today that sanders has set himself up as a gatekeeper of progressiveness. >> i do not know i progressive with a super pacs who takes $15 million from wall street. >> reporter: down 30 points in polls, some clinton advisers suggested she back often new hampshire and focus more on the next primary stops but she was determined to narrow the gap. >> i have to tell you, i just could not ever skip new hampshire. >> reporter: as for his swipe
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sanders offered this? >> there's nothing wrong with people who are moderate. some of my best friends are moderate. >> reporter: tomorrow night, they will lock horns in an actual debate at the university of new hampshire and we are now told both camps have agreed to several more debates. stay with wbz news. we will bring you the latest developments in new hampshire and get you closer to the candidates and issues in this presidential race. developing news from the irs. a computer glitch is forcing the agency to actually stop accepting returns are filed over the internet at least until tomorrow. you can continue to file through tax preparers, but those companies will have to hold your returns if they are e- filing. also developing, a judge has denied bill cosby's request to drop criminal charges against him. the comedian is accused of
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2004 and his lawyers argued that the da at the time promised not to prosecute cosby if he gave a deposition. well, the judge dismissed their argument late today so the case does move forward. detectives investigating a little boy's death in roxbury want to know what happened between a welfare check on the child friday and the emergency call about his injuries 48 hours later. police say he was with his mother and other relatives on friday night. he was found with traumatic injuries. what kind, we don't know. governor baker says his administration is doing everything possible to get to the bottom of what happened. >> as a parent, my heart sinks on that stuff back our view at this point is cooperate aggressively and fully as we can with the district attorney. >>reporter: the caseworker reported that he was clean and well fed with no behavioral issues. investigators are now
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a little boy rescued from a burning apartment building in he is find tonight. firefighters guided him down a helping 24 families all displaced by the fire. a firefighter is recovering whitey bulger's girlfriend silence. catherine greig pleaded guilty to a federal contempt charge refusing to tell investigators if anyone else helped her and whitey bulger while they were on the run. she is already see the -- serving an eight year prison bulger hide. the excitement is building for super bowl 50 in california. >> it's the golden anniversary for footballs biggest game in the fans i pointed the bay area. steve burton just arrived in san francisco for us. he is live tonight. >> thank you very much. new york is the city that doesn't sleep but neither will san francisco tonight. we are insuperable city. the stadium is not 55 miles from here in santa clara but here in san francisco is where all the action is.
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francisco and all eyes will be on a san francisco treat. if the nfl's 50th anniversary of the super bowl. fans are fired up. radio row was swamped. it was already jampacked. former patriots like rodney harrison were inside, outside. security was in full force everywhere you looked. all systems go all the way around except one thing was missing. the patriots. >> i think the got the long teams here because the patriots should be here. we know that. >> oh you think they should? >> denver won that game. as much as i would love the patriots to be here, they earned that game. they flat-out beat the patriots but. >>reporter: you got is a plan behind us, players fooling around with the fans. it's just a fun atmosphere to be in.
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more coming up in sports. >> i kind of wish the patriots were there. this is an incredible streak for one fan. he has been to all 50 super bowl >> larry j concern is one of three people who has been to the -- to all games. he is now aiming for 100 straight. sunday's game is one expensive tickets. that brings us to our number of the night, $5020 is the average list price for a ticket to super bowl 50. wbz is proud to be your super bowl station. we will give you live reports from california right up to the big game. coming up next, frightening new details after an explosion on board a flight. >> why investigators believe somebody actually snuck out of that airplane. developing news on the zika virus. the health emergency that was
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we will show you how aging boomer presidential candidates are getting a taste of their
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about the zika virus. florida's governor has declared a health emergency in four counties including miami-dade. at least nine cases of the confirmed in florida. this is a virus that can lead to birth defects in babies who are born with smaller brains. all mine people who are sick in florida recently traveled to latin america or to the caribbean. >> the bottom line for the public in the continental u.s. remains the same. if you're pregnant and thinking of traveling to a place with -- where zika is spreading, don't. >> today, the u.s. expanded the including jamaica. after saying a first known
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now saying they believed one person was sucked out of that playing in a midair explosion over somalia. it happened 11,000 feet have been the air. that one passenger is missing. severe weather hitting parts of the south again tonight. take a look at this. this is new video from georgia. so far, this system has spurned a six tornadoes and cost thousands of dollars. >> it has been a rough weather not for a lot of people including us. >> power outages tonight. we still have thousands without power and pretty gusty winds out there. >> we've got the rain, temperatures that make it feel like the end of april. time is ticking away here. we forgot a few more minutes. we're going to come just shy of a record in worcester by a degree or two but it's very warm outside. 590 in lawrence and new bedford. we have had a lot of wind these strong southerly winds racing up the eastern seaboard.
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remain today. everyone has been commenting about the wind tonight. thank you for all the reports. we have seen a lot of issues with flames and trees, gone but a lot of stations haven't been to impressive. our peak tests have been between 45 and 50 miles per hour. i think the saturated ground is probably the culprit as to why this has been a higher impact event. usually these costs don't produce as many problems. strong winds went south of boston after midnight. we focus on the south shore, the pate -- the cape in the islands. as we head into tomorrow morning, those wind gusts are going to calm down regionwide so the risk of any power outages will decrease. many will be chasing their trash cans in the morning. rain wrapping up down across the cape. the back edge is in plymouth. it's working it's way down toward buzzards bay. this wraps up in about 90 minutes or so but still a couple lingering showers for
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here is a look at the hour by hour. warm temperatures stay all night long and all day long tomorrow. in the 50s come still pretty muggy tomorrow. best chance of showers tomorrow morning is the cape in the islands, the best chance of sun tomorrow is west of boston, especially during the afternoon. it will be limited that noticed the temperatures ranked 200 above normal for this year. now, tomorrow night, incomes the cold and introduce a winter storm watch for yourself massachusetts. our weather is stranger than fiction. the same storm moving offshore tomorrow will come back at us tomorrow night. it starts as rain around midnight but it will flip into snow as the colder air takes control, especially from the boston area south and east we could see hefty snow during friday morning's drive in particular boston for the south. that should slow things down friday morning.
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a heavy, wet snowfall. two to 5 inches including the immediate north shore and boston, all areas south and east, a little over for the outer cape in nantucket. i think the rain holds on a little bit longer and a coating or two to the i-95 corridor -- corridor. stay tuned for any updates. i think tomorrow, those lines will shift. we get rid of the weather trauma for the weekend. temperatures in the low to mid- 40s, dry conditions and bright skies saturday and sunday. next week, it's all about winter making a comeback. watching a potential storm on tuesday which could have implications for primaries in new hampshire and cold all next week. you just knew that had to come after today. >> it couldn't last forever. from 45-year-old marco rubio to 74-year-old bernie sanders to candidates for president really cover a lot of generational ground. >> as jon keller explains, the so-called generation gap is a
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>> reporter: we saw this in the caucus results monday night when younger voters mostly turned their backs on the older baby-boom generation candidates. every time you turn on your tv your laptop, you can see generation gap politics on display. >> john, i come from the 60s, a long time ago. >> this election better be about the future, not the past. >>reporter: this marco rubio added draws a comparison with hillary clinton but also helps set him apart from the 50 and 60 something -- some things crowding the field. >> this is a generational choice. we have americans who owe thousands of dollars for a degree that doesn't lead to a job.>> reporter: that helped younger voters mahbub among younger voters. >> i do appreciate the way young people are standing up. >> reporter: the battle for younger voters on the
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but battle -- an uphill battle for 68-year-old clinton. >> reporter: even though he is six years her senior, bernie sanders into establishment rhetoric is bridging the generation gap far more effectively, beating clinton by more than five to one among under 30 iowa caucus goers. >> how are all of you planning on engaging us further in this election? >> reporter: and her off -- in her attempts to close the gap are often out of touch. >> she seems very impressed. will the generation gap be a key factor in who gets the major party nominations? that all comes down to who can walk the high wire and cross that gap and who can't. tomorrow night at 11:00, an exclusive preview from the umass amherst poll tracking the candidates in these last days before the new hampshire primary. next in spots, we are live
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bowl. and to the celtics do it again? sports highlights straight
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reporter: when watching the
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them struggle to keep a lead or a close game where the go back and forth right to the end? the answer? who cares as long as they win? marcus smart, passes to crowder and that's how you finish. crowder had 12 points. later in the second, isaiah thomas for three. up 20 at the break. evan turner, another big second half for the green. check out this shot. barnum and bailey has nothing on him. 14 points, six rebounds and five assists. only four shots but all of them were three. with just under a minute to go, his fourth triple to seal the deal. they go on to beat the pistons 102-95. college basco, boston college and virginia tech taking on the
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eagles. the virginia guard center with a game-high 27 five for the land of three, the cavaliers beat the eagles 51-60 -- 61-57. reporter: time to talk super bowl 50. four days away and our own steve burton is in san francisco with the latest on the big game. >> reporter: thank you. i wish you and dan roach were with me. we are at super bowl city. fans are still piling in. there is a zip line behind us. i wish i could say -- stay up is applying because they are having a ball here. fans are wondering if tom brady is going to show up. don't forget, this is his area. you see a lot of joe montana jerseys but will tom brady? it was college signing day. the question is, will he show up?
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teammates. should he be here? >> i would like to see brady here because he deserves it. he deserves to be recognized and all the people that love and support tom brady, it's not just you are doing it for yourself but all the people that have supported you. if he has prior commitments, i can understand that but i would love to see them personally to say hello. >> should he be here for the 50th anniversary? >> i see what you're saying. he has a right to go do his own thing. i don't think he has any obligation to be here and represent the patriots even that's the 50th anniversary. i don't think he has to have a role in that. >> reporter: time will tell but we have some fans showing up all the way from boston. we are well represented out here. 49 years ago, the average super bowl ticket price, $10. now, they are going for about
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