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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now 569 windy weather causing damage -- now at 6, windy weather causing damage and downed power loins. >> how the snow had impact the friday morning commute. >> 2016 battle for new hampshire clinton and sanders scare off and two republicans drop out and three others are in dispute over iowa. >> the computer glitch affecting electronic tax returns. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. hey good morning. i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. 6:00 on thursday february 4th. it's nice as you head out but we are talking big changes. >> we are talking snow. 50 degrees this morning and snow on way. >> you have to love new england weather.
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have got a winter storm watch in effect for southeastern massachusetts from 1 a.m. tomorrow. and hard to believe with temperatures in the 50s right now this is more like april. same in nashua. in the middle 50s from lawrence down to taunton and falmouth and there are clouds in place but we will see peeks of sunshine today and additional shower can't be ruled out. there are a few light once from brockton to taunton back done along the south side of 495 near plymouth and born as well so have the umbrella on stand by. staying in the 50s with a linger shoring through lunchtime. around 50 degrees for the ride home. tonight colder air comes in and shield of rain and snow will push west. time frame overnight into the early afternoon tomorrow. the biggest impact will be in southeastern massachusetts. still uncertain how far northwest that snow will come and how much will fall.
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-- it's a wet consistency. let's get you on the the roads with traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: good morning. hearing about on accident north of the city in medford. 93 southbound at mistic avenue at the bottom of the screen. total traffic network says the left lane is blocked. 93 south also has slow pockets between river road and 495. up in the andover stretch and wobeen heavy and slow into the -- woburn heavy and slow into the leverett connector. heavy between split and columbia road. 128 crawling between logan he can press and the split. -- express and the split. hundreds in the dark after heavy rain and wind knocked out power all across the area. >> that strong wind downing trees and power lines causing fires throughout the area. nicole jacobs has more from norfolk war couple was forced -- where a couple was forced to flee from their burning home. >> reporter: as wild weather rolled through the bay state
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>> joe came running over just rapping on the door very loud screaming my wife is inside. >> reporter: a fire in norfolk, and time was of the essence. >> luckily one of the firemen was coming across the yard as i was coming and i was screamingshe was inside and she had the cane and somebody get inside. >> reporter: it happened shortly after a widespread power outage in the area and as on. >> he tried to turn the lights back on and basically sparks came out of the box out of theelectrical box of the garage flames. >> reporter: the elderly woman managed to get out on her own injured but okay. and in lawrence another fire caused by yet more storm damage. a tree limb toppled on power lines and then a home. the foyer was massive and so were the winds. the same case in swampscott where cell phone video captured a tree fire sparked by downed fire linesch the storm was
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mark. >> nicole jacobs reporting. this morning the principal at arlington catholic high school is on leave. stephen biagioni has been placed on leave with- appropriate conduct with a student. in a letter to parents, the school says it took place during a sunday detention but currently have no reason to believe it involves any allegations of sexual abusech the principal had remain on leave penning theout-- pending the outcome of a investigation. five days before the new hampshire primary. a war of words on the campaign trail. ted cruz under fire donald trump and ben carson accusing the texas senator of stealing votes in iowa. we will have much more on that controversy in a minute. but first hillary clinton and bernie sanders face-off in town hall in new hampshire last night. susie steimle is live in durham new hampshire where democrats will share the stage during a debate tonight. susie. >> reporter: they will cathin and in the town -- kathryn and
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they said they won't be like republicans and will be nice to each other and differ on issues. they were able to do that for the most part and getting an advantage with voters becaus the field with the democrats is small. it's just the two of them. so they get all the time on television and with the voter. >> reporter: in contrast to the stereo typical landscape democrats vowed to focus on issues and avoid attacking each other. >> what media often wants you to do and you are asked this question i am sure it's the same for secretary clinton beat her up tell me something terrible because that will make the news. i tried my best not to do that. >> we are contrasting on issues compared to republicans who i encults. >> reporter: the two did -- insults. >> reporter: the two sparred on what makes a progressive candidate. >> i don't know any progressive who has a super pact and has 15 million dollars from wall >> reporter: i --
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senator sanders set himself up to be a gate keep on who's a progressive. >> reporter: two biggest moments were generate by cancer -- the audience. >> i have to tell you this is the first time i've been asked that question. >> i figured that. >> yes. i really. >> any candidate. >> reporter: and a marathon bombing victim asked sanders about defeating isis. >> we have to destroy isis but we have to be not just tough we have to be smart. >> reporter: when possible, they kept can it light. >> it would be historic if you were elected president. >> you think so? >> he does a good imitation of you do you do a larry david imitation. >> anderson i know you've been in journalism for a long time. >> are you doing your leary diffed right now. >> -- larry david right now. >> this is the scoop i have leary david. >> reporter: and one of the biggest fights they had was actually about scheduling the debates. tonight's debate almost didn't
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bernie sanders was going to boycott it unless hillary clinton and her camp committed to several more in the future them worked it out including tonight's debate and they will have four more including this one from now through may. live in durham new hampshire susie steimle wbz. on the republican side the field is less crowded this morning. two candidates are now out. kentucky senator rand paul ended his campaign yesterday. he will focus on running for reelection and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum suspended his campaign and will endorse marco rubio. back to the drama we told you about involving trump cruz and carson. wbz katie brace has more on the ongoing dispute. >> i kind of feel like the debate i had with donald trump. >> reporter: it attracted several hundred voters to thetown hall inia -- gnashua. >> i don't think -- nashua. >>i don't know people are interested in temper tantrum. >> reporter: he joked about the
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sent out a tweet saying ben carson dropped out which was misunderstanding. donald trump went on the attack that cruz stole the win. >> that voter fraud you know, these politicians are brutal. >> reporter: in nashua a number of undecided voters looking for more. >> really tired of all of it. all of the back and forth we would like to see his leadership on stage. >> reporter: marco rubio also spent the day campaigning in new hampshire. >> let there be no doubt barack obama wants to change america. he wan it to be more like the rest of the world. >> reporter: voters likes this couple plans to see them all. what are you looking forward to sway your mind. >> i am not sure. i am not sure. i just don't-- i haven't liked any of the candidates. >> how they conduct themselves. >> reporter: cruz didn't mention ben carson by name. cruz has four events and donald trump has two scheduled events today in new hampshire. in nashua katie brace.
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tonight at 11 a preview of the results tracking candidates in the last days before the new hampshire primary. developing news from the irs, heads up for you. a computer glitch shut down the agency's electronic filing system. the irs blames the issue on a hardware failure and says that it is making repairs. the agency won't accept electronically filed tax returns until the problem is fixed them say if you filed, you don't need to take any extra action so heads up for you. it's 6:0 9. coming up this morning, a push to give more boston. >> the plan to improve the education offer to the city's schools. >> and video of a armed robbery. the suspect going through the register in the-- and the golf club. >> and a car lands on the roof of a home and neighbors say it's not the first time this happened. good morning danielle. >> good morning cathin and everybody. -- kathryn and everybody.
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communities and we are staying in the 50s a lot of clouds and leftover showers and a couple showers into afternoon with breaks of sunshine coming out. i am tracking snow on the way for tomorrow. we will time out and let you know how much to expect. look live at the city of boston. stay with us. we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep
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chk this -- check this out a wild scene in california. this lexus flow off the road and landed on the roof of a home in palos verdes. firefighters say the driver suffered a medical problem but will be okay. neighbors says say this is not first time a car hit the house in the the development because they are built behoe street level. >> that's illegal parking. don't want to park there. >> the driver is going to be okay. >> that's scary. >> not often you see a car on top of a house. >> knots at all you -- not at all. you hear parking garages but that's not normal. >> the homeowner was home and that must be startlingnot a way to end your solitary game. >> we have changes and we are
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>> yeah it's remarkable. wind not nearly as strong gustssubsided this morning. dusting to 25 miles per hour in worcester but nothing like yesterday afternoon and evening. we are in the 50s. 55 in boston and we have a few leftover showers out there. the steadiest rain is gone but a couple spritz from northern rhode island stretching into bristol and plymouth county. a couple in eastern massachusetts between now and late morning. and temperatures will stay in the 50s from start to finish today. it's tonight that the changes start to move in. our overnight lows will drop back into the 30s. especially towards dawn tomorrow. and that's when we are tracking the next round of moisture coming in. so the front that came through is stalling just off the coastline. misture down to the gulf coast. the next wave comes off the eastern see seaboard that means areas of rain coming over
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let's go through the hour by hour timeline. this evening. generally after evening commute southeastern massachusetts dealing with areas of rain. that continues at times overnight tonight and tomorrow morning that as cold air comes in we make the flip. green represents the rain and yellow and blue is snow. so from boston back to providence snow for the early part of the morning commute and notice it's not a light blue but a deep blue so we get change over and it snows at a pretty good slip. maybe as hard a -- as 1 to 2 inches per hour for brief period. north and west of that there's little if anything but even when we mix we change back over by mid-morning and snow tapers off from west to east by early afternoon lingering longest on outer cape. clearing is after that. expect snowfall totals sharp cut off with a coating from merrimack valley along 495.
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boston. essex and south coast that's a greatest risk of picking up 2, 3, 4 inches isolated amounts to 5 and wet pasty consistency. because of that, there may be isolated outages that result. the greatest risk is from plymouth to sandwich and be less in the outer cape with mixing. weekend forecast, still looking good. temperatures in the 0s and then next week we have another storm to watch, monday the clouds thicke and it will be cold enough. significant snow will be possible on tuesday too early for details on that but we will keep you posted. time for the school visit video. barry what blast with 140 kids third, fourth and 5th graders at the st. agatha school in milton serving 8 through 8 -- k through 8 families and the school motto celebrate christian values and excel in education. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: plenty of showdowns north and south of
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expressway bumper tobum manier from adams to quincy. 128 southbound hangs up between logan he can press and split. 24 north getting heavy and slow avon to 128. route 3 north sluggish between 18 and the split. to the north we go, live look over 93 in somerville. a lot of headlights. 93 southbound boggs do down in the andover stretch. woburn is heavy down to the leverett connector. 6:17. now this morning police are looking for the man involved in the violent armed robbery attempt in methuen. this video from the quick stop on harvehill street shows the suspect wave a knife and tries to steal the register but it was caught on tape. the door was locked and so the would be thief smashes the window with the register and he
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police say he is a big guy about 35 and may need treatment for cuts. >> some video there. two families say justice was served in a crash that changed several lives forever. >> 20-year-old nicklas papadopoulos -- nick los pop -- nicklas papadopoulos will spend a year in jail. one of the victims a father of three is unable to move or speak and had to being take -- had to be taken out of the courtroom shortly after watching video before the crash playing with his young children. >> never in my life would i have wanted to put anyone through something like this. there's not a day that goes by that i don't feel remorseful orbush coy change what happened and take back the pain. >> but the family of another teenage here was paralyzed in the crash says if he was truly store sorry whoa have -- sorry he would have accept the plea
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years in prison instead of choosing a trial. a boy rescued from a 4th floor of a burning apartment building in chelsea. this happened yesterday. firefighters guide the 3-year- old down a stairwell and out of the building. investigators think the plumber's torch started the fire. the red cross is helping 24 families find a place to stay. a firefighter is also recovering from a broken wrist. boston school department plans to create hundreds of new spots for preschoolers. but it's not clear how they he will pay for it. -- how they will pay for it. the budget plan prepared to the board is bigger than last year but doesn't cover a 38 million dollar increase in cost like salaries and benefits. the proposal adds as many as 300 new preschool seats and expands course work for 4th graders. fish and shell for along the east coast are feeling the effects of climate change. federal studies finds 82 species that are used as food sources are most vulnerable to
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so the changes can interfere with preproduction and disrupt the -- reproduction and disrupt the food change. just ahead, the party getting started in san francisco. >> our steve burton is there with a closer look at security and the entertainment for super bowl 50 and former patriots he caught up with in california. >> and a stern warning for the girlfriend of whitey bulger he. message from the judge as
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6:23 on your thursday morning a change at top of cbs less moonves is is the next chairman of cbs replacing sumner redstone who resigned appointed chairman emeritus.
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for the biggest game of football. >> fans are pouring into the bay area. steve burton is there with more on the excitement and security. >> thanks very much. new york is the city that doesn't sleep but neither will san francisco this week. we are in super bowl city. the stadium is 55 miles from here in santa clara and i have to show you what's going on. fans are everywhere. there's a zip behind behind me and this is where the action is. now super bowl week end in san francisco and all eyes are on a san francisco treat. n-fl's 50th anniversary of the super bowl. former patriots like ted johnson and rodney harrison were inside. outside security was in full force. everywhere you hooked. it's all systems go. the patriots. i think they have the wrong be here. >> no they shouldn't. >> you don't think. >> denver won the game. as much as i would love
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the game. you got to give it to them they kicked the patriots butt. >> every where you look you see joe montana injuriesies but how about tom brady? -- jerseys but how about tom brady will he show up? we will talk about that coming up in sports. now back to you. >> looks like he is having fun. i want to see steve zip line. this is an incredible streak for one fan this weekend. the 50th super bowl for leary jacobson. he is one of three people whohas been to every super bowl. the 76-year-old says the nfl treated him so well he is aiming for 100 straight super bowls. good for him. wbz is proud to be the super bowl station. we will bring you live reports from california right after the big game between broncos and panthers sunday night at 6:30 here on wbz. >> you have to get your food shopping done because when the the pats are not in it it's about the food. >> i agree. it's always about the food. lots nor more in the next
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about the zika virus in the united states. >> and ben and jerry's makes a change to satisfy people who are lactose intolerant. >> and subway taking a bite out of your walletch the big change coming -- wallet.
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right fruit -- right now at 6:30 wind and rain doing damage knock down power lines and spark several fires. >> things are getting heated with five days to go until the now ham sure primary. >> the fight over a high school dress code. how students are trying to make their voices heard it's the daley talker he. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you we are coming up on 6:30. thanks for being with us i amchris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser thursday february 4*g. we need a check of the weather because there's changes. >> from the 50s now to areas of tha we will track by this time tomorrow. so there's big changes that will move in and it looks like it's going to be a wet tafty snow as well.
6:24 am
where it's nice start to the day. a lot of clouds but but we are in the 50s. remarkably warm start. 55 in boston. same in nashua. 52 in keene and we are in the middle 50s from lawrence to taunton a 54 in falmouth. feels like april or summer morning but sticky out there and we have been watching additional showers move into the picture as well. you may get a spritz from providence down back down to east area and studier areas of rain shifting east. so through plymouth and bristol counties over the next few hours you will get the pockets of rain and some of the showers will linger on the cape and islands through the afternoon. temperatures stay steady too. in the 50s with breaks of sun emerging across the interior. it's late this evening and tonight that areas of rain fill back in and notice the temperatures.
6:25 am
that means tomorrow areas of rain and snow that rain snow line is going to push down over the cape by mid morning in a lot of spots. there's deep blues a period of pretty steady snowfall maybe at a rate of 1 to 2 inches per hourch proofly tomorrow morning for the commute. north and west of boston there's little if anything and notice the temperatures fall while the road may be wet at first -- roads may be wet at first they turn white as the accumulating snow wraps up through early afternoon. look at the accumulation map coming up the traffic and weather together how does it hook. >> reporter: we have slow downs to the west now to go along with the tough rides from the north and south. on route 2 eastbound bumper to bumper traffic reported from the concord rotary to school street and acton. to the south expressway jammed to columbia road 18 hadn't delay. 128 southbound crawls between logan he can press and the split. and from the north 93 southbound heavy and slow from wilmington down to the leverett
6:26 am
minute delay the. route 3 southbound jammed between 495 and trouble cove. >> thanks very much. 6:31. a lot of the area dealing with heavy rain and strong winds overnight causing a lot of problems in our area. >> look at this. knocking out power and even setting several fires. nicole jacobs is in norfolk war couple was forced to -- where a couple was forced to escape the flames. >> reporter: storms rolled in bringing down trees and bringing down power lines and even sparking a few fires. we will get you to video out of lawrence this morning. a fire started there all the result of a tree falling on power lines and a home. a similar situation in swampscott where trees stopeled on power -- toppled on power fire. but in norfolk a widespread power outage in the area and once it was restored a homeowner tried to turn on the lights in the garage and that home. there was an elderly woman inside at the time. listen to the daring escape. >> luckily one of the firemen
6:27 am
i was coming and i was screaming she is inside and she had the cane and. >> reporter: you are looking at the home in norfolk. we are told it started in the garage area. you can see completely charred there. as a result of all of these fires, we are told there were no major injuries. certainly, the good news in all of this. in norfolk nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> this is a good reminder about the cbs boston weather app that has you covered with the storms this season available in the apple and android stores for free. republicans donald trump and ted cruz had campaign in new hampshire today and cruz carson. carson says someone in the cruz camp misled voted voteers in pulling out. trump is alleging cruz committed fraud and cruz responded the billionaire was losing it and vas trmper tanned
6:28 am
hillary clinton and bernie sanders are set to debate in new hampshire tonight. susie steimle is hive with a preview and highlights from the town hall. >> reporter: good morning. we can can certainly expect to get used to seeing bernie sanders and hillary clinton on prime time television with the town hall meeting last night and they will have a debate tonight and they agreed to several more in the future. remember tonight's debate almost didn't happen. as of yesterday bernie sanders said he was planning to boycott debate until the camp agreed to several more debales. they have now scheduled multiple debates four more including tonight's from now through may. last night at the town hall they decided they he don't want to be like republicans and they said they would be nice and differ on the issues. one of which fighting over what it means to be a progressive. here are some of the highlights. >> united states is the only major country that doesn't
6:29 am
people. >> i doesn't agree with senator sanders that we should start over and throw country into a contnsous national debate about health care again. -- contentious national debate about health care again we are at 90% coverage and we will fix what will fix. >> i am in thank god in good health when i was a kid i was a long distance runter -- runner. >> i accept i have the work to do to convey what i stand for and what i accomplished what i want to do for young people. >> trump is a well-known scientist brilliant scientists. >> it would be historic if you were elected. >> you think so? >> reporter: as you saw they kept it light when they could. that's probably the plan for all the debates of course. and we know right now sanders does have a lead over cline heton but there -- clinton but
6:30 am
voters. clinton hopes to capitalize on that with five days left before the primary. susie steimle wbz this morning. >> it's going to be interesting thank you. stay with wbz news on air and online and we will bring you the latest developments and get you closer to the candidates and issues in the presidential race. detectives investigating a little boy's death in roxbury want to know what happened to him between a welfare check on friday and emergency call just 48 hours later. kani whyte was with his stepmother and other relatives and they found him with traumatic injuries. governor baker says the administration is doing everything possible to fiend out what happened. >> as a parent, my heart sinks on that stuff. our view at this point is tocooperate as aggressively and fully as we can with the district attorney. >> investigators are waiting on
6:31 am
a sexual assault case against bill cosby is moving forward. a judge denied the comedian's request to drop criminal charges against him. cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in 2004. his lawyers argued the district attorney at the time promised not to prosecute cosby if he gave a deposition. a preliminary hearing in the case will be held next month. whitey bull injure's girlfriend will pay for her silence. kathryn greig plead guilty to federal contempt for refusing totell investigators if anyone else helped her and bulger while on run for 16 years. she is serving an 8 year prison cents-the judge told her there's no maximum penalty for contempt and he could sentence her to any term including life in prison. she will be sentenced in april. you want to listen to the growing concern about the zika virus in the united states. florida's governor declared a health emergency for four counties including miami dade.
6:32 am
mosquito born illness are confirmed in florida. all of those people recently traveled to latin america or the caribbean. the zika virus can lead to birth defects in babies. yesterday the u.s. expanded the travel alert to 0 countries including jamaica. now on the "healthwatch" -- 30 condition tries including jamaica. new on the "healthwatch" johnson and john so hoping to find a cure for diabetes they want to speed up development of the first stem cell treatment and have begun testing in a small number of diabetics if it works it would end the need for blood sugar testing and insulin injection. the new year's resolution to get in shape could make you sick and your risk doubles this month. one medical expert warns gyms are the perfect breeding ground for illness. your risk is up in january and february because of the spike in people trying to keep their new year's resolutions. but you don't have to give up your workouts. remember to wipe down equipment with antibacterial wipes before
6:33 am
and avoid touching your face especially your mouth. >> no way to get out of the it's 6:38. time for the daily talker he. talker. did your high school have a dress code? if so it needed updating. >> but one school district haven't changed their dress code in more than 40 years. robe is here -- robei is here to explain. explain. >> reporter: just because i still wear stuff from the 70s everybody. at cloveis high school the des code has not changed since 1975 and the school board voted to keep it that way. as you can imagine, students are not too psyched about it and staged a protest. take a look at the lovely ladies i mean dudes. the guys dressed as girls part of a protest among the rules that haven't changed since 75. boys at buchanan high can't have longhair to cover the ear lobes and guys can't wear earrings deemed inappropriate.
6:34 am
for school dressed in bro duds can't wear skirts higher than 4 inches above the knee. a boy asked the dress code be changed after being denied enrollment because his hair was too long for his senior yearch the school board voted 4-3 to keep it old school. what do you think about updating dress codes? let's check out one person who code. the establishment types get with the 21st century. how about this eric says all dress codes should go. i am like you robi i don't wear ties. they are unsafe and ugly. who knew about the unsafe part. >> i am nervous. >> reporter: maybe on escalators if they are too long. number of ways to comment website twitter and facebook. i haven't worn a tie since probably 2001. >> i wonder does this have a disclaimer on it that it's dangerous. >> reporter: ties work on you you lock great. >> appreciate it.
6:35 am
the product line for those who can't enjoy dare. they responded to years of requests from those lactose intolerant by creating four flavors using certified almond milk. they are chunky monkey, chocolate fuming and coffee cameel and -- caramel and pb and cookies. the five dollar foot long is history. the subway sandwich will cost $6 they cite inflation as the reason for the change. the 5 dollar foot long was in place since 2007. >> what do they call it 6 dollar sub? the jinkel is gone. >> market -- jingle is gone. >> marketing genius here. >> not really. tax trouble at irs. millions can't file taxes right now. >> also coming up, a school principal is on leave. we have more on the incident during a detention that's now under investigation. >> and honoring a massachusetts woman who ran and won 7
6:36 am
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yo this is just amazing. finishing 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents. that deserves a serious celebration and today you are inviteded. belmont -- enviepted. belmont is throwing -- invited. belmont is throwing a homecoming parade she competed the world marathon challenge but won on the woman's side.
6:38 am
truck processional and meet and greet starting at 3:30. >> that's awesome. >> i would throw a party after i run two miles. >> i know. you want a special ceremony. >> she is awesome. >> hey danielle. >> inspirational. when i see it i am baffled by how she does it. in the meantime, what else is amazing is temperatures morning. live weathernet work 50 degrees and 55 at carlton elementary school in salem and umass 57 degrees right now. it's treedgesly warm. kid -- extremely warm. kids don't need the winter gear. we will stay in the 50s on through the course of the afternoon. 55 in nashua and 52 in keene. this is more like the middle of april for afternoon high temperatures. so it's remarkable. there's clouds in place and we have been catching showers redevelop here down to the south. southern worcester county andthrough rhode island skirting off to the east. you may want umbrella on --
6:39 am
especially south of boston through the cape through the afternoon. wind will shift around the northwest. not nearly as strong as damaging gusts yesterday. the areas of rain will continue overnight and fill in and look at temperatures. s in the -- this is the change this comes in. falling temperatures through the 30s as we head into the overnight period. the issue is there's more moisture down to the south. notice the areas of rain done across georgia and south carolina. the next wave of pressure is moving up eastern sea he board. the front that came through is stalling offshore. it doesn't get a kick out of here. as the rain fills back in and colder air comes in too we will see the rain mixed with and change to snow. for the morning commute tomorrow unfortunately. 6 a.m. areas of snow in the city of boston. aid deep blue and will feel good for brief period of time tomorrow morning. north and west of boston little if anything but keep in mind still wiggle room in the tracks. it becomes farther north and best we could see snow extending through southern new
6:40 am
at the same time any making changes to snow by mid morning. and wraps up from west to east. it's out of here by early afternoon with clearing coming in after that. so, expected snowfall total on the northwest side is going to be sharp cut off. one to two when you get into the city of boston and we ramp it up at the coastline essex down to the south shore and south coast. there may be some amounts to top out near 4 or 5 and problem with that is that it's a wet consistency of the snow. there may be isolated outages that result from that. and should be a little less in the outer cape and nantucket because of the mixing that occurs. after that, early next week keeping our eye on the next storm and energy digging into the great lakes. cold air coming in locks like a significant coat coastal storm is possible heading into tuesday time frame but it should be out of here by the time we get to wednesday. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: here's an nosh traffic alert.
6:41 am
orange lamborghini has broken down. someone stole it from the parking lot. 95 northbound the shoulder is blocked. they will ask for one of the wreckers that puts you on a fancy one. that could take a while. 24 northbound look in the middle of the screen jammed from avon to 128. expressway is is a mess columbia road to the split and that looks like a 25 minute delay. let's check north map quickly. problems on route 3 southbound up between 129 and 495. that's bumper to bummer. 93 southbound is not terrible but basically boggs down from wilmington all the way down into the leverett connector and that's probably a 25 to 30 minute delay there chris and kathryn. >> thanks for keeping your eyes on the road. 6:48. checking top stories. the principal at arlington catholic high school is on leave. >> the archdiocese says stephen
6:42 am
for-appropriate conduct with a student. in a letter to parents the incident was during a sunday detention but they have no reason to believe it involves allegations of sexual abuse. bernie sanders and hillary clinton will depay the tonight five days -- debate tonight five days before the nation's pry -- before the state's primary. clinton questioned the vermont senator's commitment to gun control. on the republican size ted cruz under fire from donald trump and ben carson. carson says someone in the cruz camp misled voters in iowa of the race. trump is allege ledging cruz committed fraud and cruz says it was a misunderstanding. the irs is blaming a hardware failure for a massive glitch right now the agency says the efile and other programs are shut down. that means you can't file your tax return electronically. irs is working to fix the problem and they don't
6:43 am
90 -- 90 perses of taxpayers should -- 90 percent of taxpayers should get refunds in three weeks. >> what law enforcement and the league are saying about their preparedness. and can anyone cool down the celtics. pistons tried.
6:44 am
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super bowl 50 three days away and security will be tight but the nfl and top law enforcement officials say there's no credible threat to the game in california. the league says it has great deal of confidence and the safety of the event teams and the fans. and a big question surrounding the big game. will tom brady be there. >> since it's the 50th anniversary there's plans in place to honor the past mvps and we talked to a few former teammates about whether or not he would show up. >> i would love to see brady here because he deserves it. he deserves to be recognized and all the people that love and support tom brady you know it's not just you're doing it for yourself but for all the people that supported you but if he has prior commitments i understand that. but i would love to see him because i would love to say hello, to him. >> even though brady is not in it should he be here for the 50th anniversary. >> i see what you are saying. i don't know.
6:47 am
his own thing and i don't think he has any obligation to be here and represent the patriots even though it's the 50th anniversary. i don't feel like he has to have a role in that. >> steve burton is live in san francisco for super bowl 50 and will have live reports leading up to the game and super bowl 50 is this sunday on wbz at 6:30. >> they are getting the workout. the celtics putting on a show again the pistons. crowder with the steal here marcus smart with the long outlet pass to crowder and the big finish he had 12 points 6 rebounds and 4 steals. the grown going onto beat pistons 102-95. the 10th win in the the last 13 games and they are on a run. >> it's 6:54 time for the closer look at what he coming up at 7 on cbs this morning. >> let's check in with charlie rose good morning. kathryn.
6:48 am
new zika health emergency and fears it will spread. and late show host stephen colbert is in studio 57. that and more. the news is back in the morning see you at 7. so, what moves me? it's the journey. the feeling of doing. it's making choices for a healthier me, a healthier us. i'm on my path and i love it. the path to a healthier you starts with nature's path pumpkin flax granola. crunchy clusters of delicious organic oats, flax and pumpkin seeds, with all the goodness to nourish you and your family. nature's path granola. t
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wedgy brings back bad millionives are middle school look away. levi's bets you are willing topay more than a hundred bucks for wedgy jeans. >> they say it is comfortable adding extra stretchiness. so more than 100 dollars for wedgy jeans. you are well he come. >> doesn't look like a -- welcome. >> doesn't look like a wedgy. they. are. >> rain on the way for tonight and we change to snow tomorrow. >> we will be busy. >> yes. >> cbs this morning is next on wbz.
6:51 am
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