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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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right now at 4:30 wendy weather causing damage across the state. downed power lines spark fires. >> winter storm watches are in effect tracking a round of snow. how it will impact your friday morning commute. >> campaign 2016 the battle for new hampshire. clinton and sanders scare off and two republicans drop out three others are in a dispute in voting in iowa. >> trouble at the irs, the computer glitch impacting electronic tax returns. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning.
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thanks for being with us i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. we want to get you over to danielle. we have a wild night of weather. >> it was wild last night and we have gusts up to 60 miles per hour and we are tracking the next round of rain and snow coming in. winter storm watches from 1 a.m. to # p.m. tomorrow. it tonight include boston but includes southeastern mass. we will talk about that in second. hard to believe snow on the way with temperatures running in the mid to upper 50s right now. remarkable we fell two degrees shy of the record before midnight in boston. it's 54 in the city right now. 57 in nashua. a warm start steadiest rain is gone and a couple leftover showers skirting by this morning. the planner goes this way. few showers can't rule it out. breaks the sunshine come out in the mid-50s. steady here with lots of clouds around and we will be right around 50 degrees heading into the ride home.
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shield of rain and snow looks like it will push farther west time frame comes in overnight tonight until the early afternoon tomorrow. the biggest impact will be southeastern massachusetts. it's a little uncertain how far northwest the snow will push and how much snow will fall. we will go through a timeline and accumulation map in a couple minutes. back to you for now. >> thanks very much danielle. right now hundreds still in the dark after heavy rain and wind knocked out power across the area. >> strong wind downing trees and power lines causing fires. we will start in lawrence where a big tree limb crashed down on an suv knocking power lines down and sparking the fire on sargent street. this were several people in thehome that got out safely and several pets were rescued a firefighter was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okaych the home was destroyed. >> a similar sweep in
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got flames under control and national grid worked overnight to restore power. >> look at this nor noshing the elderly -- nor folk, the elderly couple went to the hospital butwitnesses say that fire was moving quickly. >> it was a disaster so it went unquick. by the time i got my shoes and ran out it was a small flame in the garage and literally within 5 minutes the house was engulfed in flames. >> the the chief says it is too soon to know if the fire was started by the power going on or something else. state fire marshal's office is vegging. the principal at arlington catholic high is on leave. the archdiocese says he has been placed on administrative leave for-appropriate conduct with a student. in a letter to parents the school says the incident took place during a recent sunday detention.
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reason to believe it involved allegations of sexual abuse. the principal will remain on leave pending the outcome of the investigation. five days until the new hampshire primary and it's a war of words on the campaign trail. ted cruz under fire from donald trump and ben carson accused of stealing votes. first we are talking hillary clinton and bernie sanders set to debate. it comes on the heals of -- heels of a town hoar. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: a campaign staffer fainted bernie sanders was fending off his opponents criticism he went negative on her. >> i learned this about the clinton campaign they are fantastic spinners. >> i was disappointed yesterday to be honest. it was a low blow. >> reporter: that's hillary
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calling her progressive on some days. and then lambasting her for take campaign money from wall street and super pact and he takes small donations from individuals. >> he is not beholden to the special interests. >> reporter: and a wide ranging town hall meeting in derry, the progressive debate popped up again. >> i was somewhat amused that senator sanders set himself up tonight gate keeper on who's progressive. >> i don't know any progressive with a super pack and takes 15 million from wall street. >> reporter: down 30 points in polls some clinton advisers had suggested show back off in new hampshire and focus on the next primary stops but she was determined to narrow the gap. >> i have to tell you i just could not ever skip new hampshire. >> reporter: as for his swipe and clinton's progressive label he he offered this. >> there's nothing wrong with people who are moderates some miff best friends are moderates. >> reporter: democrats will
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university of new hampshire and both camps agreed to more debales. in derry, ken macleod. less crowded. two candidates are out. kentucky senator rand paul ended the presidential campaign yesterday. he is now focused on running for reelection. and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum suspended his campaign and says he will endorse marco rubio. back to the drama involving trump cruz and carson we told you about. wbz katie brace has more on that dispute. >> i kind of feel like the debate i had with donald trump. >> reporter: ted cruz attracted hundred voters in nashua it was his event donald trump lomed. >>i don't know people are interested in -- loomed. >> i don't think you people are interested in a temper tantrum. >> reporter: he joked about the crim sigh cruz's campaign sent out a tweet saying ben carson
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donald trump went on the attack that cruz stole the win. trump campaigned in arkansas today. >> oh that voter fraud you know these politicians are brutal. >> reporter: in nashua a number of undecided voters looking for more. >> really tired of all of it. all of the back and forth. we would like to see his leadership on stage. >> reporter: marco rubio also spent the day campaigning in new hampshire. >> let there be no doubt barackobama wants to change america to be like rest of the world. >> reporter: voters like this couple will see them all. what are you looking forward to sway your mind. >> i am not sure. i am not sure. i just don't-- i haven't liked any of the candidates. >> how they conduct themselves. >> reporter: cruz didn't mention carson by name. cruz has four events and donald trump has two scheduled events today in new am sure -- new hampshire. katie brace wbz this morning. >> tonight at 11 an exclusive
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wd -- wbzu mas amherst poll. developing news from irs. a computer glitch shut down the agency's electronic filing system. they are blaming this on an issue of hardware failure and says they are he making repairs. -- they are making repairs. they won't accept electronically filed tax returns until the problem is fixed but if you filed you don't need to take any extra action. detectives investigating a little boy's death in roxbury want to know what happened between a welfare check on friday and an emergency call 48 hours later. police say 3-year-old kani whyte was with his stepmother and other relatives and he was found with traumatic injuries. but a dcf report shows he was fine. governor baker says his administration is doing everything possible to find out what happened. >> as a parent, my heart sinks on that stuff. our view at this point is to
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fully as we can with the district attorney. >> investigators are now waiting on autopsy results. a little boy rescued from a 4th floor of a burning apartment building in chelsea. this happened yesterday. firefighters guided the 3-year- old down a stairwell. they think a plumber's torch started the fire. the red cross is helping 24 families find a place to stay a firefighter is recovering from broken wrist. the party getting started in san francisco. >> steve burton is there with acloser look at the entertainment he and the former patriot he caught up with in california. >> a big change for subway's foot long. why it's going to cost you more starting today. >> and if you are lactose intolerant you will be able to cream for ben and jerry's ice cream. the new dairy free flavors they are rolling out. stay with us. on't want to go anywhere else. i could use some help taking medications, using the stairs,
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pintsize are chunky monkey, chocolate fudge, coffee caramel and pb and cookies. now i want ice cream. i been saying this all morning. >> yeah. >> right that looks good. >> yeah that looks really good at 4:43 in the morning. all right. hey speaking of food, we are talking about the foot long at subway. it's going to cost more. >> honda owners listen up. another recall to tell you about. jill wagner joins us live with today's money watch. good morning jill. >> reporter: good morning. chris and kathryn honda is recalling another 2.2 million doll-- vehicles because of the takata air bags it includes models from 2005 and 2016 model year. it's been exactly 12 years since mark zuckerberg worked on the site from the harvard dorm. to mark the beg day facebook is declaring today friends day.
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1.6 billion users by putting together friendship collages and videos includes photos previously posted on the site. and subway better start working on a new jingle. they are raising the price on the 5 dollar foot long to $6. subway is runing that promotion for nearly a decade and says since that time it cost -- be -- its costs have gone up. understandable but 6 dollar foot long not as catchy dmo not the same ring. >> definitely not. thanks very much. always got throw the food at 4:45. thanks very much. ice cream subs it's all good. >> we need to check the forecast. there was wildh overnight. wind -- weather overnight -- wild weather overnight. wind and rain. >> now we are turning our attention to snow. it's hard to believe because it's so warm. the wind was active. we had gusts to 65 miles per hour in rockport yesterday. a lot of gusts over 40 and 51 miles per hour in boston
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the current wind has died downsubstantially. we have gusts to 30 miles an hour in worcester and from plymouth to the cape and island. look at temperatures. right now, it's 54 degrees in the city of boston. a lot of spots were 55 to 60 even at midnight. we fell two degree shy of the record in boston. 57 in nashua. temperatures out the door more like mid-april and we will stay in the 50s through the course of the day. the steadiest rain is down but we have a couple showers starting to develop back acrossroad island right now. we may get a few showers lingering. they will be light but you may want to have the umbrella on stand by and temperatures stay pretty steady in the 50s. it's tonight that the colder air starts to work in. we will drop back into the 30s for most communities. with pockets of rain that are going to linger in southeastern massachusetts. but what i am watching for tonight and into tomorrow see the front that pushed offshore, it's slowing down and it's stalling. look at the moisture that
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to northern florida. so as the next little wave of low pressure comes up, with it, comes precipitation. so notice this evening, rain along the south coast expands into the city of boston. what happens during the predawn tomorrow is as the cold air comes in, notice the rain changes over to snow. it's going to be very sharp cut off from the northwest side and notice deep blues so it's going to snow at a pretty good clip. you guessed it in time for the morning commute tomorrow from boston generally down to the south shore and cape. we will get mixing on the cape morning. and the back edge comes in from the south shore to the cape around noontime lingering longest on outer cape until 1, 2 p.m. and clearing comes in after that. so there's still a little bit of uncertainty as to how far north and west the snow comes. it's going to be a west consistency. it will be a little sticky and heavy a coating to a two inches
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northwest side. and closer to the city and it's more or like 1 or 2 inches. the greatest risk of 2 to perhaps as much as 5 in some of the steadiest bands that come through tomorrow morning will be from the south shore back down through plymouth and bristol county. it will be more like a coating to two inches on the outer cape where the mixing occurs and then a change over to snow. the weekend is looking great. temperatures running in the 40s and good amount of sunshine and another storm to watch looks like monday the clouds thicken and tuesday there could be areas of snow and it could be a significant storm that impacts us with a gusty wind at the coast. lots to watch and watch on the cbs boston weather app we have you covered 24-7 free and available in the apple and android store. now back to you. >> it's free. so down load it. it's the golden and railroadsry -- anniversary for football's biggest game. >> fans are pouring into the bay area. steve burton is there with more. >> thank you very much. new york is the city that
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san francisco this week. we are in super bowl city. the stadium is about 5 5 milesfrom here and fans are everywhere. we have a zip line and this is where all the action is right now. it's super bowl week in san francisco and all eyes are on san francisco treat. 50th anniversary of the super bowl. radio role was jam packed and harrison was inside and security was in full force all systems go. one thing missing. the patriots. >> i think they have the wrong teams here because the patriots should be here. >> no they shouldn't. >> you don't think. >> denver won the game. as much as i would love the patriots to be hoare they earned the game they kick the patriots butt. >> here in san francisco you see joe montana jerseys but the question is how about tom brady.
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will tom brady show up? we will talk about that coming up in sports. now back to you. >> there you go. this is an incredible streak for one fan. this weekend will mark his 50th super bowl. larry jacobson is one of three people who have been to every super bowl and the 76-year-old says the nfl treated him so well he is aiming for 100 straight. wbz is proud tonight super bowl station. we will bring you live reports from california after the big game between broncos and panthers sunday night. done forget 6:30 right here -- don't forget 6:30 right here. >> and monday morning we will and. fun. a certain warning for the girlfriend of whitey bulger. >> the the message from the judge as catherine greig. >> your risk of getting sick at
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4:52 checking top stories. principal at arlington cath electric high school is on leave. archdiocese of boston tells us steven bagleyony says the incident took place during a sunday dedense but currently have no reason to believe it involved allegations of sexual abuse. bernie sanders and hillary clinton will debate in durham
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before the first in the nation primary. last night both participated in a town hall. sanders questioned clinton's voting record alleging she is not in line with liberals. clinton questioned the vermont senator a commitment to gun control. ted cruz under fire from donald trump and ben carson carson said someone mid led voters by saying carson was pulling out. trump is alleging cruz committed fraud and cruz responded the billionaire was losing it and having a "trumper tantrum. cruz's campaign says the iowa issue was a misunderstanding. this morning two families say justice was serve in a crash that changed several lives forever. 20-year-old nicklas papadopoulos will serve one year in prison for speed and losing control of the vehicle. the crash called paralyzed two people. one of those victims a father of three is now unable to move or speak. he had to be taken out of the
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watching home video of himself before the crash flaying with -- playing with his young children. >> never in my life would have wanted to put anyone through something like this. this is not a day that goes by that i don't feel remorseful or wish i could change what happened that day and take back all the pain. >> but the family of another teen who is paralyzed in the crash says if he was sorry whoa have accepted the -- he would have accepted the plea deal that included 2 years in prison instead of choosing a trial. a sexual assault case against bill cosby will move forward a judge denied the request to drop criminal charge. cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in 200 #. his --2004. his lawyers argued the district attorneys promised not to prosecute cosby if he he gave a deposition. whitey bulger's girlfriend
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catherine greig pleaded guilty after refusing to tell investigators if anyone held helped her and bulger while they were on the run for 16 years. she is serving an 8 year sentenced and the judge told her there is no maximum penalty for contempt charge and he could sentence her to any term including life in prison. she will be sentenced in april. growing concerns about the zika virus in the u.s. florida governor declared a health emergency at four counties including miami. at least 9 cases of the mosquito born illness are confirmed in florida all of those people traveled to latin america or caribbean. the zika virus can lead to birth defects in babies. yesterday, the u.s. expanded the travel alert to 30 countries including jamaica. it's 4:55. new this morning on the "healthwatch," johnson and johnson joining force was biotech company hoping to find a cure for diabetes theft want to speed up development of the first stem cell treatment. they have bun testing it in a
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if it works it would end the need for ingeek and blood sugar testing. your new year's resolution may be getting in shape but it could make you sick and your risk doubles this month. one medical expert warns gyms are the perfect breeding ground for illness. your risk is up in january and february because of the spike in people trying to keep their new year's resolutions. but you don't have to give up the workouts. that's what i was thinking. instead remember to wipe down equipment with antibacterial wipes before using it and wash your hand and avoid touching your face especially your mouth. >> good advice. we talked about that a lot of gyms have the wipes that are out and it's good to give it the old. >> wipe down before you get on the treadmill okay. the clock is ticking on a 63 million dollar prize. >> up next, the looming lotto
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you could be a secret millionaire. but you better get your plane ticket fast. the winner of the 63 million dollar super lol loto plus prize in california must turn today or they forfeit the prize. >> a one california man says he -- one california man says he turned in the winning ticket too badly damaged. official winner. >> 63 million reasons to find the ticket and bring it in. >> there you go.
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